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There is almost a good half movie here
SnoopyStyle16 March 2014
The movie takes the story of an eventful New Orleans afternoon from five different point of views. The first is a robbery at a small drug store. The second has Dom (Jesse Bradford) on the run and Alexa (Q'orianka Kilcher) rescues him with her moped. The third has agents Marti (Nicky Whelan) and Clyde (Christian Slater) hunting down a mark who may be transporting lethal material. The fourth is two homeless guys Doke (Christopher Walken) and Brown (Jordan Prentice). The fifth is a black girl named Few (Tione Johnson). She rides along with Junkshow (Anthony Anderson) and Shamu (Juvenile) as they hunt down Dom.

The first 2 stories are a slow start to the movie. The third story with Whelan and Slater takes a turn into the ridiculous. The tone is completely different. It left me scratching my head. The fourth one has Walken trying hard to be quirky especially with a midget sidekick. It's more stupid than funny. The fifth story is much more connected to the second story. It's the best one of the lot.

I was intrigue about the talented actors in this movie. Writer/director Leone Marucci is a relative novice. This movie is maybe too ambitious for this guy. The message in the end is effective, but most of the rest of the movie isn't up to snuff.
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Pretentious and Pointless Mess
claudio_carvalho2 December 2013
In New Orleans, several dramatic and weird situations are entwined with a surprising conclusion.

The intriguing "The Power of Few" is a pretentious and pointless mess. The viewer sees deaths and accidents originated from multiple stories, most of them absolutely boring. Christopher Walken and Christian Slater, for example, are completely wasted with awful segments. When all the stories are finished, with a fatal ending, a girl named Few changes all the lives in a senseless and pointless conclusion. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "O Poder de Alguns" ("The Power of Few")
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Let the Power of Few compel you
kosmasp13 October 2013
This is a movie with different story lines and different characters. You know where this is going ... or do you? What is really nice to watch, is how it all unfolds and while it seems that the last story might be the one that is the least intriguing, it might surprise you. There is a reason for some things happening and there is a reason for some looks/camera angles/scenes/inserts.

We have some really good actors at hand here and you might enjoy watching Daffoe doing his thing, being philosophical and all that. But every story has some point to it, even though you may think that in the end, there might not have been a point at all. But the movie is trying to tell us something ... and the clue is right there in the title! Nicely done then
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Slow Start is Worth the Wait and Ultimately the Movie is Worth a Watch
LeonLouisRicci26 August 2014
This, by now, could be Called a Genre or at Least a Format. The Telling of an Incident Revealed from Different Perspectives all Occurring at the Same Time. It is a sort of a Pulp Fiction (1994) way of Blending Different Characters Experiences Culminating in a Single Event All having Significance to the Event and Themselves.

It's an Ambitious and Complicated way to Make a Movie and Requires More Thought than a Standard Indie Film Might Want to Take On. But Newbie Director Leone Marucci gives it a Shot and by Darn the Thing Turns Out to be an Above Average Experiment.

The Intertwining Story of the Shroud of Turin is Different and the Reason for the Theft is Even More Audacious. There is some Cleverness Here and Artistic Talent Behind the Camera and while the Movie does Look Amateurish at Times, it Looks Equally Highly Professional at Others.

It Takes about a Third of the Movie to Find its Intriguing Legs and the Beginning is so Slow and Uninteresting You Might Want to Give Up, but the Wait is Well Worth the Stick-To-It-Ness. The Acting Ranges from Pretty Bad (Christian Slater's sidekick and the Bag Woman) to Mediocre (the Snitch, the Pharmacy Owners, and the Scooter Lady), to Very Good (Everyone Else).

Overall, it is a Story that's Worth a Watch. There is a bit of Clunk and Things aren't Ultra-Smooth, but it is a Good Try with a Good-Heart.
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You'll either love it or hate it
bowmanblue27 August 2014
'Bound' is an 'ensemble piece' which basically means that it's a film made up with multiple stories, containing multiple characters, all of which sort of cross paths within a twenty minute (on screen) time scale.

If you've seen Crash, Crossing Over or 11:14 then you'll sort of know what to expect.

However, 'Bound' isn't really as good as any of those. If you don't mind many narratives intercutting with each other, then it's not a bad film, but it does have a feeling of being a little amateurish and uneven.

As with all films with so many principle cast members, you'll love some and hate others.

But, despite being a little choppy, it is well shot and quite stylish to look at. So, if you like this sort of film and know what you're getting, then you might like to give it a go. Just don't go expecting Christian Slater or Christopher Walken to be in it all the way through – they're just two small pieces in a bigger jumbled-up puzzle.
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A movie that shows the same event from many different perspectives. I love movies like this. This one is very good. I say B
cosmo_tiger25 June 2013
"Have you ever bit the inside of your cheek?" A stolen religious artifact, a baby who needs medicine, a delivery driver who meets a man on the run from a gang, two agents looking for someone and two homeless men all become connected in one tragic event. This is the kind of movie where a series of events connect groups of people that otherwise have nothing in common. This one event is shown from everyone's point of view and how one person can change everything. I love movies like this. Movies that show the same event from many different perspectives. No movie has done it better then Rashomon but there have been many attempts since then. Most recently movies like Crash, 11:14 and Vantage Point have all used this style of filmmaking. I have enjoyed all those movies and I enjoyed this one as well. The only problem I had with this one is that some of the stories went on a little long and started to slow the movie down, but overall the movie was enjoyable and really keeps you watching and sucked in. Overall, a fun movie done in a type of style that I really love, which may skew my opinion but I think it's very much worth watching. I give it a B.
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The story networks that pretty impressively welded together.
Reno-Rangan9 June 2014
I have no idea why I chose to watch this, but in the end of the day I was glad that I saw it. One of the critically failed movie of the years and who care what critics says, especially definitely not me. But you have to ask movie buffs because they loved it, probably except Chris Nolan fans. It was not made by a popular filmmaker, though it was almost perfect to be a masterpiece. He missed the big opportunity due to the inexperience to sculpt such a scoped script and failed to get best cast except Christopher Walken. Still the movie was at its best and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

A story presentation in the multiple perspective is not a new to us. I am sure you had seen plenty. Well, it is the subject and the characters all that matters in the concept like this. This movie had those at its best and so original. Each character and their stories were developed awesomely in a short period of time. Remember, there's no going back, all of them brought together in the last quarter at the story's vanishing point. In which it's going to reveal the sensational twist.

In some way its better the movie is not so popular. The main reason is that the some of the contents were too sensitive based on religion. It could have ended in a controversy like the movie 'The Da Vinci Code'. In the movie they are not trying to explain those, in fact you have to find it yourself or you are going to miss them without knowing like everyone else. But I liked it because it carried a worthy message about the non-violence. No matter what materials they used to deliver it though it was the right thing as I believe.

You get no time to draw your stat on each story. They come and go before you presume something. One thing that makes us urge towards prediction is that how all the story networks are going to join together. Pretty nicely welded end, more importantly indulges. If it does not meet your expectation, then you should try second viewing otherwise forget it is not for you.
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Disappointing, empty trying to be full
Rodrigo_Amaro29 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
One of those circling stories destined to connect different characters from different situations, surrounded by strange events where the small of movements might cause the butterfly effect, changing their lives forever. The hyperlink is a terrific formula when presented in many films but it only works with brilliancy when the speech and the message are truly important, when the cast is fantastic, and when all the elements put together makes total sense, even in its wildest absurdity. Altman, Iñarritú, P.T. Anderson and many others have tasted from this source and made remarkable masterpieces with the hyperlink. "The Power of Few" goes to show that the power of making such movies is really in the hands of few. The cast was good, the situations given to the characters went from relatively good to miserably dull. The message at the ending almost saves the film, after many bumps and pointless conversations and scenes.

It revolves around the robbery of the decade happened in Vatican (plot given so little detail and almost irrelevant to the rest of the movie) and a crime drama involving drug dealers, inexperienced thieves, a delivery messenger, two hobos, some secret agents and one smart kid. They're all gathered in one impactant moment, played repeated times each time new characters are introduced in the plot, very similar to the presentation given in "Vantage Point". That's when the movie started to become predictable. Those encounters always to revolve around deaths, accidents and unbelievable schemes. There's no time to care for the characters because they're so brief on the screen, so when they start to get killed, you don't feel anything for them. I only liked the kid (Devon Gearhart) who was trying to rob a drugstore to get medicine for his young brother. All the others were plain annoying, slowing down the movie with their gibberish and small talk.

Respect and importance could be given to this project if treated as a serious drama instead of an action flick filled of thrilling moments with a defining purpose only given in the ending. By that time it's so shallow, pretense and hollow. It tries to show how powerful we are (or can be) in moments of weakness and despair, and how everything changes with just one small step, one small action, one mistake. The plot twist comes when it finally uses a retroactive mode to show how things could be for those characters. The tragedy goes off, the good possibilities walks in. So simplistic that hurts. To name a similar (and better) experience I suggest "Blind Chance" (1981), which focus on a man whose life is presented three times to us, with one turning point repeated to us several times, altering a few things. It was a great philosophical film about how small things can affect everyone's lives and how sometimes there's no greater change on the other side, it all leads to catastrophe. Comparing both films is ridiculous since it's not the same kind of audiences who watch them, but I insist you to watch it, and skip "The Power of Few".

To quote the smart kid, this is about biting your cheek really hard and having to live with the pain. There's no turning back, you wish it didn't happen but now you're gonna have to live with it. Yes, the pain of having seen this and endure the great Christopher Walken acting in a movie that doesn't deserve his talent. 4/10
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Waste of time! 2/10
leonblackwood5 January 2014
Review: What the hell was going on in this film. The different stories that intertwine together, are quite appalling and I didn't see the point of Christopher Walken's character. The whole look and feel of the movie seemed pretty cheap and none of the different stories actually end up going anywhere. As I hadn't heard of this movie before, I wasn't expecting that much, but they could have made some use of Walken, who seems to be chatting rubbish throughout the movie. The whole Christian Slater storyline went nowhere fast and the little black girl seemed to be the only one who made any sense, even though she was just wondering around doing nothing. In the end of the day, it was a total waste of time and money, if they spent that much.

Round-Up: Man, what has happened to Christian Slater. He seems to have a phobia against making good movies. His role in this film was a bit sketchy and all over the place, which was the fault of the directors. It was good to see Anthony Anderson back on the big screen, but this movie didn't do his career any justice. As for Walken, this is definitely one of his bad performances which didn't make that much sense. The only person that understood what he was going on about throughout the movie was his midget sidekick who just seemed hungry all of the time. You don't have to be a genius to know that I didn't really think that much of this movie and that I wasn't impressed with the performances.

I recommend this movie to people who are into there movies that have intertwining storyline's that join together in the end, but don't expect much. 2/10
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This was awful!
damianphelps25 September 2020
This movie builds up a story via multiple vignettes that are boring an uninspired.

The only highlight is the Walken piece that runs about 15 to 20 minutes.

Without spoiling the ending, they build a story and then for the ending decide the whole story didn't matter.

At the end I felt ripped off and wished I could get my 90 minutes back.

Its not as deep as some people might like you to think.
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The Power of Few...and the Disappointment Of Many
Ed-Shullivan14 August 2013
Why would a talented and seasoned actor such as the 70 year old Christopher Walken agree to star in a movie directed and written by someone like Leone Marucci who has not had any proved body of work and/or track record to speak of? Why would a first rate action star such as Christian Slater also be convinced to join the cast? I can only surmise that they read the script and shared a common vision that with the writer/director Leone Marucci they could somehow recreate the powerful cinema experience of 2004's Crash.

Unfortunately this movie was a mad scramble of vignettes that I found to be boring and lacking any significant artistic value. From my own point of view, it would appear that the movie was originally filmed in the proper sequence of events, then spliced in to 3-5 minute intervals, thrown in to a covered box, shaken thoroughly, then re-spliced, in an effort to add some artistic value(?) and then additional alternating scenes of the "what if the power of few intervened" were filmed, and also thrown in to the covered box, re-spliced in to the film, and the revealing final scenes were then completed to somehow magically complete the writer/directors tapestry (Leone Marucci would probably say tapestry, and I would say travesty).

I am a big fan of Christopher Walken's work and a seasonal fan of Christian Slater. Both were disappointing in the roles they were asked to play, and I am sure that even they would agree that the final result was not what they were expecting.

Don't waste your time with this director's attempt to copy the 2006 Best Picture Oscar success of the 2004 movie Crash (starring Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Thandie Newton 'et al), instead pick up the movie Crash, and even if you have already seen it, it is a much better watch a second time around, than "The Power Of Few" was for me to watch the first time (and last time) I watched it.
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RosanaBotafogo26 May 2020
I liked it, intense, engaging and intelligent, it is not innovative, it uses artifices previously seen, with a poetic and prophetic tone, and a generous, captivating outcome, with agile, insightful and entertaining dialogues, striking characters and a round script, if made it pleasant and charming ... But it should be "The Power of All", since free will allows everyone to decide the paths to follow... Breathtaking...
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A Screwball Pointless Movie With Several Annoying Big Name Actors
dwp19487 April 2019
04/07/2019 Glad this mess is over. It just proves the point that even when big name actors are in a movie it can still "SUCK" and this tripe does. The director started at the end (his idea of a foundation), then apparently hodge podged a bunch of asinine (no real connection) segments together and called it the storyline for his movie. Know that the entire piece is a bunch of loosely woven together "CRAP". Watch if you want but I would "NOT" recommend this ?thing? to my dead dog. Bon Appetit
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543rd Review: A Scattergun Approach Only Works In Parts
intelearts30 June 2013
TPOF is an attempt in its cinematography, editing, sound, characterization and overall direction to be different - and it partially succeeds - you come away remembering the images and characterizations - the real problem though is the script has words but lacks the same rhythm the same bebop sensibilities, and so jars constantly with the multi-layered multifaceted story lines as they interweave.

For this reviewer the Macguffin of what has being stolen should have been a kicking off point for lots of great banter or ideas and instead seems to just be wasted; in addition, both Christian Slater and Christoffer Walken are given their parts and then woefully under directed.

All in all, this is sub-Tarantino, with some interesting ideas about multistory lines and some film school ideas on use of angles, grading of film etc; that are designed to make it look sloppy and cheap - which are the positives - the negatives are a script that needed editing for its sound - it's just too prosaic for this piece - and performances that though OK could have been workshopped more: I would say that Leone Marucci has a ton of good ideas, but needs to allow his actors less freedom, and needs the script to zing in rhythm with the camera.
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Some hot 20 minutes one afternoon in New Orleans
OJT21 August 2013
The power of few is such a strange bird of a film, and as a very experienced movie watcher, I from the start felt this was different. There's so many of the usual and ordinary ways of making a film, that one often tend to get bored, or rather, is less impressed about. We've seen it all before, you could say.

However, this is a fresh breeze of a film. The film is full of little tricks and strange ways of doing things. Fresh takes, you could say, being in the wrong place. The idea of this film is things happening seen from different persons view or angles, happening just after 2 p.m. one hot afternoon in a gritty, crime ridden part if New Orleans. The film soon reveals this, but still it keeps the tension, though it starts over and over with the same time frame seen again from a different viewpoint.

It is easy to hate some of this as well, because things which happens here is the quite opposite of what you want. I can't tell more without revealing major story telling points, so I will not.

There's a bunch if great actors here, and the two biggest stars, Christopher Walken and Christian Slater are not doing the best job here. The best acting is done by one of the minor roles and the third segment of this film is letting the rest of the film down, like Devon Gearhart and Tione Johnson.

The instruction of the actors are not anything compared to the start. It looks like the actors was acting in another type of film, less serious than what the others are doing. Such a pity, but I think that this is due to different actors being able to be filming at different times, so that the feeling the actors have is different from the whole. The film also take a funnier twist than it should, according to the start. However, if you see through this, which I chose to do, due to the great start, the film is still good.

What I really love here is the cutting and editing. It's different and very interesting. The storytelling is superb. It reminds me of "Lola rennt" ("Run Lola run") by Tom Tykwer, which I loved when I saw it in the cinema back In 1998. Or you could see resemblance with great films like "Sliding doors" or "Mr. Nobody". The camera movements and the music is stylish. Many will be expecting more from the end, but I liked it.

I would recommend this to film lovers which wants something quite different from the ordinary. Storytelling, takes, techniques and originality makes this a gem! A cult movie, no doubt!
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pyrocitor22 April 2016
What's really going on in this time-twisting, pseudo-philosophical urban crime parable that wants to be 'Tarantino does Run, Lola, Run' so badly it hurts? Your guess is as good as mine. Essentially, the Vantage Point-style (I won't invite the comparison to the infinitely superior Rashômon) overlapping story lines all revolve around the theft of the Shroud of Turin (Jesus' burial cloth) from the Vatican. The FBI(?) agents pursuing it (Christian Slater & Nicky Whelan) stumble across a bundle of eccentric characters, including the manic pixie dream girl bike messenger obliviously transporting it (Q'orianka Kilcher), a vengeful thug out for blood (Anthony Anderson), a pair of philosophical homeless men (Christopher Walken and In Bruges' Jordan Prentice), and a teen thieving his brother's baby food (Devon Gearhart)... all of whose lives are subtly, positively altered by the presence of Few (Tione Johnson), who comes with her own murky theological connotations. Muscling through the ensuing brain hurt to try to piece together the film isn't as much Few as 'Phew!'

It sounds interesting enough on paper, and Marucci's confidently stylized filmmaking lends some slick intersections of soundtrack and cinematography (the highlight is Walken fantasizing a couple of botched robberies, shot like a TV crime bulletin), as well as alarmingly non-sequitur bursts of startling violence. The film's script, however, is madder than a sack full of ferrets, and more concerned with sounding hip at all costs (it doesn't) than answering any of the film's logistical questions (it still doesn't), let alone much sense of theme or cohesion. That said, it's not an outright unpleasant watch, and Marucci gets good use out of his grimy New Orleans locations, with some flashy aerial establishing shots of the city modeled after Spike Lee's bombastic Do The Right Thing… again, just not as good.

The ensemble cast are all sturdy work but largely unremarkable. Slater's police procedural vignette is the most disappointing, too mired in unclear context and snarling overacting to generate much excitement. The noteworthy exceptions are the adorably flighty Kilcher and magnetically calm Johnson, both reminiscent of Wong Kar-Wai characters. Then there's the incomparable Walken, garbed like a homeless Silent Bob, and sporting a "Clone Jesus" t-shirt. He works wonders with his hepcat dialogue, infusing his oddball conspiracy theorist with more riveting conviction and subtle pathos than the material warrants.

At its best moments, The Power of Few is lively, pleasantly beguiling, and even threatens to raise some interesting questions about fate, spirituality, and so on. Still, Marucci's monolithic dialogue and overcomplicated, under-explained plot are so alienating that it's nigh impossible to connect with any of the characters or scenarios for more than fleeting moments. You certainly can't fault Marucci for taking chances, but with a film that feels overlong at only 96 minutes, leaving the viewer still scrabbling for a point at its conclusion, the film's real power is how little it manages to accomplish with so much going on.

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Should be great, but only manages very good.
thekarmicnomad25 May 2013
This is one of those films that is 'a little bit different'.

It has plot and feel aspects of 'Run Lola Run', 'Vantage Point' and 'Donnie Darko' but doesn't manage to inspire anywhere near the same excitement as the other titles.

The plot is non-lineal with the same scene being repeated multiple times from a different view point or dimension. The writing is excellent, most of the characters are interesting and engaging. There is some great casting too - especially the girl on the moped who is both incredibly beautiful, and a bit odd looking.

Great camera work, settings, lighting and performances all around, etc. etc.

On paper this should be an easy '9' but I can't bring myself to go higher than a '7'. With so many films now that are 'a little bit different' they are in danger of becoming all exactly the same. Maybe I have just watched too many, but by the time the end credits rolled I realised my mind was somewhere else. The punch line was weak and a bit pretentious and I had spotted the ending from about twenty minutes in.

A movie that is magnificently crafted, but fails to be magnificent.
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"Please Brother, cause no more pain."
drjgardner10 August 2014
This is a twist on the multiple interlocking stories that you've seen many, many times before, but this time it IS different. The first hour is pretty traditional, with only the vaguest hint of what is to come. I stayed with it because of the quality of the actors – Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Anthony Anderson, Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir on "Homeland"), Moon Bloodgood (Anne on "Falling Skies"), Jordan Prentice ("In Bruges"), Derek Richardson (Nolan in "Anger Management"), etc. Normally you can't get such a good ensemble with an ordinary fare.

Writer-Director-Producer Leone Marucci uses some good visual techniques although he is a little heavy handed on the musical score, and sometimes just too shocking in some of the physical scenes. At times it has a film school look, but the marvelous detailing in the interlocking elements, slowly and surely revealed as the film goes along, compensates for the lesser moments.

This is a film you may find disappointing at first, but stay with it right up until the end. It will cause no more pain.
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Hands down this is in my top 10 for worst movies I've ever seen.
Brooklynsmagicmike8 June 2021
I'm not the biggest fan of movies that usually show the same event through different perspectives but with the excellent cast this movie boasted I figured I'd honestly give it a chance. All I have to say is wow was I dissapointed.

I actually somehow made it to the end of this movie and it was extremely rough. First the movie looks and feels extremely low budget. Almost like high school movie thats made for show and tell. The dialogue is extremely corny by all parties and almost feels like bad 80's movie. The movie is also painfully slow and draggy. Its only hour and 30 minutes but literally feels like 2 hours. Lastly the ending is insanely confusing and almost makes zero sense.

Just avoid this movie at all costs. You honestly couldn't pay me to watch it again, it was that bad.
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A Really Great Movie Of Intertwining Stories, Can't Believe It Didn't Get Better Reviews
isantistao30 April 2020
You know those movies that have a lot of different intertwining stories that start out separately but all come together at the end? This is like the ultimate one of those. Because each of these stories end in tragedy to begin with...however one little girl eventually ends up changing them. And it shows how one little change in thinking can change everything. It is also really cute how they will have little things from other stories show up in certain ones, like a person in the background. And there is a sort of philosophical nature to it, it is almost metaphysical. A really great film, I can't believe it didn't do better. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because there were some bits of acting here and there that weren't very good. But all in all it is a really great film worth the watch especially if you like those movies with intertwining stories.
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I enjoyed the film very much.....
rusoviet21 July 2013
....some very tricky film editing and direction to make the pieces fit and after the first ensemble one begins to see where it might be going and then the surprise as it concludes.

Along the lines of 'A Day In The Life' except here it's all but 20 minutes. Walken still has his chops working. Pulp Fiction compressed and in some ways a lot more indelible i.e. few excesses just decisions we can or choose not to make and the consequences when we choose the right or wrong way.

The little girl stole the film - that's all I can say w.o. divulging more.
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Made no sense
rogerdozier18 March 2019
Never got the point of this but what I did get was crap
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slow burn beginning with a long lasting after burn
vampiri26 May 2013
I have to admit the title along with the super short description of the story here on IMDb had me fooled big time, but on the other hand, what to Think when you add Christian Slater to the Word "crime"? Usually it means not so good, but watchable.

Plot: Well, there is no plot. This Movie is a Grand Canyon (1991) kind of Movie or why not say Pulp Fiction which has no real storyline either. However, you might say the Movie is ABOUT moral, ethics, good versus evil set in a run down neighborhood with cops searching for terrorists, kids trying to do what is right and normal folks going about their Daily business. all done in Tarantino, Rodriguez and Mcdonagh style.

The best part is the scene with the girl talking about biting the inside of your cheek, it reminds me of the Jake Gyllenhaal character talking about smurfs in Donnie Darko - although not as good. And it is Always a pleasure watching Anthony Anderson and Christpoher Walken. Last Words: like I said, the title fooled me, but it is a good and clever one, you'll see!!

I'll give 6 out of 10, it is good but it lacks that real cleverness, intrigue, good casting and a deeper story.
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Great Movie must watch
goldenshuttle14 May 2016
Before I start; this is one of the most unfairly rated movies ever. If you are looking for something different from Hollywood rubbish, then this movie is a must see. PROS:Great video and camera use. great script with some smart or eccentric conversations. actors all are talented. background music and songs well chosen. story plot is genius. The director is one of a kind, a talent that makes Hollywood directors look incompetent and stupid. Costumes are sniper picked to suit the movie. Camera focus is just amazing. CONS:I did not find any cons on this movie. Judgement: It is funny, mysterious, and intriguing. The way events are scrambled is superior to many other movies that adopted this technique. And a cherry on the cake:It is the genuinely crazy but talented star Christopher Walken playing in this movie.
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fossilmail3 October 2013
A good idea executed in a bad, bad way... With the exception of 3 actors the whole cast seriously need to go back (or just go for the fist time) to the acting school - bad, fake, forced emotions, just terrible. The basis of the story is there, but told in a really bad way. Mistakes, things that make no sense.. Just a bad movie. You keep on watching hoping it gets better, but it doesn't. Clichés. Predictable. And very poor casting skills. It just makes no sense, just like the fact of this site forcing you to write at least 10 lines about a bad movie, that it is just that - a bad movie. There are no 10 lines to be written about this, it is a waste of ciber ink and this movie is not worth it.
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