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Funnier than I imagined
hnd730220 March 2008
I recently went to see the sneak preview Tuesday, going in I thought it'll be so-so in the humor department. This isn't a smart make you think comedy, but it had heart in the right places and it was very funny none the less. It has a few plot holes, but nothing too obvious to the viewer.

I really enjoyed watching the characters, Owen Wilson is really great at these types of comedies. In the end though I've got to say that the kids they casted really stole the show. They fit their roles perfectly.

In the end all I can say is that this movie is redemption for geeky fresh meat everywhere.
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Another inventive comedy from the Apatow crew
Kristen Kallahan26 February 2008
I love IMDb.com. I just came here (after seeing the movie) and saw that John Hughes (using a pseudonym) was one of the writers of this movie. That makes sense, because the movie covers the awkwardness, danger and constant potential for life-ruining humiliation that is freshman year high school. Being "skinny, scared and lonely", as Drillbit Taylor puts it.

One of the other writers is the awesome Seth Rogen, co-writer & co-star of "Superbad" and co-star of "Knocked Up".

Owen Wilson is funny, sexy and heartwarming in this role. The trio of geeky lads who hire Owen as their protector are all played by wonderful young actors. The Apatow organization seems to have a genius for finding great and funny teen actors. I was especially impressed by Alex Frost (he plays the bully) who I think has stardom in his future.

The small roles of the film are filled by standup comics and "The Daily Show" alumni. Good talent all around.

The movie is not perfect. It's front-loaded -- meaning the first half has so many laughs you can't hear all the lines for the laughter. Then it suddenly slows down in the second half. It's still interesting -- just not as funny. And when you get to the violent fighting, that dries up the laughs.

Overall though, any film from the Apatow organization is going to be 6 times funnier and more inventive than the average movie comedy out there. So go have some laughs.
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Owen Wilson: Army of One
Robert_Scott22 March 2008
It's been a while since I wrote one of these but thanks mainly to Owen Wilson for another hilarious (yes and interchangeable) role, this movie was funny enough to get motivated once again.

The premise is obviously pretty simple and has been done before in both bodyguard and teen movies (Superbad and My Bodyguard come to mind...duh). The beauty of this movie it combines the two genres with Owen Wilson's natural comedic talent and three capable younger actors resulting in a mostly funny comedy that is unique from the rest.

There was an interesting metaphor contained in one of the trailers showing Drillbit telling the kids he's taking them under his wing. The reason I say this is interesting is because this is how it mostly worked for the movie's humor. It took almost 15 minutes for it to really get started. Don't get me wrong, there were some funny parts that didn't involve him like the bodyguard interviews (gotta love Frank Whaley's cameo), Ryan's rap off with the bully and the two hitting each other but the biggest laughs for me were from Owen Wilson. To be fair though, Owen was at his best when the kids were involved. I loved the way he approached this "job" with one part seriousness, one part B.S. and two parts hilarious. I was dying when he was holding up that kid's burning popsicle stick project up to the sprinklers and just the general training conversations just to illustrate that recipe.

Overall, this storyline was nothing brilliant but as in You Me and Dupree, Owen Wilson manages to take something that could be rather mediocre turning it into an enjoyable and endearing comedy. True, he really didn't do it by himself as I'd try to make you believe. I mean the way the bullies were portrayed was a very convincing and effective factor that helped sell this one as well and who could forget the lovely Leslie Mann in an interesting and sometimes funny romantic subplot. To sum it all up, if you liked the trailers you're going to like this movie. And a shout to all the people who replied in my thread that convinced me to go myself. You were right.
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Fairly average but still enjoyable
Superbeasto29 March 2008
There's not much new you can really do with a high school comedy, but at least the notion of Owen Wilson playing a jakey posing as a bodyguard promises a few laughs and a half.

It's a decent enough family comedy, and there are a few laugh out loud moments, but they're spread too thin to make this a classic jape. The 3 bullied teens are hugely likable though, and Wilson has such an easygoing charm that it's difficult not to enjoy it, even if he does work better when he's got a proper sparring partner to riff off.

The end result is likable without being lovable, funny without being hilarious and enjoyable without being particularly memorable.
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I actually liked it
krabbypatty1019 March 2008
I'm one of those "indie-films-or-bust" type of people (with my favorite movies ranging from Amelie to the Darjeeling Limited), so when I saw the preview for Drillbit Taylor, it was an immediate turn-off for me. I saw it as boob, nuts, and ass jokes (aka crude teenage humor) and I was not excited to see it. However, an opportunity arose to see the movie well before it came out and I took the chance to see it.

To my great surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie to its fullest. Sure Owen Wilson is funny, but the kids stole the show. The crude humor was left to a minimum and the funniest lines were the really subtle ones that almost everyone missed. This movie had heart and a good message (which you don't normally see in mainstream teenage movies *excluding Juno*). Although I know it's probably not gonna make huge headlines, I feel like this movie needs more recognition than it's gonna get. I want to see this movie go big, and I'm excited to see what people say about it. So take it from me, it's funny and it's not disappointing.
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Just Saw a Sneak Preview - VERY FUNNY!!
judemariettaga26 February 2008
I fully intended to not like this movie. I received free tickets from work and took my two boys because I thought they would like it. Owen Wilson was funny and sweet (and looks pretty good naked!) I didn't recognize the three young boys but they were great in their roles. Owen Wilson and Josh Peck were the only two actors I recognized. But I can see the other three boys being cast in other movies like this. They were believable in their roles (as much as the idea of kid's hiring bodyguards could be, on par with missing the plane and staying HOME ALONE. I was pleasantly surprised. All of the actors were great and I was surprised at how the time flew. The ending surprised me it wasn't what I expected at all! I would definitely recommend this movie. Enjoy!
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One of the feel good teen comedy movies of 2008
robertallenandersonjr9 April 2008
Drillbit Taylor was such an awesome movie. It was extremely funny. I pretty much laughed throughout the whole movie. The three kids in this movie made everyone laugh in the theatre. Then having Owen Wilson team up with the kids that just makes the movie all the better. The acting in this was pretty good especially out of the kids. At first going to see this I thought the acting would be just okay. Instead it was really good though. The messages in this were pretty good. The movie was trying to state a point to you that if you tell the truth no matter what it is, you will get farther in life. Owen Wilson in this movie just kept lying to everyone especially the kids. At first you dislike Owen Wilsons character. Then he gets to know the kids and they teach him a lot about life. This was a great teen comedy movie in my opinion. I liked the idea of having Owen Wilson play a homeless man at first trying to make money. The thing that was bad about him though is that he did mean things for the money. This was also a pretty cute movie. The reason it was a little cute was because one of the kids liked a girl in his high school. Most of the time that always helps in a movie. I thought that this movie was well worth your money to see it. Another good thing about this movie was the idea of having such a mean bully picking on the kids. I thought Owen Wilsons character made a great bodyguard for this movie. Overall Drillbit Taylor was very funny and a great movie to see for teenagers especially.
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Wilson's charm keeps "Drillbit" afloat
farmer-josh215 April 2008
Drillbit Taylor is the latest Apatow/Frat Pack movie. It isn't great and it isn't awful. Rogen's screenplay disappointed me, he did such a good job on Superbad. This movie will be compared to Superbad and rightfully so. It basically serves as a prelude to Superbad. Owen Wilson does his usual. Wilson's charm and improv skills keep this movie afloat. I think that if this movie was rated R it would have fared better with reviews and box office performance. Overall though its a must see for Frat Pack fans and Wilson fans. I also wish Owen well in his upcoming projects and i hope he is well on the road to recovery.

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Funny but with a nice little touch of heart
KathyRI29 March 2008
If you like Owen Wilson, Seth Rogen, "Knocked Up," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," and other movies directed by Judd Apatow, then you'll probably like "Drillbit Taylor." It's quite funny and it even has a little bit of heart.

The young actors who play the 3 freshman high-school boys are absolutely perfect in their parts. The curly-haired husky-build young boy is like a miniature Seth Rogen. He must have written that part with himself in mind. The entire cast is excellent.

My friend and I were both quite pleasantly surprised, as some of the reviews haven't been the greatest, but if you enjoy watching Owen Wilson, give this one a try.
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Presenting the life of the new and awkward
absforachilles7 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Take one part Owen Wilson and three parts high school freshman and you have a clever comedy. The story tells of three high school freshman just starting their first day, hoping that they could generate a fresh start. However, all turns sour when one boy stands up for each other and all three become the ridicule of the school and targets for two very rough school bullies. To avoid further ridicule, the boys hope to hire a body guard to protect them from their bullies. Barely living by day, Owen Wilson comes into the picture and uses his wits to charm the boys for the job. Though at first his intentions are for his own benefit, he later grows a heartfelt concern for the boys. Throguhout the movie we see a gentle chemistry with Owen and the boys. I actually enjoyed the movie, because it had nice humor and strangely some sort of plot that did not make you feel the movie was dragging. Owen Wilson adds his own flavor to the film by being both a new high school vigilante and a charming gentleman for a fellow teacher. This movie combined subtle comedy, romance and friendship that sends a positive message surpassing the social people in high school. I would say this is well worth the watch, and if your an Owen Wilson fan, be prepared for a smooth ride.
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Drillbit Taylor is too sour and mean spirited to be heartwarming, and rest of the movie is dull and undercooked.
stewiefan2014 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Drillbit Taylor is the newest addition to the collection of Judd Apatow comedies. Although this time around he only produced, and the movie is watered down to a PG-13 instead of his usual raunchy R rating. The movie is about two nerdy young kids Wade (Nate Hartley) and Ryan (Troy Gentile) who just started high school. But on just their first day they begin getting picked on by the school bully Filkins (Alex Frost), and his little-to-no-dialogue crony Ronnie (Josh Peck). The bullies becoming increasingly threatening, and it only gets worse when the biggest nerd in the school Emmitt (David Dorfman) starts hanging around them. The constant bullying gets to the point where the kids decide to hire a bodyguard who calls himself Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson). Drillbit tells them that he was trained by the military and is an expert fighter, but in reality he is just a lazy, lying homeless man, and proceeds to loot their homes. But the boys gullibly believe in him anyway, and as Drillbit teaches them some martial arts and defense moves, some right out of action movies, he really starts to like them. But eventually Drillbit has to face the truth behind his lies, and the boys have to face their fears and stop the bullies themselves.

Judd Apatow and his crew's comedies have really been on a roll lately. Recently we've received the hilarious Knocked Up, Superbad, the 40 Year Old Virgin, and Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story. All of them received a good R rating for their raunchy, and often foul mouthed, dialogue and humor. But along comes Drillbit Taylor with its watered down PG-13 humor. Let me start off saying this, Judd Apatow should really stick to the R rated comedies, and if he really wants to produce a PG-13, at least produce one that is actually funny. That just goes to say that Drillbit Taylor tries to be funny, but the whole bullied kids story has been done so many times that there's not much here to laugh at. But hey does anyone remember a guy named John Hughes? The man who had his name written all over excellent teen comedies from the 1980s, like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and the classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Well John Hughes helped put together this story, but in my own opinion he should never have graced his name on such garbage.

Drillbit Taylor is not only unfunny, but also incredibly mean spirited and cynical. The jokes in this movie are few but when they do happen to arrive, they're far too soft and easygoing. Nate Hartley and Troy Gentile however are a completely welcome presence, and both are very good and charming in this movie. They were essentially the only good part of the movie. Whereas the third actor David Dorfman is awful as an annoying, jabbering loser who really doesn't even become a character. He just sits around and acts like Raymond from Rain Man, only this kid acts like he just did crack and had one too many Red Bulls. Owen Wilson gives it his all as Drillbit, but the character is just not made to be funny. The scenes where he teaches the boys self defense, loots their homes, flirts with their teacher, and most other things he does didn't make me laugh. Drillbit and his homeless friends even preposterously pose as substitute teachers at the boys' school, because it seems as long as they have coffee cups in their hands, all the teachers are oblivious to them. Drillbit hits on the teacher Lisa (Leslie Mann), but she is so flat and one dimensional it's not even remotely funny. Leslie Mann is a great actress and she is wasted here because her character is stupid, barely gets screen time, and is completely pointless to the story.

The bullies in this movie, which the plot of Drillbit Taylor is centered around, are not just bullies, but sadists as well. Alex Frost played a school shooter in Gus Van Sant's movie Elephant, and it almost seems like he's the same character here. As the lead bully Filkins is more of a teenage psychopath, and whenever he's on screen I was reminded of Columbine. Josh Peck only has a few words of dialogue in the movie. Josh Peck is also very talented and deserved better. The bullies in Drillbit Taylor try to run over the kids at high speed with their car, driving over lawns and mailboxes and anything, and in one fight scene Filkins picks up a long metal lamp and starts swinging it violently at Wade. He also says he gets off on their misery and that he likes watching kids like them suffer. But when he's brought to the principal's office he acts like a goody-two-shoes, and gets off Scot-free. I began to wonder if the teachers and administrators were blind. The tone and message of Drillbit Taylor are way off, because at first it's about self defense, then suddenly it's anti-violent, and then for the end it's brutally, sadistically violent. In the end Drillbit Taylor taught me violence is okay as long as it's brutal; you don't get in trouble for bullying; and that as a bully you naturally crave the pain and misery of others.

Everyone here tries their hardest but Drillbit Taylor is just not funny. It's message and extreme violence is disheartening, and for a movie that's PG-13 this film sure is nasty. I give Drillbit Taylor a 1 out of 4. I don't recommend it to anyone really, especially kids.
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Drilbit Taylor Will Save The Kids
Chrysanthepop5 September 2008
'Drilbit Taylor' is a teen movie that revolves around three highschool students being bullied and in order to protect themselves they plan to hire a bodyguard. The film has its own charm and is quite likable thanks mostly to Wilson's chemistry with the three teens. Another thing I liked about this movie is that it wasn't overloaded with sex and crudeness which seems to be a forced compulsory requirement of every teen movie these days (a recent example being the awful 'Superbad'). The teen actors, Nate Hartley and Troy Gentile are very good. Hartley particularly gives a natural performance. Owen Wilson uses his superb comic timing and does nothing short of great. What I didn't like about 'Drilbit Taylor' is that it tends to go unnecessarily over the top with some sequences and the fight scene in the end is a little too violent. The bullying scenes were meant to be funny (at least that's the impression I got given the background score and the way it was executed) but with me they had the opposite effect and I wonder how kids who are actually bullied would feel after watching such scenes being used as comic relief. However on the other hand, it might be uplifting to them as the point of the movie was to stand up for oneself and his friends. Anyway, 'Drilbit Taylor' is fun entertainment. Not the best of its kind but still good enough.
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It was alright
Kristine23 July 2008
When I first saw the trailer for Drillbit Taylor, I thought it actually looked like fun and would be a cool movie, but I decided to save the money and wait for the rental on it, because it was getting some bad reviews. So I did rent it, watched it last night, I'm actually glad I waited for the rental because while I didn't hate the movie, I wasn't a big fan of it. I think because the story was just beyond unrealistic, I know it's a comedy, and I always do lighten up for a movie, but this just seemed ridicules. These boys who are getting picked on, I mean, they're not just getting picked on they're are getting brutally humiliated and somehow no one notices? Not to mention that a homeless guy can just walk into a school wearing a tie and he is assumed to be a substitute and no one asks questions? This script must have been written by someone who was drunk.

Three kids at school are getting brutally picked on by two bullies, they're getting hit constantly, being made fun of, getting stuffed into trophy cabinets, and even getting hung from doors; they've had it, they decide to hire a body guard to protect them. They meet Drillbit Taylor, an actual homeless guy who is trying to get to Canada, so he's ripping off these kids in any way he can to get there, but he promises them that he's a great body guard and will teach them how to fight. Of course madness ensues, he ends up liking the kids, the story speaks for itself, I'm sorry.

The movie is unoriginal, the comedy is alright, the actors, I wasn't impressed with the casting. I just feel like this movie could have been so much more, it just seems so beyond insane to me to believe a lot of these situations. Not to mention, the bully, he was kinda puny, and I was supposed to believe him as a bully who can kick anyone's butt? I know that everyone is going to tell me to lighten up with this movie, but honestly, I feel like it did waste my time, it was predictable and not comedy gold, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone to be honest.

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I Never Wanted It to End!
MovieDude9512 April 2008
OMG! I LOVED this movie. It's the PERFECT comedy movie for kids/teens, if there's a day or night you can't seem to find anything to do. Usually, even if it's a movie I like, I still want it to end, and get up and stretch, but I NEVER wanted this one to end!! The actors in particular that I think did the best job were Josh Peck, David Dorfman, and Owen Wilson. They were GREAT!! It should be a 7.2 not a 6.1. I didn't think it was gonna be great but it was. You should TOTALLY see it, you won't be disappointed!! Even though it says "Crude Sexual References Throughout" it DEFINITELY DEFINITELY IS NOT "Throughout". And the "Partial Nudity" is just a brief shot of Drillbit's behind. And the bullying is kind of obvious, shoving into lockers etc. The drug references is just when the mother repeatedly asks her son "Are you smoking pot" Anybody 10 and Up should be able to see this and handle it just fine. It's not as bad as it sounds on the parents guide, and the parents guide isn't even really bad, so there you go. The bottom line is GO SEE IT!! It is a GREAT flick!! MPAA RATING: PG-13-For Crude Sexual References Throughout, Strong Bullying, Drug References, And Partial Nudity My Version of What It Should Be: PG-13-For SOME Sexual References, HUMOROUS Bullying, Drug References, And Partial Nudity
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What amazes me about everyone's reaction
nycgirl1231 August 2008
Yes, Owen Wilson is always likable in these kinds of roles. Yes, it has more than a few funny moments. Yes, it's easy to like the heroes and hate the bad guys. Why does no one find it disturbing?? Because it makes a happy ending, typical Hollywood wrap up, to violent, disturbing, deeply troubling and criminal harassment and torture. Only people who don't care and don't ever think about why they like what they like and how the film-makers manipulate, would not object here. It is an irresponsible film and really glorifies the problem by making it a fun buddy caper. I hate to sound so uptight, and I don't think I really am, but some of the sadistic attacks on these children made me cringe and rage as I saw it... not because it went too far, but because to some degree this sort of thing happens everyday, and the system, the school, the parents the other students stand by just as they do in this film. However, here we have a fantasy about some crazy solution. It would be fun and cute if it weren't such a vile topic - one nobody seems to take seriously. If you have children, or know children or care about children in the public school system, this film should not be fun for you. Do not suspend your disbelief. Is rape a fun topic for a happy ending buddy comedy? Is murder? Is child beating? Domestic violence? No? Really?? No one would say yes to any of that? Then why is a topic that can lead to things like school shootings and suicide, not to mention the endless fear, deep emtional damage and daily desperation and unhappiness of many children's lives, so easily translated into a cutesy buddy film with a happy, feel-good ending? The makers of this film should bear some scrutiny for exploiting such an issue, for diminishing it and making light of it. As I started by saying, yes, there is fun involved, but those who are so immune to the ugliness portrayed here, the wrong, the real problem that goes as ignored in the real world as it does here, that this is enough, should do some thinking when they watch films.
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Oh Judd, disappointing
Jacob_is_a_playboy12 April 2008
I watched this film after I got kicked out of rec. Which looked much better and was. The film disappointing especially because of the high quality films Apatow usually puts out there.

Starts of with the kids getting bullied and finding a "bodygaurd" who will work cheap. It has morals like all the other Judd Apatow films yet these morals are so in your face, it's incredibly annoying. The plot is predictable from the start and The actors playing the kids are annoying, bad at acting and very strange looking (I couldn't keep my eye off the small kid with braces, he was so strange looking it was distracting) all rolled into one.

However, if you can get past this, the film has some funny yet forgettable moments. Most of these involving Owen Wilson who is the angel of this below average movie. He has a great charisma about him in all his films, however he needs some sparring partner to hit lines off rather than a bunch of strange looking 14 year old kids.

In conclusion, the film is below average yet has some funny parts, most of them becoming overshadowed by the poor acting and predictable plot. Highly Disappointing for a Apatow film.
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Too cheesy, even with such big names in the crew
kmier-216 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Of all of the movies Judd Apatow has done, there is a normal prediction that 1 of every of at least 4 movies (whether producing or directing) will not do so good. Although guaranteed, I found myself laughing at some moments (such as the "karate, kung fu, tai chi, kung pao, Panda Express" joke), but overall, this attempt to make a throwback at the high school revenge flicks of the 80's (such as "Three O' Clock High") seems too cliché for its own good. As a matter of fact, this tells the story of Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), a bodyguard (or so he calls himself) who fakes being a former soldier in order to rig money from anyone who believes his story. He finds himself lucky when he's hired by your typical freshman nerds who've had enough of the bullies who treat them so badly. Along the way, he fakes being a substitute teacher, falling for another colleague (played by Apatow's wife Leslie Mann), and one of Taylor's greedy friends (one of them being Danny McBride of "Pineapple Express") winds up betraying him, which winds up with Taylor betraying the kids. But when one of the kids dares a bully to a fight that will happen in the bully's house, it's up to Drillbit Taylor to save the day. Does'nt work, especially with names such as Apatow producing, Seth Rogen writing the screenplay, and Edmond Dantes (a pseudonym for the late John Hughes) helping to write, it just seems too weird for itself, and just makes us beg for Hughes' teen flicks of the 80s to come back again.
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Bullies against geeks…once again
RainDogJr10 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
About two months ago I watched and liked the film "School for Scoundrels" that is a remake of a 1960 British film with the same title. I write that because this film has a very similar theme with a sort of a teacher giving lessons for stop being a loser and face your own problems. In this case we watch how three geeks (Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile and David Dorfman) are having a real bad time, in their fist days of high school, thanks to two bullies (Alex Frost and Josh Peck) so they are looking for some help. They are going to find that help in Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), a vagabond whose dream is to live in Canada so to get the money he works as a bodyguard for the teenagers saying to them that he has military skills. For me this character is the funniest part in all the film, especially when he enters as the substitute teacher and suddenly becomes a doctor and meets his new girlfriend.

Anyway, I mention the fact that watched the film "School for Scoundrels" because, in a way, is the perfect way to describe the point that this film is nothing new but also is predictable, clichéd and with a weak cast, except for a good and funny work of Owen Wilson. But after all "Drillbit Taylor" have some really funny parts and is entertaining so if you don't have anything better to watch, kind of hard, I recommend that watch this one eating a lot of popcorn.
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not worth your money
Chris Brown2 April 2008
Plot: Three high school freshmen are repeatedly harassed by two cruel bullies. The boys hire a bodyguard named Drillbit Taylor to protect them from the bullies. Unbeknownst to the boys, Drillbit is a homeless man, who has lied about his credentials.

I like the premise. It had potential. Unfortunately, this comedy only had a few good laughs. Unfunny dialogue and unfunny situations. Like Superbad, this movie was co-written by Seth Rogen. Unlike Superbad, this script was boring, full of holes, and not very funny.

Examples of plot holes: Neither the principal nor the parents take the kids seriously when they say they're being harassed by bullies. Even after one of the kids gets a black eye, apparently no adults ever notice. The bullies openly attack in crowded areas at school without ever being caught by the faculty. A man posing as a substitute teacher is able to walk into classrooms at random and start teaching without the real teacher ever walking in and saying, "Why the heck are you here?"

Owen Wilson plays Drillbit, and he brings a lot of charm to the character. He provides a few laughs, but his ability is limited by a mostly unfunny script. Actually, this film had some great casting. Leslie Mann is fantastic, and her chemistry with Wilson was so strong that I hope they get another chance to work together on a better film. The perfect actors were also chosen to play Wade's step-dad (a former bully/jock) and brain-dead stepbrothers.

Overall, this movie is not worth renting even if you usually like Seth Rogen or Owen Wilson. I know a couple 12-year-olds who loved this movie, and I do believe other kids of that age would enjoy it. For the rest of us, skip it.
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A droll bit of fluff, is Drillbit; most likely you will enjoy it
Amy Adler26 March 2008
Two friends, Wade (Nate Hartley) and T-Dog (Troy Gentile) are about to enter the ninth grade. As they are both rather nerdy, their fondest wish is to simply "fit in" and snag friends and girlfriends. But, on the first day of school, their dream is roundly shattered. You see, there is a senior at the school, Filkins (Alex Frost) who lives to torture those individuals who, unhappily, catch his eye. Since Wade and T-Dog have showed up in the same shirt, he promptly buttons their tops together, in a tangle, for his amusement. It is only the beginning. When Wade rescues a third outcast, Emmitt, from Filkins clutches, the big bully makes the threesome his pet victims. Then, T-Dog gets the idea that if they find a bodyguard, preferably with martial art skills, they can throw Filkins for a loop. Answering the boys' ad is one Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson). Although he informs the boys that he was once in the army and skilled in combat, he fails to tell them that he is a homeless panhandler who is taking the job so that he can pocket enough money to make the bus fare to Canada. Posing as a substitute teacher, Drillbit does keep an eye on the boys, especially with the help of a walkie-talkie. There is even a pretty teacher, Lisa (Leslie Mann) who falls hard for the now button-down Drillbit. But, how long can such a scheme last and does Filkins have some more tricks up his sleeve? This is a droll bit of fluff, this Drillbit, and most likely you will enjoy it. Young boys, especially, will probably clamor for tickets but, parents, do note the PG-13 rating and the description which follows it. This is not a family film, exactly, and there are quite a few elements that will frost someone's cookies. That is not to say the film is not very funny and true to life, for it is. There are some great lines, such as the one where Drillbit notes "if you take away their video games, they might choose to read a book or if you garnish their ipods, they could learn to play the piano". The young cast is great, with Hartley and Gentile demonstrating their natural comic abilities and Frost, a dead ringer for Anthony Perkins, delivering an appropriately loathsome turn as the bully. Mann is always a welcome addition to any film, for she has looks, talent, and an arresting voice. As for Wilson, it is doubtful that anyone could have played this role any better. When a film requires a sun-soaked slacker with a giant heart, he is the man to call, absolutely. Then, too, the production looks good, with well-chosen costumes and sets, and the screenplay is inventive and humorous. No, it is not the greatest thing since slice-bread and it may fall into oblivion at some point. But, there is truly much to like about Drillbit and its cheery tale will entertain most folks who sit down for a viewing.
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Superbad: Episode One
Baldrick4421 March 2008
Drillbit Taylor comes from the quite remarkable team that brought 40 Year Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad and Walk Hard. While this movie doesn't quite live up to their ideals, it still is an enjoyable 2 hours.

The plot revolves around 3 students and their horrifying treatment at the hands of a couple of uber-bullies. Enter Drillbit Taylor ( Owen Wilson )- a man who is basically a bum who just wants to at first fleece the kids so that he go to Canada to start anew. However the more he gets entangled in the story, the more he begins to care for the 3 kids.

The plot is incredibly predictable and doesn't really go anywhere amazing. The three kids themselves too are very similar to the three kids from Superbad; just younger. Whether this was a conscious decision or not, it sorta makes the movie have to stand in comparison with Superbad and unfortunately it doesn't have Superbad's black humour. What it does have though is some nice little comic set pieces, particularly in the middle of the film which are helped by Owen Wilson, who seems to be able to play his part effortlessly.

This is a movie that will never set the world on fire, but what it does do is raise a laugh or two without offending anyone ( quite new ground for Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen ). For their first real go at a family film, it does OK.
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"Unfunny and just plain stupid!"
alvinvigil19 March 2008
From the guys who brought us Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogen (who co-wrote the film) and Judd Apatow (who executive produced the film), sadly bring us their most unfunny film, Drillbit Taylor. Owen Wilson, still looking like he's recovering from his suicide attempt, plays the title character as a down-on-his-luck-beach-living homeless, excuse me... "homefree" person, posing as a Doctor/Substitute Teacher, hired by three young boys, Ryan, Wade and Emit, as their bodyguard to keep the bullies at helm during their first few days of high school. The three adolescents, nerdy, chubby and geeky, play their roles well and actually look like high school kids. We've seen all this bullying before in movies and unfortunately, in real life... being stuffed into lockers, heads banged against walls, wedgies and being kicked, punched, poked fun of, etc., etc., etc. Bullying is a serious issue in public schools and here, it's treated like slapstick. Some of it funny, but most of it not.

Drillbit Taylor has some of the dumbest parents, mostly non-existent, in movie history. The principle of the school is a naive, clueless dimwit and the English teacher that falls for Wilson's character, acts like she hasn't been on a date since Jr. High and is basically ready to jump his bones right there in the teacher's lounge. There's nothing witty or clever about Drillbit Taylor. Most of the writing is unfunny and just plain stupid. I noticed from the audience's reaction, dialogue that was supposed to be funny, received forced laughter. One very funny scene is shown in the movie trailer, as two of the boys sucker punch each other in different parts of their bodies, practicing for that big fight toward the third act. The far superior Superbad had the perfect formula dealing with high school bullies and a few of it's geeky inhabitants. Not only was that film over-the-top funny, but it had that rare feat of having a heart and soul, and was one of the best adolescent films of recent years where as Rogen's and Apatow's new film, needs so much life resuscitated into it, it's basically dead on arrival. It's not entirely their fault; director Steven Brill has a knack for really bad comedies (Without A Paddle, Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds) which audiences have smartly stayed away from. Drillbit Taylor joins this dreadful list.
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A hopeless, hapless, humorless, soulless MESS that some 14 year olds will like
stevepat995 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First and foremost...Wedding Crashers fans need not apply. 81% of Top Rotten Tomato critic's thumbs down got this one spot on.

From synopsis to DVD jacket cover this film is touted as the story of 3 HS Freshman nerds who hire soldier of fortune Wilson to protect them from the school's bully. Untrue. Wilson is not a soldier of fortune. Even the interview scene (kids interviewing real soldier of fortune types) so often the highlight in other films (like The Full Monty) is utter nonsense here. The thought that any of these 'real' bad asses would interview with 14 year old nerds offering pocket change and no compelling argument plays as absurd as it sounds. At the constant core of this 'comedy' is Wilson's life choice to be a 40 year old homeless, highway panhandler who lives in a park and takes naked showers at the beach. He lies, cheats and is a thief who steals from the kids home as they give him a house tour. His best buddies are likewise bums and thieves. He failed a short stay in the army and is not and has never been any kind of soldier of fortune. Humor? Stuffing a kid into a locker, making them pea on one another and punching one of the kids till his face is a bloody mess. The the bully tries to run the kids down with his car...laughs galore, right?

That Wilson can waltz into a high school, be taken for a sub and immediately start teaching.....now that is funny....being detached from any semblance of reality. For 95% of the film Wilson is punched out by the bully time and again, bloodied face and all. Why won't he fight back, his 'employers' ask...Because I've never been one with violence...he finally admits. Where some teen comedies are written for teen and adult audiences this film was written with an 'adults need not apply sign' in mind. And yes, some reviewers belly laughed at Wilson's face being bloodied, as he loots a kids home, as he lies cheats and steals and leaves the kids to be assaulted and bloodied.

After Wilson admits on screen that for 95% of the film he has continued to be a total loser the final minutes of the film permits Wilson to exact the long, long, long awaited redemption punch out.

In the end, some will laugh at young kids suffering and being beaten, at Wilson being a homeless, lying, cheating and stealing loser and others will fondly recall Wilson effortless comedic genius in WEDDING CRASHERS.
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Not the best movie but still worth seeing
shortney1522 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I don't agree with what some people on here are saying. I think the three kids are hilarious in the movie and Owen does a great job playing off of them. I thought the movie was going to be pretty cliché and predictable but some of the twists in it surprised me. It seems improbable that a bully who terrorizes kids in a high school would be able to get away with beating up other kids in such blatantly obvious places and have them be "above the law," (that line cracked me up) living in a huge, well furnished house while their parents are in another country. At the same time that is what makes this movie different than the stereotypical high school bullying stories; it has a little bit of an edge to it and I think that if you are able to suspend belief in some situations you will be able to really get a kick out of the movie. Plus, you get to see Owen Wilson's(at least a body double)butt. twice. :)
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Good, Not Brilliant
Ashley Hobley20 March 2008
Right off the bat, I have to say that I am pretty easily pleased. There aren't a hell of a lot of movies that I absolutely loathe. Just movies I will not want to see again.

Drillbit Taylor is essentially a younger Superbad with Owen Wilson. Unfortunately, the story is not as engaging, not as funny and just not as good.

This movie will most likely be a stepping stone for several of the young cast. Alex Frost as Filkins, the bully, is quite frightening and plays the slightly psychotic role extremely well. Troy Gentile is being labeled as a young Jonah Hill, but I felt he was a lot more like Joe Pesci. Nate Hartley did well as the young second lead.

There are a number of funny scenes like the bullying montage, the rap battle and Wade and Ryan's preparation. The problem that there is too much stuff in between which isn't funny.
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