Johnny Depp Reveals Strangest Place He's 'Hooked Up With Someone' and His Favorite Co-Star Kiss

Johnny Depp Reveals Strangest Place He's 'Hooked Up With Someone' and His Favorite Co-Star Kiss
Ellen DeGeneres can't tell if Johnny Depp is being serious when she puts him in the hot seat.

The 53-year-old actor appears on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and while he answers all the host's personal -- sometimes embarrassing -- questions, he does so with a bravado that makes it seem as if he's just making stuff up.

Exclusive: Johnny Depp Says He Would Tell His Younger Self to 'Get Out of This Business Immediately'

When DeGeneres asks what his favorite body part is, Depp says he likes the back of his head, then claims that he likes his shoes, joking that they are surgically attached to his feet. The daytime TV host follows up by inquiring if Depp likes his "a**," to which he replies, "I accept it."

Up next, DeGeneres asks what the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales star's favorite curse word is, and he quickly
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Halle Berry Shows Off Her "Beautiful, Sexy" Husband-Approved Lingerie to Ellen DeGeneres—Watch Now!

Halle Berry Shows Off Her
If you've ever wondered what Halle Berry wears underneath those fabulous clothes, here's your chance to find out! The A-list actress stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday where things got a little revealing in the wardrobe department In support of her new lingerie line at Target, Berry showcased just a few of the items that "are in my drawer" right now. It's safe to say Olivier Martinez's wife has some pretty good taste. "I was in Paris one of these times tooling around and I saw this really beautiful lingerie line called 'Scandale Paris' and the women at the shop said to me, 'You know, this is a very beautiful line. It's way too expensive for anybody to buy...
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The 9 Most Annoying Gay Reality TV Stars Ever

Remember when we tallied the 8 Most Annoying Gay Male Characters in TV History? That turned out to be very cathartic for me, and I thank you for joining me on that annoying journey. But the saga isn't over yet: Now we're counting off the nine most annoying reality TV stars in history, and I may need your help in naming offenders 10-150. Contribute those in the comments.

Word of caution: "Annoying" is sometimes an awesome trait. Definitely not always, but I make notice of the reality stars who rightfully wear the honor of "most annoying" like a badge of honor.

1. Survivor's Colton Cumbie

Yeah, nothing about this guy deserves a badge of honor. Can you believe there was a time when we'd have considered Richard Hatch one of the most annoying gay contestants on a reality series? Oh, our innocence! Survivor: One World's Colton Cumbie was a racist,
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Bryan Safi Talks "Throwing Shade," "Smash," and Penny Marshall's Predictable Hoarding Problem

Bryan Safi has entertained you in a bunch of seriously entertaining forums: He's played Marcus Bachmann in some unforgettable Funny Or Die videos, hosted the "That's Gay" segment on Current TV's much-missed infoMania, performs at L.A.'s Upright Citizens Brigade occasionally in "Entertainment Hollywood," and now he cohosts the uproariously funny podcast "Throwing Shade" with his infoMania costar Erin Gibson. He also won a Daytime Emmy as a staff writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is impressive if you worship award shows. Which I would never do.

We sat down with Safi (@bryansafi) to shoot the breeze about pop culture, his podcast, and the real-life benefits of reality TV. Also, he has a crush on Chris Matthews. Pass it on.

AfterElton: I love "Throwing Shade," and I hear you have another gig coming up.

Bryan Safi: I'm on a new show starting in April called "Popspot,
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Morning Meme: Damian McGinty's First "Glee" Appearance, Kellan Lutz Works Out, and Robert Downey Jr. Is "The Accidental Genius"

The tabloids think Anderson Cooper is stretching himself too thin, seeing him nap while waiting for jury duty. In my opinion, he's used to disaster zones where you catch what naps you can. Now I just need to know the magic words he used to get excused from jury duty.

In this list of the Top 50 Power Showrunners, I can't help but notice that there are several gay power players on the Drama list, like Alan Ball and Kevin Williamson, but the Comedy list looks very heterosexual. I wonder why?

I didn't watch The Glee Project, so I don't know a lot about Damian McGinty. But his first photo from the set looks like he's getting treated more like Kurt in the pilot than the glee club these days.

Suriname held their first "Coming Out Day" and Rod 2.0 has coverage, including some video from the event.

If you were wondering
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Why Scotty's Affair on "Brothers & Sisters" is Something to Cheer About

Scotty's a Cheater? Thanks, ABC! No, Seriously!

Gay fans of Brothers & Sisters are probably breathing a sigh of relief after the last two episodes of the ABC drama. Why? It’s not necessarily because beloved characters Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)and Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane) are probably going to avoid an adultery-spurred break-up.

It’s because the rift has finally giving Scotty something to do, and thereby made the characters much more complex and interesting. (Actually, the same could be said of their relationship.)

As Scotty said in last night’s episode, “I’m just as lost and damaged and screwed up as the rest of you. I’m not perfect Kevin, I’m not perfect!”

He might as well have been speaking for fans who’ve been dying for the duo to get past the network television trope of the perfect gay couple.

There have been enough gay characters
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