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10 alternate titles for 'Stonewall' based on its bizarre new poster

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10 alternate titles for 'Stonewall' based on its bizarre new poster
There's this Roland Emmerich movie "Stonewall" coming out about the riots at New York's Stonewall Inn in 1969 that paved the way for the Lgbt civil rights movement. We discussed earlier how the trailer's cloying feel seems disappointing. Now we have a poster to ogle. I'll be: It does not get better.   Now, now: I have not seen this film. I don't know how successfully it will defy our expectations and present an accurate picture of the uprising. But I did have to check multiple sources to make sure this poster wasn't a fraud. Look at it. Look at those ragtag, smiling kids. Is this a poster for a critical Lgbt moment or Six Flags? It's time to rename this movie. Here are the best ten options. 1. Step Up 4... Civil Rights 2. So You Think You Can Disturb the Peace 3. The Sandlot 3: We Play Ball Like a Girl 4. Xanadu 2:
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DVD Release: A Novel Romance

DVD Release Date: Jan . 31, 2011

Price: DVD $24.98

Studio: Entertainment One

Milena Govich (l.), Steve Guttenberg and Shannon Elizabeth star in A Novel Romance.

Romantic comedy star of yesteryear Steve Guttenberg (Three Men and a Baby) returns in the 2011 independent romantic comedy film A Novel Romance, co-starring Shannon Elizabeth (the American Pie series) and Milena Govich (TV’s Rescue Me).

Written and directed by Allie Dvorin (The Sandlot 3), A Novel Romance follows the lives of two strangers, an unemployed budding novelist Nate (Guttenberg) and Jenny (Govich), who meet and become unlikely roommates.

As they travel down similar, complicated-yet-separate life paths, they struggle with relationship heartaches, career troubles and surviving the death of a loved one. Eventually they realize that true love may just be the thing they need … and it’s waiting right in front of them.

The unrated movie also features Kelly Bishop, (TV’s Gilmore Girls), Jay O. Sanders
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A Good Ole Fashioned Family Western. With Glorious, Glorious Sideburns

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Not since the epic Tiffany and Debbie Gibson face off of about six months from now has there been a coming together of two giants quite like this.

I speak, of course, about the reunion of Luke Perry and Jason Priestly in the Hallmark Movie Channel film Goodnight for Justice. It's a Western, because they all are.

Somewhere, nine-year-old me is experiencing strange, unexplainable tickle sensations.

Jason Priestly is having a fairly successful-ish television directing career, which I'm sure informs his decision to not act in the movie and instead throw his dear old friend to the wolves of family-friendly entertainment. Perry isn't doing too terribly, really. A cursory scan of his IMDb page reveals he's been keeping quite busy. But I guess three cancelled hour-longs featuring him as a key lead, not to mention a starring role in The Sandlot 3 (that's just sad) have lead him to give
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Interview: The Perfect Game's William Dear And Jansen Panetierre said it before, but got to say it again, there.s an unbelievable parallel between The Perfect Game and the true story on which it.s based. Back in 1957, the Monterrey Industrials defied the odds and became the first non-American team to win the little league World Series. More recently, the cast and the crew of The Perfect Game defied all odds just to get the film to theaters. Clearly thrilled to see the film getting a theatrical release, director William Dear and star Jansen Panetierre, recalled the rough patches, but highlighted the good times. Most of Dear.s directorial work is for the small screen, however, he does have one particularly notable baseball feature film on his resume, Angels in the Outfield. He got a taste of working with younger ballplayers while filming The Sandlot 3. In The Perfect Game he.s presented with a
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Lindsay Lohan experiences some career pains

What, pray tell, has happened to Lindsay Lohan’s career? Now we all know what has happened to Lindsay Lohan’s life. Partying. Crashes. Arrests. Rehab. Lesbianism. Leggings. Etc. But the news that her new movie Labor Pains is going direct to television makes me seriously worry about La Lohan’s career trajectory.

Her faux pregnancy comedy Labor Pains (which also stars SNL’s Chris Parnell and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines) will debut on ABC Family in July. Wow, from the cinema to the channel that proudly premiered such never-heard-of-them sequels as The Sandlot: Heading Home and Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise. Here is a preview:

Now, of course, one direct-to-cable movie debacle does not automatically spell Tara Reid-levels of cinematic irrelevance. But then I watched Lindsay’s new ad campaign for the Italian clothing line Fornarina. Seriously, you’re going to want to sit down.
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