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Out of this world
kosmasp31 May 2015
A lot has been said and written about Interstellar. You can obviously take apart any movie that is out there. You'll either love this one or you won't. I kind of would have loved to have watched this on an IMAX screen, the sheer scope of the whole thing. It's just amazing, what Nolan has put on screen here. It's not only the visual experience (there is no 3D here by the way), it's the story/ride you take with it. It might be clear to some earlier than to others, where it's heading (no pun intended), but it doesn't change the fact that it's beautiful ... and terrifying at the same time.

Going out and saying this will be considered a classic, might not be too far stretched, but you still can never predict those things. The deserved love the movie gets on IMDb and other places would be an indicator that this will ring true though. The acting is really good, but I can understand if some people have issues with the ending. But the movie had to end in one way or another. It's the best possible way this could go, even if it's not in our grasps just yet ...
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A visual and auditory marvel
Jared_Andrews13 April 2016
Interstellar is a movie like no other. Unlike many apocalyptic sci-fi films that feature advanced technology as the source of our destruction (ala The Terminator movies), it instead asserts that technology will save us.

Not everyone in Interstellar recognizes the potential of advanced technology. Most dismiss it as a waste of time and resources, and not just old curmudgeons feel this way. Thoughtful, intelligent young characters share this sentiment. This belief gained steam following a world-wide blight that wiped out the vast majority of life on earth—crops and humans.

Farming became paramount while advanced technology was deemed frivolous. Cooper (McConaughey) remains one of the few survivors who still appreciates the need for engineering. He feels like a man lost in time, until he stumbles into the headquarters of NASA (which had been operating in secret due to public disapproval). Here he meets others who realize that a return to our old ways is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to our demise. We need technology to save us. As Michael Caine, playing the brilliant (duh!) Professor Brand, eloquently tells Cooper, "we were never meant to save the world. We were meant to leave it." For a movie that won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects (and deservedly so) the sound stole the show. Hans Zimmer (Dark Knight Trilogy) unleashed a performance that was, quite appropriately, out of this world. Never have I seen a movie elevated so much by its score. The sound literally took my breath away. Forgive me for the next paragraph. I will gush irresponsibly about the magic that is this movie's sound. Skip it if you please. You have your warning.

The music fueled every important scene. In every meaningful moment Zimmer's harmonies captivated watchers' attention in the way of a coach commanding a locker room with a pregame speech. The music elucidated those emotional scenes, particularly ones featuring Cooper and his daughter, in a way that no words or visual ques possibly could. I sat frozen, jaw agape, with tears pouring down my cheeks as the music completely overwhelmed my emotions. The sound penetrated my soul and reverberated through my body, flowing to my appendages, supplying me with life like a heartbeat pumping blood through my veins. The music was truly the life force of movie.

Yes, we all witnessed a visual triumph, a daring creative wonder the likes of which we haven't encountered since Inception. Yes, nearly every actor's performance proved worthy of commendation. McConaughey is on fire. Chastain is blossoming into a star. At this point Michael Cain exudes such knowledge and wisdom by merely appearing on screen that if he were cast as Albert Einstein, people would wonder if the role were beneath him. All this considered, and the sound still towered over everything.

I walked out of the theater believing that I had experienced something unique, something truly special. Interstellar inspires, it awes, and above all it entertains. I cannot ask for more than that.
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I waited 5 years to watch it again
Ksa-201026 June 2019
After watching this insane movie in the theatres back in 2014 I swore to god I will wait 5 years to watch it again so I get to forget it and experince the insanity it has again This without doubt is THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE
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e-jackson19858 May 2022
Amongst the best movies of all time. The story, the acting, the script, the cinematography, the effects, the sound and the production as a whole is all absolute 10/10's.

But what beats all of that is Hans Zimmers compositions. How he continues to churn out perfection to the senses is mindblowing.
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Excellent Movie
frank-ancestor-hunter6 April 2015
I judge a movie by how long it takes me to realize I need the bathroom, how long the movie can hold my interest and how convincing the events unfolding are. Well, I watched this movie all the way through with no bathroom breaks. My interest was grabbed from the start and held all the way through. Being old enough, and lucky enough to have watched the premiere of 2001 A Space Odyssey - and viewed it several times since - of course I made comparisons, and there were a few, but this movie tells an excellent stand alone story that is both riveting and believable. I'm not going to give away any secrets but anyone who watches the last five minutes or so without a lump in their throat and a tear in their eye, well you're a critic, you're not enjoying the movie because you're too busy looking for bloopers and faults. Were there bloopers and faults? The darn movie was so riveting if there were any I didn't notice them!
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Absolutely Brilliant
gavin694225 January 2015
A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival.

Going into this I had mixed feelings because some have praised it, others have panned it, and some say it is good with reservations. There were allegedly issues with he sound in theaters, and any number of other issues. Then, when we get to the Oscars, the film gets nominations in the technical fields but not in the top honors.

This was wrong. Maybe this is not the best role from Matthew McConaughey or Anne Hathaway. Though, the fact that a "Hathaway hater" like myself enjoyed it should say something. And I think Jessica Chastain should have received a Best Supporting nomination. She easily outshines Laura Dern in "Wild".

This may be the greatest ever film about physics.
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aheaven200525 June 2022
A science-fiction masterpiece. Nolan executes a marvelous direction that slowly but efficiently puts in place a dark world creating a necessity to save humanity. Add to that great performances from Nolan and Hathaway plus a great score from Hans Zimmer. The result is on the best science-fiction movies of all time.
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I would rate 11/10
mysteryvoiceman24 June 2018
I hadn't seen this but movie and caught it on a flight back from the DR. One of my favorite movies of all time. I would give the first half of the movie an 11/10, just completely enjoyed it as a sci fi/ thriller(in the sense of so much always being on the line). I loved the acting and just yeah, a great movie and one you should go see if you never have
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7 years later
ravesch-8377029 October 2021
Sometimes I just need to see the start. Or end. Or a trailer. Or the music and theme from Hans Zimmer. Or the whole movie. Just to feel that thing, I only get from this movie. That the earth, space and time are something special, mystical. I never forget the first time I saw this movie, in an IMAX theatre in 2014. I was struck by it. Totally got me. And it stil does, 7 years later. This is the best movie ever made for me. Because of the feeling it gives me, no other movie can. So hard to get all of this emotion in only one movie. Brilliant.
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A Visually Monumental And Thoughtful Sci-Fi Epic
CalRhys8 November 2014
I was extremely lucky to get the chance to see this film upon its first day release, before entering the cinema, my expectations were already high, after all, this was a film from the cinematic genius who brought us the likes of 'Inception' and 'The Dark Knight', to summarise the following review in a single sentence: I left the cinema in extreme awe from the visual masterpiece I had just viewed. A film that explores the psychological and emotional state of a man whose life revolves around his family, 'Interstellar' is a thrilling and thought-provoking film that boasts an intellectual story masterfully written by the Nolan brothers. Whilst there seems to have been influence from films like '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Apollo 13', 'Interstellar' is unique in its own way. Whilst the subject may be hard to comprehend at times, it can't be denied how visually monumental and thoughtful Christopher Nolan's epic science fiction masterpiece is, and can easily be named the best film of this year and possibly one of the greatest science fiction films to have ever graced the screen. A sheer brilliant feat of cinema.
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An Emotional, Beautiful Journey into the Unknown
slayerjmk953 November 2014
(This is both a review of the film, and an assertion of Christopher Nolan's filmmaking style)

There have been many reviewers and critics alike that have high praise for the film (the visual effects, the acting, the music), but say how it's not Christopher Nolan's best directed film. This is where i personally would have to disagree. Before i get into it, though, i'll talk about Interstellar a bit.

Interstellar is truly a sci-fi epic like no other. To compare said film to '2001: A Space Odyssey' isn't just a disservice, but unnecessary. The films are almost nothing alike, simply sharing small plot elements. Also, Stanley Kubrick's vision of Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi epic wasn't to ponder the philosophical questions that accompanied the story, but to make art, and art is was, and is. With Interstellar, Mr. Nolan set out to make his most personal and emotional film to date about love and time (time being a recurring theme throughout all of Nolan's films). But it's so much more than that too. There are no words to express the epic journey Nolan takes us on in the film, but needless to say, it's tear-jerking and emotional throughout. The acting is top-notch, especially McConaughey, who gives (I would say) his most emotional performance yet. But the actor who stole the show in a few scenes (one in particular, when they're on an alien planet) was David Gyasi as Romilly, one of the astronauts aboard the Endurance, their spacecraft. The musical score from Hans Zimmer is, without a doubt, his best and most influential work to date, helping drive the film's bold and breath-taking vision (the church organ helped significantly). The visual effects are easily the best to date as well, and of the year. To see a black hole created through visual effects in such a way, with pages theoretical equations provided by Kip Thorne (theoretical physicist, of whom's work inspired the film's genesis); what you see in the film is the most realistic depiction of a black hole, and even offered new insight to accretion discs surrounding the anomalies. But even everything else, from the alien planets to the Endurance, the visuals always look real. Then, there's the writing. I would definitely have to say this has some of the best dialogue i've ever heard in a sci-fi movie, and the script continually pours or oozes emotion, keeping the audience tethered to the film.

Now, about Mr. Nolan. Don't just look at Nolan, but look at his films. Some say Inception would be his masterpiece, while others would say it's The Dark Knight, or Memento. But honestly, every single film Christopher Nolan has directed is a masterpiece not of its genre, but of Nolan. Following is his quiet masterpiece, not the film that put Mr. Nolan on the map as a phenomenal director, but one people visited or revisited after becoming accustomed to Nolan, after seeing Memento, what could be called his breakout masterpiece. Then, right after, he directed the remake of the Norwegian thriller, Insomnia. This, too, could be considered a masterpiece, even if a remake. Then, we were given his take on the Batman universe, starting with Batman Begins, the origin masterpiece. Then, there's The Prestige, adapted from the novel of the same name, which can be called his dark masterpiece. The Dark Knight, his bold masterpiece; Inception, his complex masterpiece, and The Dark Knight Rises, his flawed masterpiece. Now, we have Interstellar, his emotional or personal masterpiece.

This is just my looking at Nolan and his films, but whatever your thoughts are, you can't deny Interstellar is one hell of a journey. He certainly is one of the best filmmakers of our time, and of all time. I can't wait to see what he does next, but i'm not sure it will be as emotionally powerful as Interstellar.
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Fascinating Film
Rainey-Dawn15 November 2020
The earth is plagued with droughts, famines and other apocalyptic disasters. Mankind must find a way to leave planet earth once and for all. An earth-like planet has been discovered in another solar system. A spaceship can travel fast through a wormhole though interstellar space but can Cooper get there and return to earth in time to see his daughter before she grows too old?

The Aging of Murph vs her father Cooper the answer is relativity playing a factor in aging - how fast time runs depend on the relative position of the observer and the subject.

Incredible movie - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Interstellar : An open-hearted & mastered Human Odyssey
tardieu-felix1 November 2014
The film begins by establishing at his own rhythm its ambitions: men overexploited land resources, which is why the only goal they have left is to survive. This life is not enough for Cooper, brilliantly played by McConaughey who gave body and soul to this character. But all of this wouldn't hold without the total control of Christopher Nolan, based on the languishing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, the luminous and impenetrable photography of Hoyte Van Hoytema, and the sincerity of Nolan's directing. He manages to film the characters and to find the right cut at the right time, always in harmony with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack, to give the film an aspiring and inspiring dimension that went missing for many many years. Thus we are transported into the same cockpit that Cooper, we feel the same remorse that he can already feel, we feel the same gravity, and we feel the same fear of the unknown melted with the force of his will. All of this is brilliantly illustrated in a very simple directing choice, which from my point of view is the decisive impetus of the film: to directly jump from when Cooper leaves in his truck, leaving his family behind him, to Endurance taking off. This simple editing decision allows Nolan to give an original movement to his film, and the musical crescendo makes us physically feel the sentimental break between two parts of the film.

You don't necessarily have to understand it immediately : The film will raise questions in you, such as : what is it to be a human being, is there some physical limitations to our humanity, how far could we be willing to go to determine knowledge, is there other dimensions that we can not access to, and above all: what is the nature of this intact and immutable bond that unites us to others wherever we are in the universe ? Is this bond only intelligible, or is it also tangible ? All these questions resonate in harmony in Nolan's Interstellar.

Interstellar is itself a crescendo, increasing sensitivity and creativity. I use the term deliberately because it goes crescendo with the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, which is one of the most beautiful music ever scored for a sci-fi movie. We are witnessing a perfect musical arrangement, a total symbiosis, a bit like the music of Gravity which had understood very well how to match the image and the rhythm of a sequence to its own musicality. Zimmer's crescendos are giving a new powerful breath to every new scene, whether it is in visually powerful & intense moments or in more intimate moments; it intrudes into our momentary feelings and sensations, and manages to extend them, sometimes almost to choking, before resting on the balance of the film frame along with our mind spell-bounded.

I have seen all the talent of the director that I knew he was outside the norm, but whom I did not know his capacity to reinvent itself. Because this is it: Interstellar is not an action movie, not really a blockbuster, and it goes not entirely but mostly again the expectations of common people. It's much more than that. This is much more than just a sci-fi movie. It is unlike any of his previous films. Some hoped to see Interstellar as Christopher Nolan's best film, and they were disappointed that this was not the case. And indeed, THIS IS NOT THE BEST FILM of Christopher Nolan. Because in a way, IT IS HIS FIRST FILM. I'm not saying that Interstellar is not as good as his other films, it goes beyond all of them. But to me Interstellar is the first film of a new stage in Nolan's filmography ; it is a masterpiece as it the beginning of a work ahead. Interstellar is the proof that Nolan has finally managed, despite all the expectations that were placed on him after the success of The Dark Knight, to move away from his own reputation to create a personal work, original, humble, sincere and deeply, meticulously, measured.

Now, in this third act of the film, it all comes to life with unparalleled strength. Nolan poses and answers questions that raise others. But he focuses his attention on the great mystery of love, that emotional bond that can unite men and sometimes separate them. But Nolan is the only one that can successfully speak of love from a being to another in a film that mainly takes place in a another galaxy. From my point of view, only Solaris by Steven Soderbergh (2002), unfortunately neglected by the audience, was able to accomplish that. Interstellar is based on a premise which is the following : from terrestrial dust to the depths of space and time, we can never be separated from who we are as individuals and as a species, as we always leave a part of ourselves "behind" us. In other words, I could say that this is a human story, and even if we go as far as we want to, if we travel through the universe believing that we can be detached of the one we are fond of, we will only get closer to them. Because the separation, and thus the distance and time, can only ultimately reinforce the relationship between the people who really love each other. Because it is going to the end of the world, when we reach the end of ourselves, that we reach the singularity of the "black hole beyond the horizon" * : it is our humanity. No, I wasn't been able to find any bad flaws in the film. Not one, and I'm still looking. After all, Interstellar is like gravity, "all it takes is a little push ! "

*you'll have to see the movie to figure that one out.

Félix Tardieu, November 1st, 2014
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Possibly the best movie of all time
theoledoux6 April 2021
I think just about everything has been said about this film now. But, I can still tell you what this masterpiece is to me. To me, this movie is possibly the most relevant movie ever, because it questions our own humanity relative to the Universe. Whether that's our ability to love, think, or persevere and walk into the unknown. We are explorers, and curious at heart. This untameable curiosity is not our end, but our beginning. It is what advanced this civilization and it will continue to do so. So never, never let anybody tell you that we shouldn't look towards the stars and wonder, because that's what makes us human. Without this stargazing we are merely animals, accepting our fate in the dust...
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I've never seen a movie so good in a long time
bomberh-861286 July 2022
This movie is no doubt the best I've ever scene this movie gives you everything emotions,love,hype,excitement,etc.. In my opinion this is the best movie made by Christopher nolan. The ending is so good that I had to watch it twice I loved this movie so much and tbh I don't think any movie will Top this one for me .
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Interstellar is quite an intriguing space movie requiring some attention to the narrative
tavm1 December 2014
Just watched this on IMAX with my movie theatre-working friend who had seen this before. It has Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway going to space and seeking possible livable planets for places to move the earth people when that planet becomes uninhabitable. Christopher Nolan directs quite a long but mostly intriguing tale of how long this journey lasts and the effect on McConaughey's offspring when they grow up without having him around during those times. I have to admit that part of me was ready to sleep during some scenes but something exciting does always come up and it gets a little better as the narrative keeps on going. So on that note, Interstellar is very much worth seeing if you're patient enough to watch quite a long movie requiring you to think.
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Best movie I have seen in my life
Patterson138 April 2015
This movie was the best written, acted, visual effected, etc. movie. This movie was the best movie I have ever seen. I am a huge Christopher Nolan fan and this movie was his finest. Matthew McConaughey turned in his best performance of his lifetime. Anne Hathaway was an amazing supporting actress and compared to her performance in Les Miserables, I have no idea how she didn't get an Oscar for this. The visual effects were more than just Oscar worthy. They were pioneering. I have never seen anything like it. One thing I would recommend is having a little previous knowledge about space. Not like Einstein stuff though. I would recommend you see this movie as fast as you can if you are a Nolan fan or not. I give this movie a rating of 97 out of 100.
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Stunning sci-fi !
deloudelouvain19 April 2015
Well to me this was one of the better science-fiction movies that I ever saw. It's been a long time since I didn't see a sci-fi like this one. It's extremely long but you won't get bored for a second. And that says enough about it. All the actors gave us a very good performance and some shots were stunning. The story was very well written even though sometimes too complicated to understand but then again who are we to understand anything about the unknown dimensions, black holes or wormholes. You have got to stay concentrated during the whole movie to understand the story but like I said before with Interstellar it is certainly not a problem at all. I was completely absorbed by the story and was actually surprised that time flew by so easily. One of the better movies I watched this year and certainly the best sci-fi in years.
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Glad i didn't watch the trailer
christopher-stiedl14 December 2015
Interstellar - Review

Certain things in life are precious. Very precious. And so was the Film for me.

Why you might ask?

Well seldom do i get the chance where i find myself sitting in a cinema anxious and intrigued by what might come. In a time where trailers are omnipresent and going to the movies without having seen one seems unreasonable, outright stupid to some i had the magical chance to find myself in front of the IMAX on a cold November night with 2 tickets to Interstellar. My only knowledge was that Nolan directed it and McConaughey stars in it.

The images were brilliant the acting was top notch and everything was blended together by Hans Zimmer and his Music. 169 minutes flew by me with my eyes fixed on the screen and my heart racing. And there it was.. The ending. I couldn't believe it . I was reliving, rethinking the movie while the credit scenes rolled enjoying the moment, the smell of popcorn, my comfortable seat and what do i see next to me? Ninety percent of the people in the cinema rushing outside after the first second of the credit scenes.



Well apparently people enjoy movies different than i do. Maybe i should start watching trailers again :).
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Going brilliantly (but very LOUDLY) into the dark
bob-the-movie-man12 November 2014
Wowser! This Christopher Nolan film was presaged with such marketing hype that I went in with pretty low and cynical expectations. But I was frankly blown away with it.

Just about everyone raves about Christopher Nolan's work, and you look back at his Filmography and it makes for a pretty impressive resume: from Memento via the (rather over-hyped imho) Dark Knight Batman series-reboot through to Inception, one of my favourite films of all time. For me, Interstellar is right up there with Inception for thought-provoking, visually spectacular and truly epic cinema.

We start in familiar 'Day after Tomorrow" territory, with mankind having in some way – not entirely explained – messed up the planet. As I understood it (and the film probably does require multiple watches with – see comments below – subtitles=on) the rather clever premise is that the world's food supplies are being progressively destroyed by a vindictive 'blight'. This delivers the double whammy of destroying mankind's provisions but also, by massive reproduction of the organism, progressively depleting the Earth's oxygen. For some reason – again, which I didn't get on first viewing – this is accompanied by massive dust storms. It is a morbid bet as to what is going to get the mid-West population first: starvation, lung disease or suffocation. Matthew McConnaughey plays the widowed Cooper, an ex-NASA drop out turned farmer given the opportunity by mission-leader Professor Brand (an excellent Michael Caine) to pilot a NASA mission. The goal is to punch through a mysterious wormhole in space where they suspect, through previous work, that a new home for mankind could be found.

The first part of the film is set on and around Cooper's farm, setting in place one of the emotional wrenches at the heart of the film: that Cooper in volunteering for the mission and having to leave behind his elderly father (John Lithgow, again superb) and young children Murph (aged 10) and Tom (aged 15) whilst recognising that danger for him comes not just from the inherent risks involved but from the theory of relativity that could change everything, time-wise, for when he returns.

Cooper is supported on the mission by a team of scientists including Brand's daughter played by a love-struck Anne Hathaway, who again shows she can act.

To say any more would spoil what is a voyage of visual and mental discovery. (However, I would add that it is good to see that the character that plays my namesake Dr Mann (in a surprise cameo) is equally good looking! LOL).

In terms of plus points, where do I start? The visuals are utterly stunning. Whilst reminiscent in places of Kubrick's "stargate" from 2001, the similarity is only passing. The film adds a majesty and scale to space that surpasses wonder. Elsewhere there are some interesting visual effects: this might have just been me of course, but after the dramatic launch there was something about the camera moves during the first scenes of weightlessness that made me feel genuinely nauseous.

Equally stunning is Hans Zimmer's score which is epic and (in places) very VERY loud. The film certainly doesn't "go quietly into the night"! When matching the noise of the score/choir to the sound effects in the launch sequence the combination is ear-bleedingly effective. This must be a strong contender for the soundtrack Oscar for 2014. One quibble, again 2001 related, is that Zimmer uses the last chord of Also Sprach Zarathustra in the score sufficiently often that one hopes Richard Strauss's estate receives some royalties! The acting is top notch: I've already mentioned Caine and Lithgow, but McConnaughey, Hathaway and Jessica Chastain are all great. A particular shout-out should go to Mackenzie Foy as the young Murph, who is magnetically charismatic and just brilliant in the role.

Above all, Nolan's direction is exquisite. The film has a slow build on earth (which adds to the lengthy running time) but defines the characters and primes the plot perfectly. And some of the editing cuts – again, Cooper's farm departure/launch sequence overlay is a great example – are superb in building the mood and the tension.

I've decided that I am an extremely tough reviewer and for me a 10 star film is a rarity indeed. Where I could have knocked off a star was in some of the dialogue on the soundtrack, which was pretty inaudible in places: McConnaughey in particular with his general mumbling and strong southern accent is indecipherable in places. I look forward to the DVD subtitles. And one of the character's dying words – delivering a key plot point in the film – was completely lost to me (but thankfully later restated). Whilst the expansive plot is highly ambitious, the end of the film, playing fast and loose with physics I fear, requires a gravity-defying suspension of belief (although I guess the same could equally be said of 2001: A Space Odyssey).

However, the film has stayed so firmly lodged in my mind for 24 hours I will make a rare exception to my rating 'rule'. Overall, this is a top-notch Sci-Fi film. And a final word: PEOPLE… THIS IS A MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN! (If you enjoyed this review, please see my archive of previous reviews at and sign up for future notifications. Thanks).
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An space-epic sweeping in scale yet intimate in scope.
Pjtaylor-96-13804412 May 2018
'Interstellar (2014)' is a space-epic that feels remarkably intimate and emotionally resonant while also being sweeping in scope and visually stunning. The mixture of earthy textures and sleek sci-fi aesthetics makes for an interesting visual juxtaposition between the two sets of characters. While its third act does get a little existential and abstract, the narrative reasoning behind it and scientific integrity leading up to it allows for constant believability. This film never fails to have an impact on me, it is truly breathtaking work. In fact, it is one of my favourite pictures of all time. 10/10
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MrDHWong5 November 2015
Interstellar is a science fiction film co-written and directed by Christopher Nolan (Inception, Batman: The Dark Knight etc.) and starring Matthew McConaughey. I found it absolutely amazing, rarely do I use a word like 'spellbinding' to describe a movie but I really do feel like Interstellar is well worthy of it. Matthew McConaughey was excellent as well. He really shows the great emotional range he has as an actor.

The story is about a group of explorers, led by former pilot and engineer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who embark on a journey through a newly discovered wormhole near the planet Saturn. Their main mission is to save humanity from extinction by an environmentally devastated Earth.

The film was not only beautiful to look at, but it was very well written too. However, like with Inception, you REALLY need to pay attention to pretty much everything that happens to fully understand what is going on. It's difficult for me to go into too much detail without giving away important plot points so you'll just have to see for yourself.

I rate it a very high 9.5/10 and I highly recommend it to any fan of Christopher Nolan and anyone who enjoys intelligent science fiction. I personally consider it one of the best and most thought provoking science fiction films I've ever seen.
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The best of all Time
evolvingh28 August 2020
There is not even a single day I don't think of this movie, it's scenes , it has a profound impact on me and it shall remain with me forever.
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Emotionally captivating and intellectually challenging
Gordon-116 November 2014
This film tells the story of an ex-pilot in a world full of dust storms. He is chosen to travel to the uncharted parts of the space in search for a new habitable planet.

"Interstellar" is a long film, and the first two hours of it does not seem like a typical Christopher Nolan film. Most of the scenes are (literally) down to Earth, with no fancy visual effects. It spends much time building up the story, telling the story of a father and his daughter who sees 'ghost' in her bedroom. Through this ghost, one thing led to another, and the man is in space. When the film is not down on Earth, it looks more like a disaster film. The first adventure is a spectacular feat involving water. It also introduces the physics of relativity, on how time slows down in another world, leading to a misguided decision of the astronauts in retrospect. This sets the foundation for future plot involving more relativity.

As the film progresses, there is more adventure, both in the form of adrenaline pumping adventure and humanity and integrity testing conditions. Matt Damon's character forms a central subplot that makes me reflect on what lengths would people go in order to achieve a certain goal. It reflects on the reality that people are driven by egocentric instincts. It is not a pretty truth, but it tells that human are not idealistic creatures.

The final half an hour is what a typical Christopher Nolan film is like. It makes me hold my breath because it is so intense, both emotionally and cognitively. The ending gives me inexplicable exhilaration. Things come to a full circle, and it is filled with joy.

It is not a film for everyone, as the story is long and takes a lot of time to build. Two people walked out of the cinema an hour into the film, and someone sitting behind me remarked after the film ended that he opined it was the most boring Christopher Nolan film ever. For me, I enjoyed "Interstellar" thoroughly, because it is emotionally captivating and intellectually challenging.
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One of the best fantasy dramas ever made.
paulclaassen15 December 2021
The film's logline sounds so simple, yet this is the type of movie one can ponder over and analyze for hours. Earth - and Humanity - is reaching a stage when resources are depleted, and the ozone layer is damaged. With technology rapidly advancing the way it does, they might indeed start looking for alternatives to Earth. 'Interstellar' explores this to perfection.

Matthew McConaughey stars as Cooper, a farmer who is also a trained NASA pilot and engineer. Without realizing it, he has been trained for the biggest mission of his life - and humanity's. His character is well set-up as a caring, loving father - a man on the verge of making the greatest decision he could ever make. 'Interstellar' is a deeply emotional film spanning several years, and will have yourself ask what you would have done under similar circumstances.

The film features some stunning visuals, and a great score. It also offers great character development. Despite the film running almost three hours long, it is never boring and captivated me from beginning to end. This is completely and utterly fascinating, and food for thought.

The ending will leave you with a lot of questions, but definitely worth sitting through. This is a masterpiece I'd watch again and again.
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