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Will NOT Disappoint Fans Of The Series!
Skibz77724 July 2006
The Skibz has always been a major fan of 'Teen Titans' (mainly the series; I've never even read the old 60's DC series, but maybe because I'm just a young punk); he's seen all the episodes, read all the 'Teen Titans Go!' comics, collects a couple of little figures (purely for decorative purposes to impress the nonexistent ladies that visit his "pad")...even to the point of writing fanfic. The point *is* is that he's a fan.

After five awesome seasons, 'Teen Titans' has been cancelled, and since it never really received a proper series finale, what better time than to make full-length movie, even if said movie does take place between seasons four and five? Needless to say, the Skibz had his doubts. But, despite what he believed, he lined up 90 minutes early on July 22nd in order to see the world premiere of 'Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo', with about 2,500 other rabid fans. After a brief introduction by Glen Murakami, David Slack, and the obviously stoned Greg Cipes, the film began.


Yes, 'Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo' meets every expectation that one would have towards an awesome 'Teen Titans' movie. The Skibz shall now review it.

The plot...the plot is thus: A mysterious, seemingly indestructible superninja called PsychoTech attacks the Titans's city, bombing the hell out of everything, including Titans Tower. Having captured him, the gang learns that it is, in fact, a *Japanese* ninja (who'd-a thunkit?), who confesses that he was sent by a figure known as 'Brushogun', right before he vanishes into thin air. The Titans decide to take matters into their own hands and take a trip to Tokyo and find this 'Brushogun', much to the dismay of Beast Boy and Cyborg, who wish the trip to be nothing more than a much-needed vacation. Upon arriving, they are met by a shady detective (I don't remember his name) and his army of supercops, who informs the team that 'Brushogun' is nothing more than an urban legend, and that they are better off just going back home. But the Titans are not to be brushed off that easily, so they go their separate ways to find out more about the mysterious villain known as 'Brushogun'; a quest that just might cost them their lives. But who cares about that? The *real* plot of this movie is the relationship between Robin and Starfire, and what exactly is to become of said relationship. I'm not going to give a definitive answer, because The Skibz ain't no stoolie, but I will definitely state that the immortal question 'Will Robin and Starfire ever get together' is finally answered.

Anyhoo, this film is more than just a longer version of an episode. The plot is much more complex and thematic than you would find on television. The art is beautiful; the Tokyo backdrops are particularly pretty. Um...what else? Well, it's just simply pure 'Teen Titans'; a perfect ending to an amazing show. The movie is not without it's flaws, however. The first half-hour is particularly heavy with the comedy and the wacky animation, it puts off the actual plot for too long (however, it also happens to have some of the funniest moments the show's ever had; for instance, Starfire striking a 'Sailor Moon' pose, Beast Boy singing a badly translated karaoke version of the theme song, and "Super Twinkle Donkey Gum"). Another flaw, although I don't think anyone would mind, is that parts of it are really predictable; you know who the bad guy is from the first couple minutes, but it didn't really distract me or take me out of the movie. A strong point of 'Teen Titans' has always been the characters and their development. In 'Trouble In Tokyo', Robin and Starfire are really the only touched upon and the only ones to show any emotion. Cyborg and Beast Boy are really only there for comic relief, and Raven probably has the least amount of screen time, but I'm trying not to complain...it was a very entertaining movie. And I have two personal problems: one, doesn't anybody find it really creepy that Beast Boy tries to have relationships with *human* women? I just think...ew. And two, what else am I going to watch now that 'T.T.' is off the air? The new season of 'The Batman' looks promising...

I have to keep this review short, so I'll sum it all up in a quote a guy who sat behind me said: "Dude, this is f***ing brilliant". This is a magnificent addition to the 'Teen Titans' franchise, and will definitely not disappoint fans of the series.
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Awesome way to end the series!
Primate8417 September 2006
Although I missed the first five minutes or so of "Trouble in Tokyo" because I was out getting myself some dinner, I greatly loved it! Right from the beginning, when you see each of the Titans packing (It was especially funny to see the ways that Cyborg and Starfire packed), the movie kept me entertained all the way to the ending. I'll now list what I liked and disliked about it, starting with what I disliked (That way, I'll save the good stuff for last):

1. They could have done a good deal more with Raven. 2. The sudden twist at the film's climax (Don't worry, I'm not giving anything away) was, I thought, rather predictable. I could see it coming.

Now, the stuff that I did like:

1. Very, very funny! I especially liked Cyborg pigging out at that restaurant (Let's just say he looked like he'd make a good contestant on "Fear Factor"), Starfire at the arcade playing a game which looked like a bizarre combination of "Dance Dance Revolution," "Guitar Hero," and Whack- A- Mole, and of course, Beast Boy singing karaoke. I was kept laughing all throughout the film, which I'm sure was their intention. 2. Many of the fight scenes were very well- done, particularly the final one, which was really intense, and might even be too spooky for younger viewers. 3. Great character development for Robin and Starfire. 4. Very good voice acting, as usual. I'd have to salute Hynden Walch for her job as the voice of Starfire, as in this movie, she's able to display a vast range of emotions and does so in a very believable manner.

All in all, "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo" was a great film, a great addition (And conclusion) to the series, and a definite must- have for my DVD collection, whenever it comes out.
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Couldn't pick a better ending to the series!
musichead-21 October 2006
The Titans are back, and this time they're headed to Tokyo on the trail of a villain called Brushogun. *Beast Boy- VACATION WHOOO! Robin- WE'RE NOT ON VACATION! Heroes don't take vacations, you nOOb!* But after discovering that Brushogun turns out to be a myth it turns into a vacation anyway. Beast Boy runs off after a cute Japanese school girl, Cyborg goes to the All-You-Can-Eat buffet, Raven wanders off to find something to read, and Robin and Starfire go off and do stuff. Alls well until they're attacked by Brushogun's henchmen (each resembling a character from another show, like Kaonashi from Spirited Away and AstroBoy) and Robin ends up in jail! *gasp* Well that's what he gets for going overboard. Anyway, so now he's a fugitive and he has to steal this guy's clothes for a disguise (and might I add he looks VERY hot in this new getup :D) and off he goes to seek out information about Brushogun. After a very exciting motorcycle chase, a close shave with the Tokyo Troopers, and a romantic moment with Starfire, Robin meets up with his friends to track down Brushogun and take him out!

I was overjoyed that this movie finally answered the number one question that I wanted it to: "Will Starfire and Robin ever get together?" The answer: WATCH THE MOVIE AND SEE! :) Apart from that, the music score was awesome and I loved the beginning credits when they're packing and when they're flying to Tokyo (Aqualad appears briefly! ^-^) Some fans may not appreciate it because of some of the weaker aspects, but if you overlook those you've got a great movie. I laughed through most of it, especially at the parts where the characters turn chibi :) Packed with action, adventure, humor, and romance all set in the beautiful and colorful city of Tokyo, Japan, this movie is almost certain to please any die-hard Teen Titans fan. 10/10 TEEN TITANS, GO!
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A good movie to follow up the good show
IMDbUser100227 November 2016
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo takes the Teen Titans into their first movie, with a new and challenging villain, and based in the world famous Japanese city of Tokyo, this movie is a very well designed movie for Teen Titans. Although since the shows final episode left us on a cliffhanger, this movie does not resolve the plot in the TV show that it should have. The movie is also designed to be a finale for the show, taking on-going plots from the show and resolving them (Robin & Starfire), but not finishing the cliffhanger many fans would have wanted it to. Despite the movie being a follow-up of the show, the movie in general has a good story to it. After Slade, Brotherblood, Trigon, and The Brain, the Teen Titans are opposing a new and equally evil villain in this movie. I also think the Teen Titans fit into Tokyo very well, with the shows anime-ish style/animation. I give this movie 7.5/10
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Just as good as the series
TheLittleSongbird12 September 2012
I am a big fan of Teen Titans as a series, and I generally love the DC animated movies. So really it was a perfect combination. Apart from the ending being the predictable side, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is great. The animation is full of colour, a good mix of atmospheric and vibrant, and fluidity, and the music is lively, always memorable and sometimes haunting. The writing is snappy, funny and smart, with some intelligent intensity also when needed, and the story is peppered with amusing moments like Beastboy singing karaoke and exciting action sequences as well as a sense of conflict. The main characters are likable, and the villain is a very convincing antagonist. The voice work is strong and done with gusto. In conclusion, a great movie, just as good as the series and perfect to go with it too. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Fun for T.T. and anime fans alike!
wjbrocker19 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
What a fun movie! As a fan of the Titans series since it first came on the air, it was great to see the gang get their own full-length movie. Since other reviewers will write about the plot, with spoilers included, I won't go into that here. Instead, I want to give props to WB for continuing the anime flavor that has pervaded this American series. For instance: 1. Starfire's demonic enemy looked a lot like an evil version of Astro Boy. 2. The motorcycle Robin stole from the crook's club looked similar to Kaneda's bike from "Akira", and the sideways skid at the police blockade was taken right from the movie. 3. The commander of the Tokyo Troopers was dressed exactly like Inspector Zenegada from the Lupin III series.(Dark suit, with brown trench coat & fedora)

Did you also notice that at the karaoke club, one of girls in the audience was a Ganguro girl? You also see her face twice in the crowd shots. If you know what a Ganguro girl is, you will have no trouble finding her & freeze-framing the shot. Extra props to WB for showcasing this outrageous fashion sub-culture in Tokyo. If I hadn't learned about it in other anime info web sites, I wouldn't have appreciated it in the film.

It would have been nice to show subtitles during some of the Japanese dialog (what did the cat girl say to Beast Boy?), but that is a minor complaint.

All in all, a fun time to be had by all. For all the serious reviewers out there who want to knit-pick about small details, just shut up and enjoy yourselves! Bye for now!
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Ending the series with a bang, worth the wait.
staticsaber16 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't consider the last episode of the series the best way to end it, though even though this movie has nothing to with the last season it really is a treat for fans, comic fans and newcomers to the series alike.

After an attack on there town and Tower by a new villain named Psychotech with the power to regenerate himself, the Titans only lead is the criminals talk of a man known as Brushogun and then shortly he vanishes. Next stop, Tokyo. There the Titans meet a detective with an elite force who's capable of capturing the worst criminals who laughs at Robin's question of Brushogun saying he's just myth and tells them to leave the criminals to the adults. Robin however ignores him and looks more into it and during a fight with the same criminal from back at home and after a long struggle, winds up charged for murder. Now, certain that Brushogun is more than just made up, Robin and the others must get to the bottom of this mystery, clear their names, and deal with some new fighters with powers similar to Psychotech. And Beast Boy thought this would be a vacation....

The story, though not as dark as that of Batman vs Dracula, is still one of the darker plots in the Teen Titan series. Though the humor is no different from the series (Beastboy singing karaoke anyone? And the Teen Titans theme no less!). The villains I must say are rather unique and clever. I won't say anything about their powers (exept the regeneration thing) but its interesting.

If I had to have a complaint, it would have to be the ending was rather predictable in some points and the fact when the Titans are wanted only Robin goes under cover (I was expecting to see the Titans out of uniform for once, though at least there was Robin). Though those complaints are not worth knocking down the score.

Simpley put, a must see for all Teen Titans fans and before I finish, best black and white credits I've ever seen (or in this case, heard). 10/10. Worth the buy!
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Great but not answering questions
timeguy1215 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
**Warning: Contains some spoilers** The movie is.. well...perfect. The plot was great, the story was great, always funny and has a little romance.

Well it starts with a guy driving a car who stops because some person is in the road. He shoves the car out of the way and continues running down the road. The Titans are on his trail. They stop him and of course he's says he must get back to Tokyo. This is where the Titans need to go to find out what attacked them.

The movie begins. An Hour and a half later, Robin and Starfire are kissing and everything is great. I'm not going to reveal everything, but Cyborg eats... a lot. Beast Boy sings and is so-so, but Japanese girls love him and kiss kiss kiss. They love him. Robin goes to jail, Raven finds a book on Broshugon, and Starfire flirts with Robin.

Yes, Robin and Starfire kiss. 3 attempts at it, but three times the charm. The first time, Robin says they are just hero's, and shouldn't be "This way". Starfire explains about kissing a Japanese boy, and she says why she kissed Robin in episode "Go". Then when Robin is saved by Starfire, they attempt it again, but the other titans interrupt.

Again, Robin is attacked by the Ninja, and by the way, he's not a robot. Not even close. This ninja pulls out swords and cuts Robin and his mask. But we never get to see him without his mask in the movie :(.Anyway, he defeats him, and Robin's hands are covered in red. Japan thinks he's killed someone. Robin is put in jail, where they eventually drive him, and is attacked by the ninja's bomb. Robin says if there looking for him, then he'll have to be someone else. A guy trys to steal his money, so he takes that guy out and takes his outfit. Before we can see him without his mask, he puts on a pair of sunglasses. Cyborg is eating most of the movie.

Broshogon isn't the main villain. That's all I'm going to say. They find him in the most obvious spot too.

Anyway, Beast boy says he wants to go to Mexico, and Raven slaps him and the movie ends.

Anyway, it was fun to watch, and since I'm a big fan, I'd have to give this movie a 10 out of 10. Teen Titans Go!
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Unbelievable Movie!
jash56785 April 2007
This movie is really good,i finally know the relationship between Robin and Starfire is on.Beastboy get's kissed by a lot of Japanese girls,and Cyborg eats a lot!The good thing about this movie is that it had a good plot,and a very shocking ending.The bad thing is when Robin was punching that guy the cops saw him do that,the cops thought that Robin had blood on his hands.It was PINK ink!That confused me.I wanna see Beastboy and Raven kiss,but that's not gonna happen.

I know,i might be telling the whole movie,but after they destroy the NOT brushogun,but the power of brushogun,I give you a hint: Robin and Starfire have a symbolic relationship together.Then at the very ending,the Teen Titans have a celebration with Tokyo and Robin and Starfire hold hands.
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Tara Strong is no Keke Palmer...or is she?
freakfire-11 October 2008
Well, Batman isn't the only masked man/boy/creature than can do movies. Though this isn't your traditional Robin character. This Robin is a leader of a bunch of teenage superheroes in a building obviously the heroes can't pay for. But that is beside the point.

The Titans go to Tokyo believing something is up, and for while think it was an excuse for a vacation. But turns out the original reason is right and have to fight. And thus the corny adventure of our misguided friends.

I am disappointed Puffi Amiyumi did not make a guest appearance since they are instrumental towards this series's fascination with Japan. But they were probably too busy with their music and television show.

The conflict wasn't as much as I would hope for and the bad guys weren't as bad as the Joker or Green Goblin. So as a result, sub-par viewing. "D+"
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Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo: Hard pass
Platypuschow6 January 2018
Initially I expected to hate Teen Titans stuff, when I finally got round to watching something it surprised me. It was darker than I thought it'd be and considerably funnier.

Therefore going into Trouble In Tokyo I had high hopes but within the first quarter realised they were to be dashed.

Make no mistake this has its moments, in fact some of gags are downright hilarious but they are far too few.

It tells the story of our heroes venturing to Tokyo in search of a villian who sent a lackey to destroy their home. Once they arrive they become embroiled in a sinister plot.

The whole thing looks and plays out like an anime, with those stupid over the top facial expressions that I detest and animated backgrounds during fight scenes. This doesn't work in it's favour, in fact it was detrimental.

I wanted to like this but simply couldn't, besides a couple of chuckles this was a brainless purile animated effort and taking me back to my original fears regarding the Teen Titans.

The Good:

Some jokes are on point

Great villian

The Bad:

Why is Starfire so young?

Some parts are beyond juvenile

Animation is plain goofy

Plot is pretty lame

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Beast Boy is Stan Marsh painted green
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66616 February 2015
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Super-heroes travelling to Japan need to be aware that speed lines will accompany all of their movements.

Mind you, the super-team trekking to Tokyo in this animated adventure is familiar with Manga motifs.

When a ninja attacks their base at the behest of Japanese super-villain: Brushogun, The Teen Titans – Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Star-fire and Beast Boy – head to Tokyo to retaliate.

When they arrive, Commander Daizo of the Tokyo Troopers explains Brushogun does not exist.

Opting to sightsee instead, the team separates. But when Robin is accused of murder, the team must locate the real Brushogun if they hope to clear their leader's name.

Based on the DC Comics television show, Trouble in Tokyo is a standalone feature film that maintains the lively pace and puerile comedy of the cartoon while paying homage to the culture that inspired its aesthetic.

Incidentally, Japan's worst super-villain is still Used Women's Underwear Man.

Green Light

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Teen Titans Go!!!
BatmanFunReviews201831 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After a battle with a high-tech villain named, Saiko-Tek, the Teen Titans travel to the city of Tokyo where they find themselves embroiled in a conflict with an ancient enemy. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is a 2006 Animated Film based upon the famous TV show and i just finished it like almost 2 hours ago and i gotta say i loved it. It was pretty funny and hilarious as always especially watching Beast Boy singing the Teen Titans Theme Song was hysterical, Robin and Starfire got way too close and i think that was pretty cool, the story could have been a bit more interesting for sure plus we all knew who the real villain was from day one but even tho that the plot isn't as strong as the rest of the film DC Fans and cartoon fans in general will not be disappointed because the movie had a lot of great action packed moments mostly with Robin, a lot of laughs from Beast Boy and the animation and style was the exact same just like in the TV Series. (A+)
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A true Teen Titans movie
Marvelfan3423 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was amazing I must say my self. If you like Teen Titans you will love this movie.

When I first discovered this movie I cringed at a scene where Starfire saves Robin they are in a hut, Starfire tries to talk to Robin by handing him his costume, Robin reaches out and grabs her arm and they were nearly about to kiss and then got interrupted by Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. But at the time I was 12 when I saw this, I decided to watch this movie when I was 15 and I was more into the show. I ended up enjoying the movie in the end.
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The finale "Teen Titans" deserved
SlyGuy2113 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Thank goodness this exists, because if not, the finale of this show would be the insult that is "Things Change". It might not be a perfect finale like "Lost Heroes: Part Two", but it has enough charm, humor, and action to hold it's own. I'll cover this more when I review the series as a whole, but you can really tell how the Titans have grown. They all have their place in the group, and they're key components to it. The plot's pretty simple, it's not challenging like "Haunted", but it's kind of for the best that they played it safe. Playing it safe kept them from making too many mistakes, and also allowed them to have more fun.
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Absolutely spectacular!
Nessy_Gliana23 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Two words.


Being a Teen Titans junkie I was naturally thrilled with the prospect of the movie. And I can say with confidence that it did not disappoint.

From the opening packing scene to the Titans singing a nonsensical version of their theme song during the credits, this movie moved me.

I have four good things to say about this movie. One; it had some real meat to it. The story, the characters, the setting, everything just had a little more depth. There was an air of seriousness about it, especially when (*spoiler ahead*) Robin got arrested. Same with the final climax, which was also one of greatest Teen Titans battle sequences EVER! Two; In spite of it's occasional seriousness, it had some of the funniest Teen Titans moments I've ever seen! Beast Boy singing karaoke! The packing sequence! Starfire totally going great guns on the DDR machine! Three; the music was AMAZING! The rock version of the Titans theme kicked butt, and the Japanese flute theme was sooo beautiful. I seriously wish they'd release a soundtrack of the music-'cause I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Four; My Robin was the hero du jour and looked totally hot in civilian clothing! *cough!* And Star and Robin finally kissed! All in all, I'm waiting anxiously for its release on DVD.
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bvcxzlkjhgfdsaqwertyuiop5 September 2007
I didn't make it through the first two minutes. It's just like every other stupid piece of animay crap. I don't even think it's real animay which only makes it worse.

So instead of rambling about how bad it was there will be a list of the top five reasons to hate it.

1. Atrocious Animation. 2. Flashing colors that make you want to have a seizure. 3. Incoherrant plot. 4. The fact that they managed to make Robin even more of an

. annoying effeminate, nope that's pretty much it, annoying

.and effeminate. 5. All of the character are a bunch of idiotic .. wanks.
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Can't Disappoint fans of the Original but Could Be Better
jfdogman22 January 2018
I honestly like this movie. It has a great story, great action, great plots, and the main characters are great. It's so great that it would of been better as a theatrical movie instead of a TV movie. I don't get why this movie was released as a TV movie instead of a theater movie? Anyways, I love Teen Titans and the original series that it seems like it's unfair that a horrible reboot gets a theatrical release and this movie doesn't. Of course life isn't fair but sometimes with good luck it could be fair. I don't like how they are treating Teen Superheroes nowadays, which they are making the Teen Superheroes become Supernoobs, and the creators of the original are working for Sony or Disney can't stop the Teen Titans Go train wreck. Anyways, this movie is well thought out that it could be a little bit better in theaters.
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