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The Black Heart Beats Again
mart-4529 March 2008
What is the best anger management program for someone who has witnessed his family slain in one's childhood by a hideous monster and has blamed himself for not having been able to do something to save them? Meditation? Yoga? Pilates? Yolates? Gay exercise videos? Wrong: it's professional monster slaying. The bottled up emotions that might complicate everyday life can be used effectively to annihilate various monsters and thusly to achieve great therapeutic effect combined with social beneficence.

That's The Monster Slayer in a nutshell. It's a campy, smooth old-school gore-fest, but it's well executed and acted in spite of the fact that the cup of the budget runneth not over. Good old Robert Englund delivers a tour de force over the top charleslaughtonian performance which is a delight. Rachel Skarsten is a perfectly nasty Barbie bitch from hell. Her high-pitched whining scene in the car is a total blast. Now the hero, Trevor Matthews, is someone to watch with attention. Methinks stardom might come knocking on the door any day soon.

A very nice 1980s style (i.e. trendy) flick makes a great 1,5 hour entertainment if it's not Hamlet you're really craving for.
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A fantastic throwback to 50's horror and Army of Darkness.
dudeamis24 September 2008
Sometimes you see a movie at the video store and you decided to take a chance on it, usually you're stuck with a bad movie and out a couple bucks, not the case with Monster Slayer.

Jack seems to be a fairly regular guy, working a thankless job and dating a whiny college girl. But Jack is not a regular guy, when he was a kid he witnessed a terrible tragedy, a tragedy he blames himself for and that fuels his episodes of rage. While doing a job for his science teacher, Professor Crowley (Robert Englund), Jack unintentionally awakens an ancient evil. Soon his entire science class is in mortal danger.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is a slow building monster movie, that really allows the character of Jack to be explored before the crap hits the fan. After the opening scene we don't see a monster for about 2/3 of the movie. But that's fine because the last third makes up for it.

Jack Brooks also does something rarely seen today, effective use of prosthetics. Instead of relying on cheesy cgi like this weeks Sci-Fi original, this movie uses well made monster make up to create realistic hell spawn.

The acting is fantastic for a movie of this level, Trevor Matthews does a fantastic job as the hero. Rachel Skarsten is terrifically annoying and James A. Woods plays the stereotypical wanna be philosopher college kid who smokes too much weed, perfectly.

While this movie is made in the spirit of Army of Darkness, you will not confuse the two movies. Jack Brooks is much more serious, but not too serious. Jack Brooks doesn't throw out classic one liners, or is too cocky for his own good. Jack is just a guy with a lot of anger issues who steps up when he's needed the most.
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Just Better than Average
Scars_Remain13 October 2008
This movie was fun and entertaining but I think people are getting a little ahead of themselves in some of these reviews. It's not the greatest modern horror film or even the greatest horror film of the year. It's just mindless fun. Try not to take it as anything more than that and you should like it.

The acting is pretty bad but we can't really expect much, I suppose. However, Robert Englund was pretty good. The story is an interesting idea but I think it takes too long to get going, about a full hour and then we're left with about 15 minutes of actual action. Normally I like slow moving films but not when I'm promised a "fun" movie.
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Like the good old days of popcorn and horror!!!
orochiklan28 September 2008
Forget the past review, this is one hell of a movie!!! I'm so happy to see stuff like this or Hatchet, cause they have the feeling of the golden age of gore horror funny films... remember brain damage or house and stuff like that? just friends popcorn and a bad ass funny over the top film! ...its so nice to see some good old style horror films, now that horror is so conservative, full of ghost dramatic stories or remakes. And above all that we have one of the modern classic actors of the genre, Mr Englund. I think there will be a lot of people who will find this film bad or something, but to that people, please rent or buy another Asian Hollywood remake, drama/ghosts from spain or a new Texas chainsaw clone. For all of you who enjoy : basket case, braindead, brain damage, house and evil dead, this will be a pleasure to watch.Thanks to the people behind this film, this was one hell of a ride!!! truly thanks!! and I'm looking forward for a part II
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Great Fun.
x_thebrokenvow_x17 October 2008
i've heard lots of people go back and forth about this flick, so I decided to pick it up. I must say, I was EXTREMELY impressed. Newcomer Trevor Matthews (Jack Brooks) has the potential to be the next Bruce Campbell. I think the plot and action sequences, while they've been done before (for the most part), were still done in an original way. The best part of this film would be the brilliant performance of horror vet Robert Englund.

This film is honestly a refreshing step back in to the glory of days of mid-80's gore. It is definitely in the same vein of modern gems such as Feast, and is even comparable to solidified classics such as Evil Dead, and Dead Alive.

All-in-all, I highly recommend this flick to anyone who wants to have some fun, and ACTUALLY be entertained while watching a movie.

I hope the sequel gets made soon.
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So much fun!
whammy6668 October 2008
This is one of the most fun horror movies I have seen all year. It is pretty original (although, in one scene a bit similar to Jason Goes to Hell), has good acting, nice gore/slime, and Robert Englund! What more would a fan want? The comedy is funny, and Jack is a character you want to root for in the end. The only flaw really, is that it does take a long time to get into the action. But up until then, it is still extremely entertaining, and pretty funny. It i a great homage to b-rated monster films from the 50's, and is a must for any horror fan. The cinemagoraphy is creative in parts, and the effects are really good. Watch this now!
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Mad, Mad Monster Party!
Coventry6 April 2008
The ambitions of director Jon Knautz and his entire cast & crew were obviously limited, but nevertheless admirable. All they ever intended to do was bring homage to the glorious horror decade of the 80's and make a nonsensical movie with clichéd themes, stereotypical characters and over-the-top gooey make-up effects reminiscent to the movies the young filmmakers grew up with, like "The Evil Dead" and "Demons". I saw this film at the Belgian Fantasy Film Festival, were it fulfilled the role of ideal midnight movie crowd-pleaser. "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" offers plenty of splatter, absurdly crude humor, identifiable anti-hero characters, silly story lines and – last not least – Robert Englund himself in another terrific supportive B-role. Jack Brooks is an ordinary twenty-something man, working as a plumber during the day and attending chemistry classes in the evening in order to reach a more valuable certificate. He suffers from one major problem, though. Ever since he helplessly witnessed his family getting butchered by a forest monster as a child, Jack can't control his anger and regularly suffers from aggressive outbursts. When his teacher, Professor Crowley, gradually transforms into a monstrous entity after a plumbing job gone awry, Jack comes to realize the monster slaying business is exactly the type of anger management he needed. "Monster Slayer" is pretty weak in the plotting department, as you can see, but this widely gets compensated by the enthusiast spirit and determination of everybody involved in the production. The film starts off a little slow and hesitant, but once Prof Crowley starts undergoing his transformation, there's no more stopping the camp and cheese! You can clearly notice how genre veteran Robert Englund enjoyed helping out the young crew and the make-up department seemingly just received a carte-blanche. The monster designs and demonic grimaces are delightfully cheesy and gross, just like they were in the 1980's, and the film constantly remains comical and light-headed in spite of the gory bloodshed. Trevor Matthews is terrific as the reluctant Bruce "Ash" Campbell typed horror Savior and he receives good support from various other young and (still) unknown players. "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" is a totally unpretentious and entertaining throwback to B-cinema, and even though it'll never be regarded as a classic, it's warmly recommended viewing for all fans of the genre.
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good comedy/horror movie
ctbrown0621 August 2010
I really liked this movie simply because I identified and loved the Jack Brooks character so much. The purpose of the movie is to show a regular guy who is frustrated with the world around him trying to find his niche. What's so entertaining and hilarious is watching Jack blow in situations we all would like to blow up in while earnestly trying to trying to fit in and be normal.

I think this movie has a very strong Canadian sensibility which some Americans just don't see the humor in. I'm reminded a lot of Trailer Park Boys, which I personally find hilarious, but understandably some people just don't get. This kind of material is funny if you find the humor in lower/lower middle class life and the types of struggles you have to deal with when you belong to those classes.

This movie isn't a mindless slaughter-fest but instead focuses on the human element with humor and heart. If you enjoyed films like Shaun of the Dead that uses the horror genre as a backdrop to help bring out humorous yet relatable human struggles into focus then you'll like Jack Brooks. If your looking for a non-stop deluge of blood and a forgettable human characters whose only purpose is to be slaughtered then I suggest you look elsewhere.
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tongue in cheek monster bash
raegan_butcher13 December 2009
Tightly wound plumber Trevor Mathews has serious anger issues due to the fact that his parents were killed by monsters when he was just a wee lad. When his college professor played by Robert Englund unleashes an ancient horde of evil creatures, it is up to the plucky plumber to realize his destiny as a monster slayer and save humanity. The ranting of Trevor Mathews in the title role is very amusing but it is really Robert Englund who steals the show. He is clearly having a ball with the material and his enthusiasm is contagious.I laughed quite a bit.The SPFX are pretty good and refreshingly old-school.Lots of gore and prosthetics as opposed to lame CGI. I wouldn't mind watching Jack Brooks slay monsters thru a whole series of films like this!
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Jack Brooks: Call me Mel
p-stepien21 October 2009
Found out about this movie from a top 10 movies of 2008 list I found on the web. Having been sorely disappointed with other movies on the list (like the french torture porn Inside) this was a welcome choice to an otherwise weak list (maybe it just wasn't a good year for horror movies...).

With a title like that you don't expect to be really truly scared out of your shoes. Essentially what you expect is some comedy and entertainment packed with some decent gore. To boot this time around you actually get a decent story, if somewhat predictable, and some very decent acting from the cast.

As to the plot: Well the title essentially says it all. Jack Brooks is a monster slayer. And this is his Origins.

This flick pays homage to the best traditions of movies like Braindead and Evil Dead. There may not be a single real scare in this movie, as the whole premise ridicules any such possibility. But who really cares? Especially since Robert Englund plays a significant role in this no-fun barred movie.

Worthwhile watch for anyone looking for good clean entertainment with no intellectual strings attached (that said this movie is far from being dumb).
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Great Fun & Monster Scary-ish
lorimoore-4106820 September 2016
I know this is a bit late in the review category, but I thought it was worth saying that this was a fun and sometimes monster-movie scary.

It's not jump out of your seat scary, but I felt monster-movie dread anticipating what's to come as monster(s) begin wreaking havoc. I thought Jack Brooks was hilarious, understandable, and real. He is someone I would like to know and the hilarity comes from his Happy Gilmore reactions to every day annoyances from unresolved issues. His character is believable in crazy, surreal circumstances and it was entertaining throughout. My favorite movies are those with characters for whom I am rooting whatever the story or how it's told, no matter their flaws or good-guy, bad-guy personas as developed(much like Ash's), and the character's humor when well written/played. I felt Jack Brooks fit this bill to a T. Loved him!

Don't look for an Evil Dead comparable; let go of pretense and limited expectations and just enjoy. This was, in my opinion, how we all first came to know and love Evil Dead movies to begin with, and how Ash and his exploits continue to entertain to this day...
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Monstrously Good Adventure!
tesswysko14 January 2019
Lately I find myself bored with mainstream cookie cutter flicks, and that's why I love my free Tubi app, because it serves me up many interesting movies I've never heard of. Sometimes I get stinkers, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised with a REALLY enjoyable movie, like this one! So as you see, I went in South no expectations, other than I picked it because it had Robert Englund in it, he's been in some stinkers though, but here we go! Jack was born into a beautiful, loving family, with a mom and dad who were very much in love, and a little sister he loved dearly... the kind of family EVERY child dreams of having, then one day on their yearly camping trip, tragedy struck, out of the bushes a monster came and wiped out his family. This changed him into a very angry young man, then a very angry man. This is the story of that man, and how he learned to harness that anger to do good and hunt monsters! This movie has some campiness yes, but there's so many lessons on life and love and its just so enjoyable that the campy edge is blurred. I guess I'd say its along the lines of Dale and Tucker VS Evil without the stupid, bumbling idiocy... just enjoy the movie like I did! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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Jack Brooks: Insomnia Slayer
dyl_gon4 August 2008
After viewing "Still Life", a short film directed by Jon Knautz, I was genuinely excited for his feature film debut, "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer". "Still Life" had perfectly captured the essence and feel of an episode of "The Twilight Zone" and I was eager to see what Knautz could do when taking on the horror-comedy genre. The campy nature of the name and promotional materials suggested something along the lines of "Evil Dead" or "Army of Darkness"; a fun, gory, 80's style horror flick with lots of monsters. While that was what Knautz was going for, he utterly fails at capturing any of the fun or entertainment value these movies had.

The problem with "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" is that it completely lacks an understanding of what made these horror-comedies, that it tries to evoke, so great in the first place. Two-thirds of the running time is primarily devoted to the film's hero, Jack Brooks, a plumber and college student, as he goes to class and attempts to deal with his uncontrollable bursts of anger. There's nary a monster in sight for the greater part of the film, barely even a drop of blood or the slightest attempt at anything horror-related. Even if "Evil Dead" or "Dead Alive" had subsequent amounts of the gore cut out, they'd still be entertaining. "Jack Brooks" isn't. It's plain boring, which is the worst thing a film of this nature can be. Jack Brooks himself is not all that interesting, at least not enough to warrant the amount of screen time he's given. All one needs to know about him is revealed in the films first ten minutes and from that point on, whenever he's not beating the pulp out of a monster (and he rarely does), he's not worth watching. The movie goes nowhere, following him around on psychiatric sessions and scuffles with classmates.

Eventually things do pick up. Jack Brooks battles a few monsters, some heads are crushed, a few humans are slaughtered, and then it's over. Just like that. All within the span of about fifteen minutes. It is a good fifteen minutes. The monsters are all fairly inventive (and done entirely in camera) and there's some great gore gags (the best being a zombies head crushed in), but after sitting through seventy-five minutes of pure tedium, fifteen minutes just isn't going to cut it.

That's really all there is to it. I could ramble on about the acting which is fairly well done (especially horror icon Robert Englund in a non-traditional role) and how the creature prosthetics are a nice throwback to the days when films didn't use CGI, but it really doesn't matter. "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" is utterly boring and while Jon Knautz obviously does have the talent to create a good film (once again, the last fifteen minutes are killer and "Still Life" was amazing – check it out), "Jack Brooks" completely misses the mark. It has its successes (acting, make-up), but those don't change the fact that it's not very entertaining at all. The screening I caught this at had the director and cast in attendance. One piece of information I picked up was that a sequel was in development and that this time, it would focus more on fighting monsters as opposed to "the creation of a hero". My advice: skip this one and wait for the sequel.
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Entertaining and enjoyable effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder2 October 2012
When his science teacher becomes possessed by a voracious parasite and turned into a savage monster, a plumber with violent behavior tendencies races against time to save his class from being turned into his violent slaves.

This was a rather unusual horror-comedy, in the sense that the big joke is supposed to be that he's got a violent temper and is using it to fight back against the creature, which in itself isn't all that funny and just comes off as irritating since there's been so many who have used that gimmick before and here it does nothing new with it. That said, it's still a rather enjoyable effort as the film has a decent amount of suspense in his professor turning, there's some good fight scenes that are a lot more enjoyable than expected and it has a really enjoyable amount of special effects from the creature and his turned slaves, which are thankfully puppets and practical effects instead of CGI. This one has some good gore moments as well with a pretty high body count. Overall, not a bad time but could've used a little more work on the comedy.

Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
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Jack Brooks; Originality in being un-original
SGAK16 November 2008
This movie would have been considered a pretty standard slasher/monster flick, had been released in the 80s or early 90s. Although today it really sticks out as something completely different. Why? Didn't you notice!? It showed no trace of computer generated images! At least none that I could see. Which was soo refreshing. It reminded me of a simpler time, when monsters were rubbery and actually looked fake in a real way (instead of the other way around).

Keep in mind - this is not a perfect movie. Far from it! Some of it's more obvious flaws are, as follows:

There's not a huge amount of blood. The action level is mediocre. Many jokes are somewhat bland. The storyline gets a bit repetitive, and it's not scary unless you are a complete wuss.

Actually, the story of Jack is a really stupid one. Luckily the people who made this movie made no effort to hide it. Instead they beefed up the characters lack of depth, going beyond being just stereotypical slasher victims, to the point of great self-aware satire. Especially David Fox, who delivers comedic gold in the role of Howard; the eccentric hardware store clerk.

To me, this movie pays great homage to the greatest generation of horror movies. Especially slasher legend Robert Englund, who is great as professor Crowley (a reference to Aleister Crowley perhaps?) - anyone out there who like him as Freddy Kreuger, will adore his monstruous acting in this one.

Fans of cheezy 80's slasher flicks a la "House" will enjoy this movie - I guarantee it! It's got a certain charm we don't see much of these days.
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Never, Ever Collect Stuff!
TheJonesBones4 October 2021
See, this is what happens when some old codger goes about the world collecting stuff from various disreputable persons until - inevitably - he collects an evil artifact from hell! Never, ever collect stuff!

This is a story about a well-meaning plumber with serious rage issues, a cranky girlfriend and a continuing education professor with an unhealthy penchant for digging stuff out of the ground and becoming infected with tentacle-wielding demons. Oh, man, Robert Englund is today's Boris Karloff!

You'll enjoy the story, the effects (especially the Robert Englund monster!) and the dialogue and, well, just about the whole movie! It'll make you toss your baseball cards, commemorative plates and that scab collection you've been saving since second-grade - since any one of those collectible items could come directly from HELL, people!
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You Can't Please Everyone...
soulcrisis287 September 2021
Wow, ok so the reviews are all over the place for this one. As we all know, art is subjective and watching and either liking or not liking this movie is going to depend on if you enjoy these types of movies or not. That being said, I do need to touch on a few things.

First, some of these reviews are written by complete idiots. This movie is not like 50s or even 60s horror and it definitely IS NOTHING LIKE EVIL DEAD! Are you serious? "Oh Evil Dead had demons in it, so does this movie, they are so alike" NO! This movie and Evil Dead are NOTHING alike and Evil Dead or even Army of Darkness should not come to mind watching this. The movie stands on its own merit for being original and not a cheap copy or rip off of something else as others have said.

Next, it is way too much of a slow burn for what it's supposed to be, a comedy-horror. In fact, this actually makes you begin to dislike the lead as opposed to liking and supporting him like in most comedy-horrors. The lead is not a very good actor either. He puts off this wannabe reject Mark Wahlberg vibe and even the real Mark Wahlberg is barely tolerable. The other characters don't help or impress much either. Except Robert Englund, you can't go wrong with the great horror master himself. However, even his shining performance wasn't enough to put a gleam on the rest of the actors acting.

Last, I HATE CGI. What was supposed to be added and used sparingly to enhance movies and allow movie makers to do things and create scenes that would otherwise be impossible has been completely abused and over used and ruined many movies. I will take REAL SFX, even "rubber" as some reviewers liked to mention, BTW, it's not "rubber" it's latex and foam and liquid silicone. While yes, these are "like" rubber, it's not just plain old rubber.

All in all, it's not a bad movie, it's not a superb movie either. It's watchable and enjoyable and that's a lot these days in the B movie/stream world we live in today.
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A let down actually
smccar771 March 2011
"Jack Brooks Monster Slayer," is not a good movie. In fact, it is a big letdown. While the production quality and tongue in cheek use of rubber costumes reflects the moderately large budget, the story itself is both flawed and boring. The culprit of the failings is found in the assumptions made by the film makers. By focusing on monster creation process, the film neglects important character development and playful action. Overall, this is a film to be missed. Admittedly, "JBMS," will strike a chord with some nostalgia buffs; yet, as a film, this is little more than a mediocre rehash of genre clichés.

The downfall of this film is two assumptions. First, the makers assume that showing the history and creation of the monster is both necessary and amusing. Second, supplying detail to the above mentioned monster ontology is assumed to also be necessary and interesting. Neither assumption is wrong, per se. The execution in this film, however, is outright boring. An extended example may help to clarify. Cooking shows run a tenuous line. Watching the act of creation is interesting and informative. Detailing every action that goes into dish preparation is dull. A cooking program needs to find a balance between informative exposition and potentially dull but important detail. The answer seems to be that every part of a cooking show is a mix of technique and technique explanation. As such, breaking down an onion is shown because it informs on knife technique in practice and also illustrates the benefits of uniform piece size in cooking. Peeling a potato or boiling water is not shown because they are important techniques that benefit little from being demonstrated. The point is that all elements of the process are evaluated on the levels of understanding that are conveyable. The same is true for the horror film. A background to the protagonist and antagonist is appreciated as long as it sets the current context as well as developing the actual characters. "JBMS," provides a great amount of detail concerning how the main monster is formed. The slow transition from human to demon is the body of the film. Choosing this transition as the focal point of the story leads to a ninety minute film; a ninety minute film that could very easily have been forty minutes. Furthermore, the added detail affords no real development. To the contrary, the monster development is the cinematic equivalent to watching a trained chef peel a potato. Essentially, this film would have benefited from a focus on devious monster action and not hum drum monster ontology.

The above stated, the film is not a total loss. The characters are likable enough, and Robert Englund clearly enjoyed this production. The use of rubber suits as opposed to CGI is a welcome throwback to the creature films of the eighties and before. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that these benefits do not come near enough to balancing out the dry, elongated, boring story telling. This film is worth a miss. I am loathe to recommend this movie even to the horror/comedy buff. There are a great many more interesting and better told stories that are actually worthy of one's time.

On a personal note, I will mention this film to friends as a real Turkey. Unfortunately, this will almost guarantee that it is seen by at least one more person. Should you feel the need to hunt this film down, the movie is best paired with low expectations and somewhat sloppy drunkenness.
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Not as funny as they think it is
anthony-72725 November 2009
From the point of budget 2.5m CAD isn't very much when you look at the animatronics, puppetry in this film, that alone being the reason for the 9 week shoot. I was really keen to see this film and had hoped to catch it when it came out, instead got it on DVD recently. My main problem is it's just not funny at all, it's better than Tenacious D which hasn't got a funny bone in it's body. But this was a truly disappointing film.

Trevor Matthews is a very strong physically performer, but his acting sucks! Rachel Skarsten gives what is possibly one of the most irritating and none funny performances I have ever seen. The only really BIG star in this is David Scott who's artwork for the monsters is fab! His special effects work is the main reason this film is worth watching, loved the Cyclops and Troll and and the Prof Monster was straight out of the Henson library.

If you watch this it won't be the biggest waste of time, but if you are looking to see this for a great Horror Comedy Romp... Don't bother.
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JACK BROOKS - isn't scary or funny = WEAK!!!!
horrorcritic7225 July 2008
I don't know why this has gotten any decent reviews as it could be the weakest horror comedy I've ever seen. Englund is just in it for a cameo and his performance is as unnecessary as most of the lame attempts at jokes (and scares). The direction is terrible and the acting is worse. It seems like every year producers are trying to make another Evil Dead but these weak unoriginal attempts are just stepping on the memory of a true horror classic.

Whether its filmmakers saying,"this isn't a remake but its an 80s throwback (which is just as unoriginal in my opinion - Hatchet) or people trying to plug this with other horror classics, Its still misleading and wont make up for the lack of scares, horror, comedy, or even a decent movie for that matter.

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Gets better as it progresses.
Hey_Sweden16 March 2015
Co-producer / co-story author Trevor Matthews is also our title character here. Jack Brooks is an aimless 20 something plumber with severe anger management issues. This stems from a traumatic childhood incident in which he had to watch his family get massacred by a forest monster. Years later, while attending a night school science class, he agrees to take on a job for his teacher, Gordon Crowley (genre icon Robert Englund). Naturally, Crowley lives in a house with a sordid & violent history and the evil forces still residing on this property are soon free to possess Crowley.

"Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" does earn points for being in the spirit of insane, low budget 1980s horror. The main problem for this viewer is that, for too much of the running time, some of the humour just fell flat, and it was hard to really care about the main character. What *is* irresistible is the chance to see Englund be broadly funny; he doesn't get that many opportunities to do comedy. He's the main reason to watch. A large amount of the humour is of the lowbrow variety, with no shortage of gas and vomit jokes. But the ultimate monster design is endearingly silly, and the makeup effects and gore are fun.

Matthews is good as Jack, especially late in the game when the big shift occurs in his character and he decides to become the ass kicking hero. Rachel Skarsten delivers an effectively bitchy performance as Jacks' fed-up girlfriend. Daniel Kash (Spunkmeyer in "Aliens") is fine as the weary psychiatrist. And David Fox does a reasonably amusing job as our elderly tale spinner / exposition provider.

Enjoyable enough combo of laughs and shocks does work towards a decent finale.

Six out of 10.
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Tons O'Fun!
GoregirlsDungeon22 September 2009
After witnessing the brutal murder of his family as a child, Jack Brooks has grown up to be one messed up cat. Jack has some anger issues and the therapy sessions don't help at all. When Jack's Night School Professor unleashes an ancient curse, he is forced to confront some old demons and save the day.

The films greatest strength are those fabulous, rubber suited monsters. Their faces were grotesquely comical. Each unique monster was lovingly created with creepy, campy perfection. There is a healthy helping of bloodshed and gore too. Trevor Matthews is quite good as Jack Brooks and Robert England gives a hilariously memorable performance as Professor Crowley. The film does suffer some pacing issues. There was more build up than necessary, and the action takes a little too long in coming. But when the action starts, the film goes full throttle. It is one high energy, entertaining scene after another. This is an action-packed, funny, and gory monsterfest, only slightly marred by a slow start. Highly recommended!
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Great Movie!
priest_of_zeus7 July 2009
OK, obviously taking a gander at the title of this movie it didn't seem like much, in fact, it seemed like a terrible sounding movie. However, once we looked up a trailer for it, we decided we had to see it. Jack Brooks monster Slayer was easily one of the best new cult films I have seen in a long time. Make up effects were amazing, especially considering not a single bit of CG was used. The gags in the movie (supported by the strong acting talent aboard) always served to make me laugh. The Action sequences were very well done, as well as character development. The characters in this movie, especially Jack, are easily likable. All in all I loved this movie, it was fun to watch and a staple in the modern cult horror genre. Go See it! I promise it's worth your time.
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Way too much plumbing; not nearly enough monster slaying.
BA_Harrison2 January 2009
If there's one thing I've learnt from watching George Romero's Creepshow, it's that if you stumble upon a mysterious old crate that someone has obviously gone to a lot of effort to hide, just leave well alone: there's probably something nasty inside.

Obviously, Professor Gordon Crowley, Robert Englund's character in 'Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer' isn't a Romero fan, 'cos he busts open the old wooden box he finds buried in his yard, only to discover—surprise, surprise—an ancient demon that possesses his body (initially causing him to eat and vomit rather a lot).

When the demon eventually erupts from Crowley's body during chemistry class and begins to transform the students into hellish, flesh-tearing beasts, it's up to plumber Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) to try and stop the foul creatures, armed only with a length of pipe and fuelled by a lifelong hatred of all things monstrous!.

The DVD packaging for Jon Knautz's low-budget monster flick promises one hell of a fun ride, offering cheesy thrills and spills of the kind one might expect from your average 80s creature feature (toothy critters, rubber monster suits, gruesome gore, and absolutely no CGI!)—and for the last 15 minutes, that's exactly what viewers get: non-stop splattery effects; a silly, tentacled Jabba-style demon thingy; and mucho macho monster mashing!

It's a shame, then, that the rest of the film's running time—a massive 70 minutes or so—is mostly spent following Jack as he goes about his boring, everyday business: plumbing, visiting his shrink, going to chemistry class, and upsetting his girlfriend. If you think you might enjoy a film that focuses primarily on coping with childhood trauma and anger management, buying spare boiler valves from a hardware shop, and the chemical properties of Sodium, then this is the film for you; but if it's a massive dose of monster mayhem you're after, then I'd advise looking elsewhere!
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Crazy Fun From Start To Finish...
azathothpwiggins1 September 2020
In JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER, the titular plumber (Trevor Matthews) is fueled by the death of his parents to do his second, more important job. Namely, his understandable anger problem is pitted against creatures from the abyss. When Professor Gordon Crowley (Robert Englund) inadvertently releases forces from beyond the grave, it's up to Brooks to put the kibosh to it all.

This is a movie for the connoisseur of such films as EVIL DEAD 1 and 2, DEMONS, etc. The practical effects are well done, bringing a welcome, nostalgic feel to it. Matthews makes a great Ash-type hero, and Englund is perfectly suited for his role as the unassuming teacher turned eeevil entity. With ample humor and bathtubs full of gushy nastiness, this is a gorehound's sweet dream!...
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