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Season 1

4 Apr. 2006
Kyou kara kimi wa hosuto da
Seeking quietude for study at an elite academy, honors student Haruhi Fujioka comes upon the school's Host Club - six elite boys who host parties for girl classmates - and becomes its newest and most reluctant member.
11 Apr. 2006
Kôkôsei host no oshigoto
Kanako the chronic host-hopper (a girl who changes from host to host at regular intervals) gets the attention of Host Club, who decide to target her for happiness.
18 Apr. 2006
Shintai kensa ni go-youjin
Tamaki, jealous that the twins get to spend far more time with Haruhi than he, wants her sex revealed, but that may occur on its own with school physicals coming.
25 Apr. 2006
Joshi manager shûrai
A delusional girl obsessed with Sims (virtual people) believes Kyoya (who looks like one of them) is her fiancé and forces herself on Host Club as its new manager.
2 May 2006
Futago kenka suru
Haruhi's ability to tell one identical Hitachiin twin from the other sparks a furious fight between the twins.
9 May 2006
Shôgakusei host wa yancha-kei
A desperate 5th-grader comes to Host Club demanding to be taught how to be a ladies man but his negative reactions toward the hosts call into question his motives.
16 May 2006
Janguru puuru SOS
Enjoyment at a family-owned indoor tropical pool park turns into a Jurassic Park-like disaster for Host Club members due to discarded banana peels and live alligators from the tropical exhibit.
23 May 2006
Taiyô to umi to host bu
A day at the beach is a working holiday for the Host Club, but the boys also decide upon a game to see who among them can discover Haruhi's fear.
30 May 2006
Roberia jogakuin no chôsen
The Zuka Club, from a rival all-girls academy, challenges the Host Club for the fair hand of Haruhi, whom they feel has been woefully mistreated by the enforced subjugation of her superior gender.
6 Jun. 2006
Fujioka ke no nichijou
The Host Club boys pay a surprise visit to Haruhi's home, curious as to how horrifyingly destitute her Commoner's Life can be.
13 Jun. 2006
Onii-chama wa ouji-sama
The Host Club handles sibling issues between Ouran's Prince of Darkness and his light-loving little sister, Kirimi.
20 Jun. 2006
Honey senpai no amaku nai mikkakan
Honey chafes at being deprived of sweets because of a tooth cavity, and Mori blames himself for not watching out for him more carefully.
27 Jun. 2006
Fushigi no kuni no haruhi
Is Haruhi dreaming when she falls down a rabbit hole in Music Room #3 and meets Alice in Wonderland characters who, like characters in Oz to Dorothy, all look strikingly familiar?
4 Jul. 2006
Uwasa no host bu wo shuzai se yo
While Host Club is a complete success, the Newspaper Club is not, but its president would like to change that with an exposé on the Host Club.
11 Jul. 2006
Karuizawa sawayaka batoru
Haruhi takes a summer job at the bed and breakfast of her father's friend, which bends the host boys out of shape over being abandoned, so they follow.
18 Jul. 2006
Haruhi to hikaru no hatsu date dai sakusen
Hikaru and Tamaki's insecurities show when Haruhi runs into a male friend from middle school days, but while Tamaki recovers, Hikaru does not, so Kaoru steps in for his twin's sake.
25 Jul. 2006
Kyoya no fuhoni na kyujitsu
On the last day of summer vacation, Tamaki decides the elite members of Host Club should go on a field trip to observe commoners in their natural setting - a shopping mall.
1 Aug. 2006
Chika-kun no Honey datou sengen
Honey's family relations are reviewed after younger brother Yasuchika drops by Ouran High School to give Honey a good thrashing.
8 Aug. 2006
Roberia jogakuin no gyakushû
The Zuka Club girls from Lobelia Girls Academy get Haruhi to star in their annual theatrical production honoring President Benio's late mother, but it's really a plot for revenge.
15 Aug. 2006
Futago ga aketa tobira
How the Hitachiin twins come to accept Tamaki's offer to join a new club he's forming.
22 Aug. 2006
Itsuka kabocha ni naru hi made
Haruhi's class puts on a Halloween After Dark Test of Courage Tournament, where the Hitachiin twins take delight in tormenting their multi-phobic class rep/teammate.
29 Aug. 2006
Mori senpai ni deshi iri shigan
The heir to a crime syndicate comes to Host Club to be Mori's apprentice, hoping for a share in his secret of having friends while owning a scary face.
5 Sep. 2006
Tamaki no mujikaku na yûutsu
Having discovered Haruhi's gender secret, Kasanoda comes to Host Club to court her, unaware that his actions misidentify his sexuality.
12 Sep. 2006
Soshite kyôya wa deatta
Told in flashback, Kyoya recalls for Haruhi how he and Tamaki - a very unlikely pair - got together to start up the Host Club.
19 Sep. 2006
Host bu kaisan sengen
The Ouran High School Fair provides the catalyst for a pair of disapproving fathers to tip back into their sons' lives, with public humiliation for one and an arranged marriage for the other.
26 Sep. 2006
Kore ga oretachi no ouran sai
With Lady Éclair keeping Tamaki incommunicado before whisking him off to France, remnants of the Host Club make an all-out effort to reach him.

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