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Believe in Yourself and You Will Be a Star
Claudio Carvalho2 October 2006
In Los Angeles, Betty Boop works as a waitress and her friends Koko and Bimbo in the kitchen of a dinning place, which is permanently crowded. The greatest attraction for clients is Betty Boop singing, while dreaming to be a Hollywood star. When Betty and her friends accidentally break some dishware, they are fired by the owner. However, the private eyes Sam Slade hires the team to help him in a security work in a party in the house of the famous star Lola Daville, whose secretary Miss Green has just hired him for the protection of a valuable necklace. When the jewel is stolen in the party, Betty Boop becomes the suspect number one, since the criminal left his gun in her hands during a blackout, and Sam is unable to prove her innocence wounded in the hospital. Betty Boop is rescued from the police station by Koko and Bimbo, and the trio investigates who could be the thief. Meanwhile, the dinner place is completely empty, since clients do not have the show of Betty Boop anymore.

"Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery" is a good episode of the sexy Betty Boop. There are funny moments and a final great message of optimism: "Believe in yourself and you will be a star". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Mistério de Betty Boop in Hollywood" ("The Mystery of Betty Boop in Hollywood")
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The episode where Betty is accused of stealing
Jessica Carvalho7 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In my opinion, this is one of the best episodes from the sweet Betty Boop ever. I even prefer it instead of ''Betty Boop's Romance''. In this episode, our lead character works as a waitress in a restaurant with her best friends Koko and Bimbo. Betty is the main attraction of the restaurant, since she not only serves the food but also sings for the clients. But an accident in the kitchen makes Betty, Koko and Bimbo to be all fired, but even before complaining or being sad about this fact, the detective Sam Slade hires them to help him in the security of Lola's diamond necklace. Lola by the way, is a very rich and powerful star. Everything goes fine until a blackout happens and the jewelry is stolen. Betty Boop becomes the suspect for the criminal act, since the person who stolen the diamond necklace, left the gun in her hands.

I think this episode is very worthwhile to be watched, and most of all, has a very surprising ending. :)
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"Enough 'O this hooey!" A flawed, but fond farewell to sweet Betty...
Foreverisacastironmess29 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First things first, I personally thought that Melissa Fahn did a wonderful job of bringing Betty back to life. She was definitely no Mae Questel, but the delicate lilt of her voice more than adequately captured the child-like innocence and happy-go-lucky naiveté of the character, not that there's all that much character to capture if you think about it! This was certainly a lot more sweetness and light than most of Betty's actual cartoons, and felt to me like it may have been primarily intended for really little kids. They did manage to get some of the style right, but the animation of all the characters except for Betty Bimbo and Koko was absolutely terrible. Koko the Clown was still in black and white, which I thought was a really cool little touch. Overall the animation was simply too limited to even come close to matching the fluid wonder of the original films. Also the 'plot' was most lame and boring, but then again whoever watched any cartoon worth its salt for plot? For all intents and purposes, this mini-movie is her last ever adventure and it's not a complete disaster, and even though it fails, it at least tries to emulate the hypnotic, manic, spooky and timeless magic of the very greatest of the surreal Fleischer shorts of the 1930s-oh, you know the ones! They're the ones that lead all rational folks that set eyes on them to automatically assume that all the old-time animators of the Fleischer Studios must've been smoking some bad stokeys! The ones where not only are you looking at total craziness, but it's constantly being thrown at you and simply will not let up, the ones that are like trippy little fever dreams wherein beautiful monochromatic canvases give rise to ghosts, ghouls, and all manner of leering grimacing cackling things beyond imagining, leaping and warping and downright splattering across the screen in glorious spirals of Gothic mayhem usually in pursuit of Betty and her poor friends!!! It can be just a few moments, or can sometimes be the length of the entire animation, either way, there's absolutely nothing normal about them! They're so extreme and insanely surreal that to this very day they have yet to be granted the official release they so sorely deserve! So many of them still hold up so well, even today. And if 80 years hasn't rendered them dated, I doubt they ever will. Little works of such passionate dark art... Oh, sorry, I never get tired of talking about those fantastic classic old shows! Anywho, despite the heavy flaws I thought the animation captured just about enough of the spirit of the original themes to make it a nice homage and a good send off for our beloved goyl. And I loved the sweet and sincere sentiment of the "Believe in Yourself" message at the end. As simple as it is, that's still a very positive message and a relevant one I believe, in 1989 or anytime. And that's a great little epilogue for her as a character. The Fleischer brothers deserve a special place in the stars for creating Betty Boop, the coolest cartoon character of all time! I mean come on! She more than stood the test of time, and her legend will live on for many many decades to come as the subtly sexy, sassy queen of cartoon chaotica!!!
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