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Tromaesque riot!
L. Lion22 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I got invited to a screening of this film in a small empty space converted into a theater near downtown LA on tepid October evening. This film was made on something slightly more than a shoestring budget (call it bootlace), meaning that we are in Troma/Ed Wood territory. Filmmakers can either understand their territory and enjoy it, or else they can try to do too much and make something that goes well below what could have been.

These filmmakers understood what they were making - a monster nudie horror movie set in a woman's prison. They got an incredible amount of effects and action out of their tiny budget. Having the amazingly endowed Yurizan Beltran and the gorgeous Eva Derrek around to provide their own form of special effects also isn't a drawback.

The script has fun with the genre and the limitations the filmmakers faced. It is loaded with lines like "It was the silver flakes in the vodka that killed the werewolf - well getting set on fire and falling off a cliff didn't help". The plot is straightforward - a pretty American girl(Victoria DeMare), out camping with her boyfriend, gets thrown into prison for his murder after a werewolf tears her boyfriend to pieces. She dispenses with the werewolf using the expensive vodka her boyfriend had bought - "it's got the silver flakes in it!" - but not before being bitten herself. Her boyfriend, a la American Werewolf in London - returns as a zombie to explain her plight, and that she must die before the next full moon.

The prison she is in is more brothel than penitentiary. At one point the warden (Domiziano Arcangeli, very good in the David Keith role) says to his dominatrix head of discipline (Jackeline Olivier, delicious in the Sybil Danning role) "we're running low on prisoners - go out and round up some more". Olivier's character trades feel-ups for cigarettes (imagine what you can get for a full carton), and fortunately the filmmakers found a batch of well endowed pretty inmates who have no problem getting naked. Viewers will get treated to scenes of inmates "comforting" each other, girls staked in the sun licking the sweat off each other's bodies, and so on. The only thing missing is the shower scene. WWIAWP, when the wolf is not on the loose, is an unabashed T&A flick, and good for that. Anything else would have been a disappointment.

When the wolf is on the loose it becomes a gore fest that only Joe Bob Briggs could appreciate. Bisections (by prison bar), dis-arming of guards, heads ripped off, disembowelments, coitus evisceratus, and monsters bursting into flame are all part of the fun as the moon comes up and the pretty American girl ain't gonna take it anymore. It would seem like they spent the entire budget on corpses and fake blood.

The movie actually goes on a little long, and there are too many scenes of girls escaping prison and running through the scrub until finally the sadistic warden turns into Carl Denham and puts the monster on display in his sadistic little cabaret (with the same results Denham got in King Kong), but this is a movie that delivers on exactly what it is supposed to be. If you like this sort of thing, this will be up your alley.
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Successfully sends up WIP and werewolf movies while also being an entertaining exploitation flick.
capkronos25 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After sitting through a half dozen truly terrible recent shot-on-video exploitation/horror DVDs, I was about to give up all hope that anything decent - or even remotely watchable - was being produced these days for B movie fans. Keeping in mind the mostly positive reviews I saw on here, I decided to take a chance on this title. Hell, it couldn't be any worse than some of the trash I've subjected myself to these past few days. Thankfully, WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN'S PRISON turned out to be a huge improvement over other efforts within the same budget range. It was actually pretty fun, heaped on the exploitation elements and was put together with some care and about as much style as could be afforded on an obviously anemic budget. Of course it's silly, sleazy and not to be taken seriously for one second, but that's kind of the whole point. The director and writer are obviously fans of these kind of films and know this territory very well, which is evident with the finished product.

While camping somewhere in a Mexican forest, Sarah Ragdale (Victoria De Mare) and her boyfriend Jack (co-writer Vinnie Bilancio) are attacked by a huge werewolf. His throat is ripped out and she's bitten on the shoulder before setting the werewolf ablaze and sending it tumbling down a hillside. When Sarah wakes up, she finds herself strapped to a table somewhere inside a Mexi state prison for the criminally insane. After inspecting her "American coochie," sadistic lesbian guard Rita (Jackeline Olivier, decked out like a dominatrix) brings her to see equally sadistic warden Juan (Domiziano Arcangeli), who refuses her a phone call to the American embassy. She's slapped around, fondled, electrocuted with a telephone and forced to pose in lurid pictures for their "Prison Girls Gone Wild" website. Sarah is then placed in her cell and meets her drunken cell mate Rachel (Eva Derrek). The babes behind bars have to do sexual favors for packs of cigarettes and booze and are sometimes drugged and pimped out to customers. Meanwhile, Sarah's werewolf bite mark is healing surprisingly fast... In a nod to John Landis' classic AN AMERIC AN WEREWOLF IN LON DON (1981), Sarah's boyfriend Jack returns as an ever-rotting ghost to warn her about the upcoming full moon and her newly acquired wolf tendencies.

As is customary for WIP flicks, this movie is filled with female nudity and lesbian scenes. Some of it is even humorously done as to parody similar scenes in straight-forward films. One example is when Sarah and Rachel are punished and have to go to "The Toaster," an area of desert where they're chained up topless to a rock and refused water. To survive, the girls have to lick the sweat off each other's bodies. However, this movie doesn't rely on sexploitation alone to provide its entertainment, it also delivers loads of gore along the way. When werewolf Sarah goes on a rampage, she runs around tearing off heads, faces, arms and legs. Blood splatters all over the place. There are a few instances of badly done CGI, but for the most part the violent scenes deliver the goods. There's even a hilarious bit where one girl is split in two when the she-wolf tries to pull her through the prison bars. The werewolf design itself isn't too bad; a little cartoonish, but it fits in well with the overall tone of the film.

The writers have obviously seen their fair share of WIP flicks because this is packed with all of the clichés associated with the genre, as well as direct references to certain films. There are even elements of a blues score, which brings to mind the prototype WIP film CAGED HEAT (1974). The film also tries to pull off a comic book style aesthetic. There's some colorful lighting and the prison walls are painted in gaudy colors such as lime green, purple and orange. As far as the acting goes, it's a mixed bag, but that's fitting for a film like this. De Mare (who apparently has worked frequently in low-budget horror films) is spirited and does a good job in the lead role, while Arcangeli, Olivier and Neto DePaula Pimenta (as guard Garcia) provide all the camp you could hope for as the bad guys. Also keep your eyes peeled for indy horror regulars Eric Spudic (as a prison guard) and Phoebe Dollar (as an inmate).

To sum things up; it's highly entertaining, somewhat clever and often very, very funny. If you're into horror, camp, cult and/or exploitation, I think this would make a fine addition to your DVD collection.
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Delightfully fun modern exploitation!
The_Void4 May 2008
The title of this movie is great. Not only does it pretty much describe the whole plot in a nutshell, it also clearly alludes to the type of film that this is; and as modern exploitation throwbacks go, Werewolf in a Women's Prison is a damn fine example! The film mixes two genres; obviously werewolves and women in prison and adds in a sleazy atmosphere and a delightfully twisted sense of humour. The result is a film that is not for everyone; but will certainly entertain all the right people! The film takes place in a fictional country named Canpuna, which would appear to be somewhere near Mexico. We start off with a sequence that sees a young couple camping out in the woods somewhere. It soon becomes apparent that there's danger in the woods and danger soon manifests itself in the form of a huge grisly werewolf that kills the boyfriend and attacks the girl before being fought off. The girl then wakes up in a prison being ran by a bunch of unforgiving wardens who make it pretty clear that she won't be getting any help from the American Embassy. What they don't know is that they've hauled in a werewolf...

Naturally, considering the type of film, it's very cheap and the acting is rubbish; but I'm sure that nobody going into this film would expect any different. One of the best things about it is the way that it handles the plot; a werewolf in a woman's prison doesn't exactly have a lot of room for innovation, but the film actually does manage to keep things varied and interesting which is to it's credit; although it does directly rip-off An American Werewolf in London. The film doesn't disappoint in terms of nudity and gore and there are plenty of both. It's only soft-core nudity but all the girls are nice to look at and have more than ample chests; which are exposed as often as possible. The gore is fake looking and cheesy but great fun to watch and the film doesn't let its budget constrain it as a lot of the gore scenes are quite inventive. The werewolf itself is hilarious but it's clear that the filmmaker's weren't looking to create a monster that would scare and the huge lumbering hairy monster does actually fit in quite well. Overall, this is not brilliant or a masterpiece; but it's encouraging that films like this are still being made and I'm sure that Werewolf in a Woman's Prison will delight and amuse most exploitation fans!
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Huge Boobs, Huge Gore, Huge Werewolf, Huge Fun
ElijahCSkuggs27 April 2008
What happens when you mix a Werewolf and a Women's Prison? Well, ya get a movie that's chock full of fun gore, nice nudity, and some cheesy acting. What more can you want from a modern exploitation flick? Werewolf in a Womens Prison was a nice lil surprise. Werewolves are my favorite out of the classic creatures, and WIP films are some of my favorite type of exploitation settings. Naturally, I should have liked it, right? Damn right! The movie offers everything you would want and then some. You get nudity, actually some really good nudity, like Double G tits nudity. And you get a surprising amount of the red stuff. From decapitations to hot chicks being ripped in two! The flick's plot is basically it's title, Werewolf in a Womens Prison, that's all you need to know. It's simple, effective, and more than anything, fun. The movie isn't a masterpiece of exploitation film-making, it's writing and acting were very cheesy, sometimes a bit too much. And one thing that really bothered me was one chick, possibly the hottest of them all, didn't show her boobs. The weird thing, I knew almost immediately she wasn't. I just got this hunch that she won't be showing the goods. Damn shame too, it would have been really nice. Nevertheless, the movie is a silly boob and gore filled flick that should easily appeal to fans of cheesy horror/exploitation. For a nice double-feature watch this and Gutterballs.
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Great title; enjoyable film.
BA_Harrison2 May 2008
Two of my favourite movie sub-genres—'werewolves' and 'women-in-prison'—are rolled into one in this low budget and deliberately trashy effort that aims to answer the question 'What would happen if a lycanthrope was incarcerated in an all-female correctional facility?'.

Victoria De Mare plays Sarah Ragdale, a young woman whose romantic camping holiday with her boyfriend turns into a nightmare when a werewolf rudely interrupts their fun. Narrowly surviving a savage attack, Sarah awakens to find herself an inmate in a filthy prison run by a corrupt warden and his masochistic assistant, having been wrongly convicted of killing her lover (whose body was found torn to pieces).

Obviously one of the few people who hasn't seen 'An American Werewolf in London', Sarah is shocked when her dead boyfriend pays her a visit to explain that, since she is the survivor of a werewolf bite, the next full moon will see her transforming into a 7 foot tall, slavering beast with a hunger for flesh—succulent, female prisoner flesh!!

Packed with wall-to-wall nudity and a whole heap of shoddy but gruesome effects, Werewolf in a Women's Prison is camp schlock horror that is knowingly awful—and for most of its running time, it proves to be pretty good fun: the women are all good looking and more than willing to strip off for the camera and indulge in a spot of soft-core lesbianism; the wolf itself is hilariously bad (the monster comes complete with glowing red light-bulb eyes); and the bloodletting is gloriously OTT (if not too convincing)—heads are torn off, limbs are ripped out, and one victim is even bisected when pulled through her cell bars by the beast.

Sometimes the humour is a little laboured, the cribs from 'An American Werewolf in London' are a little too blatant, and, towards the end, the novelty of the film's intentional cheesiness does begin to wear a bit thin, but if you're in the mood for a mindless slice of sexy and gory silliness, you could do worse. A lot worse. Trust me, I know!

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.
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Finally got it
claymation3928 March 2008
From the campy beginning to the suspenseful ending, A dual horror theme like this is rarely seen anymore. As in dual, I mean the terror of being put into a sadistic women's prison from the perspective of the main actress to the terror of the inmates getting ripped in half. I expected a half-done low budget porn but what I got was a well-made exploitation horror at its campiest.

Most Noted are the performances from Victoria De Mare (Sarah Ragdale) and Jackeline Olivier (Rita). Ms. De Mare gives it her all as she expresses all the emotions into what her character might be feeling step by step in all of these events. And Rita plays her part absolutely sadistically with some of the best maniacal laughs on her part.

As for any criticizing goes for this film, It could be released with an R if it were mainstream. Fangoria compares the film to Showgirls of recent Sexploitation/horror. However, there is suggestive sexual situations, a lesbian sex scene topless nudity abound, there is no actual full frontal nudity.

As for violence this film hits the g-spot. Its almost as if they keep us satisfied with the nudity and sex until the skin comes off and the blood starts flowing. This is almost par to the mask movie where all hell breaks loose when Jim Carrey puts on the mask. I'll tell you this, you're just gonna have to see it to believe it. The violence is just that good. I can't wait to see what this film company does if they have a bit more money to spend.

I didn't really agree with the spoof of an American Werewolf in Londan but it worked good in this film and it was funny lol.

I give this film a 4 claws way up. Suggestions I would have for sequels could be A Vampire in a Vixen's Hell or A Mummy in a Madam's Brothel. LOL. Hope the DVD sells well. It's definitely worth the wait and money.
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Low Budget, Cheap Special Effects, Cheesy, Bad Acting and I loved it!
LVWolfman7 October 2008
The problem with really bad movies that seem to spoof a genre is that it is often hard to distinguish between where they are intentionally bad and where they are just plain bad. Werewolf in a Women's Prison is probably a bit of both.

First and foremost this is right smack in the middle of all the women in prison movies you've seen or heard about. Lots of semi-naked women, lesbian scenes that mostly involve fondling and as one poster said, NO SHOWER SCENE! Dang!

Secondly, this is a blood and gore movie. Lots of slash and rip, with arterial blood pumping far into the air and over everything in sight.

Put the two together with mostly bad acting, dialog that attempts to fit the stereotypes and well... you end up with either a great spoof of the genres or a really bad movie.

In either case, I enjoyed this one a lot more than I expected and laughed (and groaned) a lot more than I expected.

Victoria De Mare was so-so as the lead. Not too bad a job of acting and reasonably attractive. Certainly though not the beauty that her character is supposed to be.

On the other hand, Eva Derrick who played a supporting role as Rachel, another prisoner and Victoria's friend, did a far superior acting job and is truly a beautiful woman. Ms. Derrick has about 20 movies to her credit, looks like all in the horror/slasher exploitation genre. I'll be looking at more of her movies. So if nothing else, I'm happy with this movie because of finding her. I hope she makes it into more mainstream roles.
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A most excellent throwback to exploitation B movies
mvario1 April 2008
This is one of the best movies ever. Yes, it's not for everyone, and yes there will be people that hate it, but it's pure nirvana for fans of low-budget, old-school, exploitation flicks. If you like the kind of stuff Something Weird Video puts out, if you like Troma flicks, If you liked The Halfway House then you should be grooving on this one.

The title says it all, there's a werewolf and she's in women's prison. Fans of American Werewold in London will find something to appreciate here, but I won't spoil it. Fans of nudie exploit movies will be happy as well as there is a plentiful display of female attributes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Bernadette Perez who was in a few of the older flicks from The Asylum in which she supplied some of the nudity. Sadly she remained clothed in this (WTF is up with that anyway?).

I have only one real negative criticism of the film, and that is that it didn't have a shower scene. Every fan of women in prison (WIP) flicks knows that a shower scene is one of the most important scenes in the genre and so I felt a bit let down. I will mostly overlook the transgression because of a lot of assorted nudity throughout but it's the only thing holding it back from a 10 for me.

The gore is mostly pretty good and plentiful, though low-budget and cheesy. There was a little wince-worthy cgi at the end which would have been much better as practical f/x, but for the most part I liked the gore.

So for folks who like this kind of stuff (and you know who you are), then you will want to see this post haste as it is one of the finest example of the genre in years.
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Great throwback to the good old days
Shattered_Wake28 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Ignoring the warnings of local residents, Sarah (Victoria De Mare) and Jack (producer Vinnie Bilancio) head to the mountains of fictional Campuna on a camping trip. Not long after, a wolf attacks the couple, killing Jack and biting Sarah. Sarah, charged with the murder of her boyfriend, is sent to an all-women's prison where the prisoners are sexually abused by the warden (Domiziano Arcangeli) and his right-hand-woman (Jackeline Olivier). Soon, however, Sarah discovers her new lycanthropic powers and begins to take revenge on her enemies.

While not a connoisseur of WIP (that's 'Women in Prison' for those that don't know) films, I have seen quite a few. The real draw of this film, though, was the former part of the title: Werewolf. I've always been a big fan of Werewolf films, but there are very few on the market that are of any real quality. Werewolf in a Women's Prison, though an obviously cheesy B-movie, definitely can fit in with some of the better films of its class. Playing as a great throwback to the 70s exploitation films, this film features all of the blood, violence, and explicit sexuality a fan of this type of films would expect. Wolfie the red-eyed werewolf, though silly, is actually pretty damn cool and I'm glad they weren't shy about showing her. The gore was awesome and over-the-top, as was the violence. The girls were hot (mostly) and were naked about 80% of the time. The acting was, surprisingly, not awful, and I've heard much worse writing ("One of your men has been. . . disarmed"). The camera-work wasn't the best, but you can't have everything. Overall, for some reason, I really loved it. It was hilarious, violent, sexy, and offensive. . . everything you could ask for in a film like this. Highly, highly recommended to fans of this sub(sub)genre that are looking for a new entry.

Final verdict: 8/10. Check it out.
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I liked it. I also liked The Rats Are Coming, The Werewolves Are Here, so, what the hell do I know?
Tromafreak17 October 2009
Face it, these two sub genres were bound to get in each others way, sooner or later. Considering how long it took this new school Exploitation cross over to happen, the least we could do is give it an honest chance. Well, that's what I did. Was it really worth it? Sure, why not? And yes, I realize Werewolves aren't the most intriguing of Horror legends, but with a title like that, the curiosity of the average B-horror fan should kick in automatically. At least mine did. With curiosity in high gear, lowering your expectations might be a good idea. It was for me. Hardly a groundbreaking script, but a humorous one, nonetheless, after all, that's what we're here for. A couple is out in the woods camping. The guy is attacked, and killed by a Werewolf, the chick is bitten, and survives. She wakes up in a Mexican womens prison, and learns that she's been charged with her husbands murder. If that wasn't enough, this particular prison is as corrupt as prisons come, so, this chick ain't getting nothing unless she gives a little something back. The sadistic Warden and his equally sadistic right-hand women may not like what she has in store for them. Whether they like it or not, whether Sarah likes it or not, a bloodbath will ensue. No doubt the worst Werewolf this Millennium has seen, so far. Now, with everything else we know, you may ask yourself, did a spoof on An American Werewolf In London really make this Exploitation joke the least bit more appealing? And we're talking about cheap, Z-grade effects coming from every direction. Kinda reminds me of one of those softcore's on Cinemax, like Lord Of The G-strings, or Playmate Of The Apes, which couldn't possibly be a positive thing, right? Not even as well thought out as a Troma movie, Werewolf In A Womens Prison has very little going for it in the storyline/script department, and barely makes up for it with hotness. Come to think of it, I just took for granted that this was a low-budget horror movie that included sex scenes, maybe it's a low-budget softcore porn which happens to include gory killings, now I'm confused, obviously this movie wasn't meant to make one think. At least we know it's low-budget. Hardly the grandest Werewolf epic I've come across, certainly no Werewolves On Wheels, but it'll do, I suppose. Worth at least 11/2 viewings. You can call it 70's-ish, you can call it Tromaesque, but can you call Werewolf In A Womens Prison entertaining? Sure, why not? 6/10
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B-Movie trash that delivers
jfgibson7316 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've been made aware of several movies made recently that have tried in different ways to be like the cheap, trashy drive-in movies that were made in the 70's. Some are campy, some play it straight, but too often, they don't end up being much fun. Werewolf In A Women's Prison didn't have that problem.

You'll find a lot of the typical ingredients that a women-in-prison movie is expected to have. Basically what this story does is add a female werewolf and bring some gore to go with the sleaze. I think part of the reason I enjoyed it is because the characters got me to care about them. The loyalty the women showed each other made me want to root for them. I also liked how far they went with the killing rampages. I'm not a fan of gore, and the effects were not much to look at, but I admired how over-the-top they went, especially in the final sequence. Sometimes a movie doesn't have to do everything well if it is done with enough enthusiasm. This is not a good movie, but it was fun to watch.
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Low budget, but decently made
wolfbeast25 March 2009
First things first, this is obviously a very low budget movie. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but you get what you can expect from something like that: cheesy acting, poor camera work and sound, and some laughable special effects.

That being said, it was decently made for what they had to work with. On to the actual contents of the movie: with a title like this, you know beforehand what you'll get - And in that respect, this movie definitely doesn't disappoint. The title is cheesy, and says it all: A woman only prison being plagued by a werewolf menace. The story is thin but decently executed, and they actually made some effort of keeping it going when they were not preoccupied by having a drawn out chase scene or getting down&dirty with each other.

Lots of gore, lots of blood, lots of female nudity and lots of sex. It's like visiting the 70's all over again. If you're fond on this kind of movie, it's decent enough to watch. If you want to have a laugh at how cheesy it is, definitely go for it! It gets a 5 out of 10 from me, for taking something predictable and making it halfway decent.
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A new generation exploitation classic in the making
slayrrr66619 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Werewolf in a Women's Prison" is a great throwback to the sleaze classics of the past.


Awakening in a prison infirmary, Sarah Ragdale, (Victoria De Mare) finds that the heads of the prison, Rita, (Jackeline Olivier) and Juan, (Domiziano Arcangeli) are bent on making her stay there trouble, as she's been accused of murdering her boyfriend. Proclaiming her innocence, fellow prisoners Rachel, (Eva Derrek) and Angel, (Meredith Giangrande) help her adjust to life in the prison. Fearing that she's been cursed with the ability to transform into a werewolf, she begins to display evidence on the other inmates that arouses their curiosity. When the moon becomes full later that week, she indeed goes on a rampage as a werewolf and tears through most of the inmates in brutal fashion, and they see this as a prime example to make an example out of her. Turning the prison into a freakshow built around her, she ends up escaping and going on another rampage, forcing those who care for her to try to stop it before she takes out others.

The Good News: This here is a really fun and enjoyable werewolf film. The fact that this one manages to throw in a great story for the creature's appearance is one of it's better points, and as an example to feature a ton of sleaze and blood-letting is always a good thing. By making that part of the storyline that serves as an excuse to unleash that kind of material manages to get fun and sleazy. From the moment that the heroine wakes up in the infirmary the film starts up with the sleaze and never stops, and it couldn't be any worse since it does it with such repetitiveness. The lesbian guard manages to make it feel all the sleazier with the check-up required for all new recruits, a feel-up on another inmate for pure pleasure, and the sadomasochism that the two are involved in with the guards are plain sleazy. The treatment of the prisoners is no better in the sleaze stakes, and the ultimate example is the punishment out in the desert, as strapped to a rock topless out in the middle of the day, forcing them to keep hydrated by licking the sweat off each other's bodies, and the fact that they're in such a state to begin with is where the sleaze here comes from. The next best is the constant cutting between a lesbian sex scene and one of the sadomasochism scenes at the same time, and both of them are perfectly executed, leaving this one feeling like a real homage to the films of the past, which used this same sort of tactics in the past. The behavior of the prisoners to each other also works well, as the early scenes of them inside at the beginning of their trip inside the cell giving some more rather fun sleaze. In addition to the glorious sleaze, the film is also brutal and quite graphic, and is overall really bloody. The kills in here are quite severe and gruesome, and they result in some incredible moments. There's one in here who's bisected from the waist to the top of the head by being pulled through a set of prison bars, throats get torn out, a whole slew of decapitations, limps are ripped off, a head ripped apart, some accidental gunshots and more are killed indeterminably but done in a shower of blood-splatter, being quite great. Even the beast is great, with glowing eyes, snarling fangs and a huge, imposing size. All of these, done with a fantastic pace and high-octane action, make this one highly watchable.

The Bad News: This one doesn't have much wrong with it. The biggest problem with it is that there's so much sleaze and exploitation parts to it that might not be for everyone. The idea of showcasing as much as it does might be incredibly uncomfortable to some, and with it being as much as it is in here, it's going to be for quite a few. Not that it's a bad thing, but the cumulative effect of all that it features will be too much for some of the light-hearted and squeamish out there, who don't care for this kind of stuff. The low-budget here has something that could be really damaging, since it's practically-based but still comes off looking cheap. It's better than CGI, but still not completely flawless. The last flaw in here is the completely done-to-death and clichéd subplot about the killed victim coming back to warn the cursed survivor. It's lifted from another film whole-sale, right down to the appearance of the deceased and doesn't do anything new with it. It serves no purpose here, and really should've been dropped. These few small flaws are what's wrong with the film.

The Final Verdict: A new-age sleaze classic that really captures the spirit of the exploitation films of the past. This one perfect for the fans of those kinds of films, sleaze-fans in general of those who enjoy gore-drenched low-budget schlock, while those who don't care for those virtues are advised to skip this one.

Rated R: Full Nudity, Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and several strong sexual scenes
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