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Surprisingly convincing
C-Younkin12 March 2010
"She's out of My League" is a solid 7, a romantic comedy that scores a few good laughs and does a nice job of being convincing. Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder) stars as Kirk, a pathetic dork with the build of Woody Allen who works a menial job in airport security. Through a cell-phone mishap, he winds up at a party being thrown by Molly (Alice Eve), a 10 on the very attractive scale. He knows she's way more attractive than him and she knows he's normally not the guy she would usually date but Molly looks deep down and sees Kirk for the nice, unthreatening guy he is and they hit it off. There are some funny moments here. Kirk's family is especially demeaning to him (they even embrace his bitchy ex-girlfriend as one of their own) and his friends are clueless match-makers, which leads to a very funny man-scaping scene between Kirk and one of them. What works best in "League" is just listening to people talk though. Kirk's friends (played by Mike Vogel, Nate Torrance, and T.J Miller) are identifiable idiots, too wrapped up in over-thinking things like the rating scale (both their number and womens) and Disney fairy-tales to really understand women. Their scenes with Kirk are enjoyably like a crude, vulgar, sexual "Breakfast Club". The way the scrawny, nervous, and unconfident Baruchel interacts with the beautiful and engaging Eve is also very likable and they do a nice job of handling the ups and downs of forming an honest, meaningful relationship (an almost foreign concept in today's star-packaged romantic comedies). The way they finally handle the elephant in the room is also very effective. This is feel-good stuff, but it works.
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A surprising winner.
Troy_Campbell31 March 2010
Expectations weren't exactly through the roof for SOOML. No big name actors, a director with no feature film experience and a screenplay by the same guys who brought us Sex Drive. It is with great delight then, that what we get is 100 minutes of laughter and light-hearted entertainment. Is it clichéd? Sure is. We've seen the 'underdog gets the girl' story repetitively since the dawn of cinema, but at least scripters John Morris and Sean Anders inject it with humorous variations to ensure we forgive their shortcomings in originality.

Jay Baruchel was another unknown quantity. His supporting turns in Knocked Up, Fanboys, Tropic Thunder and Million Dollar Baby (remember the weakling who frequented the boxing hall despite his complete lack of talent – that was Baruchel) have provided laughs galore, but being the main star is different altogether. His geeky exterior and small frame isn't exactly leading man material however Baruchel's great comic timing and willingness to make a fool of himself if required makes him a likable headliner.

On the opposite end of the gender pole is the drop-dead gorgeous Alice Eve who, like Molly, is a hard ten. It's not just her looks that makes her popular with the men though, she's genuinely cool and doesn't have a whiff of ego. Elsewhere in the cast you'll find the previously unknown T.J. Miller as Kirk's best mate Stainer – a character who resembles Napoleon Dynamite if he were on crack cocaine – who delivers a handful of memorable one-liners and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

A charismatic cast and some hilarious jokes makes this a surprising winner.

3.5 out of 5 (1 - Rubbish, 2 - Ordinary, 3 - Good, 4 - Excellent, 5 - Classic)
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You can fulfill your dream and go for the gold
the-movie-guy10 March 2010
(Synopsis) Molly (Alice Eve) is a sexy event planner who is delayed by a sleazy airport security guard. Another security guard, Kirk (Jay Baruchel) comes to her rescue, and passes her through to catch her plane. Luckily, Kirk finds Molly's phone that she left behind, and from the plane, Molly calls her phone and invites Kirk to a party to return her phone when she returns. Kirk is smitten by Molly, but his friends point out to him that he doesn't have a chance, because he is only rated as a "5" and Molly is definitely a "10". And as everybody knows, you can only date a girl who is only "2" above your score, so that means Kirk can only successfully date a "7". However, Molly has something else in mind, because she has found that Kirk is sweet, amusing, honest, and different from the men she has been dating. Kirk, on the other hand, has one big insecurity problem; Kirk believes Molly will dump him as soon as she realizes her mistake. Under these circumstances, and everything working against Kirk and Molly, is it possible for them to build a relationship that will bloom and flourish?

(My Comment) This is an unlikely love story that is a really sweet romantic comedy. You would think that it is a women's movie, but it actually is a guy's movie, because it gives the "5s" of the world the belief that they have a chance to catch and have a relationship with a "10". The trailers portray that there are a lot of raunchy sex scenes in the movie, but actually, it is more your imagination then the real thing. The story does show and prove that a person with low self esteem will have a hard time in life fulfilling his dream. Hopefully, people who saw this movie will take this lesson of life to heart and go for the gold, or in this case a "10". Jay Baruchel's performance as the quirky geek was right on target, and Alice Eve's portrayal of Molly made her very likable. Both actors characterization of the low self-image problem was very believable. This is one of those hilariously funny love stories that could be a sleeper hit. I laughed throughout the whole movie, and left the movie in a happy mood. (Paramount, Run Time 1:44, Rated R)(7/10)
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Nice Little Surprise
dukevega23 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In all honesty, I have no idea why I went to see this movie. It clearly falls in one of the most clichéd of all film genres and stars only one person I have ever heard of. But I went to see it anyway and I was glad I did.

I think I liked it mostly because of the leads. I liked the guy because he never tried to impress the girl, he was just himself, even when it was painful and difficult to do so, and I liked the girl because once you got past her looks, you found an interesting person underneath.

The other big reason I liked it was because it managed to take one of the oldest romantic clichés ever--racing to the airport to declare your love before that Perfect Someone leaves--and put a nice twist on it. Kudos to the writers on that one, that alone was worth several points on this scale.

This is actually one of the better movies I've seen this year, I highly recommend it.
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Hilarious with a bit of romance... FANTASTIC!
worldofjohnboy5 March 2010
I saw this at a sneak preview showing knowing very little about the film other than one preview.

This film is along the same lines as "Knocked Up" or "Superbad" in that it is rather funny, but at the same time makes you relate to the characters in a way that also tugs at your heart. There were many times when the theater full of people burst into laughter, and I even found myself crying at some points I was laughing so hard! The actors all do a fantastic job with their parts, and you can easily identify with most of them. (No "over the top" characters ever do a hostile takeover of the plot.) This movie is probably a notch below movies like "The Hangover," "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Wedding Crashers," but it definitely holds it own and you will most definitely find yourself laughing hard more than once. Well worth the $$ to see it in the theater!
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I don't care about what the critics think, She's Out of My League was a lot of fun.
DarkVulcan2915 March 2010
I mean She's Out of My League is right up there with The 40 year old Virgin(2005), and I Love You, Man(2009), a raunchy vulgar comedy that manages to have a heart to it. I mean Role Models(2008), hardly had anybody likable in it, and it was a big hit, and i'm still trying to figure that one out. But this film had two likable leads that you wanna route for.

Kirk(Jay Baruchel from Knocked Up), works at at an airport, he's a nice guy, but painfully shy and insecure. His buddies that he works with say thats because women don't consider him boyfriend material, cause he is too safe. But all that changes one day when the ever so enchantingly beautiful Molly(Alice Eve) forgets her cell phone, while boarding a plane, she uses her friends cell phone to call her cell phone, and Kirk finds it and answers it, she asks him can he hold it for her. Kirk brings it back to her, Alice soon wants to spend more time with Kirk. But will Kirk insecurities ruin it?

The critics are quick to bash this movie, but give Role Models a thumbs up, go figure. I liked Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve they where characters to route for, and where very enjoyable to watch, although Baruchel was more funnier then Eve, the comedy just happened around her. Lindsay Sloane(Big Red from Bring It On) is also good has Marnie, Kirks ex. Krysten Ritter is also amusing as Patty, Mollys friend. But the real scene stealer IS T.J. Miller has Kirks friend Stainer, who steals almost every moment when every scene he is in, he's like Jason Segal and Seth Rogen mixed together.

I say don't listen to the critics, see this movie and form your own opinion.
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Good Date Movie, But That's It
MannyCastro21 February 2010
Sometimes ads can be misleading. It's like when you see an attractive person from far away and the closer they get the less attractive they become. The ads are selling a raunchy sex comedy where the hot lead actress is going to take her top off. That isn't the case, however. Yes, there is a make-out scene between the two stars where the male lead...has an accident. And there's also a shaving scene that will rival the one from the third American Pie. Aside from those two scenes and a few others, the movie is actually a really sweet romantic comedy.

It's about Molly (Alice Eve), a sexy event planner who gets harassed at the airport by a sleazy employee. Luckily, Kirk (Jay Baruchel), another employee, comes to her rescue. Kirk is dopey-looking, skinny, and a bit of a push-over. He's a 5, according to his friends. Yet, Molly, whose a hard 10, finds him amusing and a perfect gentlemen. Soon, to the surprise of many, they start dating. They like each other and get along fine, but their friends keep questioning the relationship and giving them self-doubt. Kirk is constantly reminded that he's a 5 and she's a 10. It goes against all logic. Molly is constantly reminded that she only went out with him in the first place because he is safe. Her previous boyfriend, also a 10, broke her heart and now she's with someone whose in no position to do that. So, does she really like (or love) him? If there's one flaw to this film it's that the filmmakers (or studio) went for the R-rating just for the sake of appearing edgy during the marketing. Anyone expecting The 40-Year-Old Virgin is going to be disappointed. Although the raunchy scenes are funny. They just stick out and disrupt the tone. In a way, this movie is like The Girl Next Door. Elisha Cuthbert played a porn star that needs to be rescued by her nerdy next door neighbor (Emile Hirsch). Yet, she's not naked and doesn't do any wild sex scenes. It's a waste of a concept. A regular PG-13 comedy about two teenagers from opposite worlds that fall in love would have been just fine. It wouldn't have sold any tickets, but it would have been honest. So, remember, if you decide to see this film it's pretty tame and a lot more girly than the ads are willing to admit. It's a really good date movie, but not one you want to see only with your friends.
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A whole lot better than I expected!
hottiehawke12 March 2010
I just got back from seeing this movie, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. Possibly because I wasn't expecting to, but I also wasn't against giving it a chance. To me, the commercials did not look very promising, and when it was compared to the hangover in one ad, I really wasn't expecting much. First of all, when I went to see the hangover, I was ready to laugh like crazy due to how funny everyone said it was. Personally, I didn't find it very funny at all and I always felt the writers/actors were trying too hard make a joke out of everything. The only thing that kept my attention was the semi-interesting plot.

I found the ads for She's Out of My League to be promising a "hangover clone" (in terms of the type of humor). Thankfully this movie is not what it appears to be. Many will disagree, but I felt that there is more reason for watching this than for a constant need to be funny and outrageous. I also liked the character in this movie, and found they added a lot to the story.

Although this movie offers nothing we haven't seen before, I found it at least to be enjoyable. Another reason I liked this movie is because I felt there was a storyline that made up for most of the jokes I didn't find funny.

I know that most will find it to be a pointless movie (and I guess it is to an extent), but I found it to be entertaining and worth seeing. I'm glad I wasn't expecting to be laughing throughout the whole movie, because I didn't, and because I found it to be a little more than what I was expecting from the plot.
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Much better than I expected!
AuroraGoryAlice17 February 2010
I went into the early screening of this movie tonight with low expectations, having not heard much about the movie, nor seen any trailers. I was floored! The cast is great in their parts and the script is hilarious. If you like any of the Judd Apatow films (I don't think he was a part of this movie, but it is the same kind of humor) then you will like this one. Fans of Knocked Up will recognize Jay BarucheI who plays the awkward lead with weak self esteem, and he is as cute as ever. I also had a chance to meet the lovely Alice Eve, who attended the screening and she was very nice and very beautiful. I hope to see more of her in the future. While this wasn't Shakespeare, it was a great laugh and very fun to see with friends.
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A romantic comedy in disguise.
lewiskendell22 June 2010
"Do you even know how hot you are?"

She's out of My League is a fairly typical comedy. Jay Baruchel plays an utterly average guy named Kirk, who is nothing more than mediocre in every aspect of his life, career, and looks. When a chance encounter leads to him meeting Molly (Alice Eve), a nearly- flawless woman (seriously, she's gorgeous in this movie) who seems interested in him despite all odds, Kirk has to deal with the new experience of being a 5 who's dating a hard 10. 

So yeah, that's not exactly a fresh, new story. That can be forgiven in a comedy, as long as it's..well, comedic. The movie manages to be pretty funny at times, but a lot of the humor is hit or miss. Something hilarious would happen, and then you'll spend the next five minutes wondering whether what you're seeing is supposed to be funny or not. Jay has been much funnier in other movies, and the supporting cast wavers between humorous and annoying. Still, the jokes in She's out of my League succeed more often than they fail.

The relationship between Kirk and Molly is a little hard to swallow at times, because she seems so determined to like him. Even though Kirk's personality in the movie isn't particularly remarkable. You actually start to believe their friends when they're constantly telling them that they're not going to work as a couple. The inevitable circumstances that cause problems for them seem extremely forced and predictable, as is their eventual reunion. There's little imagination involved in the story, that's for sure. 

It probably seems like I didn't particularly like the movie, but I did. It was quite funny in parts, and even the most generic parts of it weren't bad - just overly familiar. This isn't a bad comedy to check out, I just wouldn't go so far as to recommend buying it.
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I am Still Laughing and Delighted with the Beauty of Alice Eve
claudio_carvalho6 January 2012
In Pittsburgh, the clumsy and average Kirk (Jay Baruchel) works as a TSA security agent at the airport. Kirk is out of shape, uncoordinated, not college graduate, has never been in Europe and drives a shitbox Neon. His friends are a bunch of losers that also work at the airport and use to rank themselves and women. His family does not support him and his father used his college money to build a large swimming pool in the backyard of their house. Kirk dreams on becoming an airplane pilot, but he is insecure and without self-esteem. He also misses his former girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), who is a bitch that humiliate him all the time.

One day, the gorgeous Molly McCleish (Alice Eve) is helped by him in the check-in to a flight to New York, but she forgets her iphone and Kirk holds it for her. On the next day, Molly invites Kirk to go to a party at the Andy Warhol Museum and he delivers her iphone to her. Sooner they date and he learns that she is a successful promoter of events that lives in a fancy apartment and drives a nice car. However, the lack of confidence of Kirk does not let him see that Molly loves him since she is totally out of his league.

The delightful "She's Out of My League" is one of the funniest comedies I have recently seen. Jay Baruchel is hilarious in the role of a man that has no self-esteem and self-confidence to be happy with one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, Alice Eve, who is really a pretty woman.

Alice Eve was ranked #7 in 2010 in the "Beautiful Famous Faces" by "The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World." My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Ela é Demais para Mim" ("She is Out of My League")
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Proving to rival the likes of Judd Apatow and Kevin Smith!
Hellmant14 October 2010
'SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Sean Anders and John Morris, the writing team behind 'SEX DRIVE' (which Anders also directed and I thought was one of the best comedies in recent years) and the upcoming 'HOT TUB TIME MACHINE', wrote this hilarious comedy that is emotionally touching and inspiring as well. This seems to be the writing teams knack and they're proving to rival the likes of Judd Apatow and Kevin Smith, which previously had the market cornered on intelligent yet crude and vulgar comedies that also prove to be well made and heart felt character studies as well.

The duo, at least so far, have also centered on subject matter revolving around the social outcast 'loveable loser' finally winning out and succeeding in life (most notably by winning over the girl of his dreams, who's way out of his league). This is probably a really relate-able subject matter for their target audience which is why their films (at least the first two) have been such a success. Sort of the same area of expertise Smith and Apatow also have and have had great success in.

This movie fits the writing team's known formula to a T and tells the story of a pretty average looking 'loveable loser' named Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel, a known Apatow collaborator) who manages to impress a stunningly beautiful woman named Molly (played by newcomer Alice Eve) with his kindness. Molly's on the rebound from a bad break-up with a cocky good looking pilot (played by Geoff Stults) and due to the fact that Kirk seems 'safe' and harmless she asks him out. The two actually hit it off but due to Kirk's lack of confidence (due in large part to his best friends' constant put downs and demoralizing abuse, which is probably a relate-able subject for a lot of target viewers as well – it is for me) he loses faith in himself and unintentionally sabotages his chances with her.

The movie is actually a pretty smart and clever character study and it's definitely inspiring, although it is also pretty far fetched; that a ten would go for a five, as the movie's tag-line states. Despite the insight and heart the movie does deliver on all the low brow belly laughs that the previews promise and there's a lot of really clever 'Smith-esque' dialog as well. Soon to be a comedy classic!

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wakemeup3612 June 2010
What is this? Am I stuck in a vortex of terrible movies or something? Or is it just that greedy men in business suits will feed the dumbed down population whatever crap they desire as the most of population will empty their wallets for it?

OK then, let me start reviewing this movie. Firstly, the starting itself told me that this movie was going to be something I've watched a million times before. An overview of the city while a dumb song plays. How original. I'm sure you've read the plot if you're reading this review. A very good looking girl falls for a very average 'nice' guy. There are many things that are wrong with this movie. Firstly, the music. It's really annoying to hear a radio friendly pop rock song in every other scene in a movie that's not even related to music. Secondly, the humour. If you've watched any modern mainstream non romantic comedy you know what to expect here. It consists of swearing, more swearing and sexual innuendos. I do not find swearing at an elderly man who does not deserve to be sworn at funny. I don't see why anyone over the age of 13 would find premature ejaculation, which was supposed to be one of the funniest jokes of the movie, amusing at all. Showing middle fingers, pointless profanity, shaving pubic hair... I mean seriously? Do they really expect people to laugh at this? It's the same recycled bull we've been seeing for a long long time, started by movies like 'Revenge Of the Nerds' (These jokes sucked even then!)

Other than the worthless humour we have tons of pseudo drama involved here. Just before the ending there is the formulatic 'sad' part, just like every other 'comedy' movie nowadays. There is a dumb moral to be learnt at the end too. And apparently, all people are rated by numbers (from 1-10, or something) and everyone, and I mean everyone, knows about this rating system. The characters are people I really don't care about. And the ending, well it's your typical Hollywood 'everything's fine and peachy' ending.

What can I say? There is nothing smart, witty, entertaining, original or redeemable about this movie. It's just another pile of crap Hollywood has put out and will keep putting until people stop watching (or at least paying). So please, for the love of decent cinema, do not pay for this or other generic movies so those evil greedy men in business suits can realize that enough is enough.
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Sweet but rude in places
neil-4762 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The path of this romantic comedy is well trodden - loser Kirk is asked out by gorgeous Molly because she is weary of bad treatment from the hunks she normally dates, and he seems safe. He's actually a nice guy, and she falls for him. However, his friend Stainer has been driving home the message that he is way below her status (both socially and in terms of looks) and it will never succeed, and her friend Patty has been doing the same with her. This eventually drives them apart, at which point the friends realise the mistake they've made and conspire to bring them together again.

I'm not familiar with Jay Baruchel (Kirk) other than as the voice of the main character in How To Train Your Dragon. But, on the basis of She's Out Of My League, he appears to be vying with Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg for the position of Self-denigrating Loser Unlikely Romantic Hero.

And he is doing so quite successfully in this case, because the object of his affections is played by Alice Eve, another performer with whom I am unfamiliar but about whom I will say she is very attractive (of course, that's the point of the movie) and she has a great smile. I wasn't familiar with much of the supporting cast, either, but they were all good - interestingly, Molly's parents are played by her real life parents, English actors Trevor (Shoestring) Eve and Sharon (Gold Blend commercials) Maughan. I particularly liked Krysten Ritter as Molly's friend Patty, and Debra Jo Rupp as Kirk's mother.

As is the modern fashion there is a fair amount of bad language, and some concentration on bodily functions (one of which gives rise to one of the funniest sequences in the film). But these are nice people and it's quite a sweet story, and the ruderies fit quite well, so I didn't mind that much.

I liked this film.
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A lot better than I expected
Smells_Like_Cheese30 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the trailer for She's Out of my League, I have to admit that I laughed, but I was thinking that if I had seen this movie, it would probably be a let down. One of those "you saw the funny parts in the trailer" movies. But still, I saw the movie just keeping my expectations low as most romantic comedies are just awful. Much to my pleasant surprise, She's Out of My League was a really funny movie that I enjoyed very much. In a society obsessed with looks and being perfect, most romantic comedies have these gorgeous people in the leads who don't look like they need any help in their love lives, we finally get a lead who isn't drop dead gorgeous as for Hollywood standards getting a beautiful person. Though I do wish we could have a romantic comedy with the opposite, not so hot girl gets the hot guy, I guess we'll have to wait a while for that. But She's Out of My League does deliver in the laughs and entertainment with great chemistry with our two leads and supporting cast.

Kirk is in his mid-20s who has a low self-esteem and, by his own admission, has not accomplished very much in life. He works at the Pittsburgh International Airport as a security officer and has very few goals other than trying to get back together with his self-centered ex-girlfriend Marnie. Marnie ended her relationship with Kirk two years ago and is highly dismissive of his continued romantic interests. However, she has remained close with Kirk's parents and overbearing brother and continues to participate in family activities along with her new boyfriend. With no relationship and an awkward family life, Kirk confides in his three close male friends who also work with him at the airport. Then at work one morning, a strikingly beautiful woman named Molly arrives at the passenger terminal for a flight to New York. She and Kirk exchange a few smiles and flirtatious words, and she then proceeds to her flight, accidentally leaving her iPhone in the airport security area. Upon realizing she has misplaced it, Molly calls her phone and Kirk, back at the security checkpoint, answers. To everyone's surprise Molly really likes Kirk, his friends constantly remind him he's a 5 and she's a 10, so he feels the pressure to keep her around.

What I liked most about this movie was how it wasn't a COMPLETE cliché, Molly's hot ex wants her back, but he doesn't go through outrageous attempts to get her back or anything, he's just as insecure as our leading male. It turns out that the only reason why Kirk is uncomfortable dating Molly is because he is reminded on a daily basis on how average he is and how he'll never get a gorgeous or sophisticated woman like Molly. A lot of people can relate to that, heck, how many times on the street do we see an unattractive looking person with someone who is really good looking and make a judgment? I loved how even his family were a bunch of jerks and not the typical "we're rooting for our son" mentality, they actually almost preferred his ex's new boyfriend over him, how sad is that? She's Out of My League is a big recommendation from me, definitely worth the rental when it comes out, it's one of the better romantic comedies that I've seen.

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Just nod if you can hear me...
K-nightt13 March 2010
This movie probably had some potential for something; my bewilderment is how these utterly prosaic unfunny themes keep making it to theaters, it's as if ideas are being recycled just because generations are. Truly the decerebrate oafs behind most films are like dogs, they return to ingest their own vomit. Well, they're 19 bucks richer now because of me. This was not at all imaginative, there was no redeeming moment, anything remotely funny was shown in the trailer (and nothing amusing was in the trailer), performances were strained (especially Molly's, totally unconvincing). What was theoretically supposed to be some comic relief was the homoerotic friend with a penchant for Disney films; none of his analogies hit home, his little moral speeches were flat, I was literally waiting for them to go on to say something meaningful, only to find out he was done. The so-called "hard 10" is the most insipid plastic creature there is (apart from having a horse-like face with a weird smile); I honestly found her friend Patty (referred to as the Hamburglar) to be much better looking than her. But then again, gentlemen prefer brunettes ;) Well, anyway, the whole premise is that society is superficial and if love is true it transcends all social facades; the way they showed this, with a dude shaving another's scrotum and the million-times-mutilated-and-beaten-to-death-horse premature ejaculation routine (with obvious allusions to American Pie and Happiness - the latter in the disgusting scene denouement involving the family dog). I feel as if the movie was like adjoining ridiculous jokes into an unformed wretched ball of raw sewage. Goes to show marketing can push anything out there, shine whatever fetid mass and call it gold, people will come (worked for me). Done with tirade.
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great great great movie
cts-inc-ebay11 December 2016
Honestly I watched this on FIOS mostly because I like Jay Baruchel. I had never heard of this movie despite it being nearly 7 years old. That said, it was a GREAT movie. It's a typical cliché he meets she and she's out of his league movie. (Oh hey, isn't that the title? LOL) As expected, they ignore the odds and get together. You'll have to watch the movie for anything more but I guess I'll just repeat a few times that it did exactly what I expected and it did it well! Will definitely watch it again. I have to write ten lines about the movie but that's a pretty ridiculous requirement just for a quick review. No wonder there are so few reviews except for those ridiculous long reviews that nobody is going to read. People just want to know how you feel about a movie. If you want details about the movie you read one of those novels that people with no life write, but if you want the simple truth -- watch the movie and you will love it.
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Not a Masterpiece but an Underrated Rom/Com Gem
CANpatbuck366410 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It would have been really easy to miss this movie. You tend to get a few different romantic comedies a year and most of them filter into static. Unless you're a really big fan of the genre, for me at least (romantic comedies are fine but they aren't my genre of choice) they go in one ear and out the other. Every so often one seems to stick (Morning Glory, About Last Night and Definitely Maybe would be my other picks from the last few years) and this was one of those movies for me. Some funny dialogue, characters that you can relate to and a genuinely sweet relationship go a long way and that's why I'm coming back to review this movie

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* We join Kirk (Jay Baruchel) as he's rehearsing a speech to try and convince his ex-girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane) to get back together with him. Instead of being supportive, his group of friends: Stainer (T.J. Miller), Mike Vogel (Jack) and Devon (Nate Torrence) take turns roasting him on why it's a terrible idea. They mock Kirk for being unattractive and try to tell him getting back together is a mistake. Kirk's lonely since their breakup however and brushes his friends off as being resentful because they weren't big fans of Marnie

The movie flashes ahead to Kirk actually giving Marnie the speech and a crappy piece of jewellery. To Kirk's horror she not only turns him down but refuses to leave because she's grown attached to Kirk's family. She's got a new boyfriend who also hangs around Ron (Hayes MacArthur) and it turns out minus his mom (Debra Jo Rupp), his entire family are a bunch of jerks.

Kirk heads off to work at the airport as TSA and a beautiful woman walks in. Her name is Molly (Alice Eve) and everyone starts to stare when she passes by. Despite her friendly demeanour she gets some unwanted attention from Kirk's boss. Kirk helps her out and gets her on her way. Once she boards she realizes she left her phone back in security. Kirk answers her call from her friend's phone and she promises to meet up with him once she gets back from her trip.

If you read the plot summary, it seems pretty average. I would agree with that criticism but the characters pick up the slack. I found it easy to identify with Kirk, he's stuck in a dead end job and he wants more but he's just as confused as the audience when this beautiful woman pays attention to him. He's an average guy but he's also easy to root for. Molly is also a great character, you find out she has her own motivations for being interested in Kirk but she's impressive inside and out. She's cool and she's not shallow at all and she and Kirk are good for each other. The side characters like Stainer and Devon don't have much development but they're there more for the comedy than to add to the plot. I also think that the movie comes to a nice conclusion, sure it has the feel good aspect but they keep it funny and it achieves a good balance. She's Out of My League has a good message as well, it's nothing new but it has some relevance today about how the important thing is being self-confident and not underestimating your chances and who you are.

Most comedies rely a lot on ad-libbing but they can't hold up over the course of the movie. I found that this movie did excel in that area. Having some great comedians like Jay Baruchel and T.J. Miller pay off for the movie, the dialogue whether it was scripted or not was hilarious. Comedy is subjective and there is some stuff here that won't work for everyone (there's some gross out humour but they don't overdo it) but I've seen this movie more than a few times and I laugh a lot every single viewing.

When I talk about the cast, I look back on this movie and I struggle to see why this movie didn't lead to bigger things for the bigger stars of She's Out of My League. T.J. Miller is on Silicon Valley and Krysten Ritter is the star of Jessica Jones and they're both pretty good here. I think this movie shows that Jay Baruchel can carry a comedy by himself. He's often hanging out with Seth Rogen and the gang (This is the End is a crazy funny comedy) but he does a solid job as the lead in this movie. I also think that Alice Eve shines here, much like Margot Robbie or Emma Stone she's gorgeous but she shows a lot of charisma and she's funny in certain scenes. She might not be on their level but there are shades of that here. I would have thought she'd be grabbing higher profile projects but I can't imagine that most people would walk away with bad things to say after watching this movie. Lindsay Sloane is also a riot, she bounces off Baruchel and Miller really well and completely holds her own.

I would never claim that this movie is a landmark in cinema or that it reinvents the romantic comedy genre but for me it's a really funny movie with a sweet enough relationship at the centre of it. I like the characters, the jokes, the actors/actresses and it's held up pretty well after multiple viewings. I can't ask for much more than that and if you're in the mood for something like this, it's definitely worth a watch.
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One of the best Romcom!!!!!
cskvicky30 October 2016
first of all, i am new to Hollywood's romantic comedy genre i have watched few movies of this genre then my friend suggested this movie. i have started to watch this movie with high expectations because of the cast.Alice eve the name is enough for me to watch the movie.she looked very hot from the start till the end. the major advantage of this movie is having her at the lead.jay baruchel is a pleasant surprise. i have not watched any of his movies before.but he did his part well.the cast major role in this movie,the friends and family of kirk did their part very well,especially kirk's brother Dylan was so comic and hilarious.the movie have so many funny and hilarious parts,all the parts were well and neatly executed.the dialogues are so intriguing and fresh. Overall a very good entertainer for Sunday evening enjoy the run my vote 8/10...
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Much Better Than I Thought It Would Be
mboyd19865 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Admittedly, just tuning in to find this perfect 10 on the screen held my attention. And then listening to the weedy Kirk played by Jay Baruchel made me like him a lot.

Maybe my own experiences of having a perfect 10 (OK, 9+) made me want to see how the film ended, but there were some real laugh out loud moments too.

And, of course, you knew there had to be a happy ending - which there was in more ways than one.

Checking on IMDb to see what the rating was, I was surprised to see it was so low. I think at least 7.5 or 8 is about right. At least you'll feel good after watching it.

So, enjoy this film. It is sweet and so is Alice Eve. Wow!
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gorgonite19 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
She's Out Of My League is a slightly over the top romantic comedy with a big heart.

An hour into the film I looked at my watch! That however is a good thing because I didn't want it to end. Then 3/4 into it the inevitable happened, the obligatory boy loses girl.

So really it should be a solid 7 or 8/10. However instead of a tacked on ending, we get to enjoy a great finale which turns it right round.

The main characters are a rather weak looking and pathetically 'nice' Jay Baruchel with a rather pretty and adorable Alice Eve. Supporting Jay are a motley crew of pals who try their best to remote control him and get the girl who is most definitely out of his league!

Supporting Alice is the straight talking Krysten Ritter, who doesn't have much to work with but sparkles. The same also applies to Nate Torrence who was great!

Jay and his crew work in airport security whilst Alice is a party planner who is frisked through by Jay. Chaos and order ensues!

Pros - Sweet, Funny, Rude, Bootlace

Cons - Too short!

Overall - 11 out of 10
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I'd never have thought....
minez011 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When 'She's Out of My League' was released, I had never heard of it. In fact I only heard about it three years later when I saw the first 10 minutes on TV. After that 10 minutes, I was interested so I bought the DVD primarily because I dislike not seeing movie endings, and was very pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

I thought 'She's Out of My League' was excellent. For a movie that has taken so many used ideas, it manages to blend everything together perfectly into a semi-crude but always cheerful romantic comedy about a regular Joe named Kirk and his struggles when he meets and dates Molly, a girl who is seemingly way higher up than he on almost every scale.

I think the main strength of this movie was the characters - prior to seeing it, I'd never heard of any of them, nor seen any movies they'd been in, and I was able to get into the story much better than had it been filled with Hollywood A-listers. The writing was sound, though the ideas were all very formulaic and horribly predictable, however in the end I found that it didn't matter anyway. The withdrawn and kind nature of Kirk, combined with the idiocy (and loyalty) of his mismatched group of friends meant that I couldn't help but love the transition Kirk made from bumbling loser to confident boyfriend of a woman likely to be the hottest girl in the city.

Some people seemed to have issues with the vulgar nature of some of the movie, though personally I didn't. I thought most scenes were very funny, and though swearing occurs here and there I thought that most of the comedic scenes were clever enough in construction that they didn't actively detract from the love story going on around them.

All in all I was very surprised after watching this movie. I expected that it might be another average romantic comedy that I'd watch a couple of times and then it would wear off, but instead this movie is full of emotion and offers a lot of heart and feeling, something sorely missing in many other films. I'll also specially mention the soundtrack which I personally consider to be one of the best I've heard to date (well, using songs that weren't made for the movie). Yes, the airport scene at the end is horribly cliché, but I can't help but smile every time I hear the opening guitar of Jet's 'Cold Hard B****' as Molly goes chasing after Kirk. Great Stuff.
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Comedy with a very nice message, talented actors
normanorem21 July 2012
The movie goes past fast, make sure you have good volume controls and no distractions. The blonde star's parents in the movie are her parents in real life! The supporting cast comes through just great. The airport scenes are familiar with us all. Making fun of average guy who is liked by the gorgeous girl is a little different than when the guy almost always likes the girl he cannot have. The uncut version has a lot of foul language, the only downside I could find. I'm watching on E television and the language is gone....No special effects, just clever writing and skilled workers and actors. It made money for the investors. They should make more movies like this, a message like 60's television series always had.
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Very Funny and original humor. Good story. Fresh faces all around.
snideelf21 June 2012
This movie caught me completely off guard. I was expecting non-stop stupidity and it was not that at all. How many times have you seen a really hot woman with a kind of chumpy-looking dude? I've seen a few. But to make a whole movie about that, well that is some really good creativity.

I loved the supporting cast. Great acting from them. As I said, all fresh faces. Maybe other people have seen these actors in other movies or TV shows. I know I've seen the actress who plays the Mom on "That 70s Show" but that's about it. The beautiful young actresses in this movie were all great actors and very good looking on screen all the time. And they were funny. They played their parts really well.

The lead actress comes across as being like really out of that guy's league, but you start to look at her and say, yeah she's not so high up there to settle for the guy who works at the airport.

The situations that the main actor gets himself into were all hilarious and very believable. Good warm humor written through-out this film. Friggin' funny! I did see this on video so it does have an R rating and that is for the really stupid parts that in my opinion were totally out of place for this movie. Like the creators didn't have enough confidence in their movie so they had to put in some dumb scenes that just were not funny.

But hey, those parts of the movie are not the whole movie. The rest of this really good movie is just non-stop hilarity. Worth a watch. I strongly recommend. Great soundtrack too.
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Nothing special but it's definitely watchable.
mjk2807 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
(I apologize in advance for not noting the names of the characters and their respective actors. It's been a few days and there really wasn't anyone in this movie that had a great performance or had done much else I've seen in the past)

I don't expect much from movies like this. Movies are so hit and miss nowadays it's hard to expect a lot from a comedy with a not so original premise and not much fanfare. Not that a movie needs to be hyped to be good (far from it) but I think you know what I mean.

This movie fills the minimum quota of laughs and they're spread out pretty evenly throughout the film. It's somewhat juvenile but that should be expected going in. Regardless if you feel you're above that don't bother. The rest of the movie is fine it's just not very original.

The answer to why this girl is going out of her way for the main character isn't really convincing. She's dated attractive meatheads her whole life and wants to go in the complete opposite direction. Okay that's cliché but I can accept that. The thing is there's pretty much zero chemistry between the two characters and no realistic arc of them getting together. She just picks him because he's not a gorgeous narcissist and that's it. She admits as much later on but it still doesn't explain why she puts up with so many strange things his family puts her through or his particularly unusual lack of self-esteem. I mean near the end of the movie it seems like it's been months since they started dating and for some reason he still can't believe she likes him and still isn't comfortable being around her. That's very hard for the viewer to believe and if he really was THAT devoid of self-esteem there's no way she would have ever even taken a shot at going out with him. I know it's just a comedy but a little believability on the part of the actors would have been nice. You get what you pay for in this case I suppose.

The only other complaint I had was that the ending was not only a cliché that's been done a thousand times but that it was drug out for far too long. At least make it quick if you're going to make us sit through something we've seen a bunch of times before.

The movie made me laugh and I was glad I watched it once. That's a success in my book. I just think with a little more polish it would have been a smoother ride.

One minor note: One reason I wanted to see this is because I'm a native Pittsburgher and a big Penguin fan. I was a little disappointed they just made up player names like Reese and Fox. I mean come on: They got a bunch of Penguins to appear in that Van Damme movie Sudden Death. It would've been nice for them to get just one player, even a nobody, for the sake of a little authenticity. Very minor complaint though obviously. I have actually been to the Brillo Box, the place where the party near the end is held. I don't believe the inside is the same place. The actual place is much, much smaller.
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