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Better than that Life Aquatic
jtrumpwd14 June 2006
Yeah, this BraxtanFILM has been sweeping the Film Festivals near and far. Being one of the few films they've done on Film as they have used Digital Video for quite a few years, makes it a memorable and enjoyable short film by those Braxtan guys.

Heath was great in the video, and so was Tim Johnson. Yet I don't understand why the hell J. Michael Weiss is in front of Tim's name on their website; when all Jason did was babble in french and get slapped around.

Now you IMDb punks had better put "Return of the Ghostbusters" up, and take down that 'Ghostbusters in Hell' thing we all know that won't ever happen.
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MattDiaz42616 June 2006
Mr.Braxtan at his best again. This film shows the real power of a great and upcoming director. This film is simply amazing. It's really hard to find a great film, that has a great plot, great twist, great story, great acting, great direction...yet i've been proved wrong after watching this master piece. This movie Does what the Blair Witch did for does for comedy. In my own words, this is one of the best movies i've seen from a indie film director..and hopefully there will be a sequel. note: Hank has been working on many , many short movies, this one is a outstanding gem in his great collection of movies and this one will..and probably just solidify his position to the big screens.
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PWNAGE AT IT'S HIGHEST FORM! *SPIFFY Productions Review of Indie Film Adventures
Sonofgokukj23 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Once again, Hank and his pals amaze me. He just knows how to write a script! He can also do some great shots and also know how to keep the laughs coming!

Positives/Negatives TIME!

+: 1. Great satire to the average flaws in most Independent films. Watching Ghallagar point out every flaw is a pleasure to watch. *NUTSHOT*

*note there may be only one + compliment but it's a short and it was funny!*

-: 1. Randal graves anyone? *not really original Hank. It's practically the same character*

2. Corny ending. And not the good kind

3. TO SHORT! should've been longer. More satire the better *you did cover most of the bases though so that's good*

All in all though, a great film and is worth watching if you've seen a fair share of bad indie films

Keep it up hank!
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Excellent Movie
ajtalon16 August 2006
As someone who actually played a minor role in the film, I can safely say that participating in it was fantastic, but seeing it even better. Hank Braxtan took the familiar jokes about indie films and festivals, and put them together in a single, fantastic story that has me laughing every time I re-watch it.

Gallagher's actor really put a true sense of manic energy into his performance, while all of the performers in the movies made each scene seem different and wholly unique from the last. The lighting techs did a great job of making sure each scene looked almost cut out from another movie, which made Gallagher's adventure even funnier. My only regret is that I couldn't contribute more to the film. Guess I'll have to just put more forth into the next project! Peace!
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