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Hot Rods & Droids: A George Lucas Profile (Part 3)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary filmmaker George Lucas in the third of a six-part feature... read parts one and two.

“We both have a tradition that, when we have a film opening for which there are high expectations, we get out of town,” stated filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who vacationed with colleague George Lucas in Hawaii while Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Star Wars (1977) were being theatrically released. Lucas asked Spielberg what he would like to do as his follow-up effort. “I said I wanted to do a James Bond film. United Artists had approached me after Sugarland Express [1974] and asked me to do a film for them. I said, ‘Sure give me the next James Bond film.’ But they said they couldn’t do that. Then George said he had a film that was even better than a James Bond. It was called Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Top Ten Tuesday: Animated Series Based on a Movie

Usually we see animated cartoons as a separate entity from live-action movies, or else they spawn a major movie event or franchise. This would be the case with G.I. Joe, which opens this Friday, August 7 in theaters nationwide. However, there are a select number of memorable animated television series that were based on a live-action movie. Having broke the mold in that sense, we decided to come up with our list of the Top Ten Animated Series Based on a Movie. Each of these animated series garnered various levels of success and popularity from various eras on TV nostalgia.

10. Tales From the Cryptkeeper (1993)

This early 90’s cartoon of course was based on the HBO Series and two Movies (Demon Night and Bordello of Blood). Of course the content was completely watered down, taking out the violence and other questionable material.Instead the episodes were about machines that turned people into wax,
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