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Sex & Nudity

  • No Nudity.
  • Season One Episode One: there is a sexually suggestive scene where a woman is shown making and sending a video. She crawls around in a long with her clothed buttocks facing the camera. She then lays down and we see her laying on the bed in lingerie. She removes her top and we see her topless from behind and she stands up and we remain seeing her only from the back in a pair of panties. We then see her go to the computer and have dialogue. The theme of her making sex tapes for money continues throughout the episode. In a later scene she is forced to make another sex video and it is implied she taking her clothes off however she doesn't end up even in her underwear before she is slapped and knocked out.
  • In Season One a man has an affair with a woman, which is filmed in order to blackmail him. The woman undresses (shown from behind) before the scene ends. Later, a clip of the "act" (sort of graphic with movement but no nudity; it's obvious what's happening and if I remember correctly there weren't any covers) is briefly shown on a tv screen.
  • Two adults are shown "making out" on the floor, one is fully dressed and one has a cloak on.
  • Unmarried characters have implied sex at least once in every season.
  • Multiple times, characters very obviously have sex, though no nudity is shown.
  • A man falls out of a shower, it is implied that he is naked. Nothing is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • One of the main villains is a serial killer and kills uncountable people throughout the seasons including several main characters and minor characters.
  • A main character has his throat slit and he bleeds to death.
  • The serial killer slices off the top of peoples heads to kill them, he then removes their brain.
  • Decapitations and dismemberment happens quite a few times.
  • Many people are tortured, some killed after the torture.
  • When caught, the villain is tortured and tested on in gruesome ways.
  • Blood and gore is frequently shown, a death is in almost every episode.
  • The blood and gore is very intense.
  • Claire is autopsied on several times with organs and bones showing this is extremely graphic
  • Jessica/Nikki kills people in violent ways. In a couple a occasions she rips people in half. The corpses are seen with organs on the floor. Extremely graphic


  • Occasional instances of bitch, crack whore, ass, shit, damn, and hell. Some slang terms for sex ("hump", "screw"). A fuck is said in a different language. Also uses of semi-swears like crap, fricking, and darn.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character is a heroin addict.
  • A few characters are shown smoking.
  • A character has in one season an alcohol problem.
  • Characters are injected/inject themselves with things that are sometimes dangerous.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The story is set in a dark setting, with bad things happening to every character. Many peole are killed, tortured, tested on, and captured. The killing is frequent, with it being very graphic. The blood and gore is suprisingly intense for TV-14 and will make many horror lovers wince.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Claire goes to a party/bonfire and a boy starts to talk to her. You then see them sitting on the bleachers kissing. He tries to put his hand up her shirt and down her skirt. She moves his hand and he tries to rape her, but she falls and dies as a stick gets stuck in her head

Violence & Gore

  • Claire lays on an autopsy table, dead. She comes back to life up you see her torso has been cut open. She replaces the skin, and it heals; she then gets up and leaves the room
  • A plate of glass is stuck in peter's head the you see a large cut with some blood when the glass is pulled out you hear it being removed from the skin the glass has blood all over it
  • After a party, something happens Claire and there is a stick in her head. She is at the hospital, dead. You see the doctor take out the stick with blood on it, and puts it in a container

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