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  • Caitlin was left in the future, and they will never mention her again, according to Tim Kring. Due to the writers strike, they scrapped the idea of getting her back.

    She may not return to the series but there are many theories of time that could've happened to Caitlin.

    1, Positive Theory) It's possible that after Peter destroyed the Shandi Virus he altered the future and the 2008 he left her in changed around her into the real 2008 instead of the virus ridden one. Like in Back to the Future II when Marty and Doc left Jennifer and Einstein (the dog) in the alternate 1985, changed the past, and it changed around them. So she could be in New York somewhere but Peter just never met up with her due to his brother getting shot and the events of season 3.

    2, Negative Theory) When Peter destroyed the virus he may have destroyed the future he left her in and she is trapped in that future forever. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Volume 4 is the second half of season 3 consisting of 12 episodes. Volume 3 was the first half. (13 episodes) It was split so there wasn't a big expectation for the volume finale. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Niki was her own person when she was younger. She had a sister named Jessica. Jessica had the ability of super-strength, and it is unclear whether or not Niki had a power herself. After Jessica was killed by her father as a child, she was able to enter the mind (more likely the subconscious) of Niki. As Niki got older, Jessica learned how to take over the body of Niki, making a sort of split personality. Jessica, using Niki's body, was still able to use the super-strength she had originally. Niki and Jessica could not come to terms throughout the first season, until the very last few episodes. At this time they were able to accept each other and "merge minds" into one stable being. At this time it seems that Niki's mind in control, but has the super-strength of Jessica.

    Another view on this would be that Niki realized as a child that her father was responsible for the death of her sister, and suppressed it, causing multiple personality disorder later in life. Though only "Jessica" has the super strength, it would be safe to assume that both sisters (were both still alive) would each have super strength. "Jessica" has the super strength and Niki doesn't simply because Niki doesn't know how to use it, but "Jessica" does (kind of like Peter having to learn how to use his powers). In other words, both personalities are just as physically capable of using the strength, but only "Jessica" knows how.

    To add to this other view, it has been confirmed by Bob (from "The Company") that Niki's stress caused a fracture in herself, creating multiple personalities. This means Jessica does not possess Niki, as she is just one of Niki's personalities. We later see "Gina," another personality emerge in the episode "Four Months Ago." According to Bob, this happens sometimes, which leads us to believe that Niki's power is the strength alone, and the personalities is an affliction. It could possibly affect any of the heroes.

    The effect on other "heroes" could be further speculated in Season 2, with Nathan looking into a mirror and seeing a horribly scarred version of himself.

    Another viewer has his own view: Niki's ability is super strength. Jessica possesses the power of 'astral projection', and when she died, her only way to survive was to move her consciousness into Niki's body. Niki was unaware of her own power of super strength until she discovered Jessica utilizing it to protect Niki, which apparently was the basis of their relationship when both were alive. Only at the end of season 1 was it revealed that the strength was Niki's power, not Jessica's, when Niki had to fight 'Candice', who used her power of illusion to make Niki think she was fighting Jessica. Niki saw Jessica in a piece of broken mirror when Jessica told her "you're the strong one". Whether or not they are twins has yet to be revealed, as names were mentioned for triplets - Niki, Tracy and Barbara, the latter of which has not been introduced (unless Barbara was actually Jessica, going by her middle name, maybe?).

    In conclusion, there's no consensus on what was the exact ability of each sister, neither if they were twins. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Gabriel Gray (Zachary Quinto) -- self-dubbed "Sylar." The most prominent villain of the first season, responsible for hunting down and killing other people with powers. He was contacted by Suresh, who hoped to discover some inherent power. When Sylar was rejected by Suresh, he sought to make himself special. Calling on his experience as a watchmaker, he murdered a man who proved to have telekinesis and dissected his brain. He acquired the power of telekinesis and has used his power to murder others. It is conjectured that he can acquire other powers by dissecting the brains of people who possess powers. Due to contracting the disease currently assaulting those with powers, he is currently unable to use any abilities, though he is not aware of this and believes he may have lost them during the fight at the end of season 1. It is unknown if he can still obtain new powers while in this state, as he attempted to do so with Candice (Michelle) while under capture by the company after the events of season 1.

    Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong) -- debuted on the show as a possible villain, possessing the ability to become radioactive when experiencing heightened states of emotion. He was responsible for the death of a doctor, but Matt discovered that Ted accidentally killed him with the use of his power. At the time of his death in "The Hard Part," the only villainous act Ted committed was holding the Bennett family hostage in their home. Ted was in FBI custody for the second time when Sylar killed him in order to appropriate his power.

    Daniel Linderman (Malcolm McDowell) -- Casino owner/mob boss who knows about powers and collects Isaac's paintings, is very probably a villain. He has manipulative power over Niki and D.L., and strong connections with Nathan Petrelli and his late father. As of "Landslide," he is dead ( or so we are led to believe).

    During the first season, Noah Bennet initially seemed to be a villain, but now the real villain behind his mysterious actions seems to be "The Company," which includes Thompson (Eric Roberts), (perhaps formerly) Kaito Nakamura, Linderman, (formerly) Eden, and Candice Wilmer (AKA Michelle) (Missy Peregrym). During the second season, the company has different members/new members introduced that were present but not seen in Season 1. These include Ivan (Bennet's old mentor), Bob Bishop (Stephen Tobolowsky), and his daughter, a lightning-powered girl named Elle Bishop (Kristen Bell). Also, Niki seems to join "The Company," and Mohinder infiltrates "The Company" (although his allegiances seem to actually swing towards joining "The Company"). (Note: In the second season, it is easy to question whether "The Company" is truly an evil organization after the death of Linderman.)

    Maury Parkman (Alan Blumenfeld) -- Matt Parkman's father, referred to by Molly Walker as "Nightmare Man." Revealed so far is the fact that he can see Molly when she attempts to look for him with her powers and appears frequently in her nightmares. It has been suggested that his powers allow him to enter the minds of others, though he chooses to do so through dreams. He is living in squalor when Matt and Nathan track him down, but the group photo of The Twelve seems to have been taken only a few years prior, and all pictured seem to suggest all twelve had a fairly high class of living. Maury traps Matt and Nathan in nightmares to get away from them. He is mentioned as being one of Adam Monroe's supporters before The Twelve broke up. He is presumably behind the attack on Angela while she is in police custody for the murder of Kaito Nakamura. He later convinces Niki to kill Bob Bishop while inside Company Headquarters before Matt is able to trap him inside his own nightmare and freeing Molly at the same time. This breaks Maury's hold on Niki and thereby saving Bob as well.

    Takeso Kensei/Adam Monroe (David Anders) -- Hiro's idol, who turned against Hiro when his love, Yaeko, fell in love with everyone's favorite "SuperHiro." Despite his regenerative abilities, he was believed to have been destroyed in an explosion that occured after the two fought. However, his powers appear to not only include regeneration, but also immortality. Kensei is revealed to be the true identity of "Adam Monroe," the mastermind who is attempting to kill all of his old partners, which he begins by attacking Kaito Nakamura by shoving him off the roof of the Deveaux Building in front of Ando. Ando rushes to the side, but only sees Kaito's body and two large pools of blood on the sidewalk. Angela Petrelli later falsely admits to the murder (possibly to protect herself from Adam), and in doing so, she reveals she and Kaito once had an affair.

    Arthur Petrelli (Robert Forster) -- Father of Nathan and Peter Petrelli and husband of Angela Petrelli. Thought to have been dead, he returns in full power by taking Adam Monroe's power of cellular regeneration/immortality in Volume 3, "Villains". Arthur's ability has been described as a version 1.0 of Peter's ability. Peter has empathic mimicry and can take on the abilities of others while they still retain their abilities. Arthur just takes others' abilities. As the head of Pinehurst, Arthur is working to create a formula that would let anyone who wanted an ability to get an ability. In Volume 3, Peter and others are working to prevent that from happening.

    Emile Danko (Zeljko Ivanek) -- In Volume 4, "Fugitives", Nathan turns against his own kind and becomes a villain, along with Danko, in their hunt to track down those with abilities. Nathan uses his political pull with the President to put together a task force that will round up people with abilities, good or bad.

    Samuel Sullivan (Robert Knepper) -- In Volume 5, "Redemption", we are introduced to Samuel Sullivan, from the Sullivan Brothers Carnival. Samuel has the ability to control earth, and the carnival exists as a "family" of other people with abilities. It is revealed in an old film reel Chandra Suresh recorded at Coyote Sands that Samuel is increasingly dangerous the more people with abilities he surrounds himself with. His brother Joseph knew this and worked hard to prevent this from happening. Samuel found out about his ability when Mohinder visited the carnival to talk to Joseph and later murdered his brother. Samuel is manipulating others at the carnival to accomplish his own purposes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The licence plate number, NCC 1701, is the same as the registry number of the Starship USS Enterprise from the television series Star Trek (1966) in which George Takei appeared as the character Mr. Sulu. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Haitian works for Angela, whose son is Nathan. He wanted him to get away. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A deleted scene from the blu-ray dvd and the episode "Let It Bleed" both show Samuel creating the ink from earth. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Volume 5 consists of 18 episodes (19 if you separate the first 2 hour episode under it's two titles). The show was canceled by NBC before Volume 6 was filmed. Series creator Tim Kring was slated to enter discussions with NBC in June to discuss a wrap-up mini series or movie, but no solution has yet been reported. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) -- Time - Space Manipulation -- Japanese man traveling with his friend Ando. Powers are somewhat iffy, as he sometimes cannot manipulate the space time continuum at all, and at other times will overshoot his intended destination by miles and/or centuries. The son of a successful Japanese businessman, Kaito Nakamura.

    Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) -- Rapid Cell regeneration -- "The cheerleader", Mr. Bennet's adopted daughter; biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon. She ran away from first "PrimaTech Paper", in Texas, and later her bio-dad and grandmother, in New York. She was voted her high school's Homecoming Queen thanks to Zach and the "unpopular" voters. Her blood can be used to heal others, not just herself.

    Niki Sanders (Ali Larter) -- Enhanced strength -- Micah's mom, married to D.L. Is afflicted with the multiple personality disorder that apparently is a result of the stress the power takes on the person's mind. MPD isn't considered a power as it can affect any of the heroes, not just Niki. Her power is her superhuman strength. After this she left Micah with family of DL's and went to the company to get "cured". While there, she was used by Matt's father to try to kill Bob, but then was injected with the "Virus", the new threat. In 2.11 "Powerless", Niki sacrifices herself to free Micah's kidnapped cousin, Monica Dawson, from a burning building.

    Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) -- Empathic Mimicry -- A registered nurse, Nathan's brother, was Simone's lover after being her father's Hospice nurse. Thought by outsiders to be mentally unstable. The first season's plot semi-revolved around the possibility of him exploding and destroying New York. As of the second season's premier it seems Peter is alive, but has no idea as to who he is or what he's capable of in terms of his abilities. He survived the "explosion" after he absorbed his niece Claire's regenerative capabilities. After dropping Nathan off at a hospital, he is taken captive by The Company. He breaks out with Adam aka Kensei, who later convinces Peter to help release a lethal virus. Nathan and Matt try to stop them, and are joined at PrimaTech by a vengeance seeking Hiro.

    Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) -- Flight -- Politician, Peter's brother. Claire Bennet's biological father. Appears his first experience with flight (that we know of) partially caused the accident in which his wife was paralyzed. Peter also dreamt the dream as it was happening/right before it happened. As of the end of "How to Stop an Exploding Man", newly-elected Nathan flies Peter high above the earth, saving New York from its seemingly unavoidable future. Due to this it is assumed he died, but returns in the second season as a much different man. It is said that since the occurrences in the season one finale he's become a drunk, driven away his wife and children, and it seems has left his elected position of congressman.

    Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) -- Telepathy -- Dyslexic police officer turned bodyguard after six-month duty suspension after a raid on PrimaTech paper factory to find where Sylar was being held was unsuccessful. Also, trying to mend his marriage to Janice, who is pregnant. As of the end of "How to Stop an Exploding Man", Matt is in critical condition. As of the beginning of season two, "Four Months Later", Matt and Mohinder are living together and watching over Molly Walker. Matt is hired by the NYPD after finally passing detective's exam, and claims to have split from his wife and unborn baby. In "Five Years Gone", Matt and Janice's child is in hiding and referred to as "Matthew", but in Season 2, Matt claims the baby is not his, but his ex-partner Tom McHenry's, and he is divorced. But when trapped in his father's psychic projection, his wife accuses Matt of abandoning them. His powers have evolved, and now instead of only reading thoughts he can put thoughts into people's heads, controlling them like his father, Maury, the "Nightmare Man" Molly is afraid of.

    D.L. Hawkins (Leonard Roberts) -- Phasing -- Most likely description for his power is being able to oscillate the atoms in his body at/near the speed of light. Was framed by Niki's alter-ego, Jessica, and jailed for stealing Linderman's two million dollars. Later killed Linderman for reasons unrelated to the money. Married to Niki, father to Micah. Was killed when he tried to rescue Nikki (Currently under possession of a new personality, Geena) from LA. Was dead before the first episode of the new season.

    Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey) -- Technopathy -- Child prodigy son of Niki and D.L. Read the same Mendez comic book Hiro had, which had not yet been released. Kidnapped by Candice Wilmer. Responsible for Nathan Petrelli's landslide victory in the 2006 election. Currently living with his father's relatives in New Orleans.

    Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera) -- Precognition -- Paints the future while in self-induced, trance-like state. Recovering from a heroin addiction. Appears to have an attraction to Simone. (The show started with Isaac & Simone in a relationship, which ended due to Isaac's heroin addiction, after which Simone & Peter became involved). Killed by Sylar after finishing the final "Ninth Wonders" issue and handing his sketchbook over to his messenger. A series of eight paintings he left behind drive several cast members in season two. It is unknown how many paintings he had left behind.

    Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong) -- Induced Radioactivity -- High amounts of radiation (at least 1800 curies) emit from his body during times of extreme emotion. Ted was initially suspected to be "Sylar", due to his wife's oncologist's death by immolation. Matt was able to determine that the death was an accident, caused by Ted's power. Ted cannot yet control his power, and he is also responsible for his wife's terminal cancer. Ted has the same mark on his shoulder as Matt, a symbol that resembles an RNA molecule, implying that the two are somehow connected. The symbol has since been linked to a specific type of drug-administering device, with 2 particular slash lines, that appears to have been used on all the heroes who have been captured, hence the matching lines. Killed by "Sylar" in the penultimate episode of the first season, meaning Peter is not the only potential destroyer of New York.

    Molly Walker (Adair Tishler) -- Clairvoyance -- Little girl whose parents have been murdered by a serial killer believed to be "Sylar". She first appeared in Chapter Two 'Don't Look Back' (2006) Her powers are revealed in Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' (2007) as being able to locate anyone. Currently her powers don't work as she is dying. Mohinder is trying to heal her with his own blood - as she has the same illness that killed his sister. Is living with Matt and Mohinder in Mohinder's apartment as of season 2. After being cured, she was attacked by "The Nightmare Man" when Matt tried to get her to track his father. The father had trapped Molly in a nightmare, leaving her body in a coma. Note: A "James Walker" appears in Chandra Suresh's database, and may be Molly's late father, who was found frozen and scalped by Sylar. Her mother is seen pinned to a wall by silverware, dead but otherwise untouched, so it is doubtful she had powers.

    Maya Herrera (Dania Ramirez) -- Poison Emission -- Introduced in Season Two, twin sister of Alejandro Herrera. Discovered on her brother's wedding day, that she has the power to kill by conjuring a unknown virus by pure thought after she discovered her brother's wife cheating on him. Whenever threatened or in a state of fear, her eyes turn black and she makes anyone within close quarters to make their eyeballs, ears, and mouths bleed out a black-putrid fluid. Only her bother, is immune to her ability and can stop her from hurting others. They go on the run from the law after she inadvertently kills her brother's entire wedding party from their home in the Dominican Republic, across Central American and Mexico hoping to reach New York to find Mohinder Suresh hoping he has the research to cure her. Paths with Syler cross when they pick him up in Mexico, after he escaped from 'the Company's' imprisonment and tricks her into helping him too find Suresh so he will regain his powers.

    Monica Dawson (Dana Davis) -- Muscle Mimicry -- Introduced in Season Two, and the older cousin of Micah Sanders, and resides in New Orleans, she discovers that her mind can imitate any action that she sees, from cooking shows, to wrestling, to any action stunts. Although most of the things she learned to do were from TV shows or on the screen of a portable video player, at one point she did some complicated skipping manouvers upon seeing it happen on the street. Mother died in Hurricane Katrina, and wants to leave New Orleans to make a new life for herself. Micah helps her to understand her abilities. Saved from a fire by Niki Sanders, who is considered dead at this point in time, in the season 2 finale.

    Elle Bishop (Kristen Bell) -- Lighting -- Crafty, sociopathic, sexually repressed daughter of Bob Bishop, and his chief enforcer/assassin for 'the Company'. Put in charge with looking after captive people with special abilities including Peter Petrelli and Adam Monroe. Sent to locate and capture or kill escaped subjects, including Peter, but has problems keeping her abilities low key and secret. Also assigned with spying on Claire Bennet.

    Tracy Strauss (Ali Larter) -- Freezing -- Introduced in Season 3 as a political advisor to the shady Governor Malden, and the dead-splitting image of the late Niki Sanders, she discovers her ability to freeze things and persons rock solid (thus killing them) and is sent to recruit Nathan Patrelli to offer a seat in the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C. When she confides her abilities to him, he confides his ability to fly to her. She goes in search of her orgins and to why she looks like Niki Sanders.

    Mohinder and Ando in the third season got artificial powers. Mohinder has enhanced sense's and Ando enhance's peoples powers. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) -- Also known as "Horn-Rimmed Glasses" or just HRG, due to his style of eyewear and the mystery surrounding his character. He is Claire's adoptive father. His first name of "Noah" is not revealed until "How to Stop an Exploding Man," to the extent that his Texas driver's license reads only "Bennet" and he gives their address as "9 Juniper Lane, Odessa, Texas" (ZIP code blurred out by Capitol Building) and only signed his name as "Bennet."

    Chandra Suresh (Erick Avari) -- Mohinder's late father, who wrote a book called "Activating Evolution" about people developing superpowers, and created the list of all those in the world who have evolved to have powers. He was murdered by Sylar.

    Simone DeVeaux (Tawny Cypress) -- Art dealer, also the lover of Peter and former lover of Isaac. Simone was accidentally killed when Isaac tried to kill Peter, and Candice briefly assumed Simone's form in order to cover it up when police were called by Isaac's neighbors.

    Audrey Hanson (Clea DuVall) -- FBI agent working with Matt to catch Sylar.

    Janice Parkman (Elizabeth Lackey) -- Wife of Matt. Had an affair with Matt's ranking officer and partner, Tom McHenry, and is currently pregnant with a baby, who is presumed to be Matt's. In the alternate timeline of "Five Years Gone," it is suggested they had a son called Matthew, but she has either broken up with Matt or gone into hiding with their son, who may have powers.

    Zach (Thomas Dekker) -- A high school classmate of Claire and one of the few people to know of her powers. He was mindwiped by "The Haitian," but Claire subsequently again let him know of her powers. Has not been featured since the story moved from the "Save the Cheerleader" arc.

    Lyle Bennet (Randall Bentley) -- Claire's younger brother, the natural son of Noah and Sandra Bennet. Discovered Claire's powers by accident after swiping the videotape she and Zach made. This knowledge was wiped from him by Haitian after Sylar's attack in "Homecoming."

    Sandra Bennet (Ashley Crow) -- Claire's adoptive mother. Suffered brain damage from repeated mindwipes by the Haitian under orders from her husband, to protect his secrets.

    Jackie Wilcox (Danielle Savre) -- Cheerleader and former best friend of Claire. Was killed by Sylar, as he thought she had the power actually possessed by Claire.

    Brody Mitchum (Matt Lanter) -- Quarterback of the high school football team. Tried to rape Claire. Was later mindwiped by "The Haitian" on Mr. Bennet's orders.

    Hank & Lisa (Colby French & Karri Turner) -- Visit the Bennet house supposedly as Claire's biological parents, but actually work for Mr. Bennet. Hank is later seen to be a doctor under the employ of 'The Company.' Hank is killed by Sylar in his escape from PrimaTech.

    Heidi Petrelli (Rena Sofer) -- Nathan's wife. Confined to a wheelchair after another car forced theirs into a crash, which Nathan escaped using his power. She is later healed by Mr. Linderman. Convinced to leave a hospitalized Nathan by Angela in "Four Months Ago"-2.8.

    Kaito Nakamura (George Takei) -- Hiro and Kimiko's father, a successful Japanese businessman. He was the man who gave Claire to Mr. Bennet to care for in case she showed signs of being "special," at which point he was to turn her back over to "The Company." **In "The Hard Part," it is implied that he may have a power. Killed by Adam/Kensei in "Four Months Later." Angela Petrelli admits to killing Kaito, possibly to protect herself from Adam, and admits to an affair they once had. Once Hiro returns to present day from feudal Japan, where he first meets Kensei/Adam, he tries to save his father. Kaito refuses Hiro's attempt to save him when Hiro reminds him of how they felt at his mother's funeral. Father and son depart to meet their fates on good terms. In a deleted scene on the season two DVD, Kaito reveals to Ando that he too has an ability. He can see all the variables of any situation and predict the outcome. Due to the deletion of the scene, it is unclear weather he is considered to have a power.

    Kimiko Nakamura (Saemi Nakamura) -- Hiro's older sister. "The smart one," according to Ando.

    This is not definitive, however, as some of these characters may very well have powers. All of the Nakamuras may have powers, as it has been suggested that Kaito may have been involved with other heroes in attempts to "save the world" before the infighting that split them up. Involved were "Dallas" and Angela Petrelli (Nathan and Peter's parents), and Charles Deveaux and Linderman supposedly, all of whom (save "Dallas") have been hinted at demonstrating powers during season 1. There could be others involved. Also, Mohinder might also be considered to have a power, as his blood is the only known cure to the "Shanti virus." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In a podcast Interview for Comic News Insider, the Co-Executive Producer and Writer for Heroes, confirmed that the character Sylar was written in the sense that he eats their brains to "digest" their DNA and adapt his own DNA to gain that power. It was never directly stated in the show as even the writers thought the statement of Sylar eating brains was silly and would spark Zombie discussions in the office.

    Sylar's initial super power seems to be an inate understanding of how things work (hence his watch repair profession). It's possible then that he opens up people's brains, like the backs of watches, so he can understand how they work. He even comments that he'd like to see how that power works when he captures Eden and attempts to take her power. Edit (Coming Soon)

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