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MPAA Rated PG for sequences of action, some violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Some female models wear leotard type outfits that have half-thong-like bottoms, thus revealing part of their bare butt cheeks (less than half). Female characters wear tight fitting, cleavage revealing clothing. A young man and a young woman wearing a low-cut dress (revealing cleavage, bare shoulders and a bare knee) sit in a car at a romantic overlook, they talk and lean in to kiss each other, but they are interrupted.
  • Several women wear low-cut tops and dresses that reveal cleavage, shoulders and bare back in several scenes in the movie.
  • Brief scene where a young man is in tight spandex clothing while putting on a jumpsuit.

Violence & Gore

  • A hole breaks in the side of a fish tank, a man is forced to put his finger in the hole, and piranhas swarm to his finger (we hear him scream and see him flailing, we see the water turn red and bubble and we see the man later with a bloody bandage where his finger used to be).
  • A drug is drizzled down a thread and into a sleeping young man's mouth and he is incapacitated but alive; several other people are shot with drug-laced darts.
  • A car chases a truck along narrow winding roads, the people in the truck shoot guns at the car causing explosions, the truck swerves on the road and a young man is thrown out of the back of the truck and onto the road.
  • During several race scenes with crashes, we see the cars spin out, explode and burn and the driver is ejected from the car encircled in bubbles (presumably uninjured).
  • During race scenes, cars drive at high speeds around treacherous tracks that include jumps over precipices. We see several newsreel-type scenes that show racecars in fiery crashes, and one shows a man in flames running.
  • A package containing a bomb explodes in a street (people stand nearby no injuries).
  • A young man is held by two men (he has a bloody nose from having been beaten), his hand is placed inside a tank that contains piranhas, the fish swim toward his hand, and his hand is pulled out just before he is bitten.
  • A man holds a young man by the throat and over the ledge of a tall building (he does not fall).
  • Two men fight with many punches and kicks, and one is kicked into a wall and squeezed behind a sofa.
  • Two men fight with punches and kicks, and one twists the other's arms and fingers and we hear crunching and cracking.
  • A young man is punched in the face.
  • A man swings another man around by the feet and flips him in the air, and then onto a table and pushes him out a window.
  • Several people fight with punches and kicks, and one man is kicked in the crotch and poked in the eyes.
  • A boy punches another boy in the face, then tackles him to the ground and a teacher tries to break them up.
  • A young girl punches another girl in the face and she falls to the ground.
  • We see a boy with a bandage on his head and his front teeth missing and a man with a cut on his head after a car crash.
  • We see a person on an operating table (there's no blood) and we see a man with bandages on his head and face (there's no blood).
  • We see a car crash into the side of a mountain and burst into flames (we hear that the driver was killed).
  • During a race, cars bump together on a winding track with obstacles, they swerve back and forth through large spikes, one car crashes onto a spike and explodes, another flips and crashes over the side of the track, and one car swerves to avoid a crashing car. A snake is thrown into another driver's car, the driver panics and swerves, and the car flips and explodes.
  • A driver shoots a gun at another driver during a race.
  • During a race a car cuts another car's tire.
  • A driver throws a buzzing beehive into another driver's car, and the driver swerves off the road.
  • During a race a female driver speeds next to a young male driver, she bumps his car from the side; she sticks her tongue out at him (we see a diamond stud piercing in her tongue), and another female driver speeds to his other side and the two cars squeeze together.
  • During a race cars bump together on high narrow roads through treacherous and icy mountains, one car dumps grease onto the road, a driver loses control of his car, drives over the sheer cliff face, drives down, and then maneuvers its way back up to the road.
  • During a race a car falls off a ledge and the driver parachutes out of the car before it hits bottom. A car shoots a tethering device into the underside of another car and they speed along the track stuck together.
  • A boy opens a door and sees a man wearing a mask; the boy yells and calls the man "harbinger of doom."
  • A man talks about a plot to take a driver out (implying to kill him).
  • A father and his adult son argue and the father tells the son never to come back.
  • A cartoon character on TV says, "I will eat your soul."
  • A man says, "Break his legs and make him walk back."
  • A man tries to punch a young man in the face but is stopped by another man (we hear the man yelling).
  • A man wears a gun on his belt. We see a funeral where mourners are gathered.
  • A boy shoots a man in the head with a slingshot, and a monkey throws feces at him (we see feces on the man's face).


  • 2 uses of s**t, 1 is bleeped out , 4 asses, 1 damn, 1 piss, 1 hell and 2 uses of turd.
  • Snake-Oiler says "let's piss these turds off." and "bye-bye, little turd"
  • A kid flips off an adult.
  • At least a couple instances of taking the Lord's name in vain.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Someone asks Speed if he'd like water, or a shot of rye (presumably whiskey), and the latter says yes, but we don't know to what and don't see any such drinking. very brief smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements, on-screen violence, and strong language.
  • Several car crashes including one that a lost life is implied.

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