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Sandler's Career May Never Recover
Candace10 December 2011
I sincerely wish I could erase this film from my memory. I love Adam Sandler, and yes, he's had a couple of bad films but this one is so bad I believe his career might actually end because of it.

The constant shrieking of Jill is unbearable, and were we really meant to take Sandler's female character seriously? Or was this film only meant to be "funny" because Sandler's in drag? I've still not figured that out, and I don't think I'll devote much more time to doing so.

This film led me to create my IMDb account because if what I've said here can keep even one person from paying to see it then I feel it will have been worth writing.

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This is..awful!
iza886830 November 2011
I think this is the worst movie I have seen so far..I don't even know where to begin..It was a mess: the acting was more than bad-I have seen Adam Sandler in other movies before,and I think that so far this is his worst performance, not to mention Katie Holmes..and I don't even want to get started on Al Pacino..( How on earth could he accept such a role?). The storyline is almost non-existent-to be honest,it was pretty hard for me to figure out what exactly was going on in this movie..I realized after watching the trailer that this isn't going to be the movie of the year,and I watched it thinking that it will be the kind of movie that is so bad it's good..Well,it's nothing like that: I couldn't find anything funny about it,on the contrary, it was ridiculous, awkward and quite annoying at some points-I felt really uncomfortable watching this.Although it was supposed to be a comedy, there was no humor in it, the supposedly funny acting turned out to be dull and awkward, and the cheap and flat jokes made it even worse..Don't waste your time and money on this one..
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Deserves to be Erased from Film History
dekkar512 November 2011
I will start by saying that I have enjoyed many Adam Sandler movies and have found him to be a generally funny guy when I've seen him interviewed and when he was on Saturday Night Live.

I laughed gleefully through Anger Management, Mr. Deeds, Billy Madison, 50 First Dates, and Happy Gilmore. Funny People and Just Go With It were awesome movies! I was brought to tears in Sandler's emotional portrayal in Reign Over Me.

I have great respect for the man as a comedian and actor. But Jack and Jill is abysmal. The "jokes" are not only bizarrely misplaced - THEY ARE NOT FUNNY. I did not hear a single laugh, not even a slight giggle from any audience member in the theater. In fact, almost 1/3 of them walked out before it was over. Those who stayed, openly derided the flick as we all exited the theater in utter disgust and sadness.

I don't know why Al Pacino was in this movie, his acting made it seem like he was forced at gun point to do this movie. Nick Swardson and Tim Meadows are way too funny to be in such a disaster. Especially given Swardson's stellar performance in Just Go With It.

This movie is not a flop, its not an "oops", its not a mistake - it's a career ending pile of trash. A career ender that started with Sandler's god awful "Grown Ups" and climaxes with this revolting hunk of garbage.

Sorry Adam, it's over.
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jitzcovitz11 November 2011
The only reason I went to see this atrocity was because my nine year old daughter really wanted to see it and I'm able to get through some of these terrible movies (i.e. Zookeeper) because she's having fun throughout the movie. Even though she enjoyed the movie I was counting the minutes until it ended. Every scene, every line every moment of this 'movie' was unfunny, awkward, unrealistic (even for an unrealistic movie) and seriously unentertaining (not a word I know). Just when I thought the movie was over, it makes you sit through these stupid clips of real life twins saying 'funny' things about being a twin. IT LASTS THROUGH TILL THE END OF THE CREDITS! This movie is meant to hurt you for paying to see it. Even worse than Old Dogs....seriously!
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Sandler's House of Stupid
keiichi7312 November 2011
Is it me, or are Adam Sandler movies getting stupider with each passing one? Oh sure, Sandler's sense of humor has been pretty dumb from the beginning, sometimes in an enjoyable way. But lately, his movies seem to be reaching for a lower form of humor than I even knew existed. I'm guessing it won't take long until we get a movie comprised of nothing but Sandler sitting on the toilet and belching for 90 minutes straight.

But, I'm here to talk about Jack and Jill, a stupefyingly dumb comedy that places Sandler in a dual role as both an uptight ad executive and family man, as well as his loud, obnoxious sister. The movie was a miscalculation from the start. Seeing Sandler dressed in drag and talking in a whiny voice probably would have been pushing it in a three minute sketch back in his Saturday Night Live days. In a 90 minute movie, the performance is excruciating. Was there no one around to stop him and tell him the performance, and the character in general, was just a bad idea? No one to say that it just wasn't funny? Seeing a movie like this makes you want to sit Sandler down, and make him watch his performances in Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish, Funny People, and Reign Over Me to remind him that he is so much better than this.

The plot (such as it is) concerns Jill (the sister) coming to visit her brother Jack and his family for Thanksgiving. She's only supposed to be there for a few days, but she extends her vacation time, and winds up staying almost to New Years. During that time, we get a lot of toilet humor (much more than a PG-rated comedy aimed at kids needs), a ton of product placements (How much did Dunkin' Donuts pay to get their brand worked into the plot of the movie? And would it have been better for business if they had just stayed out of the movie all together?), and a lot of celebrity cameos that include Sandler's friends, as well as some big names cashing a paycheck. The cameos in this film include David Spade (in drag, no less), Dana Carvey, Johnny Depp, Regis Philbin, John McEnroe, Shaquille O'Neal, Drew Carey, Christie Brinkley, and Bruce Jenner. Oh, and then there's Al Pacino.

Yes, I said Al Pacino. Only he's not making a cameo, he's a main supporting character. He plays a caricature of himself as a raving oddball who speaks gibberish in order to fool people he can speak other languages, and becomes inexplicably attracted to Jill when he happens to meet her at a basketball game. Jill has no interest in Pacino, but Jack's ad agency wants to hire the actor for a Dunkin' Donut campaign, so he tries to bring the two together. When Jill further resists, Jack is forced to dress up as his sister and be seduced by Pacino. But never mind. The important thing is Pacino gets the film's only laughs, because he tackles the material head-on and with full passion. He obviously knows this material is stupid, but he gives such an energetic performance, you sometimes find yourself laughing, even if what he says isn't that funny. Say what you will about his decision to appear in this movie, but he earns every cent of that paycheck when he appears in trash like this.

Outside of Pacino's off the wall performance, I can't say I laughed very much at Jack and Jill. The movie's just not that funny. Don't tell that to the guy who was sitting two rows behind me at my screening, though. Every tired pratfall, every loud fart that blasted on the soundtrack, and every knock to the head caused him to erupt in extremely loud fits of laughter, stomping of feet, and slapping his knees. I wanted to ask him what he found so funny about the movie. Most of all, I wanted to be enjoying myself as much as he was. That's obviously the intention of the movie. It wants to make us laugh and forget our problems for 90 minutes or so. That's admirable. But it fails on both counts. My guess as to the reaction of the man sitting behind me? He's been locked away somewhere for a very long time, and has never seen a movie in his life.

I won't go so far as to say that Jack and Jill is the worst comedy of the year, as there's much worse out there. But, it's certainly one of the most annoying. This is the kind of movie where the filmmakers started with the idea of Sandler playing brother and sister, and then stopped there, not developing the screenplay, characters, or the jokes. Considering that the initial idea wasn't that hot to start with, maybe they shouldn't have even gone as far as they did.
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Terrible, terrible, terrible
ryanwjphelps11 November 2011
I saw a pre-screening of this film the night before it opened to wide release. I knew going in that it was not going to be an excellent film. But, I thought, there would be a few laughs and some funny moments in it. I was terribly mistaken.

Adam Sandler was terrible as 'Jill'. We were supposed to believe that the character was actually a woman. All I saw was Adam Sandler in a dress with a stupid voice.

The character of Jack is unlikeable and mean, almost to the point where you wonder how he has any family or friends.

Katie Holmes, which I usually enjoy watching in films, was a non entity in it. Her character was one dimensional and boring. She might as well have not been there at all.

Al Pacino, why did you do this movie? He is an amazing actor with amazing credits to his name. But this? Really?

The jokes were pointless and not funny. I'm really tired of 'fart' jokes. Been there, done that. Not funny.

The only funny part of the film was Jack's son, he had a couple of funny lines. Basically the only time I laughed was when he was on screen doing something.

If I had paid for this movie, I would have walked out to get my money back. As it was, I sat finished my popcorn, pop and thought, "Free tickets were too expensive to be here." Do yourselves a favour, skip this movie and do ANYTHING else.
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Sandler put the "F U" in 'Failure"
Warning: Spoilers
Jack is a highly successful director of television commercials. For Thanksgiving his outlandish twin sister Jill (Sandler, again) comes to visit. Despite efforts to get her to leave, matters get complicated when Jill catches the eye of famed actor Al Pacino, whom Jack needs to convince to star in a commercial… I guess. What Jack and Jill is really all about is Sandler's effort to exact revenge against moviegoers.

Drag is not a good look for Sandler, and it should be no surprise that he is unfunny as a woman. The jokes featured in Jack and Jill have the range of an infant golfer. Committing to a viewing of Jack and Jill is almost a misogynist effort. All manners of humiliation beset Jill. She takes damage to the head, gets groped, has her skirt looked up, and if the sound is telling she may even have her bowels destroyed. Pure class, that Adam Sandler.

So not only is Jack and Jill an offensive PG comedy, it's structurally broken. Jill appears on the scene way too fast, in under five minutes. No build up to her arrival, no clever use of music from The Cars —from what I can gather Sandler's favorite band—for her reveal. Jill also has a tendency to run off into the woods, which at first is random. Lastly for what is billed as a holiday movie, Chanukah is glossed over through a montage and I'm not even sure how Thanksgiving lasted as long as a dinner scene.

It's obvious that Pacino has no business being in this film, but what's really at stake are the remains of Sandler's reputation. If Sandler ever wonders why he can't get an Oscar nomination, all he has to do is look back at the selfish decisions he has made. Jack and Jill is not a script, or even a concept, that deserves a read. It's like a fake movie found within Funny People that was replaced with the more imaginative "Merman". Yet, Sandler turned it into a movie that will surely pay him upfront over $20 million.

The awesome mess that is Jack and Jill is so wrought with issues that this reviewer can only stand to offer some bullet points for the lesser offenders. Katie Holmes is in this movie. David Spade is a better woman than Sandler. Jack has an adopted son whose entire bit is taping found objects onto his body.

The character of Al Pacino has a line that inadvertently summarizes Jack and Jill. After watching his cheesy song and dance number in a Dunkin' Donuts commercial, Pacino turns to Jack and says, "This needs to be burned."
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Terrible. The trailer is the highlights.
MosHr9 November 2011
The standard that Adam Sandler movies has set is pretty low, but even with such low expectations going to the movie, the movie still felt terrible. The gag is twins and ignoring that healthy identical twins with different genders is impossible, we get to see Adam Sandler dress up as a woman. And, we get to see Adam Sandler dress up as a woman a lot, ridiculously lot and so much so, that Jack Adam Sandler and the rest of the cast are just supporting actors to the almighty squawking of Jill Adam Sandler.

We could say this is just Adam Sandler up to his usual antics but Jill Adam Sandler hogs up the screen time and nothing about her really makes any sort of logical sense. There is Al Pacino as himself who falls for Jill, a possibility that the writers explain away as madness or nervous breakdown of Al Pacino. Then, there is Jill who is loved by the kids and Jack's wife Erin (played by Katie Holmes) for reasons that Jill doesn't portray on screen and we are never shown, all we are shown is the mean and manipulative Jill. The Jill that Adam Sandler portrays is his own immature rendition of a woman, filled with toilet humor and displays of uncharacteristic skills and strength as positive attributes. Jill is portrayed uninteresting and vacuous though written differently, and that being the center of the movie makes the movie uninteresting and tiresome.

The movie would have been an acceptable Sandler movie if Jill had been played by a woman who could actually portray a big heart. The previous Sandler movies were enjoyable movies, but Jack and Jill is a real stinker, barely watchable. The only thing I found interesting was the background opulence of everyone around, thrown around so casually that it really feels like the big guys involved in the movie have severely lost touch with their audience and given way to sloth where they think anything they do is magical. Avoid the movie.
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Absolutely TERRIBLE!!!
importuner92312 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this movie with my girlfriend and to be honest wasn't expecting much. But man is this movie awful. None of the "jokes" if you can call it that were funny at all. Some actually cringe worthy. If you want a quick answer then here it is: don't waste your money don't see this movie! To elaborate The character Jill should have been played by a female actress for one thing. I realized that was part of the gag that Adam Sandler played both parts so they would be identical but really it just makes the movie worse. Sandler's interpretation of a female voice is so bad and annoying it makes you want to punch him in the face to shut him up. This is one of those rare movies where I actually wanted to get up and leave the theater. And I haven't seen a movie like that for a while.
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Officially the worst film of the year.
DJRMewzique10 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What in god's name has made the great Al Pacino THIS desperate? Now, no one on this planet would ever go into an Adam Sandler film expecting something brilliant, but generally, at worst, his films are stupidly entertaining. However, his latest film, "Jack and Jill" is so astoundingly horrible, I am not even sure how to articulate how truly bad it is in a way I will capture the remorse one will feel for having spent money to see it.

I went to the premiere, so all it cost me was (a thankfully short) ninety-three minutes.

This time around, Adam Sandler plays a commercial producer whose twin sister, also played by Sandler, comes to visit and...and... You know, I am not even going to waste time describing the plot of this film as it's not ever important enough to bother mention, but it involves cameos by all sorts of (evidently desperate) people from Sandler's impressive rolodex...including Al Pacino.

Yep, Sandler's rolodex is the only impressive thing to note about this film.

If you have seen the trailer, you have seen any and all even remotely noteworthy moments from this otherwise act of tedium. It is not funny, it is not clever, it is not even so bad, it's tolerable. Every single thing about this film is beyond grating.

Seriously. Up until now, the year's worst film was "Red Riding Hood." This film makes that one seem like an artistic stroke of genius. I was uncomfortable just watching it as I wondered what every single why every single person on screen did in their lives to agree to be a part of this...train wreck. Hell, even a train wreck deserves curiosity.

AND on top of all this, it stars KATIE HOLMES. That alone bears noting that if you are dumb enough to still see this film, make sure you have nothing lethal within arm's reach.
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Jacked to the Hilt! DON"T SEE!
ladymoonpictures11 November 2011
It literally is AWFUL. I don't know, I seem to always confuse Stiler with Sandler, when I don't see one of Sandler's movies for a long time, then pay dearly! I mean payment in waste of time, unfunny skits, fart jokes and generally Sandler doesn't get it. Yea, I know, he continues to make money, but this movie is the worst of the year. Promise! Now, even though I get in free, we were passing time till we'd see "J. Edgar." While we didn't lose money, I got so frustrated because this pap was wasting my time by being so completely unentertaining, I even had difficulty in saying, "Well, at least we didn't have to pay for it!" No, I STILL felt cheated. What a total waste of theater space, not to mention the out of place, stupid cameos at the twins birthday party that falls flat. Go see ANYTHING else!
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Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, Adam Sandler's worst movie!
TheLittleSongbird16 November 2011
I like comedy when it is funny. I have to admit though, apart from Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, Spanglish, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and Happy Gilmore I have never liked Adam Sandler. I often find his acting style irritating, his characters unlikeable and apart from five or six exceptions his films poorly written with not much point to them.

As much as I didn't think much of Little Nicky, You Don't Mess With the Zohan, Funny People and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry(generally Anger Management, The Longest Yard, Click and The Waterboy I had mixed feelings on) neither of them are as painful to watch as this one. The trailer was enough to make me wish the ground had swallowed me up, and the film managed to be every bit as bad.

So why did I see Jack and Jill in the first place if I didn't like Sandler? One reason really. Al Pacino. I consider this man a great actor, and this is not just The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, Scent of a Woman and Carlito's Way as I consider his performance in Godfather Part II one of the all-time great male performances.

When I saw the movie on Tinyurl, having an inkling it would be bad but Pacino would be at least decent, in my opinion this is as awful as I was hearing. This is not just Adam Sandler's worst film, but also one of the worst of the year and one of the worst I've seen recently.

Jack and Jill is a cheap-looking movie, with not much attention to slick editing or continuity and the lighting also manages to be dull. Of Sandler's movies, Jack and Jill is perhaps the worst-directed, because the director throughout seemed to be rushing through it. The soundtrack at best is forgettable, and doesn't seem dynamic with what's going on on screen.

The acting is awful. Adam Sandler is a big part of the film's problem. None of his characters are likable, instead they are very annoying and Sandler's performance is samey and irritating throughout. Not only that, Jill is introduced too quickly with a severe lack of build-ups, and Sandler as a woman in all honesty is not pretty, sorry I had to say.

I was hoping that Al Pacino would elevate just a little bit, as he was the only redeeming quality of Gigli, another example of a bad film. Alas, he spends the entire movie looking bored, almost as if what am I doing here, and the performance reads very much of him playing himself. The cameos don't engage either, they are not funny, in fact pretty much nobody seems to have a sense of comic timing, and just come and go. Nicky Swardson fares best, surprising seeing as I don't regard him very highly either.

Worse are the script, characters and story. In regards to the script and the humour, Jack and Jill fails utterly. The dialogue is atrocious, very immature and hackneyed, while the physical and visual humour just left a bad taste in the mouth. I get that it was meant to be funny and not to be exactly subtle, but the poop jokes for example got really embarrassing and left me more disgusted than amused.

Story-wise, Jack and Jill lacks any kind of structure, it all feels very broken and rushed. As for the characters, they are either annoying, shallow or both, I finished the film not only not caring for them but also forgetting them.

All in all, Sandler's worst movie and one of the worst(I think only Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, a movie I saw out of curiosity with little else to do, was worse) of a very hit-and-miss year. 0/10 Bethany Cox
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A Robot's Analysis of "Jack & Jill"
yankovicfarley10 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Hello, I am Bloop the robot, and today I will be reviewing Adam Sandler's latest raping of comedy called "Jack & Jill." Made by Happy Madison productions, which would be much more accurate if called . . .Un-happy Madison productions.

So the movie starts off with lots of video clips of twins. Twins making fun of one another. Then we are introduced to Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler playing a woman who looks nothing like Adam Sandler, but looks more like Adam Sandler in drag.

The Adam Sandler in drag was referred to as Jill in the movie, and the Adam Sandler playing a man was named Jack. Just like the children's books. Isn't that funny? But Jack and Jill never go up the hill to fetch a pale of water. Therefore it is an inaccurate portrayal of Jack and Jill.

Instead, the movie goes downhill from this point. Much like the careers of everyone involved in this movie. Including Al Pacino, but I will get to that later. That was a teaser.

So Jill comes to visit Jack for Thanksgiving. But Jack is very angry because he doesn't like Jill, and neither does the audience.

Even though Jill is only supposed to visit for 4 days, she overstays her welcome much like the movie overstays its welcome after the first minute. It is terrible.

Then, one day Jack goes into the office and he is told he has to make a commercial for Dunkin Donuts. And he has to cast Al Pacino. And the commercial is specifically about Dunk-a-cinos, which rhymes with Al Pacino's last name. Very funny.

Because Jill admits to not knowing how to use technology, like robots, Jack creates a human dating Website profile for his horribly disgusting and strangely manly sister. Logically, because she is undesirable in every way, she is not contacted by a single man. But then Jack comes and feels bad and creates a profile on Craigslist in which he is misleading because he calls Jill a hot, crazy, masseuse with knock out looks because she knocked herself out with the wheel on the Price Is Right, but not the old Price is Right hosted by Bob Barker who was in Happy Gilmore, but the Price is Right hosted by Drew Carey, but not the fat and funny Drew Carey because this is the insanely skinny and sickly Drew Carey.

So then a lot of guys contact Jill because they think she is hot and based off of this fake description, even though it is linked back to her dating profile featuring a real picture of her eating some kind of sandwich. And through a careful human female selection process, she chooses to go on a date with a guy named Funbucket, who is neither Fun, nor a bucket.

Then Jill comes home crying from her date with Funbucket, and Jack is guilt tripped into feeling bad for her, and realizes that she has feelings. Stupid worthless human feelings. At this point, Jack's boss tells him to go to a Laker's Game because Al Pacino will be there. How did he know that? It is a comedy so that is irrelevant.

At the Laker's human basketball game, Al Pacino sits next to Johnny Depp who apparently was bored that day and Adam Sandler said, "Hey Johnny Depp, are you doing anything? And if not, please be in my stupid movie." Then Jack talked to Al Pacino, but Al Pacino likes Jill instead, even though we've already established that Adam Sandler is playing both of the main characters. Very funny.

This is where the complex romance comes into the picture, where Al Pacino stalks Jill, but Jill does not like Al Pacino eve though he is rich . . . and Al Pacino. She is stupid. Just like this movie.

Sadly, I am only 30 minutes into this movie, so I will summarize the movie in short sentences: Overt racism of Jews, Mexicans, Black People, and 10 year old Indian children.

Jokes about poop, farts, diarrhea, and eating bad Mexican food.

Cameo appearances by Norm MacDonald, Dana Carvey, Shaquille O'Neil, and the Shamwow guy.

We definitely weren't ""Wowed," but this movie definitely was a sham. That is a pun.

In conclusion, "Jack and Jill" is not a comedy but rather a tragedy. It was not even funny and did not have enough robots. It was terrible.

*This review is taken from the YouTube Channel called RantingRobots*
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Pulling Teeth
maxell41127 November 2011
First Im a big Adam Sandler and of course I like Al but this is the worst movie I've seen since Howard The Duck!!! I wont even begin to get into it but there are so many points in the movie that you just want to scream for how boring it is and how its not funny at all- They Tried waaaayyy too hard !! Heres the worst part, the movie started at 11:55pm and I was walking back to my car at 1:37AM if you include the previews this movie was less than 1 1/2 hours but it felt like 2 1/2 hours. Stay away from this movie, don't even Red Box it - I've lost complete respect for Adam and Al on this one. There are 2 - 4 funny scenes in the movie but you quickly forget them.

Awful is an understatement.
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is there a score lower than 0?
Mac Benitez28 July 2015
this movie is exhausting, I can't even bear to talk about how awful it is. I couldn't possibly spoil the ending for you, though there wouldn't be any point to sustain myself from doing so, I don't know the ending. I couldn't bear to sit in the theatre until the end, and I certainly couldn't tolerate on any other platform. I feel like Adam Sandler still thinks that he's as funny as he used to be in films like; Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison, but no, it's like he's brain-damaged, and thinks that fart jokes are the funniest things in the world. In summary, do not waste your money, time, and life, to sit and watch this garbage, I'd rather watch a raccoon get run over by a bunch of cars, than watch any Adam Sandler "comedy" of the 21st century. I have to stop thinking about this garbage, I'm losing my mind.
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How Exactly Does Sandler's Mind Work?
Chris_Pandolfi12 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
How exactly does Adam Sandler's mind work? Has he deluded himself into believing his ideas are actually funny? I'm forced to ask these questions given the disastrous results of most of his recent creative projects. These would include "The House Bunny," "Grown Ups," "Just Go with It," "Zookeeper," "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star," and now "Jack and Jill," in which Sandler is not only the co-writer and co-producer but also does double duty as the title characters, who are fraternal twins. Imagine the work that must go into making this; Sandler had to be put into makeup for the female role, do all scenes with that character, then do all of the scenes with the male character, and then both versions of himself had to be digitally composited into the shots. In both instances, he had to react to a person who wasn't actually there.

But what does all this effort count for in something this unendurably bad? If you can visualize the experience of listening to fingernails on a chalkboard, that's pretty much what watching this movie is like. It's a grating, strained, hopelessly unfunny comedy. It's being geared towards families, and yet every scene shows no indication that it was geared for any potential audience – with the possible exception of die-hard Sandler fans, who are truly devoted if they think seeing this will be worth the time and money. Its basically sound premise is ruined by the decision to have Sandler play both lead roles; as a woman, he could not be less convincing even if he had a neon sign over his head rhythmically blinking, "I'm really a man!" His proportions are all wrong. He looks grotesque.

The Jill character is shrill, offensive, and annoying. This is exactly why Jack, a successfully Los Angeles commercial producer, dreads having her visit every year for Thanksgiving. She typically stays for just one weekend, which Jack has learned to grin and bear. But this year is different; since their mother died, Jill has no family left in the Bronx, and she now wants to stay with her brother and his family all the way through Hanukah, perhaps even through New Years. Jack is, of course, vehemently opposed to this idea. The same cannot be said of his wife, a perpetual go-between named Erin (Katie Holmes), and their children, Gary and Sofia (Rohan Chand and Elodie Tougne). They like Jill so much, you can't help but wonder if all three of them are either in denial or insane. Perhaps it's a little bit of both. Take Gary, the adopted Indian boy; he has a strange compulsion to tape things to his body, including salt shakers, cooked lobsters, and living birds.

In a jaw-dropping subplot, Jack seeks out Al Pacino in the hope that he will endorse a new line of Dunkin' Donuts coffee products. Yes, he finds the Oscar-winning actor, who plays a caricature of himself, but that isn't the joke; Pacino falls head-over-heels in love with Jill, and spends the rest of the film trying to woo her. All eventually leads to him performing a rap solo and dance number. Let me reiterate that this movie features Al Pacino. You know, the "Godfather" trilogy? "Dog Day Afternoon"? "Scarface"? "Scent of a Woman"? "Serpico"? "...And Justice for All"? "Author, Author"? The astounding reality that he accepted the offer to be in this movie is second only to the considerable work he puts into his role. My God, he actually took this seriously.

Apart from Pacino, we're treated to a host of other cameo appearances. Some are understandable, like Dana Carvey, Norm MacDonald, The Sham-Wow Guy, and David Spade (who, incidentally, also appears in drag). Others are just as unbelievable as Pacino. These would include Regis Philbin, Shaquille O'Neal, and Drew Carrey. Topping the list is Johnny Depp. Yes, Johnny Depp appears in this movie, too. At this point, he no longer has to be ashamed by his years on "21 Jump Street." Even though his screen time adds up to less than two minutes, this will be a hard one to live down.

The film is bookended by testimonials given by real life identical twins, who bounce biting remarks off each other before professing their love for one another. Did the filmmakers conveniently forget that the main characters are not identical twins, but fraternal, since one is male and the other is female? Never mind. It's more than amazing to me that movies like "Jack and Jill" get made. It's actually kind of disturbing. Movies like this are comedic dead zones that play to the lowest common denominator in a desperate attempt for laughs. In the course of this movie, Jill will do all manner of broad slapstick routines, including crushing a horse, getting into a barroom brawl with a rival woman (played by a man), and repeatedly whack an elderly Mexican woman (again, played by a man) in the head. And yes, she will inevitably go to the bathroom with the runs, and we will have to listen as the sounds of explosive diarrhea fill the theater.

-- Chris Pandolfi (www.atatheaternearyou.net)
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I left the theatre...
KubrickDelarge26 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well there isn't much to say really about Jack & Jill. I knew it was going to be one of the worst movies I've seen, but i didn't think anything could get worst than The Happening. I was wrong. I went to see this movie because I thought that it would be laughably bad. As it turns out, unfortunately, it was infuriatingly bad. I got about halfway-three quarters away through before there was a scene in the woods where Jack&Jill were arguing and Jill throws her pet bird out of the shot and is forgotten about. At the very end of it the homeless friend has the bird between two buns and he says "It flew into my buns"....c'mon, so at that point, failed joke after failed joke, I left. And so, by that time, there were two people left in the theatre. Left to brave the rest of some of the worst frames in the history of popular film.
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Loud, stupid and flatulent.
Michael O'Keefe12 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It seems that Adam Sandler thinks he is Ben Stiller, having enough money and ego to put any kind of crap on film and call it a movie. And somewhere there is a thinking that dressing over-the-top in drag is funny. Jack Sadelstein(Sandler)is a successful advertising man that is trying to wrangle Al Pacino into doing a Dunkin Donuts commercial. It would seem that a lot of this movie's budget came from the over-kill of placement and mention of products. The mild mannered Jack is about to have his world turned upside down when his twin sister Jill(Sandler)arrives for the Thanksgiving holiday. Jack and Jill of course are as different as night and day personality wise; but the physical resemblance can't be ignored. The girl from the Bronx just doesn't feel happy in sunny California, so Jack's attractive wife(Katie Holmes)recommends dating. The landscaper Felipe(Eugenio Derbez)finds chemistry with Jill. But somehow Jill ends up being used as bait to lure actor Al Pacino into doing Jack's commercial. Hard to believe, Pacino actually wants Jill...and wants her to the point of obsession. This movie is full of crude humor that doesn't seem to come across funny. Joke after joke falling flat. Then there is a scene of almost a minute of flatulence...over-the-top adolescent; but garnering the most laughter in the whole movie. Well recognized stars scattered throughout the cast: Tim Meadows, Norm MacDonald, David Spade, Dana Carvey, Regis Philbin, John McEnroe, Shaq O'Neil, Michael Irvin, Christie Brinkley and Johnny Depp. Pacino is a total hoot barely beating Holmes as the movies bright spot. If you happen to be a Sandler fan, you will probably bust a gut.
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Another swing and a miss for Sandler
captnwmkidd30 November 2011
Sandler continues to churn out bad movie after bad movie. Yet, to his credit, he continues to make major bank. Billy Madison and Big Daddy were cute films and huge hits. Each and every movie since, has been worse than the last. This movie is cringe worthy. He plays the same character in every film. What was cute in his first films is now fingernails-running-down-a-chalkboard bad. He obviously has a following that is very loyal and he is wildly successful with his production company. He churns out movie after movie with former Saturday Night Live alumni with his production company. He has played it very smart in that respect. But, with the exception of Kevin James, his movies continue to do less and less at the box office. But, because of his early success, he is a bankable actor and producer, so he gets the last laugh. That doesn't change the fact that this is a squirm-in-your-seat bad film. It is surprising that his films continue to get green lit without question. Sooner or later you would think they would want a hit from him to justify financing. All of his films aren't terrible. And I would love to be in his shoes. I just wish he would quit taking the easy way out and make a good film with good writing again.
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Talk About A Drag!
zardoz-1317 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Inevitably, most popular comedians at some point in their careers cross-dress for a laugh. Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, and Martin Lawrence have donned women's apparel and kept audiences in stitches with their audacious antics. "Little Nicky" star Adam Sandler has finally followed their footsteps, but his antics in a dress, wig, hose, and heels are nothing but a drag. In his latest and lackluster comedy, "Big Daddy" director Dennis Dugan's "Jack and Jill," Sandler plays identical Jewish brother and sister Jack Sadelstein and Jill Sadelstein. Jack is a married, well-to-do advertising executive who produces television commercials, while Jill is his passive-aggressive spinster sister who still lives alone in the Bronx. She embarks on her annual Thanksgiving visit to Los Angeles, and Jack counts the hours down to her departure. Predictably, before his obnoxious sister leaves, Jill turns Jack's life head-over-heels. Sadly, Dugan and Emmy nominated scribe Steve Koren, with Sandler contributing, have contrived the least offensive but also the least hilarious Sandler comedy. This lowest-common-denominator farce boasts the usual bowel humor. The adolescent counterparts of our hero and heroine blow bubbles in the bathtub. No, those bubbles have nothing to do with soapy Mr. Bubble. So skeletal is the plot in "Jack and Jill" that this farce yields few laughs.

You might even say Sandler is suffering from a humor tumor. Indeed, the best things about "Jack and Jill" have nothing to do with Sandler's cross-dressing exploits. The funniest parts are the pre-credit and post-credit scenes of actual twins talking about themselves. These scenes are nothing short of brilliant. Vaguely, this recalls a similar story strategy in the Rob Reiner movie "When Harry Met Sally." Aside from these scenes which have no narrative linkage to the plot, the only other notable thing about "Jack and Jill" is Al Pacino. Clearly, Pacino must have wanted to get his funny bone on because he has a field day not only playing himself as a cantankerous actor but also stealing the show from Sandler. As usual, all of Sandler's "Saturday Night Live" collaborators--David Spade and Nick Swardson--as well as friends turn up in bit parts, even "Pirates of the Caribbean" superstar Johnny Depp puts in a cameo. Unfortunately, "Jack and Jill" never conjures up the frantic hilarity of earlier Sandler sagas such as "Big Daddy," "Happy Gilmore," and "The Waterboy." The predicament Jack contends with in "Jack and Jill" isn't so much his sister's annual visit but his most prosperous client's outrageous demand. Dunkin' Donuts has singled out a specific celebrity for their next commercial. Nothing about the product placement in "Jack and Jill" is remotely subtle. The company wants "Godfather" actor Al Pacino to pitch their latest coffee flavor, the 'Dunkaccino.' If you aren't rolling your eyes up in agony at this plot, "Jack and Jill" may be your kind of movie. If he cannot land Pacino, Jack stands to lose the Dunkin' account. No sooner has Jill arrived than Pacino sets out to court her. He spots her at a Lakers' basketball game that Johnny Depp attends. He sends her a hot dog with his name and number on it. Initially, Jill isn't too sure about Pacino, but they date. Most of the humor in "Jack and Jill" is the mild, amusing stuff that might have alienated audiences back in the 1950s. Remember, this is a kiddie friendly PG-rated Sandler epic so nothing really obnoxious happens and the happily-ever-after ending is nothing short of schmaltzy. Meantime, Dugan and company throw in a subplot about a lovable Hispanic gardener (Mexican comic Eugenio Derbez) who is always kidding everybody, including Jill. He has his eyes on Jill, too. An infatuated Pacino doesn't throw in the towel easily. The biggest surprise is when Jack decides to masquerade as Jill to land Pacino. This is about the time that our hero realizes that his heart is in his wallet and he changes course.

Al Pacino skewers himself with glee. During a Broadway performance of Shakespeare, Pacino hears a cell phone ringing and suffers a meltdown. Later, during another performance, he discovers that the cell phone ringing is his own! While he is dating Jill, Pacino talks about an opportunity to play Don Quixote. The pay-off scene has Pacino dressed as Quixote tilting with a ceiling fan. Pacino is genuinely funny because he isn't trying to be funny. The same cannot be said for Sandler. His farcical female impersonation act falls flat. He plays Jill as if he were in an amateur talent act. It doesn't help matters that both twins are rather colorless as characters. Meanwhile, Pacino isn't the only celebrity in sight. Indeed, John McEnroe, David Spade, Shaquille O'Neal, Drew Carey, Christie Brinkley, Michael Irvin, Regis Philbin, Dana Carvey, and even "Subway Sandwich" pitchman Jared Fogle participate in this pabulum. None of these stars can salvage this silly, shallow, second-rate slapstick that relies on hopeless stereotypes and obvious pratfalls. The ending with Pacino and Jack watching the "Godfather" Dunkin' commercial is the best thing about "Jack and Jill." After Pacino watches the commercial, he tells Jack that nobody can see it. Pacino might well have been talking about "Jack and Jill." Altogether, "Jack and Jill" yields few laughs.
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Utter tripe and a landmark achievement in proving why film making has degraded from the art form it once was
reversedthepolarity29 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Why?? Just why??? Why does Adam Sandler insist on releasing this utter pile of tripe upon the world?, oh yeah of course, it's obvious, money. This isn't a film, it's a RIP OFF! Anyone who went to see this film and likes it or believes that spending time and money on it is a good thing, are clearly far too stupid to understand that Adam Sandler has them by the wallet, or they just live in this sweet illusion of a world where there's no such thing as independent thought and intelligence.

NEVER have I seen a film (I say seen, watched about half of it, couldn't watch any more it was like torture) more blatant about ticking boxes to suit a lowest common denominator demographic, sure I've seen films like that, but this is on a completely new level, the 'humour' is completely phoned in and contrived in every single way, no thought or care has been put into it, no matter what fans of Sandler will say, I recommend this film to anyone with a brain cell count lower than 3, I'm sure they'll love it.

And don't get me started on the big names in this film, it's obvious Sandler threw a tonne of money at some actual talent to give his film just a shred of credibility in order to try and make this legit entertainment, if this is seen in any way as legit entertainment, then I'm the Pope.

Hide your children! Hide your pets! Hide your Grandparents! The big bad Adam Sandler cash grab is on it's way to get you!!
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Jack and Jill (2011)
Jonathan Mase21 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Jack and Jill (2011) is quite possibly the worst film of this century, and I'd be surprised if this status will be surpassed over the next ninety years. Adam Sandler happens to be a funny and talented actor, yet his movies continue to get worse and worse. His agent should be arrested. Many of his better movies, such as Click and 50 First Dates, haven't received adequate praise as a result of garbage like this. It was a struggle to make it through the entire movie, and an even greater struggle to make it out of the theater as the audience charged the doors.

Jonathan A. Mase

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I mean.......come on......
willcundallreview7 November 2015
What the hell can you say about this movie that is good, it may seem like a really simple thing to say but it's the truth that Jack and Jill is horrific. I've seen my fair share of bad comedies, you know the one's where you might laugh slightly once but it has little redeeming factors, well this is one movie that doesn't even have that little laugh. Adam Sandler plays both of the twin siblings of the movies name, Sandler literally creates the offspring of the devil in the form of Jill, not only does he make this high and whiny voice for her but he also just makes her the worst character of the lot.

Sandler looks bored in this film and at times it feels like he made this one week when he couldn't be bothered to think of anything at all. Of all the things that happen in this the cameos stick out for me the most with such celebrities as Johnny Depp, John McEnroe and Sandler's old buddy David Spade popping up. Hey I have nothing against cameos in movies but when their in a movie of such low calibre, well you just have to think what the hell did they think this was going to be I mean it's worse than awful, they were just unneeded by Sandler.

OK so let's get onto that story, twins meet up, Jill the twin feels bad, wants to fall in love, yada yada yada it's all a mess. You know I could forgive the plot though if this movie actually tried in the comedic department I mean it's just like come on with every joke, whether it's a fart joke or another fart joke, or something to do with faeces this never fails to amaze me in just how poorly a joke can be done. If I had to name my one favourite part it's when anything bad happens to the characters, I just hoped these people in the story would fade away and be replaced by nothing, yes I would rather watch 91 minutes of an empty room than 91 minutes of this garbage can of a movie.

I want to add that Sandler has actually gone down in my expectations; I know I know some of his other films have been way below average but to sink to this level, well it feels like an entirely new low for him. The fact that Sandler wrote this just makes it even worse, the direction is one bad thing but the writing is just terrible, the movie lacks any cutting edge material and even then it lacks basic run of the mill stuff in fact it breaks the mill and drowns it completely.

So yes Jack and Jill, there isn't really too much to add on this, a really awful movie that should never really have been conceived as an idea let alone a movie. Oh I almost forgot that Al Pacino was in this movie, that's right, an Oscar winning actor was in this movie and literally in one second of his first appearance in this movie threw his entire acting integrity onto a cliff-edge, how he decided this was the right move in his career I will never know, and how Sandler coaxed anyone who appeared in this into it, well it baffles the mind.
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Usually I like the corny humor and the special characters
Ole Sandbaek Joergensen12 September 2015
Usually I like the corny humor and the special characters, but in this most of what I like is not present and the big lead is taken over by the very loud and annoying Jill, where maybe Jack would have been more in the picture and made it a better movie if his Sister could just shut up and go with the flow once in a while :)

There are some good moments, some good lines, but mostly it just gets a bit too exaggerated and too much actually. I like Adam Sandler and his new and more serious roles, this is not one of them and maybe the lowest point of his films yet.

It could have been more and with many good actors it should have been, but it centerers too much on the wrong things and becomes a parody of itself at a very early state.
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Do not take your kids to see this movie!! (this is a serious parental warning)
kether9997 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Do not take your kids to see this movie!! This movie is riddled with deviant sexual jokes that weren't even funny to the adults in the cinema because they are too cheap and disgusting. No one laughed at them at all.

***spoiler!*** An example - A grown man licking a large ham in an extremely sexual way. It wasn't funny even a little bit. Also sick jokes about prostitutes and other sexual jokes and references that are HIGHLY inappropriate for children. I felt sorry for all the kids in the audience and I can tell you now there were very few laughs from them and none of them were drawn from Adamn Sandler.

How can anyone in the process of making this movie think that the character of Jill was funny? She was unwatchable. I walk out of very few movies and I gave this one a lot longer than I should have for Adam to turn it around but the last straw was when Adam was trying to grab some cheap laughs from snot on a stick. That sums this movie up. I walked out and to be honest I judge those parents for not taking their kids out as well.
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