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Season 6

14 Jun. 2012
Scorched Earth
With Fiona now in custody and facing an old foe inside prison, Michael pulls out all the stops to take on Anson.
21 Jun. 2012
Mixed Messages
Michael takes on a drug cartel for his former mentor to gain access to Fiona, who must befriend a fellow prisoner to fend off a gang leader.
28 Jun. 2012
Last Rites
Pearce asks Michael to track down her fiancé's killer. Fiona investigates who tried to kill her inside of prison.
12 Jul. 2012
Under the Gun
Michael, Sam, and Jesse take on a mission in the Everglades, but Sam gets kidnapped. Fiona makes a new ally inside prison when two prisoners go after her.
19 Jul. 2012
Split Decision
Michael's mentor, Tom Card, offers Fiona a chance to leave prison and avoid extradition in exchange for becoming a CIA asset. Michael tracks down a vicious gangster with some unexpected help.
26 Jul. 2012
Shock Wave
Sam and Barry are pinned down by an assassin as Michael gets a lead on Anson. An MI-6 agent tries to prevent Fiona's release from prison.
2 Aug. 2012
Sam tries to help his girlfriend's son, who is indebted to a vicious loan shark. Michael and Fiona must pick up the pieces from their last mission.
9 Aug. 2012
To help the FBI take down a vicious Boston mobster, Michael gets himself arrested. Jesse and Pearce run into trouble while investigating a gun sale.
16 Aug. 2012
Official Business
Fiona must help a CIA asset who is targeted by a black-market businessman. Sam and Jesse infiltrate a mercenary training camp to track down a sniper.
23 Aug. 2012
Desperate Times
Madeline confronts Michael's mentor, Tom Card. The team runs into trouble as they head to Panama to track down an assassin.
8 Nov. 2012
Desperate Measures
Michael and the team must evade a vicious drug-runner and hijack a plane to escape Panama.
8 Nov. 2012
Means & Ends
A former inmate asks for Fiona's help to take down a corrupt detective. Michael teams up with an old adversary to take down a treacherous enemy.
15 Nov. 2012
Over the Line
With the authorities after him for the death of Tom Card, Michael must risk Sam's life in order to escape.
29 Nov. 2012
Down & Out
Riley puts pressure on Maddie to assist her in finding Michael. Michael gets himself captured to locate a ham-fisted smuggler.
6 Dec. 2012
Best Laid Plans
Maddie asks Barry for help. Michael's plan to sell an important piece of technology puts Sam in the crossfire when things go awry.
13 Dec. 2012
Odd Man Out
Michael gets caught between a smuggler and the client against whom he's seeking revenge.
20 Dec. 2012
You Can Run
Each side takes a hostage as agent Riley finally catches up with Michael, but Sam may not make it out alive.
20 Dec. 2012
Game Change
When agent Riley turns to a drug cartel to take out Michael and his friends, Michael is forced to turn to Jason Bly for help.

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