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This one is a must-see. It really is very good (based on 28 episodes).
rebirth_200815 June 2007
This one is good guys =) I had never heard of this when I started watching and didn't know what I was in for.

I'm currently on episode 28 and it's awesome. Every episode leaves you wanting more. I really can't say anything bad about this one because the animation is interesting and beautiful, the music is rocking, the voice acting is perfect and the plot is very deep, subtle, shocking and suspenseful. Also, there are so many laugh out loud moments and you really start to care about these characters.

Summary------- Two girls both with the same name and age meet unexpectedly and become roommates in Tokyo whilst chasing their dreams. The interesting thing is that they are polar opposites but somehow fit together like a glove.

One is strong, proud and independent while the other is the opposite but oh how their characters learn, grow and change.

I don't want to give away anything so that bare summary is just 5% of the depth of this Anime.

I recommend this to adults as there are many serious themes covered. Despite that this one is just plain fun and addicting to watch. You never feel preached to.

What else can I say......give this one a good chance (at least 3-5 episodes before making any judgments).

Also, I must mention that the music is very good as well. We have music by Anna Tsuchiya (first op. third ending) and Olivia Lufkin (first ending, second op. second ending). Both are popular rock singers in Japan so the music is top-notch.

I haven't enjoyed an anime series this much since Hunter X Hunter (my all-time favorite).
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Touching, addictive and poignant "Nana" is one of the best anime series in recent memory...
jmaruyama26 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It is no exaggeration to say that "Nana", the animated Fuji TV/Madhouse Studio TV series, is perhaps one the best written anime dramas to come out in recent years.

With is poignant, touching, sometimes funny but often bitter-sweet story, it has truly elevated Japanese anime from simply being "otaku" fanboy entertainment to mature, adult drama.

Based on writer/artist Yazawa Ai's best selling "Shojo" (girl's) manga series which ran in the Japanese publication "Cookie" (Ribon), the 47 episode series is a story narrated in flashback by its two very different heroine leads.

Osaki Nana (Paku Romi), a "sexy tomboy beanpole" singer who fronts the Japanese punk rock band "The Blackstones" (AKA Blast), wants nothing more than making it big as an entertainer.

She and the band's talented guitarist Honjo Ren (Hidenobu Kikuchi) were longtime lovers since their garage band days in Hokkaido, up until Ren's fateful decision to leave Hokkaido for bigger opportunities in Tokyo, a move which literally broke Nana's heart.

Two years later, wanting to follow her dreams of becoming a rock star, Nana decides to go to Tokyo as well to make a name for herself. By a chance coincidence she meets up with another young country girl who is also heading to Tokyo. The hopelessly cute Komatsu Nana (Kaori), with her long boots, girly wardrobe and giddy personality is the complete opposite of the brooding, dark and intense Nana O., yet by uncanny coincidence they share the same first name and age. Nana K. is heading to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend Endo Shoji (Takahashi Hiroki) who is going to art college there.

Nana K. and Nana O. part ways when they get to Tokyo but soon find themselves reunited again while out searching for an apartment. The two agree to share a modest, flat which by kismet/serendipity is on the seventh floor (nana kai) and is numbered "707" (Nana Hyaku Nana). The two become instant friends and develop a special bond - Nana O even gives Nana K the pet name "Hachi" (a play on both the number eight and the famous loyal Akita dog Hachiko).

Thus begins their exciting, chaotic, happy and sometimes heartbreaking adventures in Tokyo.

Yazawa's original manga story is faithfully adapted by series director Asaka Morio (Card Captors Sakura, Gunslinger Girl) and beautifully retold in animation by Madhouse studios (Gunslinger Girl).

Yazawa's hopelessly romantic story has all of the elements of teen soap opera or tear-jerking K-drama. Such mature themes like underage sex, prostitution, loyalty, betrayal, mental illness, adultery, tabloid scandal, pregnancy, love and friendship are are addressed in refreshingly candid and frank detail that doesn't talk down to its teen audience demographic. With its emphasis on music, fashion and hip youth culture, it is little wonder why it appeals and speaks to a generation bred on MTV, CW and trendy J-Dorama.

At the heart of "Nana" is an interesting cast of characters, all of whom have equally compelling back stories.

One of the most controversial sub-plots of the series involved the taboo romance between 15 year-old Shinichi (Ishida Akira) phenom bassist for Blast and 23 year old Japanese-American lead singer Serizawa Reira (Hirano Aya) of Blast's rival band "Trapnest" (Tora-Nesu). Their romance, while somewhat scandalous, is told with almost poignant and deep affection.

Underage/Lolita romance (a dominant theme of Japanese Shojo manga) seems to be a recurrent theme in Yazawa's works including her recent "Paradise Kiss" - Hachi's past history included an adulterous relationship with an older man while still a teen. She loses her boyfriend to the petite Lolita-like Kawamura Sachiko (Kojima Megumi)and is also befriended by the genteel,junior high school cosplay enthusiast and Blast mega-fan, Uehara Misato (Kanai Mika).

Friendship is also a strong thematic element in "Nana". Nana and Hachi certainly share a strong friendship and bond and as the story progresses that friendship further strengthens despite a falling out between the two over Hachi's affair and pregnancy by Tora-Nesu guitarist Takumi (Morikawa Toshiyuki). Nana O's relationship with her band is also given much insight particularly with stoic leader and fledgling attorney Yasu (Kawahara Yoshihisa) who harbors a crush on Nana O. and Terashima Nobuo (Tomokazu Seki) heir to a famous family business.

Nana O's own romantic storyline with rebel Honjo Ren (Kiuchi Hidenobu) is touching and one can't help but want to have them hook up and be happy.

The music is another highpoint in the series complements of two very different singing talents - Anna Tsuchiya, the Eurasian model/singer whose hard hitting, rock n' roll style is reminiscent of Joan Jett and Oliva Lufkin, the Okinawan Japanese-American singer whose powerful vocals style evokes comparisons to singers like Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson. Their music complements the tone of the anime and adds emotional impact to storyline.

While Madhouse's animation is in tune with the manga, some may find the frequent shifts from serious anime style to highly stylized, cartoonish and "goofy" pop art a bit irritating, although it did help to break some of the more somber and serious moments.

The series ending was a bit abrupt and contrived and seems to deviate from both the endings of the live-action adaptation with Nakashima Mika and Yazawa's original manga. I can't say that I liked the anime ending as it seemed very unsatisfying although there are talks that a second series is in the works to resolve this.

Like other anime "soap operas" like "Maison Ikkoku" or "Touch", "Nana" succeeds because it refuses to be pigeonholed as just being anime and strives to use the medium of animation to tell a mature storyline that is certainly not for children but is bold and touching enough for adults.
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Friendship Love and Rock 'n' Roll *may contain spoilers*
GoldPhool25 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This show is highly addictive. The story is about two girls the same age with the same name who are both moving to Tokyo. NANA, a punk rock beauty trying to make her band Black Stones "Blast" famous and Nana who is ultimately trying to find happiness through love. The show is a flashback NANA and Nana are talking to each other from the year 2008 (I think) and the episodes are their memories. The show has many undertones but the friendship of the two Nanas is the core theme of the show. I would recommend it for adults, not so much for young people it does contain sex scenes but also because the themes of the show are more for people who're eighteen and older. As a 25 year old I love it, Nana, is very real. The characters really make you feel for them. Watch 3 episodes and you'll be hooked. The show should come with some sort of warning, you won't sleep until you've watched them all! I hope that they make another season!
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Nana anime
dnaplayboy30 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A well done adaptation of Ai Yazawa's manga(comic) "Nana." It's about two girls named Nana rooming together in Tokyo in order to fulfill their respective dreams. Nana Komatsu (Hachi) moved in order to be closer to her boyfriend Shoji. Hachi's dream is to become a good housewife. Nana Osaki's dream is to become successful with her punk band "blast." I find the anime enjoyable. Even though it's supposed to be for girls, it doesn't include all cliché of most girl anime's. Its mostly about friendship, and the hardships of knowing and finding what you want.

There's two decent live action movies out.

A plus is the opening theme song is pretty good, and there are a lot of rock themes throughout the anime.
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The ending destroyed EVERYTHING
nicolemoncrieffex24 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Even though this show had drama from the beginning to end (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I was so disappointed with the ending. How could a shows ending be abandoned in the way 'Nana' was? We had no clue where the hell Nana was to the point where when the episode finished, I went to find the next one only to find that it was THE LAST ONE. It was so great and I finished it so quickly but just that last episode.. how could you not explain why one of the major characters wasn't there?? Overall a great show full of drama and also hilariously funny BUT the ending severely ruined it for me.
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I love this show!
hermione171721 December 2011
This is such a great show! I had first read a few manga of Nana and then became very excited to hear that they made it into a TV show. It's a show that I can easily relate to the main character Nana Komatsu. This may contain spoilers.... . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The ending of the show really left me with a lot of questions. I am in the process to see if there are more manga than episodes so that I can further my answers. Just be prepared to be left a little upset after you watch the show because its so frustrating that there are so many unanswered questions!!!! I will try to post anything more if I find more out for you viewers!! Can't wait.
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Depressing in the Wrong Way
DonaldDooD24 December 2014
Some works of art can be tragic, yet amazing. Their lack of a happy ending can hit close to home, or emphasize a real truth about this world. Nana did not hit that sweet spot. Its a downer of a series - but isn't evocative enough. Its too happy and slow to be a drama, too merciless to be a romance or slice-of-life.

I liked the characters. I fell in love with our two Nanas from the first episode. I wanted them to succeed, and find real love. I knew they would go through a lot of trials and self-discovery, but I was excited for the journey. I sat through episodes, each slightly less cheerful than the last. The romances became less passionate, the Nanas more distant. I was eagerly waiting for the day things all came together.

Nope. I'm not that lucky. The world in Nana freaking sucks. People only grow apart. They don't learn their lessons, they don't overcome their difficulties, they don't have solid, healthy relationships. It is a downward spiral, so subtle that, by the time you realize the descent, you're 20+ episodes in.

But again, its not major enough to call it a tragedy. It just winds up melancholic. I ended up disliking everyone for not being mature enough to solve their issues. In real life, I'd expect more effort. I can't take away anything from this show.

I know some people can relate more to this anime than I can. Congrats. But it left me cold and empty. No powerful emotion, no new insight, wishing for the opposite. This show bites.
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Episode one was good but went downhill afterwards
Irishchatter23 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ok so we are introduced to two girls who have the same name but with different personalities. Nana K is like this whiney girl who finds it hard to find the right guy for her and she has sorta a diva attitude. On the other girl Nana O, she is considered a rock chick who is pretty chilled and quite a gorgeous girl. I thought the first episode with just the two of them together moving in was quite good as it was a clear intro on what the story was going to be about. However after watching the anime further, I realised it was pretty boring and it was only just filled with pointless nonsense drama. This anime reminds me of "Skip Beat" and "Peach Girl" by the drama involved including how it was presented. Nana K clearly has the resemblance of Momo and Kyoko in my personal opinon. The anime had even added in pointless character's too like I never am going to think Nana K would get hitched with Shouji. He is right to not be with a self absorbed b word lol.

Anyways at least I only just watched 5 eps of this and nothing more. I'd be bored to tears with just watching 47 eps of this! I'm only giving this anime a 4/10 just because of the first episode but the rest, can go into a rubbish bin.....
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