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Beautiful simplicity
Emerenciano16 December 2007
Amacio Mazzaropi became famous in Brazil in the early 50's for starring films where the typical Brazilian hill-billy was the protagonist. During his long career, that finished in 1981 when he died, his starred (and in many times also produced, wrote and directed) thirty-four films. His accent, costume and funny walk were his trademarks.

In "Tapete Vermelho" Matheus Nachtergaele plays Quinzinho, a hill- billy who decides to leave his small farm with his family and go to town to see a Mazzaropi film. He doesn't know exactly where he is going to see the movie, but he had promised his father he would take his own son to see a Mazzaropi film and is now ready to do it. He believes there must be a Mazzaropi's film playing somewhere. Quinzinho's wife doesn't like the idea of travelling looking for a cinema, but follows him anyway. Their son and donkey complete the team in this search.

In the first town they found no movie theatre, but carry on. During their trip they face many problems and get involved with many different people. The towns they go and the people they see teach them the evils and beauties of the cities, things that will change their lives forever.

Nachtergaele makes Quinzinho a personification of Mazzaropi himself, speaking, dressing and walking like the famous actor. Sometimes we think Mazzaropi came back to life and is working again.

During the film we, the spectators, also learn about life in the country, where people use their own vocabulary, have their typical dances, believe in supernatural things and have a great faith in God.

The films is then an enchanting portrait of the beauty of the simplicity where the countrymen happily live.
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