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Oddly, the filmmaker best known for his Valentines to New York, Woody Allen, is not participant.
These tales are as highly designed as fashion layouts. But they're as relaxing to thumb through as those NYT Magazine trend pieces.
Look at the cast and credits to form an idea of the directors and actors at work here. By its nature, New York, I Love You can't add up. It remains the sum of its parts. If one isn't working for you, wait a few minutes, here comes another one. New Yorkers, I love you.
Most of these linked "shorts" succeed remarkably in nailing the serendipitous flavor of love, New York-style.
The project is lush and seductive as a whole, though some segments are especially vibrant.
Village Voice
As with its predecessor, "Paris je t'aime," there are hits and misses.
Miami Herald
The result, as is always the case with short story collections, is a mixed bag, although unlike "Paris Je T'Aime," the duds outnumber the winners this time.
The segments don’t form anything like a coherent whole, but they aren’t distinctive enough to clash meaningfully with each other, either.
The results are, well, formulaic, hobbled by weak dialogue and absent any sense of texture.
Cutesy and generic, New York, I Love You is almost colossally inept at capturing five-boroughs flavor.

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