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  • Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts posted several pieces of concept art relating to the film in celebration of Metal Gears 30th anniversary. While he has not confirmed that these pieces will directly reveal specific elements of the plot, the selection and focus on certain events and characters is telling, and we can glean certain things from them. The plot itself will most likely strongly resemble the first game, covering the Shadow Moses incident, but with certain plot points tweaked to fit alterations, primarily the strong notion that Big Boss will be the villain, not Liquid Snake (although he will likely appear as a secondary antagonist). Aside from him, there's a strong focus on The Boss, Grey Fox, and Sniper Wolf in several artworks, hinting that Grey Fox and Sniper Wolf will play key roles as well, and that Big Boss's relationship with The Boss will be important and may even appear in flashbacks to the events of Snake Eater. But again, this is all speculative, none of this is confirmed, it is just a theory based on the concept art. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • According to what little information is available, it will be a live action film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While there is no confirmation about his involvement, David Hayter did make an appearance during director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Metal Gear 30th Anniversary event. This may just be a nod to his importance to the series, or something more. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Executive producer and writer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The most recent update is from October 27th, 2018. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is still directing, saying recently that he is "proud and excited" for the film. The project is far from cancelled and is still going strong in its early stages, it's an ambitious project and may take some time but is seemingly in no danger of cancellation. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Kojima and MGS movie director Avi Arad were considering Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman. Since then, theyve reportedly decided to instead search for a lesser known actor who isnt well known from other roles. Edit (Coming Soon)


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