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  • Ang Lee's controversial period piece was shown as a NC-17 version in US cinemas. In order to have a more profitable home media release a R-rated version has been created that features alternate footage and misses out most of the sex scenes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • About 12 troy oz., or 373 g. In 1942, this was worth about US$420 - in modern terms around $5,500. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • On September 13, 2007, an elderly lady Zheng Tianru staged a press conference in Los Angeles, claiming that the movie was about real-life events that happened in World War II, and wrongfully portrayed her older sister, Zheng Pingru, as a promiscuous secret agent who seduced and eventually fell in love with the assassination target Ding Mocun (she alleges that the characters were renamed to Wang Jiazhi and Mr. Yee in the movie). Taiwan's investigation bureau confirmed that Zheng Pingru failed to kill Ding Mocun because her gun jammed, rather than developing a romantic relationship with the assassin's target. Director Ang Lee maintains that Eileen Chang wrote the original short story about herself, not about a real historical event. [wikipedia] Edit (Coming Soon)


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