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A solid character driven action film.
LucasNorth25 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Right from the opening with the brutal murder of billionaire, Neiro Winch, to the end of the film with Largo finally accepting who he is, Jerome Salle, has created a strong, character driven, action film in adapting Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Francq's fantastic graphic novel. From the introduction of Largo - saving a girl from very large soldiers - Salle keeps the story and character beats strong throughout his action sequences. And the way he frames his shots truly shows off the beauty of the world wide setting of a Largo Winch story.

The story is very well done, both in writing and as shown on the screen, concentrating on Largo's life as he searches for his place in life as oppose to action sequence after action sequence.

Tomer Sisley is spectacular as Largo Winch. Playing the role with passion, wit and cockiness. He owns the screen when he's on it and doesn't give an inch to any of the extremely strong actors he's playing against. Kristen Scott Thomas is deliciously slimy as Group W's number two. She needs to play villains more often. My personal favourite scenes are every one with Tomer Sisley and Karel Roden together. Two fantastic actors that both went for it and didn't give an inch to the other.

This is a fantastic action film that has more heart and story then most north American films. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys well written action/espionage film.
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Great movie but not in the Hollywood style.
morpi-600-33258211 June 2010
I just can't read all those comments. You are complying that this movie isn't similar to Batman, Superman or James Bond? It's very disappointing that US rating is at 6 points. You liked District 8 - strange camera views and shaking hands, You like Tarantino with his time jumping scenes, and You are complain about movie that has both features. For me, Largo Wintch is real. It isn't a guy who uses laser weapons and flying cars loaded witch tons of explosives. He can't fly - it's an issue. He is in jail, and doesn't want to be rescued by cash - money isn't everything - movie says (at least few times). That movie carries a huge emotional load. I think that this film is voted so low, because it doesn't fit to classic Hollywood scenario of action movies like Superman, X-man e.t.c. Largo is to real, so any complaints are about his way of getting out of trouble.

I was enjoying this film from the beginning to the end. It was unpredictable, well played and well showed. At the end, i didn't know that comic book was precursor.
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Engrossing and well made but largely forgettable action drama
mbs5 December 2011
Only been maybe 4 days since i saw it and i've already forgotten the majority of it...The Heir Apparent won't be the most memorable film you've ever seen...but it was a well done enough action film of the "old school" french variety that will play very nicely on TV in years to come. Sleek enough to hold your attention and telling a story that doesn't insult your intelligence but won't really tax it either--the movie works well enough while its going, but once its over you'll either have trouble believing what you just saw, or you won't really care what you just saw--you'll just wanna see another movie asap.

Requiring a daring man of action to save the day but really just a continuing series of action sequences barely held together by a continuing storyline (ironically not unlike district b-13 which while an awesome movie is much much more of an example of "new school" french action film that's more in vogue right now.) The Heir Apparent is supposed to be more of an old school french action movie--like this could've easily been made with jean paul bellmondo in the 70's.

Largo Winch is the adopted heir to the CEO and founder of this gianormous company--when the ceo is found dead--its up the adopted heir to find out why, who, when, and if possible save the rest of the company. (Largo is a guy who loves breaking out of places--you see him as a kid running out the window of his bedroom--he hates being cooped up in one place...naturally a break out of jail sequence is included here, but with the nice twist that largo really really doesn't want anyone to help him with it....he's also apparently fiercely independent which just makes you wonder why he's doing what he's doing but no matter.) Anyways the bulk of the plot is basically Largo being recruited by the board of the company to do whatever he can to keep the company from being swallowed up by its main competitor. (this requires basically getting the majority of stock in the company back from the guy who owns the competitive company, but of course there's so much more to that then just going up to the guy and making him hand over the shares of stock) That's really all you need to know---anything else is stuff that comes up throughout the story that you just kinda roll your shoulders and go with--otherwise you'll have too many questions and to question what's happening here is besides the point.

Some of the action scenes are pretty cool...and the lead actor has an appealing what me worry? attitude that matches the tone of the movie perfectly. The reversals and double reversals that happen throughout the movie don't really add anything besides obstacles for the main character to hurdle over--but hurdle them he does, and well. Kirsten Scott Thomas appears but adds nothing except maybe a sense that something significant is supposed to be happening here, but its pretty clear its not. Ummmm the movie was entertaining enough--like it was fun to watch, but after an hour or so it gets kind of dull, like you start to wonder what the point is, why is Largo Winch so perfectly willing to be used by his father's board members when he himself has no interest in running the company at all anyways---there are flashbacks of him talking to his father that are meant to give depth to largo's character but only serve to remind us that we could be watching a much better movie if Largo could just somehow get out from his father's company's shenanigans. Anyways--it was an OK movie--but there were hints that it could've been something more. As it is its not bad, its actually pretty fun to watch but i'll prob forget i saw it in a day or two.
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A good Action/Thriller Movie. Proof yet again that France can deliver good movies in the genre
JohnRayPeterson6 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A good Action/Thriller Movie. Proof yet again that France can deliver good movies in the genre. After reading the 14 reviews that preceded mine and doing a little digging, I was able to find out the origin of the character, specifically that it is a character from illustrated or graphic novels created by Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Francq. I also noticed that there was a television series based on the same work.

Well that being said, I admit enjoying Julien Rappeneau and Jérôme Salle's scenario adaptation. I am not in any way attempting to critique or compare the movie adaptation to either the graphic novel or the TV series. The movie, as a standalone work, was most entertaining.

The pace is fast but has necessary slower scenes allowing us to get to understand the characters and the circumstances, instead of being driven solely by action and special effects, both of which are not lacking in the least. I was unfamiliar with most actors in this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed the performances, particularly the one of the lead role. Familiar only (to me) was Kristin Scott Thomas who plays the key character Ann Ferguson which, based on the later scenes in this movie, will certainly, and sadly for me, not be back in the 2011 sequel (which I look forward to seeing), also a Jérôme Salle written and directed movie.

I don't like to read reviews that affirm either Hollywood or Euro made action and thriller movies being better than the other; it's a matter of taste, not opinion which means those who can enjoy both have the best of both worlds. I am very happy to see Euro made action and thriller movies as a welcome change of perspective and culture. Pity for those who only want to eat fried chicken and potatoes; they are missing out on all the other culinary delights. So it goes for movies and books. The graphic novel The Heir – Largo Winch, is not one of a super hero like so many American ones are; instead it is a novel based on a regular person living an extraordinary life and that type of adventure put to screen is one I hope you will like as much as I did.
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Largo. "Largo What?" Largo.
mharsing14 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I sat down to watch 'Largo Winch' I expected nothing more than action scenes and fascinating cars. When I stood up, I've seen both of these; and more.

Karl Roden was finally not the antagonist in a movie, to start with. Kristin Scott Thomas played her role well, but the real two stars in my opinion were Tomer Sisley and Miki Manojlovic, both acting superbly. In Radivoje Bukvic portrayed Goran well.

The mixed linguistics brought a nice color to the movie, but I understand why people would get bored with it.

The scenery of Hong Kong and especially the stunning Croatian seaside both amazed me, and I hardly wanted to take my eyes off the screen when Largo entered the unbelievably beautiful island.

Rolls Royce Phantom; Mercedes S500, and BMW 7; if anyone loves expensive limousine - type cars; this is their movie. It is also a movie for people who love action sequences, good acting, landscapes of extremal beauty, and above all, a fast - paced, well written action movie, with dazzling combat and a thoroughly twined inner drama.

My vote, as it has enlightened a gloomy day is: 10/10
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The adopted son
jotix1002 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Some titles, such as the one for this film, can be baffling. Not having any idea this production was based on a successful comic book that has been quite popular in France, we had no inkling what to expect, but the prospect of watching Miki Manojlovic and Kristin Scott-Thomas in the same picture was a deciding factor. As far as how authentic the adaptation is, unfortunately, not having read the source material, it would be one's own guess.

The film is full of action. It takes the viewer to a lot of places, covering a lot of territory. The selection of Hong Kong as the place where the action takes place proves to be an exciting destination, especially the last sequence where Largo, the hero of the story has a sort of show down with the man commissioned to kill him.

Directed by Jerome Salle, who also contributed to the screenplay with Julien Rappeaneau, works well as a thriller that takes the viewer to a number of interesting locations. The film is helped by the brilliant cinematography of Denis Rouden and the music score by none other than Alexander Desplat, a busy man working in movies today.

In finding Tomer Sisley for the title role, Mr. Salle found a young actor that is pleasant enough to involve the audience. The wonderful Miki Manojlovic plays the self made billionaire that adopted Largo to be the heir to the empire he built. Kristin Scott-Thomas shows why she is one of the best actresses working today. The multi-national cast speaks in different accents and languages. The picture will not disappoint lovers of the genre.
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True action-heroes DON'T shave !
mikeopuvty21 December 2008
Forget Neo and Bourne and all those half-baked made up modern heroes. They only look 12 year-oldish to please the wide audience of geeks that want to be their heroes. Since they cannot be Rambo or McClane or even Indiana Jones, Hollywood allowed a bunch of fakes that have no beard and yet fulfill teenagers wishes to see something that looks very much like an action flick.

However, their " action set-pieces " are just painful to watch and any girl may challenge their masculinity without question. This explains the recrudescence of oldies on our silver screens over the past few years. For better ( Rocky, Rambo ) or worse ( Die Hard 4 - where John McClane, brace yourselves.... had no beard !! )

I say it is high-time a new hero walked up and put their reign to an end. This " Largo Winch " movie is far from perfect, and perhaps too predictable at times, but at least Tomer Sisley delivered a very promising performance as an action-hero. And the only one time where he was weakened is when Mélanie Thierry shaved his beard ! I rest my case.

I didn't know it when I entered the theater room, but this might be the movie I've been waiting for a decade. For the first time in France since Belmondo, can a movie be both well- crafted and rooted in B-genre without blushing over its performance. In the meantime all we had to chew on was either a gigantic pile of dung or something too restricted to reach a wider audience... In other words it was " Le Pacte des Loups " or " Dobermann " ( I like Dobermann, mind you )... I believe " Largo Winch " has what it takes to be both popular and quality film-making.

I exited the theater room very pleased, and hungry for more.
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Nice shot, but...
biakko22 May 2009
Who doesn't know Largo Winch in the France-Belgium-Luxemburg trio (the three countries where the French "BD" or "Bandes Dessinées" are massively published) ? 18 years after the publication of the first comic book, which is itself an adaptation of a series of novels, it HAD to be adapted on screens. After a first - and failed- attempt with a TV show, the real thing begins.

First of all, and that's what most of the fans didn't get, the goal of this movie is not strictly to adapt the comic book series. Some essential parts, characters and actions of the original are missing. The movie itself offers an alternative and more modern version of the series. As a 1st class-fan of the comic book, I must confess I was nicely surprised. The actors are good, so is the scenario, though it might seem too fast. I thus recommend this movie to all those interested by financial/political thrillers, but it is clearly not an alternative to James Bond or Jason Bourne series as I could read over the internet.
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Key to Largo Winch
DaddyMcB1 September 2010
I just watched this movie during breakfast in my holiday.. Turned on the TV and saw Micky Manolovic in an international movie. I love this actor and know him from excellent performances in especially "Underground" and "When father was away on business".. This movie being very different than the Kusturica movies as I later realized still kept me watching. I love movies which contain different languages. Bosnian, Croatian, French, English.. it was great. OK so I understood from other reviews that the languages weren't always correct.. One person talking Bosnian while the other replied in Servian, annoying for the people who actually understand it but for me its always better than bad Russian accents in English representing Eastern European languages. Right? Having no knowledge of the original comic book I went totally free in the movie and found it very nice,intelligent and fast-packed with slick slight liked Bourne identity action scenes. Locations were beautiful, especially the magnificent island later in the film. And the business deal scenes were interesting as well. I also understood that the movie wasn't at all in comparison with the comic-book and lots of things were not as they should have been.. This could also be annoying IF you red the graphic novel.. But as I described with me this wasn't the case so I could enjoy it. Have to say that Manolovic for me played an important role for keeping my attention in the beginning because I didn't know were I was going into.. (I really like the actor and truly recommend almost all his movies) So don't expect much of it if you like the graphic novel but if you don't know it this french movie will certainly entertain you while waking up on your free day having breakfast/lunch whatever.. I rate it somewhere between 6 and 6.5
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A total non-plot Watch and Feel Good Superhero flick
CihanVercan10 May 2009
Couldn't meet my expectations Largo Winch, a European comic book superhero had caught my attention through its release notes on the movie magazines and its online teasers. I haven't made any research before watching it to keep my curiosity, but when I watched it there was this big slice of the cake was missing: No plot.

The whole movie leans its back against action scenes which are very well worth seeing, at some moments breathtaking and visually drastic. Whereas, there are issues at the technical aspects where cinematography and camera movements lack of quality and proper arraignment. Over the first half of the movie, at the fight scenes and fast paced sequences the camera work was so embarrassing and bothered me a lot. It should have been set up at a better angle. At some of those scenes where the camera movements, location and the angle views are very disturbing that obviously the screen view was like up and down and shaking second by second.

There is one incident happening at the start, that the industry tycoon a Hong-Kong celebrity Mr.Winch was getting killed right at the opening; even while the credits are still showing up. And then there is none... There is one: The son of this industry tycoon who lives separately from his father. Named Largo, never uses his last name in his social occasions, comes to the spot. His action scenes are as rich as a James Bond sequel, the rest is a little Batman-like drama. Whatever means Bruce Wayne for Gotham City is equal in Largo Winch for Hong-Kong. After he takes his deceased father's legacy under his name, he doesn't admit anyone working for him. He takes advises and keeps 8 different financial advisers(one of them are Kristin Scott Thomas) around a round table at his office in a skyscraper, where he goes to his meetings via his personal helicopter and pilot.

Despite all those bubble and guise, money can't buy his freedom; he doesn't admit his fame either. Always knowing what he wants, always taking his own course; he always wins his battles at last. Typically obeying and following all certain rules and clichés of superheros "Largo Winch" never brings out no genuine material:

* He is always right, he never knows nothing wrong. He always makes the right choices; even the choice he made doesn't seem right at first, he finds a new door and gets a second opportunity. * He can go to date and go to bed with any woman in the world, no woman ever can reject him. * His wounds heal very quickly -in just a few seconds, or at least until the next scene-; he never becomes permanently incapacitated nor will he ever die. * He can drive just about any type of vehicle of transportation; he can use every type of tools, machinery and even newly built technological devices; he is very handy and dexterous and is able to fix every mechanic problem. * Either silly or wrong, either rude or slang no matter what he says, no matter what word he spreads out he is always right and has the right of the last saying. No one can ever challenge him to be able to say the last word after him. What have I expected for! What superheroes are for?
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The other comic book adaptation
kosmasp8 November 2009
I'm not aware of "Largo Winch" as a comic book (or is it graphic novel? I actually don't know), but I have to admit, hearing about an agent/hero movie, I did expect quite something different, than what I actually got.

While it was startling to watch this at first, it was nice watching this move along. You could never really tell where it would go (some twists are foreseeable, but in general, you can never really say, were it will end up going). A more than stellar performance from the lead actor and a really good support cast, make this an enjoyable watch. Not as action packed as some might hope or expect for a movie like that, but a really good mixture.
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Beautiful and Gripping Film
zack_wall31 October 2012
What a brilliantly designed film! The acting was superb, and the soundtrack really made the movie for me. I loved the plot and all the twists, especially the huge spin at the end. Seriously, this movie was amazing, and keeps you guessing up until the climatic end. It delves into a lot of different mysteries, but doesn't end up doing too much. And the cinematic aspect was breathtaking. There's some very beautiful scenes in this movie, and for those who enjoy panorama's and scenery, Largo Winch is perfect for you. It's an action film, drama, romance, mystery, and thriller all in one package. I tip my hat off to the entire cast and crew involved with this film. You've done an excellent job, and I look forward to future productions from this director.
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Really well made but with an average story and some weak acting.
Boba_Fett113822 November 2011
This movie is a real mixed big. On the other hand it's one great looking and well directed movie, with a pleasant pace and some good action but on the other it's being a real average one with its story and suffers from some weak acting as well.

It's actually a movie based on a Belgian novel- and comic-book-series. And it's not really hard to see why they wanted to turn it into a movie-series as well. It has a very typical movie style and way of storytelling to it, that reminds you of movie-series such as the Bourne Identity and James Bond ones. It has a thriller type of plot, hot women, plenty of action and hand-to-hand combat and some exotic locations as well. Yet as a movie this one does not really work out quite successfully. Also financially it was a disappointment but that didn't prevent them from making a sequel, with the poetic title "Largo Winch II", in 2011, which was not much of a success either. So it seems that the series is already over before anybody had really heard about it, unless some big Hollywood studio decides to pick it up and turn it into a movie-series, since the potential is all definitely still present in it.

It's a movie in which a secretly adopted son has to proof his legitimacy, in order to take over his murdered father's company, that is worth billions and prevent it from falling in the wrong hands of some shady business people. Doesn't sound like the most interesting perhaps and you're right to think so. It's mostly being a Industrial espionage thriller, with backstabbing characters and ones with double agendas, with some action thrown in it to spice up things. It just isn't really the most exciting concept to begin with and besides, the movie its story offers little new or surprising really. It all has been done before and better as well. It's all quite predictable, also in the way it's progressing.

But the film-makers didn't seemed to be stopped in their ambitions to still create a great movie, despite of its story. It's a real slick looking movie, with a great visual style to it. They also handled the action really well, with some good camera-work and nimble editing. I'm a fan of some good old fashioned hand-to-hand action and this movie has plenty of that. Really, I can't say anything bad about the directing approach of this movie. It also provides the movie with a pleasantly fast pace, which ensures that the movie, despite of its story, won't ever start to bore you.

And the movie also needed a fast pace, since it seemed to be covering lots of ground. It's set in many different countries, at many different places, with many different people. Yet they managed to fit it all into a 100 minutes short movie. It might cause you to loose track at times though. I mean, it's quite hard to understand at times why our main character is suddenly in a different country or how he got there in the first place.

But something that really truly brings this movie down is its acting. Most of the actors really got poorly cast in this and seem to belong on TV or soap operas only really. Kristin Scott Thomas is an exception and Benedict Wong also does a decent enough job but the rest were really struggling to get their lines out convincingly. Perhaps this was also partly due to it that most characters have to speak in many different languages. The movie mostly consists out of French, English and Serbian dialog, while some of the actors themselves aren't even French, English or Serbian. And hearing a French person utter some English words just never really sounds convincing. The lead actor Tomer Sisley was also really struggling with this and only seemed to be in his element during the action sequences.

Not a great movie by any means but still worth giving a go when you have run out of anything else to watch.

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Full Throttle ripoff with Largo Winch background
ingemar-425 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry, Largo Winch fans, but this is no 10 movie. I will tell you why.

The basic idea about this movie is sound, the Largo Winch comic is pretty good, violent enough (by far) for making an action movie of and has a unique theme, the secret stepson pulled into the world of economy against his will.

I actually like the mix of English and french. It just adds flavor.

Many scenes are visually good. Much nice scenery.

But there are a whole bunch of things that are questionable, and a few that are downright bad.

I don't really mind that the hero doesn't look like Largo Winch, but it seems strange that they have replaced the hero with someone who looks very much like his sidekick (Simon), who is missing in the movie.

I like the comic, and I have seen much worse movie adaptations of comics as well as books. (Judge Dredd, Modesty Blaise.) It seems to me that too many "adaptations" are really made by someone who wanted to make a totally different movie. Judge Dredd was made by someone who wanted to do The Godfather, Modesty Blaise was made by someone who wanted to to Hair. And, ironically, I Robot was made by someone who wanted to to Judge Dredd!

Largo Winch is a mixed bag in this respect. Much of the Winch concept is used (good!), but they also mixed in a whole lot of another story, and that story is Full Throttle! Yes, the video game with Mark Hamill as the villain! That story is also about a company takeover, and unlike the original Winch, Full Throttle has the same basic plot as this movie, and more.

Much of the movie follows the plot in album 1-4, but somewhere along the line the plot switches into another one. Several characters are added to build a whole new plot, and the ending is a straight ripoff from Full Throttle. Actually, too much of the story is just that, a Full Throttle ripoff (a story that was also about taking over a company from the inside). Did we really need that, when the original plot was not a ripoff? Big minus!

Many interesting and central characters are dropped and forgotten. Where are Simon Ovronnaz, Cochrane, Sullivan, Fenimore, Cotton... Only a few characters are kept, Hannah and her husband and Pennywinkle, and instead a whole bunch of new characters are added. Although the concept is not totally ruined (a few of the new characters can be identified as direct replacements to the old ones), too much of the foundations are removed and replaced by something else, which is not better.

Then we have the script and tempo. In many cases, the suspense is lacking, the tempo and scripting is bad. This is where Largo Winch makes itself comparable to newer Bond movies. On several occasions, it makes the "jump up suddenly and say boo" stunt, which is all too common in the new Bond movies. This is not good, it is a sign of amateurish scripting. We have known for years that only poor horror movies work on scaring the audience in such a way. NEVER do that! Instead of the "boo" stunt you should let the viewer know that something is coming, and build suspense. Hitchcock knew this, but all too many new movie makers don't. Largo Winch makes it almost right in the beginning, but later it goes totally off here. The first case is the killing of a guy during the board meeting. A few seconds of warning (music, see an unknown assassin picking up a gun...) would guide us, help us see that something nasty is coming so we get time to prepare. But the movie makers were not professional enough to know that, but make this cheap mistake several times! Wham! Boo! I scared you!

The movie is better than the newer Bond movies, but rather because the new Bond movies are utter garbage very much based on trying to drop its own concept and replacing it with a committee construction, while this at least has some positive merits, especially its own concept which is mostly follows. But it could have been a lot better.

I have looked, briefly, into the TV series, and it looks superior in so many ways. Better casting, all those central characters are retained.


+ Uses the basic theme and background of Largo Winch fairly well. (Hence, quite a bit of action.)

+ Mixes in a lot of french. I like that, this is a french movie.

+ Many scenes are visually good.

  • Poor suspense, good opportunities wasted on "boo!" scenes.

  • Under-uses the character gallery of the original.

  • Casting is unimpressive.

  • Obvious Full Throttle ripoff in plot and ending!
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A realistic action oriented movie!!!
akb0078 March 2017
Nerio is a powerful billionaire who owns the majority shareholder of the W Group. He adopts a boy named Largo and kept it secret from others. The idea was to take over Nerio's position one day. Unfortunately, Nerio was murdered by his enemies. Largo returns to home after a long time to find his father's killers.

It's an action packed thriller movie that has all the ingredients to satisfy action movie lovers. The Largo's character looks more realistic and sharp when compared with other one man show movie characters. German star Tomer Sisley portraits the role of Largo. This film uses multiple languages like English, French and sometimes Croatian. The film is filled with spectacular stunts and some breathtaking chase scenes which makes it a watchable movie. Still, I recommend this movie and somehow it manages to satisfy my expectations.
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Adaptation from a comic... ???
femsoufem2 November 2009
First of all, if you'r a fan of the comic, well, you'll be VERY disappointed I'm sure ! Low budget movie !!! Largo is supposed to be Serbian in the comic, now suddenly he becomes croatian, pfff! chicken producers, it gave some spice and guts to the comic ( By the way, in the film, his father speaks Serbian and he speaks croatian... Lol ). The striking N.Y. Winch building becomes a common average-small yacht in H.K. The good looking Largo becomes some unshaved Tzigan/Turkish looking guy. Freddy the cool 'scarface' pilot becomes some fat, out of shape, sad, average guy. Simon, Largo's good buddy, does not exist at all !? He gave some pepper ! Largo doesn't throw knifes at all, but just some snake stares... The whole story is confused and looks like a pretentious TV-film. French directors and producers, if you don't have the money, the ability or the technology to adapt correctly the comic, please stick to some romance shooted in Paris. Very very bad film, good thing I just rented it, don't count on me to watch the sequel ( If there is any ! ).
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Simon where were you when he needed you?
dbdumonteil20 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Among all the comic strips adapted for the screen ,"Largo Winch" is somewhat better than the movies made before (Tintin,Asterix,Michel Vaillant,Blueberry etc) .The reason can be found in the very nature of Francq /Van Hamme 's cartoon books :they are more "realistic " than their peers' works,their screenplays are cinema stories with astute flashbacks blending the present with the past ,they are aimed at the teenagers/young adults market.The subject (dough is in the center of the plot) may repel some but Largo is not that much interested in it and the last sequence (faithful to the book ,except for a detail)shows a man talking with a little boy ,displaying nostalgia for a childhood in a tender family.(the cover of the second book shows two Largo:as a man and as a boy,the man has his hand on his former self's shoulder.)

The scenes in the prison are botched and the 100 pages of the book are treated in less than an hour.So the necessity(?) to introduce a second heir and to turn Scott-Thomas's character into a villain .

Let's say it:the movie is not on a par with the book ;the story took place in New York,they chose Hong Kong instead ,which is not a bad choice ,but the purple passages lack the strength they had on the paper:the death of the tycoon,sapped by cancer,the hellish Turkish prisons (a nod at "Midnight express"?),and the scenes on the island which verge on melodrama .

But the biggest surprise is the complete absence of Simon Ovronnaz who appeared on page 19 and would be to Winch what Captain Haddock is to Tintin.Some suggest they save the character for Largo Winch II which is to be released next February .
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Just didn't have the resources to pull it off
KineticSeoul3 March 2011
Now I never read any of the comic about this character so I didn't know what I was in for, no did I ever heard of Largo Winch until this movie came around. But I heard it's a pretty cool superhero flick so I decided to check it out. The thing is, it's a decent B action movie, and also fast paced. But some parts are just skimmed over really quickly without much development. I know the direction is more getting to the core of everything, but there is little to no attachment to any of the characters. They are just mainly there to move the story forward and nothing else for the most part. The movie started off alright but started to lose it's flare after a while, in fact almost a hour of this movie revolves around bunch of people bickering about the company. I don't know if it's because this movie caught me off guard, cause this just wasn't the the type of movie I was expecting and that isn't a positive. This is also a adaptation from a comic book but just didn't have any of the comic book vibe to it. I don't know if the budget for this movie was really low, but from what I heard it's a poor adaptation to the comic and just didn't go in the direction it should have. For a superhero flick or just a comic book adaptation it just seemed like they didn't have the resources to make the adaptation work and make it good. Some even say the adaptation from this comic to a movie if done by Hollywood would have been terrible. I disagree, yeah stuff blowing up constantly gets old after a while but this is one of those movies that needed at least some resources. It also has noticeable plot holes and sequences that make absolutely not sense. This was suppose to be a adventure/thriller but didn't find anything adventurous or thrilling, it's basically below mediocre action movie at most. I am giving this movie a 5.8 because the last 30 minute was sort of entertaining and I liked how almost everything got put together.

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Francophone but Good (Screen)
leplatypus31 January 2009
In my knowledge, Largo winch was a famous Belgium comics (never read) telling the adventures of a playboy, a sort of James Bond without the spy life! So, when I had to choose a movie for a 5 years-old kid, I picked it up because the kid was already a great fan of James Bond!

But, just after the opening credits, I got heavy doubts: when American movies offer amazing start, here, no action and a torrid sex scene … Then, the story get very complicated with financial moves… I thought I lost the kid.

But, strangely, he had been caught by Largo, and more than James Bond!

Was it the excellent interpretation of Tomer Sisley? The difficult relationship Largo has with his father? The multiple box story in which the friends are the bad guys, the bad guys are the friends? The exotic locations of Honk-Kong, Yougoslavia?

Dunno, but he really cares about Largo ("Will he get up?) and we enjoyed our moment.
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Now the French are beating us at action/thrillers--we better start calling ours "Freedom Films"
carbuff31 May 2015
I put off watching this movie for a long time, but I ran out of things to watch with a certain group of people whose tastes I had to all satisfy, so I decided to this a try. I was thinking that a French action/thriller set in the world of corporate high finance sounds like an oxymoron; however, I was really wrong, and this movie was great.

It's quite intelligent for this kind of movie and is well-filmed in a variety of interesting locales. While obviously working with a way lower budget than a typical American blockbuster, it managed to be feel much more real and satisfying, with the added bonus of no unpleasant aftertaste of guilt for time wasted.

If you watch typical Hollywood thrillers, you really should give this foreign one a try, since, while it is not exactly brain food, it's a good step up from pure Tinseltown junk food.
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witster1814 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love foreign film. I love spy/espionage films. I love action films.

I rented this one for all of those reasons.

Watch this one for it's hot locales and high-production values. Past that - this movie is really, really bad.

I have NO CLUE how this is scored this high here.

The acting is as rigid as a treated 2 x 4. The script was written by the same guy that wrote the "See Spot Run" book. Every detail of the film is repeated 5 times - as if the viewers have a 48 IQ. I really felt insulted by how they kept repeating the same stuff over and over.

There is no plot.

Hong Kong looks great on film. I've been there. It's a beautiful place. If not for the landscapes and couple of decent action scenes - I would have voted this even lower.

Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

The back-story is poorly put together, and the current story is non-existent.

Very disappointed. Looks good, but the acting and writing are deplorable!

I usually put "If you like this you might like____ ____" lists on my reviews, but if you DID like this - then the chances of me recommending something and you actually liking it is highly improbable.

39/100 WOrst "good" looking film I've seen in a long, long time.

Think "Quantum of Solace" - only with weak acting, and an even weaker plot(is that even possible),...oh, and less action too.
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Don't let french get good titles
szgege2 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of the TV series Largo Winch. This movie was pain for me. I had to use fast forward not to fell to sleep. It was boring! How can somebody ruin this title so much? The story was the only good thing. Actors were sh.t. They can't live the role. The main actor(Tom ... ) is a null. Watch the other roles of this actor. The fighting scenes were unbelievable boring and not to followable,somehow they were not to follow the situation. Like other reviewer said low budget film with bad actors.Maybe next time somebody else can do better thing out of this title. French can't do right thing with big films,like Alien 4. That was bit brrr, after Alien 1,2,3.
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daniel-andrews474 January 2014
A shocking waste of time. Decent plot and well-made film but the company and characters are of no interest. Halfway through the film I realised I genuinely didn't care what would happen to the company or the heir, so what was the point in watching it?

The film is very similar to 'Transporter' in a way except it does not have any characters to actually take an interest in. There's a great deal made about an heir called Largo Winch and yet when you finally meet Largo he's an arrogant kid who has magically obtained fighting skills, fluency in numerous languages and universal knowledge.

A minor gripe; the actor playing Largo just pulls one expression for the entire film... it's beyond irritating.
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TdSmth524 March 2016
Nerio Winch hears noises on his yacht. He goes outside, a diver surfaces and drags him into the water and Nerio drowns. Turns out he's the head of largest corporation in the world. His trusted associated Ferguson takes the helm in the interim. She announces to a stunned board that Nerio who didn't have any children actually adopted a boy and that he is the heir of the majority stake of the empire. No one believes her but it doesn't matter. The stocks are to the bearer so all the son has to do is show up with the stocks. But, a weapons trafficker is about to launch a hostile bid of the Winch corp.

Meanwhile unaware of all this the son, Largo who lives under a different last name, is in Brazil getting an an invincibility tattoo when a pretty blonde is accosted by some paramilitaries. He comes to her rescue, sleeps with her, is drugged by her. On top of that she plants drugs in his room and calls the cops. He ends up in jail. As he tries to escape he finds a scarred-face guy, who was a Nerio's right hand guy. He already paid off the corrupt cops to let him out. Eventually both manage to escape and make it to Winch HQ in Hong Kong.

There Largo is introduced to the skeptical board. In flashbacks we learn that Nerio adopted Largo in Yugoslavia and had him raised in Croatia by a family of friends. He introduced him to the business a bit, but Largo never really connected with his cold and distant father and was more of an adventurer free spirit.

Back in the present after the board meeting a finance guy who was eager to meet with Largo is killed right in the offices. Largo and the head of security are unable to get the killer. Largo meets with the arms dealer to see if they can come to some agreement. Ferguson has some plans herself to rescue the conglomerate by trying to take over the sinister guy's companies.

But when Largo is on his way to get his stocks hidden on a secret and remote island that his dad owned, he's the head of security. Now without the stock, Largo will have to reclaim his empire, thwart the hostile takeover, and find his dad's killer never knowing in whom he can trust.

I know nothing of the comics/novels. but Largo Winch The Heir Apparent is a fantastic action thriller. From the start to the last minute it has you wondering which way it will go. It's filled with twists and surprises. It has some great action, some erotic scenes, but mostly lots of suspense. Direction is first rate and the locations are great. Truly an international thriller filmed all over and in several languages. Just like the guy who bought the rights suspected, Largo Winch would make a fantastic franchise that could surpass the Bond/Bourne films. At least this movie is so much better than many of the goofy and preposterous Bond flicks and with a much more human lead character who isn't busy striking poses, making snouts for the camera, and coming up with lame one-liners.
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