The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch (2008) Poster

Mélanie Thierry: Léa, Naomi



  • Léa : [while she and Largo are making love]  I love...

    Largo Winch : [Whispering]  What?

    Léa : Your name... I love your name.

  • Léa : [Largo discovers Naomi is the driver of the car waiting for him]  Was your trip exhausting, Sir ?

    Largo Winch : [Sarcastically]  Thanks for picking me up...

    Léa : The usual driver had a small problem with some sleeping pills.

    [Hands over a sheet to Largo] 

    Léa : Sign down to the right.

    Largo Winch : What's this ? A wedding certificate ?

    Léa : A debt recognition.

    Largo Winch : Expensive ride...

    Léa : That's my rate...

    [Largo tries to open the door, but can't] 

    Léa : ... And I left the child safety lock on. Marcus is around. He'll pay to find you.

    Largo Winch : You won't.

    Léa : [Marcus is seen driving his car, then answering his phone]  Marcus, I have something for you. 6 feet tall, dark hair, green eyes. I'm on the Kwon Lan road.

    [Marcus's car makes a fast U-turn] 

    Largo Winch : You are such a...

    Léa : Only guys like you can take the liberty of despising money.

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