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  • Jannicke, Morten Tobias, Eirik, Mikal and Ingunn are on a snowboarding vacation in Jotunheimen. They are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel when Morten Tobias breaks his leg and their car is too far away for them to reach within nightfall. They quickly discover that the hotel was closed in the seventies due to the disappearance of the managers' son. Unknown to them, someone is still living in the hotel, and getting home, or even surviving the stay, isn't as easy as they believe.

  • While snowboarding in the ice mountains with Jannicke, her boyfriend Eirik, Mikail and his girlfriend Ingunn, Morten Tobias has an accident and breaks his leg. His friends seek shelter for the night and find an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. They discover that the hotel was closed in 1975 when the son of the owners vanished in the mountains. However on the next morning they find that they are trapped in the hotel with a psychopath killer, and they have to protect themselves trying to survive.


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  • The film opens in the 1970s. A young boy with a birthmark across his eye is running frantically through the snow. As he tries to escape what's chasing him, he falls into a ditch. His pursuer isn't seen as the boy is bombarded with snow, helpless to escape being buried alive.

    During the opening credits, the police question the boy's concerned parents as to where he had gone and if he may have run away. They tell him he wouldn't have run away and has never gone missing before.

    In present day, couple Janncike and Eirik have invited their friends Mikal, Ingunn, and Morten Tobias to go snowboarding with them. While listening to the radio announcer warn skiiers and snowboarders to be prepared for crowds, Janncike tells them that they won't be dealing with that because Eirik always finds the best remote spots. Mikal and Ingunn make out in the backseat much to the discomfort of Morten who is obviously the fifth wheel. When he asks Jannicke and Eirik if they plan on moving in together Eirik replies "yes" while Jannicke replies "no". The mood becomes awkward.

    The friends arrive at the mountain and begin climbing up. Jannike asks Ingunn if she's in love with Mikael and she embarrassingly confesses that she does.

    Everyone reaches the peak and begins to snowboard down. They all seem to be enjoying themselves until Morten takes a bad fall and breaks his leg. Jannicke is able to set it but realizes they can't walk him back to the car as it's getting dark. No one has cell service and they begin to search around for shelter. Jannicke comes across a ski lodge and the group agrees to carry Morten there.

    They quickly realize it's abandoned and break in. They put Morten on a couch in the lounge as they search for something to mend his leg. Jannicke finds a box under the front desk that holds a tube of super glue and a single shotgun shell. She tosses the shell aside and uses the super glue to fix Morten's wound. After things settle down, Eirik, Ingunn and Mikal begin to search for the generator and Jannicke stays behind with Morten and reads the guest book.

    Eirik finds the generator in the basement and gets it working. Meanwhile, Mikal and Ingunn find a guest room that has been burnt to cinders and a spot on the wall where an axe is missing.

    Back in the lounge, Jannicke reads entries from the guest book that suggest that the lodge shut down in the 70s and owners of the lodge had lost their son. Jannicke finds and passes around a picture of the parents with their son, obviously the boy with the birthmark from the beginning of the film.

    The group makes the best of their situation by playing records and drinking what's left of the booze. Eirik apologizes to Jannicke for assuming she wanted to move in together and says they'd probably get sick of each other anyway. They cuddle up to go to sleep as Morten watches, forlornly. Mikal and Ingunn head into a empty guest room and get into bed. As Mikal begins to get aggressive about having sex, Ingunn pushes him off. He calls her a tease and storms out.

    Morten wakes up and has Jannicke and Eirik take him outside to pee. Mikal storms into the lounge to get a drink and turns the music back on. Meanwhile, Ingunn hears a strange noise and peeks into the hall. When she sees nothing she decides to grab her clothes and go find Mikal. On her way out of the room, she drops her locket. As she bends to pick it up a figure appears behind her and trips her with a pick axe. Ingunn screams and is stabbed in the arm but manages to roll out of the way as the figure tries to impale her again. She runs down the hall screaming, but is drowned out by the music. She makes it to the stairs leading up to the lounge as the figure catches up to her. She calls out as she sees Mikal but is finally stabbed to death and dragged away by the pick axe as the music fades.

    Jannicke returns to the lounge to find Mikal sadly sitting at the bar. She asks him to tell her what's wrong and he complains that Ingunn is cold. She tells him that Ingunn is a virgin and she's just nervous. Mikal feels ashamed for how he acted.

    The next morning, Mikal heads back to the guest room with a breakfast tray to apologize to Ingunn. When he gets there the door is shut and she doesn't respond, so he walks back to the lounge. Meanwhile, Eirik prepares to head back to the car to go get help. Jannicke puts her house keys into his pocket, indicating she wants him to move in. She kisses him goodbye and he walks out of the cabin. As he rounds the corner, he sees blood on the ground. He ventures forward and finds Ingunn's body lying in the snow. He rushes over to her as the blunt end of a pick axe strikes him in the head.

    Jannicke and Mikal decide to explore the lodge and return to the basement. They find a door by the generator and open it, revealing a hidden back room. Inside are shelves filled with modern gadgets and clothing as well as empty cans of food. Jannicke freaks out because the lodge closed in the 70s and most of the things in the room were invented well after that. They rush back to the lounge where she tells Mikal she'll go talk to Ingunn. Mikal sees that Morten is missing and goes upstairs to the kitchen to look for him.

    Jannicke tries to coax Ingunn out of the room. When she doesn't answer, Jannicke opens the door to find the room covered in blood. She rushes out and heads back to the lounge.

    Mikal reaches the kitchen door to find a dark, red substance running out from underneath it. He enters to find Morten lying on the floor, having tripped while trying to open a can of beets, hence the red substance. They laugh as Jannicke bursts into the room. She takes them to the guest room. Mikal finds Ingunn's locket in a puddle of blood. When Morten exclaims that they are the only people there, Jannicke and Mikal look at each other, realizing that there must be someone living in the basement. As they turn to run out the front door is heard opening and a cold rush of air flows through the hall. Jannicke pushes them back into the guest room and barricades the door. They hold their breath as someone crashes against it. The barricade holds and the person on the other side leaves.

    Mikal panics and tells Jannicke they should climb out the window and run. Jannicke points out that Morten can't run on his leg. Mikel tells her they should leave him behind and Morten begins to cry. Jannicke refuses to leave and Mikal climbs out by himself. Jannicke runs to the window and watches as he hides in a tool shed. The figure suddenly reappears outside. He's a looming Mountain Man with a large beard wearing goggles and covered in animal hides. He makes his way to the shed where Mikal is hiding. Inside the shed, Mikal tries to hide behind a pile of skiis. When he makes a run for it he steps into a bear trap and crawls out of the shed. Jannicke watches from the window as the Mountain Man breaks Mikals neck.

    Jannicke grabs Morten and stashes him in the pantry. He panics so she gives him a can and tells him to memorize the label. She's going to the shed to finds a sled to get them out. She begins to leave when Morten begins to confess his love for her and she interrupts him to tell him that she knows.

    Jannicke makes it to the front door when she sees the Mountain Man coming. She hits the floor just as the door opens and she watches as Mikal's body is dragged into the lounge. She sneaks out to the shed where she finds skis and a sled, but it's too big to be moved. In her frustration she collapses on top of it only to gaze up at a shotgun on a shelf. She grabs it and heads back to the lounge to find the shell she had tossed aside earlier. Once she retrieves it, she heads back to the pantry where she tells Morten she has a plan.

    She and Morten head to the basement where they turn the generator off to alert the Mountain Man of their whereabouts. She gives Morten a flashlight and tells him to flick it on and off when the Mountain Man is coming. Then she'll shoot him. Morten finds a box cutter in a pile of junk and puts it in his pocket. As Jannicke goes to hide she sees her house keys lying on the floor. Venturing further into the back room she finds Eirik tied up and alive.

    Morten sees the Mountain Man coming and flicks the flashlight on and off. Jannicke can't move Eirik in time so she tells him to be quiet and runs back to her hiding place. The Mountain Man walks into the back room holding a flashlight and Jannicke bursts out and points the gun at him. Just as she's about to shoot he turns his light off, engulfing them in darkness. Morten turns his flashlight on and Jannicke slams the back room's door shut and barricades it with a piece of wood. The Mountain Man bashes against the door but it holds. Morten tries to get Jannicke to run but she tells him they can't go because Eirik is in the back room too. Morten asks what they should do and she tells him to open the door so she can shoot the Mountain Man. Morten lifts the piece of wood and the door bursts open. Jannicke fires but Morten realizes the Mountain Man is using Eirik as a human shield and knocks her gun out of her hands, sending the bullet astray. The Mountain Man impales Eirik with his pick axe as Jannicke screams. Morten tells her to run and picks up the gun. Jannicke runs out as Morten tosses the useless gun and tries to defend himself with a saw. He cuts the Mountain Man's leg but it's no help and he's impale by the pick axe.

    Jannicke runs to the shed and straps on a pair of skis. She runs blindly through the darkness with her flashlight. It briefly falls on the figure of the Mountain Man just before he knocks her out.

    Jannicke awakes to find herself lying on the sled and buried under the bodies of her friends. She sees the box cutter in Morten's pocket and pulls it out. As the Mountain Man reaches his destination, a deep ravine, he begins tossing the bodies over the edge. When he grabs Jannicke's foot she stabs him in the neck with the box cutter. She then grabs the pick axe and begins swinging it at him but misses. He grabs it by the other end and they struggle. He eventually pushes her to the edge of the ravine and raises his axe to stab her. As the same moment she rips the goggles from his face revealing a birthmark across his eye. Startled, the Mountain Man misses and the axe hits the ice. Jannicke pulls herself up and retrieves the axe. She swings it at him over and over, pushing him further towards the edge of the ravine. When he's finally reached the edge she gives a final swing stabs him in the stomach with the pick axe. As he falls over the edge, the Mountain Man flashes back to himself as the boy at the beginning of the film. As he looks up at his pursuers we see the image of his parents, intentionally burying him alive in the snow as he screams at them to stop.

    The Mountain Man hits the bottom of the ravine with a crash, surrounded by the bodies of Eirik, Mikal, Ingunn and Morten. Jannicke collapses by the edge of the ravine, exhausted.


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