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Great fun!
kevintempel24 July 2006
Hehehe. This was one of the best funny road movies ever! I laughed so I fell out of the chair. With many Norwegian and foreign celebrities playing themselves. Harald Zwart is the producer, known for films like Agent Cody banks and of course One Night at McCool's.

It is about Norwegian crazy fans, going to the world cup in Soccer in Germany 2006. And all sort of crazy fun that comes with it. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. I haven't had so much fun in ages. Rumors say it will come a number two, but I do not know. It will be hard beating this one.

recommended to everyone! It is a must see film. I was suppose to see it at the cinema, but I had work at the times it where shown. And been trying to rent it for a month, but all the time rented out. Got it today on DVD. Well worth it.
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I laughed till I cried
sonya_o30 October 2006
I hate football!! I hate football fans! I hate cars! but this film was the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time.

I was given the great opportunity to see this film at the weekend, and all I have to say is I laughed till I cried, and when is it going to be available in the UK and Denmark. Girls, this is one football film you will need to see, its hilarious!

The fact that this film started out as some crazy commercial for a telephone company is just amazing, the guys may not be well known actors, but this is good down to earth real humour, with real people, and I for one applaud them for taking this to the screen.

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Norway's best comedy ever!!!
furby7912 July 2006
This was one of the few Norwegian movies I actually looked forward too see. It started of as a few commercials with a motley bunch at football matches. Then they made a movie out of it. The leads are not pros (and you can see that) but they still do a very good job and the movie all in all blew me away.

Norway is known for making crappy movies (no offense)but I had a good feeling about this one. Even thou I'm not interested in football I wanted 2 see it. the story is a lot better than expected and the laughs just keep piling up. there are loads of cameos from Norwegian celebrities and players. the characters are well portrayed and you feel for them. IF You're EVER GONNA SEE A NORWEGIAN MOVIE. LET IT BE THIS ONE!!!!
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A true image of Norwegian football-fans
stiaand28 July 2006
Norwegian movies have never been something outstanding. Our Swedish and Danish neighbours have always been way ahead of us. We only have a handful of good actors and actresses, and they have been way overused. That's why it is such a delight to see some new faces in a Norwegian film, even though it is about football/soccer (which I hate), and the guys are middle-aged overweight grey-haired men with one of the weirdest accents in the whole damn country. The movie doesn't break any boundaries. Hell, it doesn't even reach for the boundaries. The actors aren't good actors, they are actually regular football fans just the way they appear in the movie. But, I must say, this movie was very enjoyable - I laughed through most of the movie, and the end made me feel patriotic even though I hate football/soccer and don't even celebrate on May 17th, our constitution day. On scale from 1 to 10 for Norwegian films; I'd give it a 8.5. Internationally: Sorry, but I can't give it more than a 5. Watch the movie. Enjoy it! :)
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An incredible funny road movie
gullungen9 June 2006
I am a huge fan of Harald Zwart, and I just knew that I had to see this movie, even though I can't say I'm a soccer fan. But watching this just filled my heart with joy, and I had a great time in the movies watching it.

Bjørn Fast Nagell does a tremendous job directing this movie, and even though you notice the main characters are new at acting, they grow with the movie and makes it what it is. Even though it is supposed to be a soccer movie, there is surprisingly little soccer in it. The whole idea is to show the six guys making up the word N O R W A Y on their trip to the World Cup in soccer playing in Germany this year.

If you're only gonna see one Norwegian movie this year, this is the one..
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Incredibly awkward
heinrobert17 July 2006
This movie is actually so poor in its desperate attempts at being "feel good" and casual it really made me embarrassed watching it. I can't imagine how the inner circle of Norwegian celebs and press must have felt trying to pretend to like it at the star-packed premiere. Its great media reviews is a sickening example of how ridiculously small and inbred the Norwegian media scene is. Had a foreign film of this quality reached the silver screen it would have gotten the rain of rotten tomatoes it truly deserves.

The combination of literally amateur actors, home-made style visual effects, awkward dialogue, painfully idle attempts at working class humour and the overly cozy and meaningless plot, really makes this a movie of rock bottom quality. Stay away.
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On the Path of Success
ricardojorgeramalho6 January 2023
On the Path of Success A popular Norwegian comedy about a group of colleagues from a small, bankrupt neighborhood garage, who embark on the adventure of following the Norwegian national football team at the 2006 world cup in Germany.

This small group of fanatics, potbellied, alcoholics, dysfunctional, head towards Germany in an old van, which will lead them to an unexpected international success and fame, and to the fulfillment of all their dreams and ambitions.

An unpretentious but well-produced fable, with an argument that, despite being simple and predictable, has some amusing situations.
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Fun Comedy - Nice Discovery from Norway
slavkin12 May 2022
Long Flat Balls is a feel good comedy from Norway that moves along quickly, delivers laughs, and lets you enjoy your time with a fun group of familiar and entertaining characters. When garage owner Ed is faced with mounting debts and he risks losing everything, he marshals his beloved pack of rumpled oddball pals to travel with him on a final ragged road-trip across Europe to support Team Norway in the hugely-important World Cup Soccer matches. As they travel together packed in a van, they deal with the comic complications of long simmering personal feuds, the difficulties of aging and responsibility, romantic awakening and experimentation, and their collective obsessive passion for Norway's soccer team. Combining good-nature humor and elements of farce, Long Flat Balls is a charming film similar in style to the Full Monty, and it delivers a satisfying and uplifting ending that'll make you laugh and cheer for the good guys.
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