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This movie NEEDS a do-over
kjeters-110 July 2009
This is one movie that needs a do-over. I say this as a fan of the original anime. The leading actress was good, her teacher (Kato) was good, actually, the cast were fine, it was the script that's bad and the CGI was awful. This movie needs some money thrown at it with a better writer. I believe the director had his hands tied 'cause there wasn't enough money for what he wanted to do. I've seen directors make a wonderful movie out of nothing but then, at least the script was sound. Here, the director had no chance 'cause the script sucked and he had no money (haha!) I blame the producer for this. It's their job to bring in good talent. Talented writers, directors, actors, and money.

I hope someone with balls picks this film up and does a sequel that does the original title justice.
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A Nutshell Review: Blood: The Last Vampire
DICK STEEL21 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Jeon Ji-Hyun, now known as Gianna for this international film, trades her demure demeanour for something that action junkies will probably find reason to cheer about - having a beautiful heroine kick some serious butt with her near-invincibility and possessing a blade that cuts through vampires, monsters and demons like hot knife through butter. But seriously, do we need another half-vampire, half-human hybrid being for the big screen, even though this has anime roots?

If done well, I don't see why not of course, with enough room for yet another vampire hunter, since the closest if anyone wants to compare modus operandi with, will be Wesley Snipes as Marvel's Blade. I am trying really hard to find redeeming factors for this film, but alas the negatives seem to outweigh the positives a lot more, and draw tremendous attention that you'll find hard to ignore.

First of all, there's the issue of Saya (Gianna), being the all powerful hunter that she is, actually succumbed to an old pitfall - never have your hero sit on the pedestal that it becomes absolutely effortless when facing adversary. One slash of her katana means instant death, and thus there's no kick, and no challenge. She rarely broke a sweat (OK, so the heavy downpour might disguise that a little) when dispatching scores, and I mean scores, of faceless, nameless beings, that by the time the next action sequence rolls around, you know what to expect - hack, slash, hack, slash, wash-rinse-repeat.

No doubt Gianna's no true-blue martial arts practitioner, director Chris Nahon decided to spice things up a bit through extremely fast cuts, close ups, and a dash of time-lapse or slow motion here and there. Stylistically it may look gorgeous, but you become well aware that these were employed to mask short-comings in the action sequences, directed by Corey Yuen. No offense to Corey, but I felt that Blood was in need of some genuine edge-of-your- seat excitement in its battles, because Saya does look like a one-trick pony, until the last set action piece provided a little glimpse into more powers that she possesses. Everything in- between was nothing new, nor accentuates her abilities for an audience unfamiliar with the source material.

Then there's the outcome of over-reliance on badly delivered CGI. No doubt wanting to stylize blood spurts probably to lessen the impact of very graphic violence and dismemberment, again something overly done becomes the spoiler for the broth. The rooftop chase was cartoony, though I'm quite sure the intent wasn't to infuse some animation at certain points in the film. What I thoroughly enjoyed though, even if it was rather old school and done countless of times, is the ninja attack set in a leafy forest. Execution was swift, with a real sense of peril, up until the point Saya enters the picture, without which it was a treat to see her guardian and trainer Kato (Yasuaki Kurata) take on a hooded army relying heavily on cunning and trickery.

But the biggest culprit to bog down the film from reaching its expected potential, is the severe lack of credible villains. Everyone else besides chief demon Onigen (played by Japanese actress Koyuki) was like a side dish appetizer meant to pass time until Saya meets Onigen in the showdown you see in the trailer. No offense to Koyuki, but her English diction here really made one strain the ears to try and make out the threats she's dishing out (I had Chinese subtitles available to assist thankfully), and despite her awesome powers, she failed to heed the prime lesson that most cinematic villains have fallen for - that an egoistical soliloquy is always a waste of time. Not to mention that the final third of the film seemed like it was a rushed job to get to where it wanted to be, and out of convenience too.

There were some nice moments such as the whole set up of the ultra-secretive Council (like a Men in Black predecessor) and the clean-up jobs that the lower rung operatives have to conduct each time Saya cleans out the demons, and it was a pity that the entire council got forgotten midway. Clint Mansell provided the score, but unfortunately there wasn't a memorable tune that came out of it. And to round up the disappointments in this very choppy film, what was unforgivable the sense of deja-vu in having a scene lifted from Underworld: Evolution. Think flight from danger with a winged beast attacking the getaway truck, and you get my point, attack for attack - swooping from heights, slamming of the windscreen, driving on a mountainous winding road and the ripping of doors, with such similarities just too close for comfort.

Bottom line is, Blood: The Last Vampire is a straight forward action film. Forget the wafer thin plot and try to ignore the potential where certain scenes could have been made better. It's nice to look at with plenty of style over substance, but unfortunately nothing more.
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Really fun adventure
wyessdesign12 July 2009
Martial arts, women with swords, and VAMPIRES...what's not to love???!!! Yes the CGI could have been more realistic... Yes some of the acting could have been better... But if you go into a movie like this looking for academy-award winning performances you're barking up the wrong tree. BLOOD The Last Vampire is a fun adventure with good visuals, cool styling, and great fight scenes. Compared to the thin/non-existent plots in the latest blockbusters coming out of Hollywood this summer, BLOOD is almost an Oscar contender. If you're looking to take an exciting journey into a world where demons are among us hunted down by hot, sword wielding, bad-ass some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride!
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Highly Entertaining Adventure
claudio_carvalho5 December 2009
In 1970, the four hundred year-old skilled samurai Saya (Gianna Jun) is sent to the Kanto High School in an American military base in Tokyo by the Council, a secret society that has been hunting vampires for centuries. Saya has the appearance of a teenager but is the tormented half-breed creature with the soul of her human father and the powers and need of blood of her vampire mother. She is obsessed to face the powerful demon Onigen (Koyuki) that killed her father. In the base, Saya saves Alice McKee (Allison Miller), who is the daughter of General McKee (Larry Lamb) and commander of the base, from the attack of several vampires. When General McKee is killed by a member of the Council, Alice runs to the hotel where Saya is lodged. They join forces and go to the countryside to chase Onigen.

"Blood: The Last Vampire" is a highly entertaining adventure. The screenplay and the choreography of the fights blend many other movies and there is no originality. However, it works basically because of Gianna Jun and Allison Miller that perform very likable and charismatic characters. In the end, this film is not a masterpiece but I liked what I have seen. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Caçadores de Vampiros" ("Vampire Hunters")
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Good adaptation regardless of bad CGI
Rafacus14 July 2009
With credit to the creators of this live action edition of Blood: The Last Vampire, they really didn't have much to work with to begin with and before I pick apart the movie I feel obligated to preface with this. As an owner of the original Anime and a fan of the Blood series in itself, I was looking forward to a nice tie-in with the saga of Saya the Femme Vampire Slayer. What I got in this movie was a nice collection of katana action, low-budget CGI and poor acting. This isn't to say that BTLV is a bad movie, just one that I would only recommend to fans of the series itself.

What the movie tries to do with the aforementioned anime, is take that exact same story and expand it a bit to give us some history on Saya. We are shown her human father, vampire mother and even a childhood love interest. Our Saya is given emotion (she even cries a bit) and worst than that, she is given a sidekick in Alice McKee (Allison Miller). Though I found Saya (Gianna Jun) to be a very good casting choice, which coupled with the choppy but interesting action scenes, made her seem similar to the anime Saya, I found Alice to be absolutely unbearable. The character Alice is the American element to the movie, being a rebellious teenager stealing daddy's car, talking back and doing all the annoying things that teenagers in movies tend to do.

The jerky camera angles, made some of the early fighting scenes very confusing. However it does get better as the movie progresses and some of the battles are quite interesting once the camera settles down. The acting was not bad as a whole aside from Alice whose crying and screaming were so fake I found myself shaking my head every time she had a burst of "emotion". The direction was good enough and we get a back story as it progresses unlike the original anime. Still when it ended I was a bit confused about Saya even with the history given and it made me wonder why they didn't stick with more of the elements from the anime series.

If it were only up to actress Gianna Jun and her portrayal of the killer Vampire Saya, I would rank this with high points but the weight of the bad acting by the supporting cast, the already silly story, awful CGI and the unnecessary military portion of the movie drug it down way below that. Although I would watch it again, this would probably be due to my being a fan of the character moreso than a movie watcher.

Full review:
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Great name, great premise, but just utterly dreadful!
renjones-127 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Good bits: - The one big fight scene in the middle was great. Lots of dismemberment and shot very well and with good style for the most part. - Saya's pretty cute.

Bad bits: - Blood, as in the actual blood coming from dismembered limbs, tries to be stylised but ends up looks like cheap effects. - Plot holes you could drive tank through... In fact it's worse than that, much of the important aspects of the background are just not there and the film tries to make references to things that aren't covered at all. - The demons look like they're designed to be easily turned into toys and lack any kind of believability. Cheap CG shows in their movement in some scenes. - Character development is quite, quite bad. Alice, for example, seems quite at home with the concept of demons after just a few minutes and has surprisingly few questions about the phenomenon. - The end scene and final fight is just shockingly poor, too much build up, not enough substance.

Although I've not seen the anime (though have heard it's short and also poor) this film is seriously lacking and a real let down.
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it's damnably bad
cherbo5 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so far up rubbish creek, that it nearly achieves b-grade greatness ........ if only i didn't have to pay for the tickets. The writing is bad, the direction is ridiculous, the photography is budget, the sets as well and best of all the actors can't even speak English without stumbling.

It was so bad nearly any dialogue involving the white witch onigen made everyone in the theatre laugh. In fact after a while, everything was laughable.

The sad part about this movie is it takes itself too seriously. It's like a tepid uwe boll movie without the laughs. You can tell that if this was given to a different director, the dialogue in Japanese and importantly, everything else including the crew were Japanese instead of a cut rate crew from china, the movie could have been saved.

The absolutely funny thing is, with so few actual people watching this and voting correctly, the astro turfers have managed to keep the IMDb rating artificially high.

you have been warned!!!
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Not worth watching
harry_tk_yung4 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Not much of a story, paper-thin characters, contrived emotions…what else can I say about this movie. Indeed, there are some (two, exactly) long, outrageous fighting scenes that may generate mild excitement. There is not a great deal of GCI effects as the action is generated by a mixture of wire-fu and camera tricks. Under a newly adopted name of "Gianna" (just one word, as appearing on the end credit roll), original "Sassy Girl" Jeon Ji-hyun turns in a satisfactory, if not spectacular performance in her first ass-kicking action role, sort of a female version of Blade. Those who have watched Tom Cruise's "The last samurai" (2003) may remember being beguiled by bewitching Koyuki, who appeared here as Onigen, the source of everything evil and not quite as glistering as she was six years ago.
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Definitely less than expected
BigGuy10 July 2009
I just got back from seeing this movie and was disappointed. I actually knew relatively little about the movie aside from the plot synopsis going in, and still I was disappointed.

The more I think about the movie, the lower I have been setting the ranking. The acting was for the most part okay or sub-par: the main character, Saya, had one look, the sulking schoolgirl. Alice, the white girl side-kick seemed to do well, but have terrible direction, as if her character was never quite in the right mood for the scene.

The action scenes were pretty weak. School girl swings her sword and a demon gets cut in half and super CGI ichor comes out. Whole bunch of demons attack, girl swings her sword and a couple demons fall spurting CGI ichor. I don't need an action scene to be believable, but I do expect it to have life. There was one action scene that reminded me of old school ninja movies (which is actually a good thing) but for the most part the action was dull and little more than a series of decent stills strung together.

The writing was campy and sub-par. A number of scenes caused the audience to laugh because the dialog and scene as a whole just came across as ridiculous.

I think the best way to describe the movie is a Frenchman making an American movie from a Japanese script.
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Totally hot gosu halfing samurai girl pwns demons left right and center teamed up with her very pretty American sidekick whats not to love?
taylorfar28 November 2010
Epic! epic movie, that's all I have to say, put it this way I hate making accounts for stuff like IMDb, and after years of looking at this site for reviews I've made an account just to put a review on this movie and defend it from these atrociously low ratings and reviews because I saw it was so undersold and unfairly accused as a tosh movie. It's full of win to the brim, while I can't guarantee you'll like this movie it must be watched for you to decide for yourself, I see reviews either extremely low or extremely high for a reason, its a real love it or hate it but you just have to find out for yourself I personally loved it, visually stunning fight scenes were a non stop thrill characters were totally likable and I think the story as I found out based on the anime was really good with no big holes, the negative things people have complained about I consider semantics and did not at all take away from the awesomeness that was Blood the last vampire.
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Better than I expected.
ladyorihime11 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I finally got to see the one movie I have been waiting and counting the days for: BLOOD: The Last Vampire.

(SPOILERS WITHIN) Jeon Ji-Hyun, going by Gianna, was definitely the best thing about this movie. I couldn't believe that this was her first English movie and action movie. What amazes me even more is that she is Korean, but she spoke both English and Japanese so well, and was able to portray the correct emotions when speaking in languages foreign to her. This girl poured her blood, sweat, and tears into this role and it shows. Anyone who says her acting was bad needs to watch one of Paris Hilton's movies.

The action scenes were brilliantly choreographed. I loved Saya's fight in the alley, and I loved Kato's fighting in the forest; one of my favorite things about that fight, was when Saya just plowed through those demons with nothing really driving her but her grief and her desire to save the man who raised her.

People have complained about the script. I think they seemed to forget that this was a popcorn action flick. They almost seemed like they were expecting something so thought provoking. I don't really understand when they say "cheesy lines". The script was normal for this kind of movie. Watch the original anime movie and there isn't a lot of spoken dialogue. Both movies were meant to show off the action scenes, and they did their jobs very well.

I really don't understand why this movie has received so much negative criticism. Yes, the CGI demon was bad, but that was about it. It wasn't even that bad when it was moving/fighting. And the CGI blood? Even my 54-year-old mother understood the point of that was to show the difference between human blood and demon blood (which is black) In the scenes where some of the human characters were shot, they had normal blood splats.

Comparing the online bootleg I watched and what I saw here in an American cinema, things were very different. In the online bootleg, almost all of the really gory scenes were cut; from memory, Linda's head being sliced off, Saya splitting a guy in two, Saya cutting a guys neck and then kicking it off, Kato's fingers being sliced off. They also left out a scene where Onigen and her retainer were all dressed up and leaving the onsen. Koyuki's voice was also left intact.

In the version I saw here in the states, a huge goof happened right in the In the beginning; after Saya leaves the Council behind to clean up Saya's kill, we are shown her already at her hotel room, frantically downing a bottle of blood and she's already wearing her school uniform, which she hadn't received yet. We then see her walking to the hotel back in her normal clothes.

A scene during Saya's alley fight was completely cut out. It's the scene where she is fighting to big black demons with afro's. I'm assuming it was cut out for PC reasons, but I am kind of happy they did that just because there is a point in the scene where Saya jump kicks one of the demons in the neck, and it is so badly edited. I mean, think back to 50 and 60's fantasy/action movies and how fake the monsters looked when edited into the movie.

Another thing I am happy about is that either they dubbed Koyuki or she was brought back in to redo her lines. Her English was pretty bad, at some points not even being able to understand her.

One thing I am disappointed about is how small of a role they gave to Sharon, who was the main villain in the original anime. We don't even get to see how Saya took her out.

Ending this review, I have to say that I liked this movie even more than I thought I would. I would say I loved it, even. This is a movie that you have to see and judge for yourself, and take other opinions on the movie with a grain of salt; really, don't miss this movie just because of a few bad reviews (and hey! Ebert gave it a 3 out of 4 stars!)
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Blood: the last vampire
helmutty25 June 2009
I finally had a chance to watch the movie, a movie I had wanted to watch. It is not as bad as what others say if you know that this movie is meant for entertainment, a movie that is not to be taken seriously. The stunts and fighting are great, done by action director Corey Yuen. The thing disappointing is the much over-hype last battle, it is featured in every trailer and TV spot but in the end, it is not what I had expected.

The story: The simple adventure story. But since, it is a martial arts movie, I expected cool stunts obviously done with wires. The fight scenes expect the last one do not disappoint. The CGI of he monsters may not be that good but it is still bearable. The CGI blood is also bearable, but the slow-motion will get old. I am surprised that it has a rating of M-18. It is not that violent and most of the blood is CGI and solid.

Overall: Fans of the short animated will catch this out. Those looking for a cool martial arts movie will catch this too but don't expect it to be Asian martial arts movies. This is another adaptation of the animated following Dragonball evolution and Speed racer.
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Despite its flaws, the good does outweigh the bad
zoeisdead200221 June 2010
For those who lived under a rock or haven't really gotten into the whole anime phase back when it was really roaring in the 90's with titles like wicked city, devilman, akira, ghost in the shell, Genocyber and ninja scrolls. Blood: the last vampire was one of the key anime films that tried breaking ground between the lines of animation and computers at the time when technology was getting advance. One of the signature looks of the film was the character Saya and her school girl outfit which is a staple of sexuality on the eastern side. Since then Blood has produced a TV anime series and imitators alike.....Now we have a movie which has its good moments but there are too many flaws to count, but before you decide to put this on your skip it list, let me tell you the good and bad stuff.

Good: Casting. You don't need to stretch your imagination far to know that Saya needs to be played by a beautiful young Asian girl and yes they do get that part right. The rest of the cast is give or take, you don't really care for them to be on screen for a long time so they don't stay too long to take away from the main event. Saya is pretty much the star of the show and it is only her that carries the movie. The rest of the cast are pretty much part of the body bag pile up.

Not so good: Special FX. Normally I would forgive a movie for bad special FX cuz come on! story comes first. The CGI feels weak compared to even low budget FX films which has more bad acting then bad effects. Though it doesn't take away from the performances and the fluid action scenes, you really feel that they could've took more time adding in shadows and texture. The gore FX is all CGI which most of todays films seem to be going at but I feel they should of added a squib here or two.

Okay: story. Saya's family is killed by the demons and she wants revenge!! How many times have we seen that in a tough chick action film? The story doesn't hurt the character or the film itself. She needs a reason to kill anyway, so no points off on the story.

What it needs: Better effects. To me this character is too cool for bad CGI, I was relieved to see a movie that wasn't so bland or fake like "Underworld" or so boring and lifeless like "Daybreakers". Blood is a 1 against a hundred type of film and those movies, especially with a girl in a school uniform, should always have good FX.

Worthy of a sequel?: Yes. It has flaws and some weak characters but I have no problem with Saya leaping into the darkness and fighting the armies of hell! If there should be a sequel, then so be it. Hopefully a better budget and FX would make it worth the while.
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Could have been good BUT.....
DarkNinShinX023 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When watching this movie you have to forget about any TIES to the Anime Series Or Manga. If you do not then you will suffer a great deal of hurt as I did in finding any redeeming quality's wot so ever!Im a huge fan of the Anime series and 40+ minute Manga so naturally was expecting some acknowledgement to there material, was i in for a shock! All I can say is that the director could not have been a fan. A lot of scenes did make it from the Manga and also a few from the Anime series, It's just that they were so POORLY executed or changed that they did not work! The CGI is Also Shocking, This film manages to revert to petty crime & Downright ROBBERY, Check out the Winged Vampire Pursuing Truck On The Mountain Road scene...Underworld Evolution anyone? LOL. I mean Considering the fights scenes are done by Corey Yuen, even these are boring and uninspireing. There is only One fight scene that deserves to be watched in this film and thats when Master/Watcher Of Saya is in mortal combat with a Ninja Clan (HEAVY!). Which is why i gave this Movie 4/10 Rather than 3/10.
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Flawless, but kind of wtf.
day_andy21 July 2009
This movie has everything going for it.

There's action, tragedy, great cinematography, good directing.

But, there is a great problem with the script, its almost like budget cuts came in half through the movie and its not that they sacrificed quality in the process.

It feels like they were half way through a 3 hour epic and they wrote in a quick step to the final scene, to make it 2 hours.

Sure if you want to play up to the existential art-house of cinema the ending would have played out, but the entire movie before it wasn't going in that direction.

It seems like some parts of the movie were directed by somebody else, especially the flashbacks. The flashbacks alone crap on the rest of the movie.

I guarantee this movie for entertainment. A bit of tragedy and entertainment. But there is definitely a hole in the movie that should make everyone who watches it think 'WTF', how did it even get to this point, where is the rest of the movie.

If it had the rest of the movie, its 9/10.

For what it is, its a quality action/vampire movie.

For what it's not, wait for DVD(as long as its on a big TV and HD) because some of the sword scenes are brutal.
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A whole lot of style!! But not much substance.
vicvega128420 October 2009
Alright first off I will say I liked this movie and the style it is going for. If you are in to Directors who take a unique visual approach to their films then you will enjoy this film. The style here is very cool the way the characters are filmed and the surrounding are just beautiful. The fight scenes are good but not the best and at times the camera cuts too much during them. The special effects were very good and did not look cheap, yeah the blood floats but that seems to be more of a style choice. This movie is not really about Vampires and that is were this film falls short, is that its a lil different than the trailer I saw. The script on this one is barely there a lot of the time I felt confused as to the characters purpose of the story. This film reminded me of a film I saw earlier this year Suki Yaki Western Django, the style it used and also there seems to be some homages to the work of Quentin Tarantino done in a very nice way. Here they paid homage like he pays homage to other films and Directors.
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Not quite what I expected
fiona-hogan7 June 2009
The movie started out quite promisingly. But after the first 30-odd minutes, I could tell it was going to be a drag.

The stunts got old really fast, the slowmos got quite irritating (and there were *plenty* of them), the monsters that pop up do so in copious amounts for what seemed like a really small scene, the REAL monsters look like badly made puppets - and the finale was... hhmmmm. Quite a let down. Trite comes to mind. Oh, and a LOT of WTF moments.

Sorry, I'm quite prepared to leave my brains at the door for a good action flick, but this is really not it. I would have to leave my brains on the moon to find this an exciting weekend-type movie.

And I cannot for the life of me figure out how the hell this movie got an 8 rating at this point in time.
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Don't waste time
eldiademuerte19 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Very cheesy special effects, boring storyline. Reminded me too much of other vampire movies. Liked the original much, much better. Save your $$ and rent the original, or better yet-buy it. Liked the series on Cartoon Network, too. The vampires were for the most part run of the mill, no special powers except fangs. Just ugly and tried to bite people. They didn't morph into the scary huge monsters from the anime, except for a couple times-and they were very fake looking. The demon at the end was unimpressive also. Fight scenes with the big monsters were very disjointed. The Underworld vampires were way more impressive. Even had the chase on the mountainside in a huge truck with the vamp chasing like Underworld. The description says it's in post WWII, but it's not. It's in the 70's. During the Vietnam War. It was too americanized, as are many of these remakes of Japanese films. Put on your reading glasses and read some subtitles-it's good for you.
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Potentially good
aqos-129 June 2009
This would have been a really great movie if they had removed all of the American aspects had been removed. Saya was well acted and a good hero. The fight scenes were well choreographed and made the movie exciting. Having a 24 year old play high school aged Alice was a bad idea. She was a poor actress and seemed spastic at times. Her last shot in the move made her look like she needed to be locked in the loony bin. This movie is about Saya, a half human, half vampire looking to kill as many vampires as possible and to avenge the deaths of her father and the man that raised her. The fact that she was "controlled" by American forces did not fit well into the movie. Most of the American scenes just looked like shots from bad 70's movies. If this movie had just followed Saya on her quest, it would have been a great action movie. I enjoyed this movie very much despite the American side-intervention.
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Very-Very Poor Visual Effects
Jealous_Skunk20 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Very-Very Poor Visual Effects ____________________________________

Yes, the effects are very poor. If you're gonna make a movie called Blood, at least the blood should look real. And the blood looks fake as hell especially the splashes of blood which is computer animated. Were they out of blood (Props - Fake blood for films)or something or maybe just to cheap to buy some. The effects all look cheap. The shattered glass looks fake as shiz too!

The monstrous demons look like a midget / dwarf ogre and the way the monstrous demons run, it's so fake and wooden. It's unbearable to watch. It killed me. The whole audience laughed until they *beep* in their pants. I screamed in my heart, " This is not a comedy guys, so stop laughing, you fools ". They're laughing at the acting too especially Alice's.

I don't know why but Alice and Onigen's hair look like a not so very hot mess. Why? Couldn't afford to hire a real hair stylist? Any regular hair stylist can do a decent hair-do! Long hair can be beautiful sometimes but not this one.

And the fighting and action scenes are pretty lame.

It's not what I expected. I expected more than this. Without these flaws, this shiz could have been better.

Overall, i rate it 4.60!
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Yeah, it Sucks!
emperorone-116 July 2009
Let me begin by enlightening the forum and get rid of the bottom feeders who like to spoil and ruin the movie for no reason. First of all, I am not a spoiler and second let me begin telling you the overall of the movie. Well, it was great!!! The action was new to me and those slow motion scenes were like a piece art to me. No Offence, I loved the action especially when the master fought and killed half of the ninja army. Alas, I expected more in the ending. I mean come on, the final fight scene should have been longer like Darth Sidious VS Yoda or Aya VS Saki. She was tough but not one of those master figures. Third, I am not fan of blood but I did watched Blood+ Anime TV Series and the original animation but I never had the chance to read the mange. Anyway, the plot is not the same but who cares? At least they added something new. You can't expect everything to be perfect. Fourth, the acting was mediocre thats all I can say. Fifth, the special effects were impressive only the monsters looked crappy but the setting was colorful and nice and the blood CGI effects, still needs some work on it. Finally, the final score is 9/10. One of the best movies in 2009. Don't miss it.
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Please do not watch, This should be used as firewood, placemat, or anything other than entertainment.
being_careful27 June 2009
I wanted to like this, i really did, I have seen the anime and thought live action version may not match up but it would good to see the transition. Boy was i wrong this thing is entirely different and that would not be too bad if this was different and good as a movie in its own right, but this is difference and Awful. The lines that they speak was something from self help books. "Saya promise me one thing, Promise me you will never doubt yourself" It was like watching a girls sleepover with the odd occasion of a Vampire/Demon that had resemblance to a Dwarf.

The Start, The Middle, The end. Nothing saves this movie.
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The Last, but far from being The Least
misbegotten19 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't seen the short (48 minutes) anime movie released in 2000 that BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE is a live-action remake of, so I can't make comparisons or comment on any differences between them.

I really liked BLOOD, but I should point out that it is very unoriginal - there's nothing here that hasn't been seen in other horror/action thrillers. However, this movie thankfully lacks all the supposedly 'cool' stylish posing of the BLADE and UNDERWORLD films (which grew increasingly tiresome as both those series progressed). There's also an unexpected and wonderfully subtle scene in which ancient half-vampire heroine Saya enters a classroom on her first day at the school, and it's clear from the look in her eyes as she glances over her classmates that she has absolutely nothing in common with these children.

The movie is set in 1970 (the events in the original anime apparently take place in 1946) but apart from the lack of mobile phones, it might as well be the present. I'm guessing that BLOOD is a UK co-production based on the number of British actors in the cast - Colin Salmon, Larry Lamb (who normally gets cast as a Cockney villain) and Liam Cunningham - all playing Americans.

The film's many action scenes are competent and well handled, without being anything truly special. The most impressive is a early skirmish in which a badly-outnumbered Saya battles against several dozen demon opponents in an alleyway during a rainstorm. However, a lengthy period-set swordfighting flashback not only occurs too late in the narrative to be effective, but actually slows the film down when it should be building up to it's finale. And it's unfortunate that the climatic action sequence borrows heavily from setpieces seen in the recent genre movies UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION and WANTED.

But despite these shortcomings, as stated earlier I enjoyed BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE and would recommend it, provided that you're prepared for it's lack of originality.

Intriguingly, the movie's basic premise - an immortal, demon-hunting female warrior, who still looks like a teenager despite being several centuries old, enrolling into a private school and posing as a student - is near identical to the second season of the British television series HEX, which was screened in 2005. Also, not only did Colin Salmon play one of the teachers in HEX, but that show and BLOOD both have scenes in which the villains attempt to kill the main character's sidekick during a private ken-do lesson, only to be foiled by the heroine's unexpected intervention.
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Stir in a bit of everything
neil-4761 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I felt that this movie - which I quite enjoyed, let me say - had something of an identity crisis going on. I was aware of its manga / anime origins, and that's what I expected to see.

Well. those origins are here, but so are Japanese horror movies, The Matrix, Blade, Crouching Tiger and a variety of other influences.

Saya is a centuries old vampire with a dose of humanity. She is working with a clandestine agency to wipe out the humongous number of vampires who are knocking around 1970s Japan, because they in turn will arrange access (I'm not sure how) to Onigen, the demon who wiped out her family all those years ago. Wrapped up in this is Alice, the daughter of the local US general who takes a dim view of the agency arriving at his base unannounced to clean up the remains of Saya's extensive vampire slaughtering.

The story is slight but OK. The wire-fu / action sequences are fine. The colour is garish and art direction generally is good. CGI effects are pretty ropey - the flying demon is not very good at all. And the performances are good - Gianna Jun in particular convinces as a deadly centuries old supernatural being dressed up in a Japanese schoolgirl sailor suit, alternating between intense murderousness as she deals with vampires, and distress as, in flashback, she recalls the deaths of those she loved.

This movie is not a great work of art but, for an action / Japanese horror / Matrix / Blade / Crouching Tiger hyrid, it delivers what you would expect from such a film.
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okay...not the best film for 2009
qas_kazama28 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i was waiting for this movie, because am a big fan of the actress from the well known Korean movie my sassy girl. yeah story was a bit dull and a bit boring but overall i though it was OK. some of the fight scenes were quite good, and for a Korean actress who just started to learn English, did well. the visual was quite poor which didn't feel like a bloody, gory film, because the monster were quite rubbish and cheap. but if u want some decent action or your just a fan of Ji-Hyun Jun (which international known her as Gianna Jun) then do watch this movie. This is her first ever English movie and she really worked hard on this movie.

but....if your looking for something more then ignore this movie...and wait till it comes out on DVD.
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