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Great new show
jazzkinnison30 September 2006
I just watched "Ugly Betty" Thurs. night and I have to say that I think it is a wonderful new series.

Star America Ferrara makes the show completely worthwhile. I have seen most of the new show's that have premiered this season so far and, in my opinion, Ferrara gives hands-down the best new female performance out there. The portrait that she paint's as Betty is realistic, humorous, and makes you feel for her in everything that she does or wants to do. I doubt there is anybody that won't root for this lovely girl (and yes, she is lovely and MORE, even in the "Betty" get-up because she is such a sweet, intelligent, accomplished, and kind person).

The show as a whole is a bit formulaic, but what show isn't up to a certain degree? The rest of the characters are pretty well done (most especially the girls who become Betty's friends at the magazine), though it will take some time to make them as interesting as the main character.

My wife wanted to watch this first episode more than I did, but I'm very glad I watched with her. This will easily be classified as a "chick show" but I believe that anybody will like it once they give it half a chance. Everybody has felt the way Betty feels at some point in there life & that will be a drawing point into her world, I think.

All I can say is WATCH IT. It won't be for everyone but many will be pleasantly surprised. America Ferrara is brilliant. I think she should get her Emmy speech ready now.
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A show worth the watch
oh_lala4 February 2007 I am from the UK and have cheated a little, got my American friend to send me all the first season of ugly Betty and I love it :)

When I first heard about ugly Betty I thought...yes a show about a girl who isn't drop dead gorgeous - forgive me for being so clique - but I felt I could relate to her. Although point 1 Betty is NOT ugly, sure she has glasses, who doesn't now a days? braces, with the most perfect teeth I have ever seen and some questionable eyebrows but who cares? To me Betty is not ugly! Let's just get that out the way.

This show is one of the best American show I have seen in a long time -apart from DH which I very much enjoy. The characters are fabulous, Betty a sweetheart who everyone would love as a friend, Daniel some eye candy, Willamina, I was surprised how much I have grown to like her over the season. Amanada and Marc are a fabulous double act, can I join please? Christina :D:D being a Scot myself I love her and even though some characters make fun of her being Scottish, like calling her "braveheart" I love the character and the jokes about her accent :) The show to me has everything, and I am not just saying this but in the very first episode I laughed, I cried (at people laughing at Betty) and overall I was left with a warm feeling, that my dreams are possible and that beauty is on the inside also I was left wanting more.

The only one thing "bad" I have to say about it is that the message "beauty is on the inside, your dreams are possible" is smacked a bit too much in the audiences face, I think it was at least once an episode - we get it.

Overall, Ugly Betty is an enjoyable sitcom, that although people may be put off by its warm side has a great storyline with most of the central only request for season 2 more Christina
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Wonderful and heartwarming!
Mrs2142 October 2006
Okay, so "wonderful" and "heartwarming" are typical clichés. I did not want to get addicted to another show because it always seems the shows I enjoy end up getting canceled (anyone remember that little gem "Arrested Development?").

Ugly Betty is a great show. I figured when I saw the teasers for it that all the funny scenes were in the commercial and there would be nothing left in the show, but I gave it a chance. I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Salma Hayeck was hilarious in her cameo. Vanessa Williams is E-V-I-L! She seemed to relish in her role! America is amazing as Betty. She plays the part with sensitivity and does not make Betty seem cartoonish, which would have been very easy given the "ugly girl" costume she's wearing.

I will definitely continue to watch Ugly Betty. I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of situations Betty gets into in the future!
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Ugly Betty: A Diamond In The Rough
bondgirl678128 September 2006
I fell in love with this show! Executively produced by Salma Hayek and starring the always lovely America Ferrera as Betty Suarez, a young woman who breaks into the fashion industry as an assistant to the editor-in-chief of Mode magazine Daniel Meade (sexy Eric Mabius). Betty is sweet, smart, and always on top of things, but of course she is not the most beautiful girl, but when they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder they were not kidding. Squaring off against Daniel Meade is the conniving Wilhemina (Vanessa Williams...I smell Emmy) who covets the title of editor-in-chief. I just saw the pilot episode and this show is a winner and I hope it stays on the air because of America Ferrera who is lovely and spirited as Betty. She is without question the female heroine that all young women need in times where women are expected to be sexy and beautiful under superficial means.
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Excellent Show !
trixyinaz4 February 2010
We all have an "Ugly Betty" in us. This show is fantastic. I love the warm messages you get from each episode. At first I was like, "these people are mean to Betty." or "I don't want my daughter ever to act like that...perhaps this isn't a show for her.", but by time the episode ends, the true message that you get from the show is astounding and a show everyone can learn from. I can cry, laugh, feel sad, get excited all in one episode. The emotions run high and you can't help but feel for these characters as if you know them personally. It's fresh and such an innovative comedy. The only thing I am upset about is the channel in which it airs. It is canceling it this season and as we know, the storyline will be rushed and it will not receive the proper finale it deserves. I am saddend to see it go as its loyal viewers will not see their characters evolve into what the writers had intended. Only 7 or so episodes justice can be served with trying to finalize a series in such little time. This is a series that I will buy on DVD and keep for my children and grandchildren. Thanks to the writers for bringing us such a great family show, and no thanks to ABC for changing the time slot, losing views and cancelling this amazing, witty and cleaverly written show. After ABC canceled Life on Mars, I stopped tuning in to new shows on that Network. After Betty is gone, I'll wait for Lost to end and then ABC will be banned from our household. I wish another network would pick up UB so it can get the recognition it so deserves.
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Ugly Betty Rocks
bennettmbradley1 December 2006
This show is bright, innovative, and extremely clever. It may be a spin off of a Mexican Soap but hey, if it works, why fix it. The characters blend so well together and America has proved herself to be a very talented woman. Two shows I refuse to miss each week, Lost and Ugly Betty, and now not necessarily in that order. Betty's worries between her home life and work are what most everyday average person goes through. She doesn't have weekly life altering occurrences like most title characters. Betty is not hopping into bed with a new guy every week like all the other whorish female characters on prime time television. She just tries to deal with life as it happens which is what we all try to achieve. I am so very glad that that the producers took a chance with this show.
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Full of Heart & Cut Far Too Short
slave_Dancer8526 May 2010
I have been an Ugly Betty fan since episode 1 back in 2006. The minute America Ferrera's plucky Betty Suarez walked through the doors of Mode in her Guadalajara poncho, I knew I was going to love this show. I've been a faithful fan for all four seasons and was truly sad to see it go. So much so that I put off watching the series finale until today - nearly a month after it originally aired. Throughout it's four seasons, Ugly Betty remained witty and engaging. Ugly Betty knew how to play up the drama, but what made this show so endearing was its expert use of comedy. Vanessa Williams, Ana Ortiz, and Becki Newton and the rest of the cast provided constant moments of hilarity throughout the years.

For anyone who needs a good laugh, a twist of drama, and a downright feel good show to watch, Ugly Betty is the show for you. It certainly was for me. It was definitely a bitter sweet goodbye. My only complaint is that the series was cut far too short. ABC tends to do that however. They tend to not know what a good thing they have until its gone. The Ugly Betty series finale is one of those finales you will watch with a nagging pit in your stomach as you realize your journey with these characters has come to an end. But after it's over, the resolution is so perfect that you can't help but feel relieved that despite the end of your journey, their stories will continue to live on in your head.
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Ugly Betty
dakotamike555521 December 2006
This is one of the best programs on television. Its such a refreshing break from all the other garbage that is on t.v. today. What I find funny is the title "Ugly Betty" In spite of her bushy eye brows, braces and glasses and the way they dress her....when she gets treated so badly by all the beautiful people, it turns out that Betty is the beautiful one and all the others are Ugly. What a wonderful team of actors. I do hope this program will be on for a VERY long time and I hope the show sweeps the Golden Globes. I think the first season should come out on DVD now so I can add this program to my library. Two BIG thumbs WAY up on this one.
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A Standard of Excellence Rarely Equaled
joliefille41119 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In light of the show's cancellation, I had to go back and rewrite my original review. I had originally sung Betty's praises for not pussy- footing around the ridiculousness of its glossy world while still embracing it wholeheartedly. It was campy, melodramatic, and unabashedly fun.

Fast-forward to January, 2010, and it is still as wonderfully entertaining as the first day. Which is really saying something. Very few of the shows I was watching in 2006 have kept up the standards their first seasons set. Heroes, House, The Office at times, even Psych. Only Ugly Betty has firmly kept me engaged.

Each character throughout the series has captivated my heart and my funny bone from the now absent Rebecca Romijn as Alexis to the new entry of Daniel Gold as Matt. And of course, the regulars who have carried me through: it would be pointless to point out special mentions without just doing a cast run.

Beyond the actors, the writers and directors get my award for outstanding achievement. The consistent level of quality deserves recognition, because it's not just camp and gloss that makes a show, as is obvious when you compare Ugly Betty to Glee. Even very game and talented actors cannot make up for poorly written, unlikeable characters and cringing situations.

As for its cancellation, I wholeheartedly blame ABC's marketing. A show that has always performed solidly in the Thursday timeslot had no business being shuffled around like a redheaded stepchild first to the Friday night deathslot and then to Wednesdays. ABC's crime of screwing over a wonderful show will not soon be forgiven, and now it is only Castle that keeps my interest in the network remotely engaged.

That being said, I shall be savoring my last few Ugly Bettys with a particularly bittersweet intensity this spring. I am praying for a musical episode (finally!) and to you who have any part in the show, I can only say, I love you guys- keep up the good work!
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A half century of cultural change
Al Rodbell15 April 2010
This long time New Yorker had an instant connection with this program. When Betty first told Marc that she had just graduated from Queens College, I had to laugh at his sarcastic reply, "That's a terrific value school." From that moment on this fellow grad of the very same "value school" had felt a kinship with Betty.

Of course the plot twists were often over the top, but I was fascinated by it; and my wife and I looked forward to the days that it popped up on our recorder. Sure it was preposterous, but the affection of the Suarez family, along with everyone who set foot in that little house in Queens, was as genuine as television can get.

I had a bet with my wife that in the final episode Daniel would go to London and ask Betty to marry him. I should have recognized that the quality of the writing, the human reality under the wackiness would not allow such a clichéd ending. He did go to London, and he was going through just enough of a personal transformation that one could very well anticipate that over time, things could end with them being together.

But then again, maybe not. Ugly Betty is a program that didn't make it in Germany and other countries. But this Country, with all it's failures, all its faults, has gone through a monumental social revolution over the last half century, that happens to coincide with my adult life. So, it could portray a young man whose entrance into adulthood is a dance with another boy; no longer an absurdity, but while still a stretch in a Mexican ethnic household, not so much to be unacceptable to a large audience.

The country has changed, and this program, one that I will sorely miss, chronicled this transformation.
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Quirky and funny
dalemarshall30 September 2006
Not the usual network fare. The story may be an old one, but the cast delivers and there are some amusing barbs that strike home. The Hispanic-American environment for Betty's family gives the formula new life, with true-to-life touches like the telenovela playing on the TV at home. Mark Indelicato as Betty's nephew is believable with a subtle touch in a role that could easily be overplayed for cheap laughs. Vanessa Williams gets a chance to vamp as the conniving, power-hungry rival for the company, and Gina Gershon offers a wonderful parody -- or is it? -- of an aging supermodel. The Beautiful People -- and the less-than-perfect who also inhabit their world, however under-appreciated -- are here in force.
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Funny and insightful if sometimes a little clichéd
dlee28729 October 2006
A dramedy with a lot of heart. The humor can be pretty subtle which makes it more effective and does not detract from the story line. It also has a moral point of view that shows that the consequences of behavior can be long lasting and far reaching, and that other people are affected even when you want to believe that no one else is being hurt. The fact that Salma Hayeck, who is one of the producers, is willing to make fun of herself by being shown in an over the top Latino soap opera on the TV in Betty's house that her father is hooked on also adds to the levity and fun of the show. The ongoing story thread about Fey is a good hook, since you keep watching to find out what is going on. You find out a little more about the plot line each episode, much like a good mystery.
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Great New Show
cself9322 February 2007
This show is definitely the best new show this season. It was adapted from a Hispanic show. I can see it winning best comedy series at the Emmy's as well as best actress for America Ferrera. America is great. The ensemble is awesome! I think also there might be a nomination for Ana Ortiz and Mark Indelicato. Vanessa Williams is also great as the overbearing creative-director. It's fun to see the glamor-obsessed socialites. It's also people from the business making fun of themselves which is hilarious! It's a great show. Soon you get addicted and have to watch it. A lot of fun to watch. Just wait, September is the month of the Emmy's!!
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A lot of fun and heart
blanche-219 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Ugly Betty" is a refreshing show from ABC that is based on a soap opera, I believe from Mexico. The place and the characters are quite similar to "The Devil Wears Prada," except that in "Ugly Betty" her boss loves her.

Like Prada, UB takes place in the offices of a fancy fashion magazine a la Vogue, in the series called Mode, and we come into the show shortly after the death of its former editor-in-chief, "Faye." Mode's owner, Bradford Meade (Alan Dale) has put his son Daniel (Eric Mabius) in Faye's place instead of the ambitious Wilhemina (Vanessa Williams) so much of the plot is taken up with Wilhemina trying to discredit him with the help of her assistant, a bitchy queen named Marc (Michael Urie). Wilhemina has something cooked up with a masked woman whom we are led to believe is Faye returned to life, and they are trying to link Bradford with Faye's death and thus take control of the company. Into this maelstrom comes Betty (America Ferrera) with her ponchos, braces, glasses and hideous clothes, saving Daniel's job week after week and bolstering his ego.

The other part of the series concerns Betty's home life with her Mexican-American father (Tony Plana), her street-smart sister Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and Hilda's fashionista son (Mark Indelicato). Though the show has great warmth, it is in the family scenes where not only warmth but a sense of reality reigns.

All of the roles are perfectly cast. The show has clichéd characters, but they're supposed to be - it's part of the fun. Certainly Michael Urie is capable of playing a much more subtle character than the outrageous Marc, but the magazine is supposed to be an environment of total shallowness and political intrigue where Betty is the only real person. When asked why, when going to a Breast Cancer event, Wilhemina is wearing an AIDS red ribbon and not a pink one, she answers, "The AIDS one looks better with what I'm wearing."

What "Ugly Betty" has going for it is lots of heart. Betty's open, outgoing and friendly attitude breaks down barriers in the office and keeps the family grounded at home. The message is, just be who you are and be proud of it.
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Betty Rocks
krushelevansky7 May 2010
I Love Ugly Betty very much. America Ferrera did a great job for played as Betty Suarez, she totally nailed it. and so did the other stars. They are all acted so well. When i watched the very first episode i knew that this series is going to be huge, and I cant stop watching it. It always came up with a different problem in a every single episode but Thanks to Betty has always the way to figured it out. Betty is a sweet, Intelligent, Confident, Cheerful Woman who has to deal with not-so-nice people from her job. As we know, Working in a fashion magazine it is not always the easy one.

Ugly Betty is a Quirky,Hilarious type of series that you would not want to missed. Im Definitely looking forward for the next season which is I'm dying to see it soon.
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There is a betty inside all of us
tiger16029724 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
ABC family was hosting a marathon of season 1 of Ugly Betty right after the 2007 Emmys. It was a Saturday, so flipping through the channels I decided to try this show. Let me tell you, I am glad I did. This is my favorite currently airing show. We all can relate to Betty in different ways. If its not fitting in or torn between 2 guys.

All I can say is that you should watch this show. It has a bit of everything. It may seem like a drama at the beginning but the situations are just and thats what makes it amazing.Just watch and see for yourself how satisfying this show is. I hope it wins big at the emmys and golden globes. (By the way America Ferrara is amazing)
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A lot like "character" series!!!
celiatriga-1423 August 2008
When i first found out "Ugly Betty" i was like:"it's just another soap opera or something like that."But fortunately my instincts let me down. By the time i started watching it i couldn't stop laughing.This show is clever,witty,hilarious,realistic and sad.And what makes it so special are it's characters and it's funny script.The actors do an amazing job.They play strange and yet totally believable characters(e.g. homo Mark and bitchy Amanda)which have depth.All the characters are unique and even the seemingly "bad" one's make you love them(e.g. Amanda). A.Ferrera does a very good job as this clever,emotional,charismatic,responsible girl,without making herself graphic. E.Mabius gives a performance that balances between drama and comedy. M.Urie is hilarious,every second of him is a precious comedy moment. B.Newton steals the show every time she appears with her moves,her speech and her facial expressions. V.Williams is DEVILISH!! and this is probably one of her best performances. And also all the other actors give wonderful performances contributing to this perfect result;which is,a show for everyone.

I highly recommend it!!!!
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Betty is a moral force
Anon Mause13 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Truly entertaining, always delightful, Ugly Betty never fails to make me feel good. Praising Ugly Betty is easy; finding fault is not. Betty is a moral force in a world filled with amoral and immoral people. Betty will always chose to be truthful, honest, kind, and decent -- even when it might mean she could get fired (or suffer worse punishment). The best thing about fiction is that it allows people like Betty to come out smelling like a rose every time. This is a show that is good for everyone who likes comedies about people who are likable. Her dad is an unpunished murderer (self defense), her sister had a son by a career criminal (and a loser criminal at that), her boss cannot remember which beauty he slept with last night (and expects Betty to sort them out), her coworkers are all out to get each other and her -- and Betty lifts them all to a higher place just by being herself. Good triumphs. Evil becomes a bit less evil. Betty rises to every occasion. 10-stars for acting, plot, and concept.
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funny, entertaining, and REAL. Betty Suarez- A positive role model for young women everywhere.
basketballbabe13_11 February 2007
This new hit TV series is amazing because of its constant humor, enticing plot, and its strong grasp of REALITY. Ugly Betty is definitely the start of a new era of television, and hopefully a new image of what is truly beautiful in women. This show is already beginning to remind young girls about the importance of inner beauty, and hopefully, it will alter the media's portrayal of sickeningly thin as "beautiful". Each and every week, this new TV series only becomes better and better, and more and more addictive. I'm sure many will agree that "Betty Suarez" is the most positive TV role model for young girls and women today.
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Loved the pilot
pacla4930 September 2006
I enjoyed this new comedy. It's a little predictable and naive in a fairy-tale style, but what the heck, it's an 8:00 family entertainment! Easy to let yourself absorbed by this simple pleasure. And it is refreshing to see a wits vs. looks sitcom, so better realized than "Almost perfect". And socially appropriate, when many Latino-American girls only have models such as Jennifer Lopez. As to the actors, I loved most of them, particularly America Ferrera (who is not ugly at all, amazing how they were able to make her realistically unattractive!). Also a particular mention for Gina Gershon, very convincing as the pretentious Italian fashion queen Fabia, a parody of Donatella Versace. Hope it will go on in the same style.
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It's NOT a comedy
mark_richardson122 February 2007
Ugly Betty is one of those American comedies using the same humour as Desperate Housewives, their is no humour! Both Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty and loads of other American comedies are 99% drama and 1% humour. I can't imagine someone watching this show and actually laughing aloud. Clearly they are trying to make people laugh by satirising the fashion industry, but you can't keep on doing that the whole time, you need to make people laugh some other way, because when you see the advertisement for it, you then know what the programme is about, and channel 4 have been advertising this show non-stop recently, you think to yourself 'that looks like a funny show' and you watch it to see what else happens in the show. However, you don't expect to watch the same thing you saw in the adverts.

Also, when you tune in to watch it, you are tuning in to watch a comedy, you are not tuning in to watch a drama, and strange situations do not count as comedies. However, it's trying to be a comedy (but failing) so you end up with this odd show which isn't really one thing or another.

The lead role who plays Betty is the one and only good thing about this show, but absolutely everything else about this show is either poor or very poor - and that's not an exaggeration.
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Doesn't know what it wants to be.
NotorietyH6 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ugly Betty is a very frustrating show following 'Ugly" Betty Suarez's foray into the world of fashion working as an assistant to the Editor of high fashion magazine Mode.

There's enough potential for a pretty engaging television show and it is watchable. However there are many problems. Mainly that the creators and writers don't seem to know what kind of show they want to make.

There are elements of over-the-top bordering on surreal comedy, cutting satire, family drama, conspiracy drama. All these elements can't possibly work in a television show. It really stretches any suspension of disbelief when in one episode you can have a ridiculously over the top and unrealistic slapstick/surreal comedy even be followed by a situation where a father admits to his daughters that he killed a man years ago and could be deported. It's ridiculous. The over the top comedy takes from he satire, the satire takes from the over-the-top comedy, the satire and comedy take from the family drama and then to top it all off there is a huge conspiracy and cover-up plot line which takes from everything else. This makes Ugly Betty a very scrappy show that seems to be unable to decide which outfit it likes best, so puts on every item of clothing it owns, which as we all know, doesn't work. How's that for a metaphor?
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Ugly indeed
kkitt9 January 2008
I'm going to keep this as brief as possible since frankly, the abomination that is 'Ugly Betty' deserves very little of anyone's time.

In one respect, it is a remarkable achievement: I honestly can't remember when I last saw such a cliché-ridden, predictable and utterly unamusing 'comedy' series. Even your average production-line American sitcom usually bothers to include the occasional dash of humour but what have we here: hey look, Betty is walking towards a plate glass wall... anyone want to guess what happens next? Well, if you can't then clearly this puerile mess is for you.

Furthermore, the very premise of the series is itself fundamentally hypocritical: if the makers really wanted to make a point about beauty being skin-deep (this coming from a show filmed in California!) then why not cast a genuinely 'cosmetically-challenged' actress in the title role? Instead, they have supposedly 'uglified' America Ferrara by giving her glasses and a brace - I can't help wondering how many thousands of similarly-accessorised schoolgirls will be eternally grateful for that masterstroke. Overall, this "hey - YOU can be beautiful too" angle just smacks of a collective guilt-trip by misguided TV executives; personally, I find it so patronising that it makes me want to get my teeth bent and stained yellow.

This is neither the biting satire it thinks it is nor the heartwarming comedy it tries to be. It's a bad soap opera that relies on one-dimensional characters, recycled slapstick set-pieces and dialogue that's about as sharp as a wet sock in order to take pointless potshots at the media and fashion industry (shooting, fish, barrel etc.) I could go on but I've probably already spent more time writing this than the writers of 'Ugly Betty' spend on their scripts. Enough!
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Am I Dreaming?
TxCowPatty25 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
What a hoot! "Ugly Betty" follows the basic telenovela structure without playing it over the top. It is easy to see the difference, especially since "La Fea Mas Bella" is playing on Univision in my area. And finally!!!!! A Mexican-American family that rings truer to life than any I've seen in a while, pardon me George Lopez. The father is dedicated and loving (and present!), with a fierce loyalty to his favorite daughter. This shows in one scene where he threatens to go to the parents of Gina, the Book thief. Hilda (the "pretty" one) is street-wise and capable, but Betty will always be first in his heart. The scenes of the Suarez household do not take away from Betty's struggle at Mode, but serve to complement her determination to remain true to herself in a world that prizes perfection and ignores individuality.
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This show sucks
loripinklady14 January 2007
I cannot believe that this show is getting rave reviews. I must be seriously missing something because I just don't get it. It is not funny,the acting is poor and the story line is lame. This show sucks big time. I hope this show gets cancelled right away because I don't even want to see a preview of this piece of garbage! I usually can get a laugh out of almost any comedy but this one did not even get a chuckle from me. I like Salma Hayek but I think she is terrible in this. Ugly Betty is so unrealistic, it is really a stretch to think that anyone would choose to look this way and even more unrealistic that anyone would hire her even discourage the guy from sleeping with her. This leads to the assumption that you would have to be attractive to have an office affair and believe me there are plenty unattractive people getting their groove on.What a shallow, insulting show.
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