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4 Jan. 2007
The Wrath of Khan
Stark and Devlin butt heads with the Feds over jurisdiction of an arms dealer's case, but with cops dead and hostages, Stark takes matters into his own hands.
18 Jan. 2007
Wayne's World
Shark goes up against a serial killer, but the conviction may not be as easy as he thinks and may put his daughter in danger.
1 Feb. 2007
Teacher's Pet
Stark tries to get back on his feet after losing his first case as a prosecutor by going after a prep school art teacher who may have been having inappropriate relations with the son of a murder victim.
8 Feb. 2007
Starlet Fever
A teen actress is killed after another car runs hers off the road, and her agent/legal guardian becomes the prime murder suspect.
15 Feb. 2007
Here Comes the Judge
Stark takes on a judge accused of murdering his wife, but he has an adversarial history with Stark and a secret to hide from the investigation.
22 Feb. 2007
Blind Trust
A good friend of Sebastian asks him a huge favor when an intern from his company is found dead.
29 Mar. 2007
The DA's office investigates a police shooting involving a drug dealer. The case could potentially set off a racial powder keg, and Stark suspects a cover-up when the police officers involved keep changing their stories.
5 Apr. 2007
Trial by Fire
When Stark and Raina are taken hostage in the midst of a death-penalty trial, even his smoothest moves are countered by a criminal who seems to have more influence over the kidnapper than he does.
12 Apr. 2007
Porn Free
Stark has to prosecute the owner of a women's shelter accused of killing an unscrupulous, despicable porn producer. Based on the evidence, Stark works on the theory that the two men may have been in business together.
19 Apr. 2007
Fall from Grace
Stark goes up against an old protégée when he prosecutes two mob-types for the murder of a university professor, and she seems to have the inside scoop when it comes to the goings-on in the DA's office.
26 Apr. 2007
Strange Bedfellows
Stark goes after a single man who may have abducted a young boy who has been living with him for several years. But the boy doesn't want to be back with his parents, and there may be signs of abuse.
3 May 2007
Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark
Stark gets a second opportunity to prosecute Wayne Callison for murder, but his stubborn determination to get a conviction no matter what gets him forcibly removed from the case.
23 Sep. 2007
Gangster Movies
Jessica comes out of temporary retirement to help Stark prosecute a Russian mobster connected to an explosion that killed the prosecution's key witness in a double murder trial.
30 Sep. 2007
For Whom the Skel Rolls
A criminal's admission forces the team to re-investigate a case involving the murder of Isaac's ex-fiancée. The new suspect is an actor who spent time in the rehab center where she worked.
7 Oct. 2007
Eye of the Beholder
A professional photographer is charged with murdering a young model, but Reyes makes a mistake questioning a witness that could cost the prosecution greatly in the trial.
14 Oct. 2007
Dr. Laura
Stark prosecutes a corrupt medical examiner who is accused of killing an investigative journalist. The defense responds by pointing the finger at former District Attorney Jessica Devlin.
21 Oct. 2007
Student Body
The office charges a wealthy businessman's son with murder, after he is accused of making a bomb that killed a student in a chemistry lab.
28 Oct. 2007
No Holds Barred
An ultimate fighting league champion is dead, and suspects in his death include one of his fellow fighters, and the commissioner of the league.
4 Nov. 2007
In Absentia
When a man charged with murder escapes to Mexico before his trial, Stark flies down to Mexico and gets the help of an old friend to bring him back.
11 Nov. 2007
In the Crosshairs
The prosecution of an accused freeway sniper hits a snag when another shooting takes place during the trial.
18 Nov. 2007
Burning Sensation
Starks learns that a victim in a house fire was actually murdered before the fire. A Los Angeles firefighter is the prime suspect, but his fellow firefighters try to protect him from prosecution.
25 Nov. 2007
Every Breath You Take
In order to prosecute the man who murdered a professional tennis player, Stark and Devlin need the cooperation of the man who once served jail time for stalking and attacking her.
9 Dec. 2007
Shaun of the Dead
A member of a rock band is killed, and the suspects in Stark's investigation include the band's popular lead singer, the singer's brother who is also member of the band, and the singer's friend and manager.

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