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  • A Canadian band called 'The Mudmen' perform their song 'Lost' for the NBC trailer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are 13 episodes in the first season of The Black Donnellys. They are as follows:

    1 - "Pilot" 2 - "A Stone Of The Heart" 3 - "God Is A Comedian" 4 - "The World Will Break Your Heart" 5 - "Lies" 6 - "Run Like Hell" 7 - "The Only Thing Sure" 8 - "In Each One A Savior" 9 - "All Of Us Are In The Gutter" 10 - "When The Door Opens" 11 - "Wasn't That Enough?" 12 - "The Black Drop" 13 - "Easy Is The Way" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • For songs from episodes which aired on television and/or were released online, some songs have been identified and contributed by fans to

    There are other internet databases with similar song information.

    A note about television episodes versus online episodes. Even though the television and online episodes were identical (pre-cancelation), the songs on the online episodes were different than the television episodes. That is because NBC saves a lot of licensing money by using less well-known artists for the online episodes. Although some people assume that the music in the online episodes is inferior, the opposite may sometimes be true, because for the online episodes, the music selection is based less on star-power and cross-marketing, and more on how a "smaller" artist's work might fit into a particular scene. Regardless, because the online episodes use songs by lesser-known artists, it is harder to identify those artists and their songs (although if you look hard enough you may have some luck). Many of the artists placed in the online episodes have "indie" releases on smaller, labels, and most have their songs on iTunes.

    HDNet recently announced that they will be airing both the broadcast episodes and the internet-only episodes starting June 13, 2007. It is possible that the internet episodes broadcast by HDNet will have the same music as online, since only one music "version" of those episodes were originally created. Edit (Coming Soon)


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