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Season 3

7 Mar. 2008
Erishion e no michi
The four bronze saints attempt to follow Athena into Elysium through the hole made in the wall by the golden saints. But before they can they have to face more Hades specters that attempt to stop them.
7 Mar. 2008
Shi to nemuri no kamigami
Ikki tries to follow his partners to Elysion, but before he manages too he has a new encounter with Pandora. Seiya meets two gods in the service of Hades, Tanatos and Hypnos.
2 May 2008
Ôgon no engun
In the Sanctuary, Marin reappears with a woman she claims to be Seika, Seiya's long lost sister. In Elysion, Thanatos fights Pegasus and decides to punish him by killing his sister before finishing him off.
2 May 2008
Densetsu no shinsei'i
With the aid of Poseidon, five golden cloths travel to Elysion to help Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Shiryu and Hyoga in their fight with Thanatos.
1 Aug. 2008
Shinwa yori no kakusei
With the help of Athena, the saints increase the power of their armors to a level where they can fight gods. Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga face Hypnos, while Ikki and Seiya reach Hades tomb and find his real body.
1 Aug. 2008
Hikaru afureru sekai e
Hades and Athena have their final encounter, with the destiny of earth and humanity in the balance.

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