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Flawed but Watchable and Forgettable
Claudio Carvalho23 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In Dallas, when the two prime witnesses against the drug-lord Octavio Perez (Rodrigo De la Rosa) are murdered by his gangsters in a safe-house, the testimony of the FBI agent Kate Jensen (Yvette Nipar) and three other agents become the only chance to keep the criminal in prison. They are lodged in another safe-house to wait for the trial, but the place is invaded by the criminals and the agents are executed. However, Kate is only wounded and her boyfriend Nick (Kevin Sorbo) believes there is a traitor in the agency and decides to bring her to his ranch in the country to protect her life with his reliable local friends.

"Walking Tall: Lone Justice" is a watchable and forgettable movie. Unfortunately the screenplay has many flaws, like for example how Kate could survive the attack of a cold blood hit-man (wouldn't he check whether she had died or not?); or the battle in the ranch without the arrival of the FBI (does it mean that Nick left Agent Marcia Tunney wounded with two severed fingers without calling for any help?); or the annoying Samantha that is not able to run from a fat guy with an injured leg but can use martial arts skill to fall him down. The fate of the injured agents and deputies are also never disclosed in the end. The frantic camera work and the edition are also awful, with a sort of "flashed images" of video-clip that irritated me. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Com as Próprias Mãos 3: Vingança Solitária" ("With the Own Hands 3: Lone Revenge")
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Ex military/cop takes on a drug-lord in order to protect his wife who's a key witness
mthijs14 September 2007
Good movies are original, some leave a message or touch you in a certain way, but sometimes you're not in the mood for that.

I wanted something simple, no thinking just plain action when I watched this one. It started of good and was quite entertaining, so why a bad review. Well in the end the movie lost it's credibility. The storyline wasn't that cheesy at all, the action was not too special but overall good, acting was OK, so more than enough to satisfy my needs. But all got ruined because things happened that were over the top, and it left me with a bad feeling. They should have put a little more effort in making everything credible and would have gotten a 7 in the "no thinking just plain action" category. So in conclusion if you know you'll get irritated because things are happening that seem completely illogical: don't watch! otherwise I'd say go ahead...
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Didn't expect much, didn't get much either
Bob Moony3 October 2007
This movie is just another average action flick, but it could have been so much better. When the guns come out they really needed some choreography help. Someone like Andy McNabb - who made that brilliant action sequence in Heat as they move up the street from the robbery - would have turned the dull action sequences into something special. Because the rest of the film was alright - predictable but watchable - better than you would expect from this type of movie. Then came the final scene, the show-down, the one we had been waiting for, but was like watching something from the A-Team in the 80s. They shoot wildly, nothing hits, and they run around a house trying to kill each other - same old, same old.
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By far the most disappointing action flick..
winnie christofer30 September 2007
Went to watch this movie expecting a 'nothing really much' action flick, still got very disappointed. The opening scene promised a little action with a tinge of comedy. It keeps you hooked for the first half coz till then you are expecting that now its time for the action to kick in. Well, nothing of that sort happens. The movie drags and the ending just thumps you down to a point that you get annoyed.Wonder what was the director thinking. Made no sense watsoever. The movie lacked in all aspects, had no real storyline and it seemed very hollow, even if "Rambo" was in it, I don't think he could have helped the rating at all. There is simply no logic to the movie. A perfect way to waste your time and money. By far the most irritating movie i have ever seen and i am sure there will b others who'll have the same viewpoint after enduring it. Definitely not for people who have a little movie sense left in them.
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its good enough to kill an hour and a half
dahighone3 October 2007
Woke up this morning with a little headache from the night before.. had a free day and wasn't planning on doing anything worthwhile. So i started watching this film. This is just one of those movies that you watch on an off-day. It doesn't pretend to be much and it isn't.. still i enjoyed it.. sure the acting isn't topnotch, but when i looked at the cast i didn't expect it to be. The story is something you'll have probably seen a thousand times before and probably in better versions as well, but its got a nice pace.. i never once got that "get on with it" feeling. The action is quite enjoyable.. nothing special.. just enjoyable.. so in the end i think its good enough to kill an hour and a half.
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One guy? One f*cking redneck? That's it?
lastliberal15 March 2009
The action starts earlier as witnesses are gunned down by gangsters while watching a stunning show by Ramona (Christina Hearn in her only movie. More!) going on in the apartment across the street.

Kevin Sorbo follows up a long career as Hercules with a follow-up to Walking Tall: The Payback. He has a new girlfriend (Yvette Nipar) who is a federal agent that is to testify against the kingpin (Rodrigo De la Rosa) after the death of the witnesses. She has a smart 12-year-old daughter (Haley Ramm) that makes things interesting.

She survives and they try to hit her again in the hospital. Sorbo takes her to his ranch to protect her. Things get ugly ala Rambo II, and Ramona shows her torture-porn side, but then Sorbo shows his toughness.

Naturally, we have the big showdown at the ranch.

I have to get Walking Tall: The Payback.
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Walking Tall:Lone Justice
Scarecrow-8816 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Kevin Sorbo is an ex-sheriff who must protect his cop girlfriend, Kate(Yvette Nipar)and her daughter Samantha(Haley Ramm)from drug-dealers she is set to testify against. What Kate or other federal agents will have to contend with is a dirty cop, Doug Maxwell(Mark W Johnson)on Latino gangster Perez'(Rodrigo De la Rosa)payroll. When the hoods almost kill Kate after their safehouse is invaded because of Maxwell's betrayal, Sorbo's Nick Prescott will hide her and Sam at his Boone County, Texas farmhouse, awaiting the next possible attack, prepared to do whatever he can to protect them from harm. While I think Sorbo is actually more appropriate in a Walking Tall movie than The Rock, this action movie suffers from an epileptic camera and badly angled shootouts. Too many movies have adopted the "24" approach to shooting action sequences, or simple dialogue scenes where the camera can not stay still or even contain characters in focus without moving constantly. It all becomes more than a bit aggravating. Still, I liked Sorbo in the lead, but there's nothing he can do when his director isn't able to control an impulse to shoot every single scene with an erratic camera. The villains would seem to be lifted from a Walker-Texas Ranger episode.
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Not good, but better than the second.
dustinhunter7071 October 2007
OK I loved the first Walking Tall with The Rock, but I don't know whose idea it was to replace him with Kevin Sorbo for two more movies because that person was dumb that made that decision. This one is mediocre, there may be a few entertaining parts but not enough to call it a decent movie, even though number two was so much worse. Walking Tall 2: The Payback was just completely horrible, although this one wasn't much better, it was a little better but don't expect what you would out of the first film. Altogether I gave it a 5 out of 10 because it was a tiny bit better than number two. I wouldn't recommend this to action fans though because most of you will be disappointed by what you see, me included.
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Not quite as good as WT - The Payback, but...
roman85 October 2007
No more small town sheriff taking out the bad guys entirely on his own: this time help's at hand. No more solitary hero looking for revenge: instead there is a small family there to protect. And no more rednecks set on spreading fear and terror for reasonable profit: this is organized big city crime in all its nastiness.

WT - Lone Justice is a totally different ball game from WT - The Payback and it shows: it's shot and cut following other aesthetic and timing demands, the pace is very quick, the story doesn't take its time to let itself being told, the soundtrack leaves the C&W-style and goes for gangsta-rap (there are at least two remarkable pieces there, by the way). And yes, at least one scene is as brutal as they get.

However: like The Payback, Lone Justice is almost a genre-study, bringing all elements of this type of movie together, mixing them well together and keeping them in line with a steady hand.

The characters are believable - more than that: they are in fact so realistic, it makes you want to get involved with some of them every now and then (either to hit or comfort them, sometimes even both).

The acting is outstanding, although in this one Sorbo's performance is at times too much of a good thing; he is delivering such a terrific job of making Nick Prescott alive and understandable in all of the man's struggles, that the scenes without Kevin Sorbo sometimes come over as a bit flat, which - in all fairness - they are not: the ladies in the movie are awesome actresses, the supporting male actors all good and their play's showing lots of different nuances to keep you interested, and Haley Ramm is by far the most realistic teenager I ever saw on-screen. Still: Sorbo outshines them all and - as it isn't a solo for him, but an ensemble piece - at times it would have been better to reign him in a bit on the enthusiasm with which he makes the part his own.

Personally, I cared more for The Payback's relaxed, beautifully shot High Noon-approach than for Lone Justice's Miami Vice-style. But they're undeniably both honest-to-the-core, very impressing and highly entertaining action movies, straightly told, compelling stories about people one can relate to.

If one ever wondered what movies like The Bourne-trilogy would look like without the enormous budgets: Lone Justice is the answer. And that is a good thing.
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stansz28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movies I've seen shoddy camera work, crappy filter usage, film was grainy, script was terrible, i mean come on, how predictable was the big battle at the end.....

some of the fight scenes were okay i guess....

some scenes were so bad it was comical ...like Sorbo getting the horse and riding at the end...LOL i mean really ..a horse? Oh cant forget how the bad assassins roll around in the same vehicle throughout the entire movie..one would think that after killling key witness and federal agents, they woulda been tracked down..ETC, ETC really don't bother watching it...
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Not a totally bad movie,but could have been better!
renee05219 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After watching preview clips,I must admit that I expected this one to be better that The Payback and in some ways,it was. The storyline,however,never really flowed as it should have as it kept going back and forth,not giving the viewer a chance to really understand what was happening and I really didn't care for the hip hop music that much anyway. When Kevin wasn't on screen,the movie tended to fall a little flat,but his appearance seemed to pick things up a bit. Kevin was great in this,and while I thought the scene as a whole was gory,he did some really great work in the torture scene. If I had to choose a favorite scene,it would be the front porch reunion between Nick & Kate-it seemed to show that they really did love & care for each other. The ending was a bit weird to me,but seeing Nick & Sam finally bonding after the earlier strain in their relationship was nice. Overall,it was a good effort on Kevin's part,but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a die hard Sorbo fan!
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Not too bad, but had some corny especially the cinematography!
kankawin2501313 March 2009
I accepted that at first, I thought this movie should be bad, due to the cruel pictures of trailer and what's happened on Walking Tall: The Payback. However, after I watched Walking Tall: Lone Justice. I thought it didn't too bad because this movie is not too cruel and it had an OK plot.

Lone Justice (I will use this name to refer to this movie) had the spin-up plot after they based The Payback on Buford Pusser's Walking Tall. However, it had both of good and bad in this movie which I will describe next...

I can't disagree that I hate this movie's cinematography. It made this movie very silly. I was not sure what the director thought about movie production but the pictures was shaken liked the horror movie for all time! (for example, the first and the last scene of the movie which showed the skyscrapers or the death scene of Octavio, the pictures was shaken!) This made the movie very interested? You thought wrong. The production crew should made the better cinematography because your cinematography's direction made this movie very corny!!!

Even the cinematography was bad but I thought the movie was fun. Someone may think that it was very bad and unacceptable. But in my opinion, Lone Justice had the good plot at the one level. Many viewers could set this movie in the type of typical action movie with mediocre action scene. So do I, but not at all. The plot was acceptable and the action scene was not too bad. Nevertheless, it has some plot hole. For example, the scene which Agent Marcia Tunney was tortured and suffered the great pain. I thought it was a joke when Nick Prescott told her to help for herself. He didn't do anything for her! He only helped her by kill some henchmen and then "Hey! Go for the telephone and call for help!" and then exit without any help. Hey! Prescott! this woman suffered the great injury! Your torture was not better than her! She was cut out off her finger but why you didn't help anymore?

Oh! It was also very interested in Prescott's tortured scene. I saw the comment of the IMDb fan that it was similar to the scene in Rambo II. Yes! it looked like that. Braddock: Missing in Action III had the same scene which the protagonist was tortured by electrified. But this movie made the electrified scene liked a joke. I believed that if Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris watched this scene, he would be laughed and thought "Hey! You didn't get extreme like me Sorbo!"

I also stunned about the climax scene, it was very easy and corny especially, the death of Octavio and Maxwell. The ending scene was radically changed from The Payback which ended like the cowboy style. Maybe some viewer (or anyone who try to watch Lone Justic) could get stunned like me. However, the ending scene made me a little disappointment.

For the cast, everyone got through the role. Kevin Sorbo still acted as the heroic character and very kind especially, women. (Except the scene with Agent Tunney at last) Yvette Nipar had got her role as the Agent Kate Jensen same as The Payback. Err.... I was surprised about the role of Haley Ramm's Samantha Jensen. Samantha had only her mother; meanwhile, Nick Prescott was only the boyfriend of her mum. That was ridiculous, many one should think that Prescott would be married with Jensen and had the family. No it wasn't, she had her 12-year-old daughter! (Could be guess, she was born from Jensen and her ex-husband because the info about Samantha's father was unknown)

For the conclusion, My mind was changed after I had really watched the movie. Lone Justice didn't bad as I thought before. The man assaulted woman was not seen in the movie. The plot was acceptable at one point. Even the action scene was mediocre and the cinematography was very bad, this movie could made fun at the one level.
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A Superior Sequel That Is Not Without Its Own Flaws
zardoz-1319 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
No, "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" doesn't resume where "Walking Tall: The Payback" ended. The major players in Dallas behind sleazy Howard Morris—Traxell Byrne (Jerry Cotton of "American Outlaws") and his right-hand henchman, Lou Dowdy (Todd Terry of "The Anarchist Cookbook")—got away scot-free. Whether this was a deliberate choice on the part of the filmmakers or a gaping hole is still debatable. Those two precipitated two of the most important events in "Walking Tall: The Payback." In a sense, they served as plot puppeteers. They pulled strings and got the hero and the villain to dance to their tune. Instead, the "Lone Justice" in this genuine sequel refers to a ruthless Hispanic drug-lord, Octavio Perez (newcomer Rodrigo De la Rosa), who the Feds are prosecuting as a racketeer. Producer Andrew Stevens has a cameo as Octavio's defense attorney. Tenacious FBI agent Kate Jenson (Yvette Nipar of "Vampire Klan") and her rebellious daughter Samantha (Haley Ramm of "X-Men: The Last Stand") return, and Nick is now Kate's boyfriend much to Samantha's chagrin. Nick's mother, Emma Prescott (Gail Cronauer of "Boys Don't Cry") is also back in this follow-up. The story takes place initially in Dallas and then the characters retreat to Nick's ranch in the sticks. When Nick isn't battling the villains, Samantha and he bond, and she considers him more of a friend than an enemy. FBI Agent Marcia Tunney (Elizabeth Barondes of "The Forsaken") emerges as the most interesting character.

"Walking Tall: Lone Justice" surpasses "Walking Tall: The Payback." The Joe Halpin & Brian Strasmann screenplay is a hundred times better than their previous effort, but it isn't without its flaws. Happily, "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" generated considerable suspense despite the clichés that clutter this familiar FBI versus the notorious drug felon narrative. This movie develops the theme of 'teamwork.' Furthermore, it features at least one example of judiciously placed foreshadowing. Pay attention to Nick and Samantha's discussion about firearms in the barn. The villains pose a greater challenge to our heroes than the previous ones did and these villains are rather nefarious. They don't mind amputating one FBI agents thumbs when she refuses to answer their questions. Our hero, Nick Prescott, finds himself in a tight situation or two. At one point, the villains have him tied up like Rambo was in "Rambo: First Blood, Part 2" when he was attached to mattress box springs and received jolts of electricity. Unfortunately, in spite of the superior script, director Trip Reed relies on annoying concertina zooms and frenetic jump cuts to not only intensify but also accelerate the action. The concertina zooms look jarring and the jump cuts that are designed to break up mundane actions are equally annoying. Neither of these cinematic devices adds anything to the story. On the other hand, they call attention to the lack of action.

The action unfolds with Nick driving to Dallas to see his girlfriend. Nick stops off at a convenience store to pick up fresh flowers for Kate and ice cream for dessert. This scene contains its share of humor and drama. While Nick searches for the appropriate flavor of ice cream, an African-American gangsta and his Hispanic sidekick try to rob the cashier. They demand that the cashier open the safe. Nick throws a can that knocks the poor cashier out cold and then he single-handedly thwarts the two robbers. The Hispanic robber tries to use marital arts moves on our hero and Nick routinely slings bags of potato chips at him before he takes him down. Although Nick kept the criminals from robbing the store, he winds up in jail for hitting the cashier with a can. Nevertheless, Kate comes down and gets him out of jail. Samantha, who doesn't know Nick that well yet, sees him as a distraction for her mother who is too distracted by the demands of her job to pay her daughter the attention that her daughter deems suitable. Initially, tension mounts between Samantha and Nick.

Meanwhile, Kate is part of a prosecution case against Octavio. The Feds are protecting a witness against the drug-lord who can send him to jail for good. Unlike the R-rated "Walking Tall: The Payback" with its objectionable rape scene that showed no nudity, "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" forefronts a nude scene with a Hispanic honey stripping and displaying her abundant breasts so that she can catch the eye of the witness. While he stands at the window in plain view against the wishes of his protector, Perez's henchmen relieve a bellboy of his duties and masquerade so they can get into the motel room and kill the witness. The Feds cannot prosecute Perez on a major charge, so they fall back to a money laundering charge and their witnesses are their own agents. Kate is one of them and she and her colleagues move to a safe house until they are to be called to testify. Somehow, the Perez gang learns about their whereabouts and wipes out everybody, killing Kate in the process, too. This is the first of a couple of genuine surprises that elevates "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" over its pathetic predecessor. The Perez gang watches Kate's funeral from a distance and they believe that their problems have been taken care of, but they are wrong, dead wrong.

Saying anything else about this better than average sequel would ruin its impact. Kevin Sorbo looks comfortable in his role as Nick. The scene in the hospital when a fellow FBI agent and he try to avoid Perez's killers churns up considerable suspense. Nevertheless, the hole that plagues this tense scene is the absence of any hospital security guards. That Perez's killers—disguised as EMTs—could smuggle automatic weapons into the hospital is too much to ask. The last scene at Nick's ranch has problems, too. The convention in both "Walking Tall" movies is the heroes cannot play hardball the way that the villains can and remain heroic.
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More action, but less story...
Paul Magne Haakonsen9 January 2016
Having watched "Walking Tall: The Payback" and "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" back to back, I can say that they are both equally good. Where "Walking Tall: The Payback" was more story-driven, "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" is more action-driven. Good or bad, up to the individual viewer, of course.

The story in "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" is about Nick (played by Kevin Sorbo) who has moved from Dallas to start a new life with FBI agent Kate (played by Yvette Nipar) and her daughter Samantha (played by Haley Ramm). But Nick soon finds himself fighting to protect those who he love against ruthless drug cartel gang members as Kate is involved in a trial against them.

Less thorough storyline compared to the "Walking Tall: The Payback" movie, but more action. So this trade off will of course appeal to some in the audience.

The acting was good for a movie of this type, just don't expect anything extraordinary. Kevin Sorbo was without a doubt the driving talent carrying the movie.

"Walking Tall: Lone Justice" is a mediocre action movie, but is still worth watching if you got an hour and a half to pass and just need a mindless action movie for entertainment.
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Passable action flick spoilt by poor direction
Leofwine_draca27 November 2012
A second straight-to-DVD sequel following on from WALKING TALL, a remake of a '70s action flick starring Dwayne Johnson. Kevin Sorbo had already appeared in a first sequel, which I haven't seen, but this one has a stand-alone storyline which is unconnected to the previous movies.

In essence, it's a typical low budget action movie, very similar to the kind of stuff that Steven Seagal is making these days. Kevin Sorbo is the just, upright hero who falls foul of a sinister drug lord and his gang of ruthless dealers. People are killed, Sorbo kicks a little ass (including during one of those ultra-predictable scenes in which he stumbles upon a convenience store robbery) and it all builds to a showdown between the good guys and bad.

In terms of quality, it's very much par for the course. I like Sorbo, have liked him since the days of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, although it's not something I regularly watched. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and that counts for a lot in my book. Of the supporting players, nobody really stands out, but the pace is good and there are some set-pieces that work, like the lengthy hospital interlude or a surprisingly nasty bit of torture.

A big detraction from the film is the direction, which is absolutely horrible. Director Tripp Reed seems to equate style with shaking his camera all over the place, doing frenzied editing at all stages to boot. It doesn't work, it's an unnecessary detraction and really the only thing wrong with this movie; I can overlook the clichéd plot and characters, but not that direction. I cringe just thinking about it!
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Two thumbs down--literally!!!
charlytully21 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Poor, poor Elizabeth Barondes! After suffering through 1995's FULL BODY MASSAGE, 1998's SUICIDE: THE COMEDY, 2001's DESERT VAMPIRES (not to mention SEXUAL PREDATOR that same year), it only seemed fair that ER's ill-fated Heather would finally live through a feature film unscathed as FBI agent Marcia Tunney (a perky-sounding name, like Dana Scully) when teamed with big, strong, indestructible Texas vigilante lawman Nick Prescott (Kevin Sorbo) in WALKING TALL: LONE JUSTICE.

No such luck! Since drug-lords and other baddies clipping off pinkies are a dime-a-dozen in action flicks nowadays, Agent Tunney has BOTH thumbs lopped away when she does not have the good grace to pass out after the first amputation. (Prescott is tied up five feet across from her by a bond so flimsy he breaks it with a shrug of his over-sized shoulders a minute later.) Director Tripp Reed records each severed digits' drop to the floor in loving detail. Perhaps it never dawned on Ms. Barondes, while accepting this role, that opposable thumbs are the main thing differentiating her from a lesser mammal, such as, say, a jack-ass.
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Only watch this if you want to see how unwatchable a film can be
UnCritic2 January 2010
I can enjoy a guilty pleasure vigilante flick, but this is just bad. And not bad in a way you might enjoy seeing MST3K make fun of it. It's just nauseatingly bad like you can't find anything to enjoy about this no matter how hard you try. I truly regret wasting 2 hours of precious life on this crap. You can tell by watching it that no one was asked to act and everyone in it knew this film would only bury their careers. Apparently "Walking Tall" has garnered enough income that someone decided they could make a buck off their investment. If it's not the worst film I've seen, it's so bad that it's blotted the worse films from my memory.
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Unbelievable and forgettable!
smhwh28 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Combine a poorly-written script with unrealistic action sequences for a movie that would rate better than this one did. Fortunately for Kevin Sorbo, his fans won't care. They'd be happy watching him finger-paint for two hours. I like the man but his willingness to accept most any role just to get screen-time is shameful.

Most great actors usually have some regard for quality before accepting a role. Not Kevin. As long as he gets to use his fists, but doesn't have to think much, he's happy. But, if common sense or critical thinking skills are required, the role doesn't fit his brand of stereotype. Needless to say, I won't be rushing to watch his next film.
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