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By far one of the worst films - ever
editor-2992 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Had I not been forced to see this film because of my occupation (and the fact I have two young daughters), I would have avoided this particular production like Richard Simmons avoids women.

However, no such luck came my way on this night, and I was subjected to one of the single most shallow, insignificant, poorly-directed, badly-acted movies of the year.

Or in ANY year, for that matter.

"Bratz, The Movie" is supposedly based on those slutty-looking dolls with huge eyes, full lips and no noses; figures which many parents feel imbues their daughters with an overinflated infatuation with clothes, shoes and make-up. Unfortunately, this movie is live action (but still concentrates on the whole "appearance is the most important" thing).

And while the film tries to touch on friendships being key, the main message here is that only thin, good-looking people are worth anything; and the only way to make a difference in the world is to wear the latest, most expensive fashions.

As if any of this makes any difference, here's the basic plot outline: Four adolescent girls (all beautiful with perfect bodies), Yasmin (Natalie Ramos), Jade (Janel Parish), Sasha (Logan Browning) and Chloe (Skyler Shaye) enter high school. It's also needless to mention that none of these young women has even the most remote acting talents, whatsoever.

In fact, I've seen better acting in a morgue. Friends, the combined talent of the entire cast and crew of "Bratz" could be put in a thimble and there would still be room for Rosie O'Donnell's butt.

But I digress ...

Anyway, these four vapid souls enter Carrie A. Nation High School (which is more than appropriate since I wanted to take a hatchet to the projection room during this preview) and immediately clash with uptight beauty queen, Meredith (Chelsea Staub) and her group of "Heathers" wannabes.

Meredith - even though a freshman - has divided the entire academy into clicks (emo's, skaters, geeks, potheads, jocks, tree-huggers and other assorted losers). Why anyone accepts this pigeon-holing is beyond me, but wondering about this isn't worth the time it takes for a synapse to fire, so ...

And while it's easy to see the above-mentioned no-names populating this production, it's quite disheartening to watch a veteran actor such as Jon Voight, who plays Meredith's father and school principal. He not only embarrasses himself in the movie, but has put a stamp of incompetence on what was once a stellar career.

Oh, there's also a deaf kid, Dylan (Ian Nelson) who somehow has the power to hear Yasmin singing (oh, and he can spin turntables, as well).

The picture's witless conclusion consists of a huge birthday bash for Meredith (see enters on an elephant) and a loud and irritating musical number (it's amazing what passes for entertainment in today's world).

My little girls liked this film, but then again they are 3 and 7-years old. Unless you fit into this particular gender or age group - or are in a coma - you will see this entire enterprise as shallow as a saucer and empty-headed as Paris Hilton.

Truly one of the worst movie-going experiences since "Are We Done Yet?"
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Aaaaugh! My Eyes! My Ears! My Brain! All Ruined!
jameswestinghamiii8 September 2007
Aaaaaaauuuugh!!!! This movie was so awful it makes me wish I had been struck blind and deaf as a child! I watched it with 2 friends, to try for an MST3K style viewing but.... it doesn't work!!! One of my friends became very still, and started attracting flies halfway through the film, and another one became temporarily quadriplegic from watching this! I'm 20... I haven't cried for any reason since I was 12, and this movie brought me to tears. Not from laughter, not sadness... it was SO bad, I had no emotions that could be connected to this film, and I just started crying because nothing else quite fit. If these people tried to perform like this two thousand years ago, they would have been stoned to death. The acting was so terrible, I think I lost my faith in mankind. The materialism in this movie was so... I can't even think of an adequate adjective to describe it... No wonder there are countries that want to see our way of life crumble... after seeing this movie, I almost agree with them. The MST3K guys would be speechless, watching this. It's so awful, no one could possibly lampoon this movie. It's too terrible to properly mock and satirize. I feel really terrible for the companies that sponsored this. They really lost out on this investment. The attempts at throwing in messages about individualism and inner strength would have worked, if there hadn't been the "be yourself, but dress fashionably to be accepted" message splayed across this film like roadkill. It's a good thing I didn't have any forks, or acetylene torches nearby... or I would have tried to stab/burn my brain out. I seriously considered gnawing my own leg off several times, to escape watching this film. I actually lost the ability to breathe after about 40 minutes of this film... I eventually remembered how, but it took a while. Not good... My roommate has completely lost his mind... he asks questions like, if Darth Vader showed up at our door, should we hang out with him, and some remarks about hollowed out breasts and orange juice... he's completely lost his mind.

Don't watch this movie if you value your sanity!!!
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What a way to ruin a birthday party.
nightmare97510 August 2007
Ugh. The first words that came out of my mouth when I found out my friend's sister wanted to see this for her birthday. First off, I have never bothered to play with Bratz dolls once in my life, nor will I ever. This movie has got to have some of the worst dialog in a movie ever. (Note to script writers: If you really have to put "OMG" as an actual spoken line, then I think it's time to rethink your career) After this monstrosity finally ended, I looked to my friend and we looked to her sister, who then informed us that the movie was horrible. In the words of the Bratz Girls: "Like OMG! No way!" Seriously, if you want to ruin someone's birthday, then I recommend Bratz: The Movie.
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This didn't get sent DTV why?
anthrofredd5 August 2007
If you missed the ridiculously shallow ego-trip of Hilary Duff "Material Girls" last year, don't worry, here's another shallow teen movie for you that steals so much from Mean Girls that it hurts. The movie is based on the ugly dolls with the same name with perfect bodies and lots of money - only in the movie, the blond girl doesn't have any money at all. But don't worry, when she really needs it (for a dress), her friends have gift certificates.

Sure enough, no one would like to see a movie with a bunch of fat teens running around acting silly but did the movie have to star four slender girls with attitude problems? Because let's face it, these girls think that appearance is the most important thing in the world. They're seriously not much better than their enemy - Meredith. And by the way - how did the word 'brat' become a positive word? For me it's still a very negative word meaning that your parents have spoiled you.

Bratz doesn't want to give its core audience (small girls) a good message. It wants them to realize how important fashion and appearance is - and if you have an ugly outfit on - always make sure to keep a fashion emergency kit with you. Ugh.
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thoughts from a grown man about a movie based upon dolls who've spent 100 hours a week at the mall
Quinoa19849 August 2007
Let me be clear here first of all: I'm in my twenties, and I saw Bratz, but not for any kind of simple lewd intentions at gawking at sexy teens in gobs of make-up and slutty clothes. My intentions were a little more pure, on a movie-geek level. Or rather, I went in with the expectation that it *would* be a bad movie, and even one that would go to such ridiculous lengths as to be awesomely bad, to the level of something like Ghost Rider, where taking it seriously would provide brain damage, and by not would give some form of entertainment (especially if you have friends to make jokes with during the movie, which for something like Bratz isn't inappropriate to 'ruin' for the rest of the audience). It's a staggering, warped view of high school life, the connections made in 'cliques' and social order, and about the bonding between girls who can't get enough of talking to each other through their web-cams. It also has enough montages to kill a few horses, Jon Voight with not only a prosthetic nose but a statue of his head with the same fake nose, a fluffy dog who gets beauty treatment along with her owner, a mariachi band that lives at the house of the Hispanic girl of the Bratz (and, for some reason, this doesn't seem too out of place, especially when they show up at talent shows), and...Jesus, did I mention the montages?

But for all of this, if one is in the right frame of mind, it's hilarious, even achingly and hysterically, funny material, whether it was intentional or not. Frankly, I'm sure that the filmmakers didn't quite know what they were doing outside of making a big long commercial with the intellectual value of Tropicana fruit punch. But on those levels it almost works at times at looking like an unintentional satire; what is one to make of the symbolism of the heightened security at the high school envisioned by the school emblem and trophies: a hand holding an ax, with little figures holding the axes all over the school in one form or another? It also makes for some ample absurd moments when just seeing the four Bratz having a fight amongst themselves about sticking together or going off into their other interests (naturally, they have only one aptitude a piece, one soccer, one cheer-leading, one science, and one journalism/singing), and as well the diabolical attempts to thwart all of their fun by the nasty, less than one-note daughter of the principle, who goes for a 2nd super sweet sixteen party even after she's turned 16.

Maybe if you're already quite a young girl, seeing this movie might not matter too much in the grand scheme of things as far as real psychological impact. But at the same time if one were to look objectively, Bratz's message is a little scrambled and quite off in any positive aspect. Does one stick with friends or act individualist or, um, like, go into another clique or another table? How about staying fashionable, in the glammed up style that the girls go to lengths to do- leading up to, of course, the Bratz mobile that they walk out of to the climactic talent show- even in the face of peril? It really doesn't serve any artistic integral purpose whatsoever either. So, in the end, it works best as a so-bad-it's-still-bad-but-uproarious treat for those who gorge on works that slip by in pop culture that are so sapped with the vigor of commercialism that to read through the mixed messages would take a pot of coffee and a fine-toothed comb. But along the way, it's got montages, and songs, LOTS of songs- which are, as one might imagine who doesn't listen to Radio Disney, the worst trash possible right now. Brattitude!!
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Guys - sit down.
fabulousarah13 October 2012
So, my friends and I were searching on demand forever and couldn't find anything to watch. I see this film on the list, no idea what this movie is, but knowing well of the dolls. Thought it might be an animated movie or something else to keep us entertained. So I say "F*** it we're watching Bratz." and we did. It's a Saturday night and we are juniors in high school - our expectations aren't high.

To start off, let me say that I know for a fact that this film was obviously in no way meant to be taken so seriously. I literally made this IMDb account just now simply to write this review for this movie. I see reviews of other members saying things like (a-hem), "No-one would in their right mind would write, direct and produce this film, under the impression that anyone would actually enjoy it except for toddlers...and, unfortunately, that peculiar clique...young girls who actually assume that they and there friends are actually Bratz.", or "If you really have to put "OMG" as an actual spoken line, then I think it's time to rethink your career", or even, "It makes high school seem like a horrible place full of cliques and a mean, prissy, "boss" figure that runs the whole school"

My God. You people need to relax.

We were all laughing hysterically the entire duration of this movie. This is literally one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. But from the intentional overuse of predictable stereotypes of teen behavior/society in general, mixed with a good helping of cliché 'heartfelt' moments, we couldn't help from being amused.

The budget was incredibly high. It is undeniably a very quality-made/high-end film (cinematography-wise). So in that sense its also pleasing to the eye. Very colorful. Lot's to look at.

In comparison to a movie like Clueless, of course this film doesn't compare. But it is completely different. This is a movie about BRATZ DOLLS we are talking about. Bratz. As in, the child's toy. Expecting a Bratz movie to accurately depict high school life or common social interaction or whatever else you think it should have, is mad.

However I do know that this is a film I will never forget.

I will always have these fond memories of watching this astonishing film with my friends on a Saturday night. Being blown away by how outlandish it was, but enjoying it thoroughly as a fun movie night with friends.

So let's chill out.
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Perpetuating All American Stereotypes
Nkiruka-am7 March 2015
This movie..... Was a cornucopia, an easter egg basket even, a bucket full o' American Stereotypes! Particularly with the characters. You could literally point every stereotype out within say 7 minutes of the movie. Let's start with....

Yasmin: Your typical, American written "Mexican". One house, one family, 500 people.

Sasha: Apart of your typical "African Anerican" family. Divorced parents, jumping between living at both parents houses. Parents wont speak to each other

Cloe: Simple. Typical dumb, sporty, clumsy and ditzy, but amazingly gorgeous blonde.

Meredith: Typical Blonde, Rich little "daddy's girl" who always has to have her way. And of course, leader of the Popular Group at school, with her brunette and ginger sidekicks. Oh yeah, also undeserving Student Body President. Yup, Daddy's the principal of the school.

Jade: Typical Asian-American girl with strict mother who over burdens her with academic work, Jade has to act like she loves all of it, but has a secret rebellious side.

If that doesn't scream American cultural movie character stereotypes, I don't know what does. And I found all of this out within I kid you not, less than 7 minutes of watching this movie.
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It's surprisingly good
captainawesomnessnes9 February 2013
I genuinely think it's a good movie, it's got a below average plot and the acting is from about E-list actors, but there's something really nice about it, it's really quite nostalgic for me and the fact I could relate with this when I was younger, idk but generally it's really appealing and although it's got shitty reviews, it's on Netflix and Lovefilm, won't cost you any extra but I do recommend it. The film in itself is about 4 girls who are completely different however, they still have a close bond, but as they go through school they get split apart by the things they like and within two years, they've almost forgotten each other. They vow to change however it's difficult and that's all I'm really gonna say, it's pretty corny but it's not bad once every so often, eh?
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So bad it's good
sammy-j1722 July 2013
This movie is awful. Many of the actor's performances in this movie are cringe-worthy, and make you wonder why they were ever cast in this movie in the first place. The script is corny, the plot follows a cliché formula which appeals to a very specific demographic (5-10 year old girls who play with Bratz dolls). The only redeeming factor in this movie, for me, is the soundtrack, which actually sold a few copies and received many good reviews in contrast to the movie, which was labelled instantly as a shocker.

However, I find this movie so bad, the performances so cringe-worthy and the plot so overused that it is actually appealing. The director has directed episodes of a Disney shows like Phil of the Future, That's So Raven and Even Stevens, so it's clear that he is compotent.

So bad that it's good.
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I don't know what I expected
denise-begmann7 August 2018
First of all, after reading some previous comments... I watched this movie on purpose. I played with bratz dolls when I was young and even had a few computer games, one of which was based on this movie. I have long growned out of the designated audience age but when I saw the movie on netflix I thought I give it a try.

I was surprised to see some quite good actors in a seemingly horrible early performence. I give this movie a 1 star rating because it has no substence I could not enjoy it.

However, consider that this movie is quite old and aimed at children, there was nothing else to expect. The actors where not given a solid script or plot to work out there full potential. They need to overreact and stay simple without any layers. This movie is supposed to be like this, for kids. A 1 rating for me as an adult. But if I would have seen the movie when I first longed for it (age 10 or something) I may not love it but probably enjoyed my time anyway.

Soundtrack by the way... for this kind of movie surprisingly great!
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come on, ppl!!!
tajaphorplay29 January 2008
OK, for what this is, a movie for 5 year old little girls, I think it was great. My nieces love The Bratz, and for them, this movie is great. I don't understand why adults are watching this film and commenting badly on it. What were you expecting, an intriguing story, deep, heartfelt emotional scenes, from The Bratz movie??? Come on, you can't judge this like you would a movie for adults. So, for adults who have nothing better to do than watch children's movies and judge them as if they are Ebert, go get a life. For little preschoolers and elementary school girls, this movie rocks. I will give it 8 out of 10 stars. This movie encourages kids to step out and be themselves and to dress how they feel, regardless of what others say AND to set good examples for other people. So, all in all, I'd say this movie succeeded at what it intended to do, be enjoyable for little kids and promote a good message!!! Rock on, Bratz!!!
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This film has put me off moving to America and/or having children
chambers-dc30 August 2007
Well...first off..just why. If the intention of writing this film was simply because the last time a movie has been this cringe-worthy was Britney Spears' Crossroads, then the idea was a nail hit directly on the head.

If you feel any emotion, be it happiness, joy, elation or even sadness (in context to the film, as opposed to its existence) during the running time of this film, you are unfortunately a biased person...or are 2 years old, in which case you would not have the mental capacity to read this or form opinion throughout the film...except for when to soil yourself during its run time.

The sad truth is that this film was surely doomed from the start. No-one would in their right mind would write, direct and produce this film, under the impression that anyone would actually enjoy it except for toddlers...and, unfortunately, that peculiar clique...young girls who actually assume that they and there friends are actually Bratz.

"Oh, that film was totally written about us," they say. probably was.
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This movie is the worst
ultimecia_omega9 August 2007
I was just reading some comment before i decided to make my own, this guy honestly believes this film deserves a 10/10 rating. Yes that's right, according to this guy the film Bratz is a perfect masterpiece with impeccable acting, dialogue and story, backed up by Oscar worthy directing and screenplay. At least that's what a film with a 10/10 rating should be. Bratz is not. This is possibly the *worst* film i have ever seen. This film does not even deserve a 1/10 it is that bad. Im not trying to spite this film, i am honestly speaking my feelings for this film here, i have never felt more insulted, never have i cringed so much in a film and i actually felt embarrassed by some of the scenes i have had the misfortune of watching.

Stay away from this film at all costs. It will scar your brain forever.
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simply awful
so_calhunni5 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i went to go see this movie with my friend when we were bored (it just so happened to be the movie's opening night). even though we're in high school, we were expecting to find something that we'd be able to watch, but instead we found ourselves laughing hysterically at every single word that came out of each character's mouth. we certainly enjoyed it, but not in the way i believe the film makers were intending.

neither of us went into the movie with high expectations, knowing that it was a film based on hideous dolls that neither of us had played with in years, but we were at least expecting some sort of plot line! the storyline jumped all over the place, beginning with the girls entering their freshman years, then all of a sudden it flashes "two years later", and we're supposed to believe they're juniors, even though they look exactly the same and have no physical change whatsoever.

also, there were too many things going on at once, from a sweet sixteen party from a girl who has already had one, to a talent show, to a deaf boy who can happen to hear a girl sing.

the girls in the movie, although beautiful, seemed to lack something that would make their performances believable. we were giggling at the dialoge and trying to gasp what message the movie was trying to send to young girls. we came to no conclusion, and i believe that we never will.
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It was long, stupid, slow, boring...
thecaliforniabug18 August 2007
Okay, it looks like this film was created to do two things; Obviously, the first one is to give little girls another movie to add to their collection of princess/bubblegum memorabilia. The second one was likely to keep some of those girls off the street for at least two hours. For about a week, they (the makers) seemed to have accomplished both of those. On top of that, some parents decided to tag along because of the perception that is was good for the entire family... They couldn't have been more WRONG, because it seemed like a dumbed-down version of 'The O-C', written in a day care center. On top of that, girls who DO watch this film will be(or have been) convinced that they must be hip and cool to survive. In its time, the Bratz enterprise has killed more brain cells than a MILLION Coca-Colas. And there's NO upside to this film! It was long, stupid, slow, boring, obnoxious and incapable of keeping anyone's attention without using a weapon of some sort! I ask all you fine people, "WHAT DID ANYBODY SEE IN IT?!?!"
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I thought it was a cute movie
smaug32730 December 2007
I can not believe some of the comments I've read about the Bratz movie. I bought the DVD for my 7 year-old daughter for Christmas and we've watched it 4 times a day since then. I think you'll enjoy the movie more if you realize that the intended audience is 7 - 14 year old girls, not adults.

Maybe it would have been more well received by critics if one of the girls became a drug addict, another was in abusive relationship, etc. The movie was meant to entertain young children and it did that job admirably.

If you're looking for a movie with a deep plot, then watch something else. If you have a young daughter, especially one who likes Bratz dolls, this is a movie for her.
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An utter disappointment
Rubydog0627 August 2007
Worst movie ever. Luckily, I didn't go to it with high hopes. The acting was horrific, the entire way through I had a strong urge to strangle every actor/actress who participated in it, as they could simply NOT act. The four main characters were so plastered in makeup, I couldn't make out what they actually looked like. The plot, lines and scenes were so cringeworthy, I had to look down and pretend I was somewhere else.

This is coming from a twelve year old girl, so don't think it's biased. I have never, ever willed a movie to end before, but I found myself considering walking out of the theatre. I sincerely hope someone realizes what a mistake this movie was, and destroys all proof of its existence. No one, not even children, should ever have to set eyes on this abomination.

The person who let this crap be released does not deserve to be involved with the movie industry.
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A movie based on doll ho's....what could possibly be bad?
Rob_Taylor17 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Actually, almost everything. I normally don't comment on films I haven't seen all the way through, but since I currently work in a cinema and have had to endure snippets of this rubbish for the last couple of days I feel I have seen more than enough to comment on it.

First off...walking through the auditorium doors at any point during this "movie" is like being battered repeatedly about the head by a deranged thug wielding a piece of two-by-four. You can literally feel your conscious mind sagging in defeat as the dreadful mindlessness of it washes over you. It really is a palpable thing.

At no point that I saw did any of the lead girls display anything remotely like acting ability. They can't even be referred to as wooden, since the term "wooden actor" at least implies some ability, however dismal.

All that this movie offers is the most pitifully superficial gratification for the absolute youngest girls. And all the movie seems to teach is that being superficial and shallow is the best way to "get on" in life.

And what the heck is John Voight doing in here? At what point was he convinced that doing a teen movie based on a set of ugly, under-dressed and over made-up dolls was a good career move? I really pity people with small daughters...this movie must be the worst kind of hell for them. have my commiserations.

SUMMARY: Plot - Ronald McDonald, Acting - None, Entertainment - You'll be REAL happy when its over.
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Entertaining enough...but...
KiteVega10 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmmm, well, what can you say about this movie other than clothes, hair, clothes, hair, clothes, makeup, clothes and shoes....sorry, did I mention the clothes? Oh, and I think there's some sort of moral thing in there somewhere about being true to yourself, and sticking with your friends. Whatever. On the surface this is entertaining enough - it's as loud and big-mouthed as the lairiest teen at the mall, as brightly coloured and saccharine as a tube of Smarties, and about as deep as a high-heel mark on a piece of see where I'm going with this? OK, but considering it's market aim, this is no bad thing really. On the surface it's entertaining. Sure. It makes sense. It's a 'surface' movie. It's not there to promote debate (all though the way people on the message boards were ranting you'd think it was in the same avant-garde league as Eraserhead!) it's simply there for muddle-headed tween girlies to vicariously live out their make-up smothered, high-heel wearing, uber-fashion ensemble touting fantasies without fear of reprisal. And the moral (however confused it might be) is at least in evidence, even if you do have to dig for it. The main problem I had with the movie was Yasmin's singing, which seemed to have been put through a coda so many times it came out sounding like a 40 year old doing Ashley Simpson at karaoke. Not great. Jade was a pretty poor actress, probably the worst of the bunch, the most sickening moment being her warbling 'Boo yah!' while carelessly slopping caustic chemicals into a beaker that sets off a mini firework display. Oh, yep, she's meant to be the smart one. Chloe was OK, as was Sasha, but the high-kickin' soccer moves and high-spinnin' cheerleader sequences were a bit cringey, especially when it became apparent that Sasha's stunt double was white (so white she glowed, actually). These rooky mistakes really spoilt the film, in my opinion, and without them I think this could've deserved a solid seven, based on its entertainment value. Anyways, like OMG, I'm totally outta here (to quote the Bratz). BFF! Woo!
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This is bad and you should feel bad...
CJ_Thorpe2 September 2017
I've seen a lot of bad films, for comedic purposes, but this is by far the worst.

I cant believe people are defending this as being "A movie for little girls". If you show this movie to children, you are a bad parent.

Its the most vapid "film" in existence and will do nothing but breed future contestants for "The only way is Essex" and "Jersey Shore".
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They are a bunch of brats.
avalonjoyous17 July 2016
Academy award acting .

Beautiful music that is a breath of fresh air .

Hilarious and charming .

Okay now with all of that sarcasm out of the way the truth.

This movie....S U C K S !

Some of the absolute worst acting in years and this was made in 2007 mind you .

A plot that was mediocre,boring,lame,predictable,and extremely corny all rolled into one .

The movie epitomized the word corny from the over acting to the SASS to the obvious reading straight from the script lines .

The movie was just ...bad period .

I get I'm not the demographic for this film and more power to the fans of this film I just found it to be an exercise in pure torture getting through it .

Oh and the MUSIC ?

My God talk about absolutely horrible and the music video at the end was extremely lame as well as laughable .

It also didn't help that the villain was as equally annoying as the lead characters were .

Even less helpful is how superficial the characters all are and that doesn't really improve much.
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One need only read the 'good reviews'....
gaeanprayer8 September 2007 understand the kind of person that would enjoy this crap.

I happen to love teen movies, and Clueless remains to this day one of my all-time favorite movies. Bratz does not approach teen movie fame; I'd rather watch Date Movie again.

If you read the reviews of those who gave Bratz a high rating you'll understand the kind of vapid, shallow people this film was aimed at. In fact, I wonder how many of those reviews came from people that were a part of this movie; they almost would have to be to justify this trash.

First off, how can I not be offended by the mariachi band in the Latina's kitchen? I've been Puerto Rican all my life and never once have I been that offensively cliché, but maybe it's just me? The acting was not award winning but the girls otherwise did alright...except for when they had to show any ~real~ emotion other than thoughtless glee; then, they failed. Miserably. The montages got old quickly and the singing, oy...

It will be a long time before I wash the taste of this out of my mouth. One thing people should understand is High School is ~not~ like this. It's hard, shallow, and harsh indeed, but people simply don't go around like bubble-headed retards abbreviating half of their sentences. Real High School issues revolve around violence, sexual identity issues, peer pressure, not having a CLUE what you're going to do when you get out, etc., etc. If only H.S. were as easy to cope with as this movie made it same; if only all anyone had to worry about were shallow obnoxious girls. Wouldn't life be so grand!
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A true masterpiece.
throatsock26 January 2008
This is the best movie I've ever seen. The people who wrote the script are literary geniuses; the director had the best creative vision of the century. Honestly, I think if Charles Dickens were alive to read the original script, he would be blown away. So would Fyodor Dostoevsky and Shakespeare. The movie is too fantastic for words.

The cast is phenomenal. I would absolutely love to get a window into the personal lives of all of the female actresses; I wonder what techniques they used before each scene? I'm guessing Stanislavski's. How else could they be such excellent role models for young girls around the world? They are all at exciting points in their career right now. They are on the cusp of an astounding revolution. Their talent surpasses that of iconic actresses such as Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn. Maybe even more talented than Hannah Montana! Their talent as young artists are immeasurable. It can't be measured even with an advanced measuring tool such as a protractor, or a ruler.

Everyone who contributed to this masterpiece are all truly artists of our generation. It's times that this movie's fans mobilize to fight for the truth. I can't stand the Bratz bashing. This movie is brilliant. If only there was a way of spreading this message besides reviews at :(
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A new fund raiser for Lanie and Jon!
lori_lori_lori4 August 2007
My youngest two will not be seeing "Bratz" as I could not find anything about it worth merit in the preview. I do not allow the collagen-laced plastic ladies in my home, thinking it would be better to invite professional women of the evening to my home to play with the girls than the molded mini-ho variety. At least they would learn some class and depth. My girls will not grace the movie in the theaters (I am sorry I did), and it will NOT come to our home when in DVD.

But I digress. Obviously, those veteran actors of rich talent, Lanie Kazan and Jon Voight, have some sort of money troubles. For both of them to appear in this, they must have reached dire straits indeed! I cannot begin to imagine what financial crisis both of them face, but appeal to the Industry: Please- You all take up causes and collections for everything from flood victims to stray presidential candidates. Can't you once help your own, and start the Kazan-Voight Foundation? They will appreciate your assistance, and not have to stoop to such menial prostitution of their talent!
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If I was suicidal and this movie was the deciding factor for my life...
Rainer2556 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Rainer255 shot himself after 5 minutes of viewing Bratz.

1st: The acting was horrible ranks of the girls Chloe being the worst every time something sad or embarrassing happens all she does is look down but not all the way. Who ever wrote the script should die it was completely cliché and horrible. No one says Dilio anymore!Why did it skip two years ahead? Yasmin I did not believe for a second she was Spanish everything she said in Spanish was common words my dog knows! What was her little brother who was like 14 hitting on that 11 year old.I was deeply disturbed that they all woke up at the same time looking "beautiful"(lesbians). Even more by the fact that they stop being friends so quickly than became again so easily. Ummm that deaf kid wasn't even deaf...when he first appeared I thought hey an interesting subplot...but I was wrong. The movie seemed to drag on forever there was like a 100 random montages/music videos going on I was so confused. This movie reassures me that future teens are going to be dumb pretty fashionable sluts.
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