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Travis Fimmel, Luke Bracey to star in Saboteur Media's Cannes-bound 'Danger Close' (exclusive)

Saboteur Media handles sales. Australian production to commence principal photography this month.

Travis Fimmel and Luke Bracey will star in Vietnam War film Danger Close, one of the marquee titles on a New York-based Saboteur Media slate that president of distribution Mark Lindsay will introduce in Cannes next week.

Richard Roxburgh and Daniel Webber also star in the Australian production that Kriv Stenders (Red Dog) will direct from a screenplay by Stuart Beattie.

Danger Close chronicles the events of August 18 1966 in south Vietnam, where for three-and-a-half hours in torrential rain a largely inexperienced company of Australian and New Zealand soldiers
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As China Dominates the Global Box Office, a Look at the Movies Giving Hollywood a Run for Its Money

As China Dominates the Global Box Office, a Look at the Movies Giving Hollywood a Run for Its Money
You’ve probably heard about the highest-grossing film of the year. “Black Panther” has been breaking records since it opened earlier this year, recently surpassing “Titanic” to claim the third-highest domestic gross of all time. More surprising are the two films that follow: “Operation Red Sea” and “Detective Chinatown 2,” which have earned $568 million and $531 million worldwide, respectively. The vast majority of those earnings are from their native China, which by certain metrics is now the largest film market in the world.

In February, the People’s Republic set a world record for monthly sales in a single market when moviegoers spent 10.1 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) at the box office. Most theatrical offerings that month were domestic productions, whereas March saw the release of such imports as “Ready Player One,” “The Shape of Water,” and, yes, “Black Panther.” The result: a nearly 50 percent decline in ticket sales.

So what are these movies dominating the Chinese — and,
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Unboxing Loot Gaming “Relic” featuring Sea of Thieves, God of War, Skyrim and Warcraft

The theme for this month’s Loot Gaming Crate is “Relic”. Bringing together booty from Sea of Thieves, God of War, Skyrim and World of Warcraft this black box of goodies is a weighty one this month. Take a look at the unboxing video below to see what’s inside…

Loot Gaming is a monthly subscription service which features 4-6 items of licensed & exclusive collectables and gear, taken from the biggest and best gaming universes; this crate has a retail value $60+. For more information go to the Loot Gaming website here.

For more information or to sign up for Loot Crate & Loot Gaming, please visit www.lootcrate.com, and check them out over at Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram.


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Paula Patton joins Stephenie Meyer’s The Rook

Last summer it was announced that Starz had placed a series order for the supernatural spy drama The Rook, and now comes word from BlackFilm that actress Paula Patton has joined the cast.

“I’m going to London to shoot a pilot for Starz called The Rook,” said Patton, whose latest film Traffik was released in the States this past Friday. “I’m playing a villain and I’m excited about that.”

The Rook has been developed by Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer and executive producer Stephen Garrett (The Night Manager) from the novel of the same name by Daniel O’Malley.

The Rook follows “a young woman pursued by shadowy paranormal adversaries while grappling with extraordinary abilities of her own. After waking in a park with total amnesia — and surrounded by dead bodies, all wearing latex gloves — she must fight to uncover her past, and resume her position at the
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The Angry Birds Movie 2 sets its voice cast

Having set a 2019 release date to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the hugely popular mobile game series, Sony Pictures and Rovio Entertainment have now unveiled the voice cast for The Angry Birds Movie 2, the sequel to the hit 2016 animated comedy.

Reprising their roles from the first movie are Jason Sudeikis (Red), Josh Gad (Chuck The Yellow Bird of Speed), Bill Hader (King Mudbeard), Danny McBride (Bomb The Bird of Bomber) and Peter Dinklage (Mighty Eagle). GhostbustersLeslie Jones has been cast as the film’s villain, and will be joined by fellow new additions Rachel Bloom, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, Zach Woods, Awkwafina, Lil Rel Howery, Dove Cameron, and Brooklynn Prince.

The Angry Birds Movie grossed $352.3 million worldwide back in 2016, which made it the highest-grossing video game adaptation at that point (it was subsequently overtaken by Warcraft). The video game series meanwhile continues to prove hugely popular,
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Top 10 Movies Inspired by Games

Hollywood’s fascination with the gaming industry is pervasive. One only has to consider the top 10 movies inspired by games to understand just how much of an influence games have on our cultural zeitgeist. Consider the following movies that drew their inspiration from top-tier games:

Assassins Creed Released on December 21, 2016

Assassins Creed stars Hollywood heavyweights Michael Fassbender, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, and Marion Cotillard. The film garnered a 5.8/10 rating from 150,316 reviewers on IMDb. It had an estimated budget of $125 million and grossed $240,697,856 worldwide. The game takes place in Spain in 1492 with the Knights of the Templar Order are searching for the Apple of Eden. The action fast forwards to the 20th century, and that’s where Hollywood takes over in none other than Texas. Enter Callum Lynch who escapes death by lethal injection and is called upon to destroy the Templar organization. Gripping stuff!

Warcraft – Released on June 10, 2016

Warcraft: The
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Video lame: has Hollywood’s warped relationship with gaming gone too far?

Studios are keener than ever to take a cut from this multibillion-dollar industry – but even the best games rarely inspire good films

As recent efforts – Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Warcraft – continue to show, video games rarely make great movies. If ever. Dwayne Johnson’s new epic Rampage might change all this, just as giant, genetically modified wolves might fly, but the source material was hardly that compelling to start with, partly because it was already a mish-mash of movie tropes. In the original Rampage arcade game, you could be King Kong, Godzilla or a werewolf and you basically had to re-enact a city-trashing scene out of a monster movie. Now, see the movie of the game of the movie!

To turn it around, however, games already have taken over the movies. Look at Johnson’s last mega-hit, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It wasn’t based on an existing
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‘The Miracle Season’ Film Review: Volleyball Drama Serves Few Dramatic Spikes

  • The Wrap
‘The Miracle Season’ Film Review: Volleyball Drama Serves Few Dramatic Spikes
Evidenced by closing-credits photographs and footage of the real athletes and adults involved, “The Miracle Season” could have worked powerfully as a documentary. But as a faith-based re-enactment of Iowa high school students rallying for a second championship volleyball season after suffering an unimaginable personal loss, Sean McNamara’s film barely qualifies as a story at all — except where dramatic license was conspicuously taken to make sure it adhered to almost every cliché in the sports-movie playbook.

Danika Yarosh (“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”) plays Caroline “Line” Found, an effervescent, beloved, boundlessly energetic senior at Iowa City West High School. As captain of the women’s volleyball team, she led them to victory as a junior, and considers back-to-back championships an inevitable fulfillment of their athletic destiny, especially after dedicating their season to her ailing mother, Ellyn (Jillian Fargey, “Bates Motel”).

But when Line dies in a scooter accident the night after their first game, her best friend, Kelly (Erin Moriarty, “Captain Fantastic”), and the rest of the team are devastated, and not even Kathy “Coach Bres” Bresnahan (Helen Hunt), their stern, no-nonsense coach, can rekindle their love for the game.

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Coach Bres eventually tasks Kelly with the responsibility of rallying her teammates, despite Kelly’s reservations over whether she can fill Line’s shoes as team captain. But after scoring their first victory, the team decides to dedicate its season to her and to follow through with their tribute by overcoming those early losses to win another state championship on her behalf.

Movies like are typically so saccharine that audiences end up with a cavity by the final scene, but the only way in which “The Miracle Season” distinguishes itself is by being so clean-cut and wholesome that it makes a Noxzema commercial seem gritty by comparison. (It features possibly the only scene in movie history where a group of otherwise unsupervised teenagers are actively disappointed that the only attending parent, who was performing magic, no less, decides to turn in for the night.)

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McNamara, who directed “Soul Surfer,” exerts a light touch on the spiritual themes — worry not, those of ye who are uncertain whether Line’s father, Ernie, played effortlessly by William Hurt, will reconcile with God after losing his daughter and his wife within two weeks of one another — but in this case, that’s a bad thing: There are no other themes to replace them, leaving only the wheezing machinery of a sports underdog story in which the team is comprised of title-winning athletes.

Portraying a real-life teenager, much less such a revered one as Found, was no doubt a challenge for Yarosh, but I’m not fully sure her “more is more” approach to the role turns the character’s charm offensive into actual charm. Moriarty, on the other hand, wrestles with more emotion than her co-star, but despite the appealing balance of reluctance and determination she brings to Kelly, she occasionally seems adrift in the formulaic adversity thrown into her path to make their journey seem not quite as predestined from the first frame.

Meanwhile, Hunt throws her all into the coach who learns how to feel again by coaching these grieving young women to victory, but Midwest mannerisms (like repeatedly calling Line, and later Kelly, “cap’n”) disrupt what never seems to settle into a consistent take on the character. Does Bres struggle with literally any emotion? Did Line’s death specifically affect her? Or is there an additional or other back story, hinted at in her opening scene, that we don’t know about?

And as Ernie, Hurt supplies unsurprising volumes of gravitas and vulnerability, but the work is all so simple and surface-level for a guy capable of such powerful depths that none of it resonates particularly deeply.

See Photos: 10 Highest Grossing Christian-Themed Movies, From 'Passion of the Christ' to 'War Room'

There’s also a love interest for Kelly, a hunky Anson Elgort type played by Burkely Duffield (“Warcraft”) who, in an almost refreshing reversal, has literally nothing to do except look good and blandly support his lady. But otherwise, the film isn’t interested in challenging conventional expectations, or much of anything else; last year’s nonfiction “Step,” by comparison, chronicled the adversity of a group of reigning champions with much more complexity, and consequently, emotional heft.

Ultimately, “The Miracle Season” mistakes an inspiring true story for one that needs or deserves to be told cinematically; it isn’t awful, but it’s not a film, it’s a tribute, and unfortunately, one to the memory of a young woman who would be better honored by people actually “living like Line” than watching a formulaic, fictionalized retelling of her community learning what that means.

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Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper Break Up After 8 Years of Dating

Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper Break Up After 8 Years of Dating
Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper have parted ways.

The former couple, who costarred in AMC’s Preacher, have ended their relationship after eight years together, a source confirms to People. Page Six first reported the news, with a source telling the outlet that “their romance ran its course” and Negga, 36, and Cooper, 39, “remain friends.”

The pair, who were last photographed together in December 2017, first met in 2009 when they were working on the play Phèdre for the National Theatre in London.

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Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga in December 2017

Since then,
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Tomb Raider 2 Won't Happen with Alicia Vikander?

It looks like Tomb Raider 2 may be off the table for Warner Bros. At least it won't be happening with star Alicia Vikander, according to a new report. Tomb Raider was released on March 16 in theaters and, at least domestically, the movie hasn't made what the studio was hoping it could make. That's put the sequel that there were surely plans for in heavy doubt. Even if it does happen, or if there's a reboot of some kind down the line, don't expect the Oscar-winning actress to be back as Lara Croft.

We should caution up front that this isn't coming from a studio source or anyone directly related to the production, so it should be regarded pretty much as rumor for now. That said, it makes a decent deal of sense. In any case, according to Crazy Days and Nights, since Tomb Raider did bomb at the domestic box office,
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Pop Addled: Movie Special – Tomb Raider (2018)

Another week, another episode of the Pop Addled podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly!

Pop Addled is a pop culture podcast with nerd tendencies. Join Keenan, Sam and Timmy as they discuss movies, music, video games, sports, TV, comics, and any intersection thereof. Their brains have been thoroughly addled by pop culture and they’re here to share their twisted thoughts with you!

If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out old episode on Libsyn and iTunes; and we’ll be bringing you the latest episodes each and every week (and sometimes more than that!)…

Pop Addled: Movie Special – Tomb Raider (2018)

Here at Pop Addled we are gluttons for punishment and have recorded episodes about almost every movie based on a video game. These retro episodes include Super Mario Bros, Warcraft, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil (we will complete the entire series next
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Family Guy is Going to air a “Warcraft” Episode This Week

Family Guy is known for being able to cross over into the realm of other stories but so far its Warcraft episode coming out this next week sounds like it might be a bit of a stretch. That’s not to say that it won’t be good enough but so far what little there is to say about it does seem to indicate that there’s going to be a big jump from one point to another like always. In this episode Peter and the guys are pressed into serving on the Coast Guard after being caught trying to pass as military

Family Guy is Going to air a “Warcraft” Episode This Week
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‘Rampage’ Predicted to Open with Tepid $35 Million Weekend Gross

For years, moviegoers have speculated over what the first genuinely great video game adaptation for the big screen was going to be. And, man, did they try anything that looked even halfway decent. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider (both of them), Assassin’s Creed, Warcraft… none of them lived up to their potential. In fact, the closest thing that we’ve come to that end has been Castlevania, and that’s a Netflix series. But for as often as fans have come out to be there for that historic eventuality, sitting through every piece of schlock that movie studios could get their

Rampage’ Predicted to Open with Tepid $35 Million Weekend Gross
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Tomb Raider Thursday Night Box Office Is Bigger Than Expected

Warner Bros. rolled out its video game reboot Tomb Raider last night for Thursday sneak previews, and the Box Office results were not groundbreaking, but still a lot better than expected. Tomb Raider took in an estimated $2.1 million in sneak peek screenings that took place in over 3,100 theaters last night, before it opens in 3,854 theaters starting today. Most analysts are predicting an opening weekend in the mid $20 million range, although most also have Black Panther just beating it with a fifth-weekend gross in the high $20 million range.

Unfortunately for Tomb Raider, it isn't getting much help from critics, with its opening day score on Rotten Tomatoes nearly split right down the middle with 49% (71 positive reviews, 73 negative reviews). The movie's 3,854 theater count puts it in the same ballpark as four-time box office champ Black Panther (3,942) and last week's runner-up A Wrinkle In Time (3,980), although its middling critical reception may hinder its box office performance.
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5 Retro Video Games Screaming Out For A Movie Adaptation

Retro Video Game Movies – Hollywood Really Needs To Adapt These Classics Alicia Vikander in the new Tomb Raider film

The latest incarnation of the hit video game Tomb Raider wings its way to cinema screens this week on the 15th March. The latest version stars Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander in the role of Lara Croft, the epic adventurer who sets off to the far East to her late father’s last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan.

This is the third time that the famous ‘Core Design’ video game has been adapted for the big-screen, following in the footsteps of the Angelina Jolie-led movies Lara Croft: Tomb Raider all the way back in 2001, and then its sequel, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, which was released just two years later.

With the likes of Need For Speed,
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What next for Duncan Jones?

Tom Jolliffe looks at the career of Duncan Jones, and where he can go next after his latest critical mauling…

If you’re like me, and you see an exciting director breaking through into the industry, then you get that sense of anticipation as to what they’ll come out with next. Occasionally they continue to push out good work, slowly developing as an artist. On the flipside, occasionally a director of promise craps out after their opening gambit and never recovers. It’s not to say that a single bad film is the death knell, and nor should a strong opening guarantee the next Spielberg.

I recall, along with many others, being overwhelmed by the engrossing, thoughtful, odd and unique tale of Donnie Darko. Film buffs, particularly those with a penchant for sci-fi, were cartwheeling with joy at the film. A film with such thought and depth that it
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Bold Filmmaking Gives Mixed Results In ‘Mute’ & ‘Annihilation’ [Adjust Your Tracking Podcast]

It’s thrilling to see a bold work of genre filmmaking succeed, but depressing to see an equally ambitious picture fail so miserably.

On this episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I find plenty of interlocking themes in two films that refract and overlap, with the aim of giving us something fresh. One is far more successful than the other. “Mute” from Duncan Jones (“Warcraft“) is the latest splashy release from Netflix.
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Toby Kebbell to Star in ABC Drama Pilot ‘Salvage’

Toby Kebbell to Star in ABC Drama Pilot ‘Salvage’
Toby Kebbell has been cast as the lead in the ABC pilot “Salvage,” Variety has learned.

The project follows ex-cop Jimmy Hill (Kebbell), who just wants to be left alone after moving back home in rural Florida. But when a local murder is linked to the sunken treasure of a lost Spanish galleon, he’s drawn into the investigation by an idealistic deputy and pitted against the powerful town patriarch, outside criminal agents, and his own father.

He joins previously announced cast member Charity Wakefield, who has been cast as the female lead, Gwen.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Warcraft”

Warcraft has the epic look of a movie that could be the beginning of something great, but if it still has a sequel in the works no one is saying anything yet. The story isn’t a bad one as orcs wielding fel magic are storming into the world of Azeroth, threatening the human population and surging forward to tear down the world of men and elves with wild abandon. However the races of men and elves are not about to allow this happen no matter that the orcs are quite powerful and capable of doing massive damage to their world.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Warcraft
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