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Julia Louis-Dreyfus has great homecoming on Saturday Night Live
tavm11 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
On this May 13, 2006 broadcast, the cold opening takes us to an alternate universe as we see President Al Gore address the nation on how well our country's been doing. Yes, that's the real Al Gore! He then says, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" During the monologue, Julia Louis-Dreyfus mentions being on SNL from 1982 to 1985 and being the first female former cast member to host (it's at this point that I wish they had shown some sketch highlights from her earlier period-like the spit-take talk show skit from her last show or The Julia Show when she talked about just herself even with guests Eddie Murphy and Jamie Lee Curtis). She then mentions her new show, "The New Adventures of Old Christine" in which she talks about alternate titles like "CSI: Christine". She then discusses the "Seinfeld Curse" leading to a film of her encountering Jason Alexander and discussing his being on the show. Jason leaves happily before getting hit by a car! "Oh, well", shrugs Louis-Dreyfus. Then a ceiling light almost hits her. "Curses", says a taped Jerry Seinfeld up above holding scissors. Next comes Techpack, a commercial parody about carrying Ipod and other entertaining gadgets on a belt that could also carry a bomb. We then go to a restaurant where Louis-Dreyfus is joined by Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and Maya Rudolph and a homeless guy (Bill Hader) outside the window makes obscene gestures to Poehler, Dratch, and Rudolph but not to Louis-Dreyfus who gets jealous at not getting the same attention as her friends. While I enjoyed this sketch, I half thought that maybe Louis-Dreyfus and Dratch should have switched places but that's just me...Next is a morning talk show skit where every technical thing that can go wrong does. Hilarious! In the next sketch, Louis-Dreyfus plays a mom with a teenage daughter who is in a MySpace class with perverts and pedophiles portrayed by nearly the entire male cast. Very amusing. She then introduces Paul Simon who sings "How Do You Live in the Northeast?" On Weekend Update, Tina Fey mentions George Bush approval rating going down "$3.00 a gallon". Al Gore debates with Poehler about global warming. Finesse Mitchell talks about suitable prom wear. David Blane (Andy Samburg) talks about holding his breath at Update desk for 9 min. but only manages 22 seconds of it. On '70s game show Charades, first-time contestant Louis-Dreyfus is facing five-time champion Poehler in performing such pantomime bits like "licking two ice cream cones" or "seal blowing horns". Both contestants seem to border on the sexual in their moves but the celebrity guests correctly guess Amy's charades while Julia's is described is either "fraternity party" or "stag party"! After commercial, camera pans audience and there's husband (and fellow former SNL cast member) Brad Hall with their two boys! Julia then portrays an actress who's reenacting an "Unsolved Mysteries" segment of a woman who's been abducted by E.T., Dracula, and Gremlins with Col. Sanders to the rescue! Kristen Wiig plays the woman who believes all this happened to her while Julia's character can't believe a word of it. Simon then performs, "Outrageous". On An SNL Digital Short, Will Forte tries to convince Andy Samberg not to jump...then we find out Samberg is standing in front of Forte as the film ends with a picture of peyote with the announcer mentioning how the ad was sponsored by the Peyote Growers Foundation. Before the goodnights, we see a photo of former cameraman Al Camoin who died two days before this broadcast. Then Louis-Dreyfus thanks everyone and says, "I'm not gonna wait another 21 years to come back, I'll tell you that!" as credits roll. Paul Simon makes his fourteenth appearance overall and first with Louis-Dreyfus. This was perhaps the best show of the season and what a homecoming for Julia Louis-Dreyfus! Please, Lorne, if you can, bring her back as soon as possible!
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