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17 Apr. 2001
Laura and David are the perfect couple: young, attractive and madly in love. But their plans to move in together are brutally interrupted by a car accident which has devastating consequences, both physically and mentally. Crash deals with traumatic injury and its aftermath.
24 Apr. 2001
Teen Dreams
Natalie and Daren navigate through the tough beginnings of puberty.
1 May 2001
Fat Attack
With its unique mix of drama and astonishing computer graphics, Body Story reveals just why losing weight is such a tough battle. George's body is stockpiling vast fat reserves beneath his belly. It is preparing for the famine it evolved to expect at any moment. But the famine never comes - so George just keeps growing. When the girl of his dreams deserts him, George decides to take on his own body chemistry through a campaign of diet and exercise. But as fat is liberated into his bloodstream, his body fights back, as it tries to hang on to its precious reserves.
8 May 2001
Brave New World
Like all healthy babies, Robert has come kicking and screaming into the world with only half a brain. He's totally helpless - he can't even see or hear properly. Body Story joins Robert for the first four months of his life, using computer graphics to take us deep inside his head, where an army of brain cells are completing a massive construction project. If all goes to plan, they will give him control of his body and ultimately allow him to reach out into the world around him.
15 May 2001
Bad Taste
Mike Small is in big trouble. Body Story reveals the inside story of food poisoning, as computer graphics allow us to witness the invasion of his gut by millions of tiny salmonella bacteria. They've only got one aim - to breed. Mike's body fights back - with cells that slither across his gut lining to take on the bacteria, and with cruder methods to flush the bacteria out - in either direction. As the battle gets increasingly ugly, Mike's latest assignment - taking the snaps for a frozen vegetable company calendar - looks like it might be flushed down the pan.
22 May 2001
Graphics and drama combine to reveal more of the hidden workings of the human body. In this week's Body Story we discover how our bodies turn against us to give us allergies - and even threaten our lives. A simple wasp sting triggers cells throughout Phoebe's skin to make her fatally allergic to wasps. When she's stung again, on a Florida beach holiday, Phoebe's body mounts one of its most primitive and powerful chemical defences, one that could kill her in minutes. As she goes into anaphylactic shock, she starts to swell up, her airways shut down and her heart ...

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