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Excellence achieved on a shoestring budget.
Colin Burrowes22 May 2006
A promo copy of this short floated my way and I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed it.

The dry wit of the storyline and the mix of the score, El Mariachi meets hardcore punk, left me entertained and chuckling to myself. Several viewings later I still find this film as entertaining as the first time. The concept is simple enough but the delivery is clever and this short is filmed and edited very well. The acting is excellent as well. These people made me like baseball more than I actually do with this.

I'm very interested in what these movie makers deliver next.
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A great film about rivals, pride and the great American pastime.
Alberto Castellon18 June 2006
Previous to watching Full Count I had seen one of the stars in another film, "THE MACHINE", where he was wonderful. Augustin is great young actor and I'm happy to see he only gets better. Full Count is a clever story that delivers big because of it's ingenuity and relentless pursuit of truth. Both of the characters are well developed, and the story is complete- which "THE MACHINE" failed to do, it sort of felt like it wasn't finished or something was missing. But "FULL COUNT" has what I like to call "the right stuff". I look forward to seeing more complete works from the filmmakers - actors. The story leaves you yearning for more, more rivals, more love, more baseball...
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