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Super Stuff, From When Channel 4 Was Magic
philip20174 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm reviewing this 100% from memory of having seen it once 26 years ago so if I mess up please someone tell me!! Any video/DVD/master copy of it really seems to have gone, not to return...

Which is tragic, because EAW is almost my favourite hour of TV from the eighties. It depicts a Thatcherism gone into its 5th/6th term not merely imaginatively and brutally (video funerals, thudding propaganda leaflets deluging onto housing estates, the cheeky chappie neighbour inviting the leading couple over and charging them for drinks at his home fitted bar...) but also so cheerfully. This show has a big hearty grin; it is not 1984, it is not even Brave New World. It is dystopia with... the bunting all present and correct.

It's darned funny dark comedy, the children intoning 'time is money is profit' and to the devil with all else, and the teachers concretely agreeing. They had a lot of fun making this, and inspiring also to see Jonathan Pryce in something so niftily pulled off and yet (given its lack of any, it would seem, cultural imprint) so clearly small scale.

Find it, Channel 4!! Or if anyone else has a copy, share it, do.
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Strong memory
edwardcooper14 February 2015
Like the first reviewer I have a very strong memory of this episode. The cast was excellent. Everything was for sale in a "near future" version of Britain. It seemed that everyone was cheerful, but sad, like they knew that something had gone horribly wrong. There was a nurse who could not make ends meet simply working for the NHS, so she had to earn extra money by doing extra-curricula activities. Schooling of children seemed to have become a kind of indoctrination into the ways of Mamon. I want to see it again to compare how close the writer got to the truth of Britain today. I remember it was very funny, yet chilling and worrying. Who has a copy? There must be one out there somewhere. Maybe the writer Barry Pilton has a copy. There is very little information out there about this work.
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