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Rolling Stone
Appaloosa is gripping entertainment that keeps springing surprises.
A fine dramatic comedy with fresh characters, witty dialogue and a keen interest in how relationships must have developed among frontier folks, tyrannical ranchers, no-nonsense lawmen and -- oh, yes -- the complicated women on that frontier.
Village Voice
Harris and his collaborators are playing it straight with a timeless male fantasy--horse, hat, six-shooter--a traditional approach that will please moviegoers like my dad and yours.
A throwback to the age when Westerns were quaint.
The A.V. Club
As with many other mediocre actor-directors, Harris' attention to the performances, including his own fine turn, has cost him in other areas.
The movie's tolerant, good-humored view of its characters drains it of some dramatic intensity, but Mr. Harris seems more interested in piquant, offhand moments than in big, straining confrontations.
The two men collaborate so well, in fact, that the real love match of Appaloosa is between the two of them and no one else.
Harris' first directorial outing since his impressive and entirely different "Pollock" biopic bears echoes of many genre predecessors, especially Howard Hawks' "Rio Bravo" -- but echoes they remain.
If Appaloosa is something to look at, it's also unnecessarily lethargic. Even an intentionally slow-paced picture needs to have its own internal source of energy, and as a filmmaker, Harris can't quite get that motor running.
Wall Street Journal
Mannered, episodic and slow.

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