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The A.V. Club
Though Anderson's storytelling gets murky at times, it's still a fine showcase for his versatility, adding to an impressive, under-the-radar résumé that includes the underrated science-fiction comedy "Happy Accidents" and the first-rate horror film "Session 9."
The Hollywood Reporter
A vigorous, fast-paced tale that entwines plot with character and psychology set against an incredibly exotic backdrop.
An engagingly up-to-date melodrama steeped in local color and steered by a treacherous sense of morality.
Brad Anderson's Transsiberian is a genuine sleeper that jump-starts an almost extinct genre.
The execution is masterful and even as you see the building blocks of the climax being put into place, it's a delight to watch them fit JUST SO.
Mortimer delivers as a mentally disintegrating wife, but it's Harrelson who provides the most fun, playing against type as the down-home Roy.
Until it fizzles in an anticlimactic train crash, it is extremely entertaining.
Who doesn't have a sweet tooth for intrigue on a train?
Since Alfred Hitchcock set the standard for strangers-on-a-train thrillers, Anderson has a lot to live up to. He falls short of creating a new classic, but he does manage to keep us on edge for most of the movie.
Village Voice
Just as nasty as the titular mode of transport is the script's wanton declaration of theme and a cynical and fashionable belief in moral grayness that may complement the frosty setting but nonetheless feels easy.

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