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not the animated Superman I'd come to love
groonk-119 June 2006
Paul Dini and Bruce Timm had nothing to do with this...thing. And it shows. Filled with clichés and trite plot devices that even a one year old would be bored with. This is nothing like the animated series that was clever on so many levels.

They couldn't even grab Clancy Brown or Lisa Edelstein to reprise their roles as Lex Luthor and Mercy Graves. The new voices were more than a little off putting. As was the entire story in general. It should be a crime to mar a project that had such a good run years earlier.

If you want your animated Superman fix, for yourselves or, better yet, for your kids, don't invest any money in this DVD. Reach back a few years and grab the proper animated series.
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This is what makes people hate large companies
lillythai18 June 2006
Here's what makes me hate big companies...and I'll do a little dishing to make this a bit more interesting.

Yes, this movie was made entirely to capitalize on the live action Superman feature hitting the theatres on the 26th. Which isn't exactly a bad thing except it's obvious that this movie was truly an afterthought.

Dan Riba, the Godfather of the Justice League series is mysteriously absent from this production and man does it show. It seems as if Warner Brothers wanted to crank out a straight to DVD flick but Riba insisted that he needed more time to make the film coherent and best of all...good. Warner Brothers said, "No Can Do" and went ahead with production.


Enter writer, Duane Capizzi. Before this movie he was writing ALF: The Animated Series, Jackie Chan Adventures, and that other travesty, The Batman. It's clear that Capizzi has no interest or knowledge in following actual story lines and caricatures which is evidenced in his ridiculous portrayal of Lex Luthor. Why Lex Luthor is written like it was supposed to be cast by Gilbert Gottfried, I'll never know.

Then there are the producers, Margaret M. Dean, Kyle Jolly, and Sander Schwartz whose previous credits involved Tom & Jerry and Scooby F'n Doo.

Make no mistake, this is a horrible, horrible film that was made specifically for 5-10 year olds who probably don't care about story or plot. Don't hold any ill will towards The Justice League. Dan Riba had nothing to do with this garbage.

Avoid this film at all costs.
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Even kids would get bored with this one
cine-1119 June 2006
Although I'm a college educated adult, I actually like the Superman, Batman and Justice League cartoon series (I'm sure I'm far from alone on this one). The plots have been excellent examples of sci-fi writing and can be quite clever,complex and entertaining. Not so this one. The vast majority of this movie consisted of Superman and Braniac pounding each other into the ground, throwing each other through buildings, etc. The encounters went on for so long I got bored and fastforwarded through the monotony. There is a weak plot that holds this together, but it's not strong enough to redeem it. The phrase "phoning it in" leaps to mind. If you're a Superman fan, you're going to be disappointed in this.
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Weak Script, Off Characters, This is just wrong in Sooo Many Ways!
mickdansforth16 August 2006
This is a prime example of how little regard Marketing Execs have for the audience of their product.

Instead of hiring Bruce Timm, or even one of the many excellent producers who worked under him on Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, or Teen Titans, (just like they did with the horrible Batman Mystery of the Batwoman) Warner Home Video hired new people unfamiliar with the show to make a direct to video movie.

Bruce Timm and his team are just brilliant. Every time Warners (in one division or another) asked them to do something, they looked at it not as just a paycheck, but as an opportunity to make something great. They created the best versions of every character they touched in any audio/visual medium. They weaved complex characters with developing character arches over multiple episodes, seasons, series.

But Instead, Warner Home Video decided to hire a couple of also-rans who had no love for the series they were creating an OVA for. First, they recast all of the villains. Lex Luthor, his body guard Mercy, and the Unstoppable, Self Replicating Brainiac. Then they discarded all previous character development. Lex still owns a large portion of Metropolis, but suddenly his evil schemes are paper thin, he's wall to wall jokes and wisecracks, and he has lost his composure. Lois Lane has traded in her might and equality to return to her vapid damsel roots of the very earliest Superman incarnations. Brainiac has stopped being Superman's most dangerous enemy, and instead is just a Giant Robot. Mercy was out of character. Perry White was out of Character. And Superman was not any Superman I could recognize. Causing Damage in Metropolis, instead of trying to take the fight out of the city. Whiney and Lovelorn.

Here's the thing, if you are going to make such horribly drastic changes to the characters, they should have redesigned the characters based on the Superman Returns character looks , and got the cast of the movie to do the voices. Then you have the movie tie in, and the cast as a selling point, instead of a detraction. The same horrible script would have been just fine that way. By using the Bruce Timm character designs, and half the cast, they created an expectation this OVA could not achieve.

I love DC Comics and buy every DVD that has characters from their comics, but now having been burned twice by Mystery of the Batwoman and Brainiac Attacks, I might have to start reading reviews first.
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Look! Down In The Dumps!
Squishy-1217 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Q: What do you get when you take the animation style and (some) voice actors of--and characters unique to--Bruce Timm's "Superman: The Animated Series," and tack them onto characterizations and continuity from the over-twenty-five-year-old Richard Donner "Superman" movie? A: An unbelievably awful film; confused and angry fans.

I'm not sure why Bryan Singer wanted to continue from the first two "Superman" movies of the late '70s: they aren't nearly as great as one's memory may deceive one into thinking. But I DO know why "Brainiac Attacks" was squeezed out: for no other reason than to make a quick buck off the buzz around Singer's upcoming film. It shows in every frame of animation and every line of dialog.

Unconnected to Timm's prior series ("Superman: TAS," "Justice League," and so on)--in spite of the characters and designs drawn directly from them--"Brainiac Attacks" instead feeds us the campy junk that littered Christopher Reeve's movies: the clownish Lex Luthor, assorted foolishness (like Lois Lane wearing her regular clothes under her hospital robe), magic kisses, magic talking crystals, and a Phantom Zone that is unusually easy to break into and out of (for an "inescapable prison").

Worst of these is Lex Luthor; after seeing Clancy Brown turn Lex back into a genuine supervillain (even in the worst moments of the subpar "Justice League Unlimited," Lex was pretty scary), Powers Boothe comes along to play him up as a continuation of Gene Hackman's foolish nerd, whose greatest danger is his thoughtless abuse of the big toys at his command.

The plotting--I'm using that word loosely--is excremental. By the time we hit the halfway mark, it's an overextended series of punch-fights, interrupted by overextended scenes of a dying Lois Lane imitating Ali McGraw in "Love Story" meeting Christopher Reeve in "Superman IV," and yet another overextended bit of Jimmy Olsen channeling Ron Stoppable (which, in the end, adds absolutely nothing to the story or anyone's character). What we have here is a one- (possibly two-) episode story dragged out to "movie" length for the sake of DVD sales.

The Kryptonite poisoning that Lois Lane is suffering from looks painful--but it couldn't possibly hurt her worse than watching "Brainiac Attacks."
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After all the Hard work with JLU they dish this out
knight61917 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I already miss the Justice League.

Is this normal? Brainiac with a smile, Lex Luthor Making Seinfeld type banter...this is not the usual great work I expect from WB Animation. On the upside it was nice seeing the character of Clark Kent open up a vulnerable state with the semi uncovering of his identity by Brainiac.

There are a few nice twists inside the story but not enough to save it But I would have preferred a different direct to DVD Movie, perhaps the Story of Warhawk or another Batman Beyond movie with Terry a bit older, however this project seemed like a late night term paper turned in at the last moment. IT is there but It could be way better.

Another faux pas, is the casting of alternate voice talent for Superman, Lex, and Brainiac.

As Much as I have enjoyed the JLU Staff work in the past, this really lacks the quality work of the Warner Bros Animated Features to date, even Mystery of the Batwoman had a much better story, music, and overall feel to it.

This very much is a cartoon for children, not for true fans of DC comics and WB animated work.
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God Awful
sithvol18 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this thing thinking it was going to be, at the very least, a representation of the Bruce Timm characters from both the Superman the Animated Series, and Justice League. This was neither. This holds no relation to the characters portrayed on Justice League AT ALL, and other than Tim Daly and Dana Delaney returning as Superman and Lois Lane, the similarities with the animated series end there. No Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor here. Instead we get Powers Boothe, who did a fantastic job as Grodd on Justice League, but is unbelievably bad as Luthor. I do not blame him as the writing of the character was terrible. Luthor is left as comic relief with man one liners that aren't funny as well as many times being played as just another rich idiot. Sad really, I missed Brown's cold and calculating character from both former series. )I suppose he was too busy with other projects or just read this stinker and took a pass. Lance Hennriksen tries to fill the shoes of Corey Burton as Braniac and fails miserably. He is never believable in the role. Where Hennriksen fails is in the demeanor of Braniac as a whole. Here he plays fast and loose with the character and delivers a decent bad guy, but no Braniac. Burton played Braniac with no emotion. You always knew what to expect. Cold and efficient. Hennricksen's Braniac is laughing, cracking wise comments and just generally wrong. With that said I will end with this; I like Tim Daly, I really do, but George Newburn was ten times the Superman Daly was, as his Superman lacked charisma and it shows here. Delaney is the only good thing about this hunk of garbage, she is spot on as Lois Lane, but then again, she did the voice on the Animated series and on Justice League, so what was there to change? Overall this thing isn't worth the time it took to watch it. If you see this on a video store shelf....move on quickly...its best that way.
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A major disappointment for all concerned.
mahatmarandy17 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
For those not in the know, the DC Comics Animated Universe ("DCAU" for short) has been running continuously since the early 90s. First there was Batman: The Animated Series, then Batman: Gotham Knights, then there was Superman: The Animated Series, then Batman: Beyond, then Static Shock, then Justice League, and then Teen Titans, and then Justice League: Unlimited. Though there were some klinkers here and there, the "Shared Universe" that all these overlapping shows took place in was generally a great example of American Animation and American Storytelling. The last shows - Teen Titans and "JL:U" - ended their runs just a couple months ago on an extreme high note, and this film is the first DCAU story to be told since then. As such I, and ever other animation geek out there had high hopes for it.

Alas, the film is a massive disappointment for all concerned. Several of the voices of prominent characters that we've grown very accustomed to over the last ten years or so have been re-cast for no reason whatsoever, and the new voices are really distracting. The plot is just typical "Indestructable man vs. Unstopable machine" stuff that we've all seen so many times before, the dialog is largely cringe-inducingly awful and, most bizarre of all, though this movie looks just like Superman: The Animated Series, it completely ignores a decade's worth of continuity that's been established since that show ended. For example: JL:U ended with Lex on the run from the law after a failed bid at the presidency, and he and Darkseid apparently either dying or at the very least leaving the earth. Brainiac Attacks begins with Lex inexplicably once again a respected business man, no mention of Darkseid, and no mention of Luthor's previous extremely close relationship with Brainiac. There is, however, nothing in this film that indicates it's a prequel, or shoehorned in between the end of Superman:TAS and the two Justice League series.

In short, the movie makes a mess of the DCAU, stomping all around without wiping it's feet first, and it doesn't really give us a story worthy of the annoyance it brings us. It's just junk. They had the opportunity here to do a great coda to 15 years of great shows (Warners has tacitly announced that the DCAU is done for the foreseeable future), a great final chapter, and they blew it. They had a chance to tell a really good story, and they blew it, and, what's more, they didn't care.

Fans will find out about this movie, expecting it to be like a farewell kiss on the lips from someone you loved who's moving away forever, but in the end it's more like an unexpected punch in the mouth. Avoid! This is not a movie for enjoying, this is a movie for laying down and avoiding!
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Not Worth Your Time
payback3718 June 2006
A new Superman movie brings back Tim Daly from Superman: The Animated Series to voice the world's biggest Boy Scout. Unfortunately, that's almost all of the good news about this movie. The plot is thin, the jokes are bad, and the characters are, well, out of character.

Brainiac Attacks finds our superhero dealing with a returned Brainiac and a scheming Lex Luthor (no change there). The movie also attempts to catch some attention with Clark Kent's biggest question: should he tell Lois Lane that he is also Superman? It was an excellent device, but it seems that Superman is very human when it comes to love. He painfully bumbles his way through the love story, throwing a relationship cliché here and a lovesick sigh there. Actually, his reasoning oftentimes eerily mimics that of Peter Parker's.

I take that back. "Mimics" doesn't do it justice. "Completely and totally copies every bit of Spiderman's reasoning" better describes the debates Superman has with his computer in the Fortress of Solitude and with his adopted parents. It gives a sort of retread feel to the movie.

The villains in this movie are obnoxious. Lex Luthor now constantly frets about his image and cracks dumb jokes, then gets mad when nobody in the movie finds them funny. Brainiac smirks and glares like an emotionless, living machine never should. Mercy is true to her near-robotic state of lap-doggery for Lex. Jimmy, the intrepid photographer, was an excellently developed character in this movie (despite his annoying tendency to narrate his own actions), as was Lois Lane, but sapping the villains of their comic mythos does this movie in.

I wish I could at least say the production values of the movie would be a high point, but the animation feels dated. Faces seems to radically change shape, depending on the viewing angle the movie is shown from. Superman is more anatomically realistic than how he was drawn in the Justice League series, but, in my opinion, it sucks some style from him. The entire movie has a less-than-realistic, cartoony-type feel that I definitely do not prefer.

Overall, Brainiac Attacks doles out cheap (non)laughs and mangles previously enjoyable villains, while failing to grip the viewer with excitement over either a great action plot or great love story. The idea was good, but the execution was terrible.
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klutzrick18 June 2006
This may very well be the worst super-hero animated movie to emerge from Warner Brothers since Bruce Timm and his team took over Batman and Superman. The dialog is dreadful. Brainiac and Luthor both are completely out of character. The decision to use Powers Boothe instead of Clancy Brown to voice Luthor was a disaster and I hope someone loses their job over it. The plot is inane.

It is difficult to believe that this awful movie came from the same studio that produced the excellent Superman animated series and the current Justice League series. I certainly hope more care was put into the live action SUPERMAN RETURNS.
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At Least Now We Know What Kryptonian Doo-Doo Looks Like
utgard1415 May 2014
This is like one of those cheap dollar store coloring books made into a movie. To say it's written for kids is an insult to kids. Maybe it would be more accurate to say it's written for babies. Despite the animation style and some of the same voices, this has NOTHING in common with the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini TV series. This is bad on every level. The worst of the worst is the portrayal of Lex Luthor. First, he's voiced by Powers Boothe instead of the awesome Clancy Brown. Second, Lex is portrayed here as a comical buffoon. Those comparing this Lex to the Gene Hackman Lex don't know what they're talking about. There really is nothing to recommend here. If you're a Superman completist and you just have to see everything with him, then go right ahead. Otherwise don't torture yourself.
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A True Disaster
khicks317 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This addition to the Superman / Justice League body of work is a real letdown - the story is okay - and, of course, the entire Superman revealing his identity Lois subplot is enjoyable - But Powers Booth as Lex Luthor and Lance Hendrickson as Brainiac ruined this for me. Booth's portrayal of Luthor is a 180 degree departure from Clancy Brown's smart and sinister version of Luthor. I'm sorry - he comes across as a third rate pun-slinging evil car salesman - Lance Hendrickson put far too much emotion into the Brainiac role. Why couldn't Warner Brothers secure the original actor who portrayed Brainiac for the entire series? Just warning you - listening to Luthor's dialog will make you wretch - blech!
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What a Shame....
lostangel-217 June 2006
The previews for this movie made it seem to be good, but the one thing I saw that was lacking, was how they portrayed Luthor. They made him out to be some kind of wuss. They had him making lame jokes, and scared how his image would be if his satellite destroyed Superman. This only gets a 5 because Superman was again voiced by Tim Daly and The rest of the original cast had returned. With the exception of Luthor and the voice of Brainiac. Who was making cheap cracks and smirking which I found a bit odd. I was going to buy this on DVD but I'll stick with the cartoon network airing.

That is all
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Not worth the time
williambraski17 June 2006
They get the majority of the voices (oddly enough not Clancy Brown despite his commitment to Justice League) from the Superman cartoon to return, but the writing is weak.

It didn't follow any of the cues or tone set by the animated series, instead the writer(s) ended up making this feel more like Superman of the George Reeve's era (plenty of "Gee Ms. Lane." moments and other trite dialog) and there was never a sense that anyone was in real danger. Unlike the show where they have killed off characters during major events.

Superman: Brainiac Attacks is a pretty weak showing and seems to be an attempt at cashing in on the imminent release of Superman Returns. Unless you're absolutely a Superman fan or are over the age of 12, you could let this easily pass up.
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A putrid piece of garbage
mikexx28 September 2006
WHO STOLE BRAINIAC'S BRAIN? Well, folks; I hope you enjoyed the fifteen years between 1991 and 2006 with Bruce Timm's high standards of excellence in scripts and animation -- because the abysmally awful dialogue running through this moooovie is straight out of the worst of the 1970's Hanna-Barbarra lame-brain era.

How awfully bad is this movie? Lex Luther and Brainiac, evil geniuses extraordinaire, are reduced to smirking numbskulls uttering inane dialogue. -- I cannot fathom a *conscious* reason for this, either, since even "explanatory" dialogue (in which everyone always explains everything they're doing as they're doing it, so elementary school kiddies will "get it") needn't be as horrible as this.

Powers Booth? Lance Henrickson? -- I have an idea: Let's animate the corpse of Ted Knight, and let him read all the parts in the same lobotomized histrionics which put a fork in "Stupid Friends".

Everyone involved in production, writing and editing should be sentenced to the Agony Matrix: Direct neural stimulation of pain-receptors. All of them. Forever.

*Sigh*....back to anime for anything remotely engaging on television. Lord knows I won't get it from this, or Squidbillies, or any of the other stupefyingly rotten home-made junk the Cartoon Network is running now.
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JaySandlin8618 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers

For over ten years now, the DCAU has provided us with the most quality superhero entertainment outside of a comic book. Fans who haven't been reading about these iconic heroes for years can easily dive right into the shows and not be lost, yet the shows still maintain a constant continuity throughout any adaptation. From Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, we have been allowed to follow these heroes throughout adventures that not only grow more exciting year after year, but we have witnessed relationships that have had time to grow year after year. I believe that this movie is a major disappointment in the Superman AU. Nothing was resolved, no characters were changed, and the environment our characters live in is found to be identical to when we came in. This movie was billed as a final confrontion for Superman and Brainiac and the final revelation concerning Superman's secret identity. I grew excited when I learned Superman would reveal his identity, after all, I believe the show is the only medium where he hadn't yet. And, once he did reveal it, I felt a sense of relief. I was glad she knew. Then, when it was revealed he had only expressed his identity to a phantom lois, I was disappointed. Since when has the phantom zone been a place where your greatest desire comes true? That's Mongul's area! Also, Superman already went to the Phantom Zone before, during TAS, and he should've known what to expect. Then Superman apparently changes his mind about revealing his identity for no apparent reason. I found this whole thing to be out of whack with characters, plots, and continuity. I would like to say thank you for getting my hopes up and giving me rubbish. I imagine this movie was made in haste to cash in on the new Superman movie. Don't waste any money on this.
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Other than the animation and Dana Delaney, Superman: Braniac Attacks is a disgrace
TheLittleSongbird11 September 2012
I really wanted to like Superman: Braniac Attacks. I love Superman and a vast majority of the DC animated movies, and the voice cast looked good on paper. The film really failed to deliver though. I will admit that the animation is nice and fluid with lots of colour and some atmosphere. Dana Delaney is the best of the voice cast, her Lois is spot on. I like Tim Daly, but he lacked charisma for me here, almost as if he was yet to find his feet. Lance Henrikssen completely lacks menace and demeanour, that is very uncharacteristic of Henrikssen so I'll blame the writing on this one. The worst case though was the Lex Luthor of Powers Boothe, who is nowhere near calculating enough, and it does not help that Luthor is too much watered down Joker and not enough of the cold and calculating Luthor we are used to. The writing is terrible, disjointed and full of unfunny wisecracks from Luthor. The story never gets going, it is very thin, has no sense of mystery or excitement and even the action sequences are dull. There is even a major inconsistency with Braniac and the Krypton. The characters are way off too often, Luthor fares the worst, but Mercy is also annoying and robotic, Lois is too stereotypical and in an attempt to bring a potentially good idea of Clark telling Lois about him being Superman they make Superman as dull as dishwater. The music is pretty poor as well, it is often overbearing and just doesn't fit with the style of the film. All in all, a real disgrace despite its potential. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Oh, how I wish I had read the reviews first!!!
Taigan21 June 2006
Excited by the release of the Animated Superman's 3rd season and the 2nd of Justice League, I decided "what the heck" and bought Braniac Attacks on DVD. There, quite simply, could have been no worse way to spend $15.

The counter on my DVD player read one minute and 34 seconds when I realized I had made a mistake. It's one thing if they couldn't get Clancy Brown to reprise his role as Luthor, but it seems that the writers also forgot who he was. This Lex Luthor was far more reminiscent of Gene Hackman's unbelievable geek (and, as I understand, the upcoming Kevin Spacey portrayal). The characters all have drifted from their origins (since when did Lois actually *moon* over Superman?) I am not one to be surprised when direct-to-video animation sequels turn out to be cheap imitations of the original, but this is so far beyond that!

Whether you are a fan of the series yourself, or have kids who are, you absolutely should *not* waste money on this piece of trash.
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Action packed and funny.
moviefan1725-120 June 2006
Of course this movie was made to capitalize on the release of Superman Returns. What's wrong with that? I say...nothing. Brainiac Attacks is a fun and fast moving adventure story. The epic battles are truly fun to watch. The animation is the same as you see on the animated series, and on Justice League. Tim Daly returns as the voice of Clark/Superman, as does Dana Delany as Lois. Lance Henricksen takes on the role of Brainiac, and while he may not have the smooth coolness the character used to have, his gravelly voice is menacing nonetheless, and he does a great job. If I have one complaint about the movie, it's with Lex Luthor. He's not the same character he used to be. He's far more aloof, and even a bit of a clod. He's not as menacing, and seems to go for the joke too often. He does get a couple of good lines, however. During a huge battle with Brainiac, Superman ends up face to face with Lex who gives him a "Rootin' for ya, my man!". That was quite funny. But it's not Clancy Brown who reprises his role as Lex. Powers Boothe takes over, and while he's a good actor, he's not really right for Lex. He does a serviceable job, but it would have been MUCH better with Brown. So if you are a fan of the animated series, there is much to enjoy here. Unless of course, you can't get around the whole Lex thing. It's a good rent.
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"Time to log off."
DarthBill13 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Plot in a nutshell - set in what is not apparently in sync with the rest of the DCAU continuity established by Bruce Timm, we find that Superman (voiced again by Tim Daly, who was missing in action for Justice League, where Superman was voiced by George Newbern) has decided he should tell Lois Lane (Dana Delany) his secret, but Brainiac (exit Corey Burton, enter Lance Henriksen) is back and has allied himself with Lex Luthor (exit Clancy Brown, enter Powers Boothe who did the voice of Gorilla Grodd on Justice League) to destroy Superman and take over the world. Lois is infected by a strange virus, and Superman must venture into the Phantom Zone to find the cure. Will he make it back in time to thwart Brainiac? Not as horrible as everyone says, but this direct to DVD feature, undeniably a marketing tool to help promote "Superman Returns", did make some serious mistakes. The most noticeable mistake was the decision to replace Clancy Brown with Powers Boothe as the voice of Lex Luthor and, even worse, the decision to play Luthor as an over the top ham like Gene Hackman instead of playing him as a real villain. Boothe was a good Grodd on "Justice League", but he's a poor substitute for Brown when it comes to Lex Luthor. Lance Henriksen's not as bad as Brainiac, but his performance is harmed by making wisecracks that Brainiac had not made when he was voiced by Corey Burton and by the usual suspects of Bruce Timm and his cronies. That leads to the other mistake - not using Bruce Timm, who all these long, undoubtedly lonely years has devoted himself to carving out the DCAU. While this feature isn't full blown terrible, it's weak in certain places that it probably would not have been if Bruce and his henchmen had been in the driver's seat, such as Superman's analysis at the end of why it's okay for him to be around Lois no matter what kind of insanity surrounds them (reportedly the feature was written by one of the writers for "The Batman").

Still, it was good to hear Tim Daly doing Superman's voice again, even if he did get saddled with unflattering dialogue. Nothing against George Newbern, as George got a lot better as "League" went along, but like I said, it's always good to hear Daly's Superman. It's also always good to hear Dana Delany as the voice of Lois Lane, and she probably got some far worse lines than Daly did here. Animation was well done for the most part with the Phantom Zone, and the Superman VS. Brainiac fights, especially half-way through and at the end when Superman is fighting the giant mecha-Brainiac, were well staged.

Probably will appeal more to little kids than the older fans who grew up with Bruce Timm's stuff.
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Superman Brainiac Attacks: Feature length television episode
Platypuschow28 December 2017
Animated by the same people who created the Superman animated television series we see our infinetly square jawed hero face off against a very poor looking Braniac.

In this very family friendly affair Superman must tangle with Braniac, a Lex Luthor scheme and deciding whether he can tell Lois his secret.

With an old school 1970's Superman soundtrack this almost feels nostalgic but is let down by it's excessive cutesy'ness and seven shades of generic.

The film has the vocal talents of the recently deceased Powers Booth and the film icon and legend Lance Henriksen who do a great job with the material they are presented with.

It's not awful, it's just not great either.

The Good:

Old school soundtrack

The Bad:

Really don't like the animation style

Braniac looks dumb

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

You know you have a problem with the protagonist when I'm cheering on the bad guy
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What was WB thinking
tshodan3 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Does the WB really believe as Kevin Smith has said, that their only goal is to sell toys? First off then they should have made better toys from the Superman movie, most of the new ones bite, but even worst was the audacity to make this film.

It was nice to have Tim Daly back on cast, and the Clark - Lois, Superman - Lois relationship was handled well, but who agreed to recast all the other voices??? Don't get me long, I'm a fan of Tara Strongs work, but she missed the Mercy role big time. And Brainic sounded, well kind a sad , but Worste of all (the movie destroyer) was a recast of Lex Luther from Clancy Brown to Powers Boothe. I mean he does a good job on Grodd, but as Luther??? He obviously ad-libs the dialog making Luther into some kind of sad Metrosexual idiot. "let's have a Luah" when he believes Superman to be dead for instance, Lex would never suggest such a thing. He would be more like, "Send the Planet and Miss Lane my deepest regrets and get my Causal Suit ready, we will need to throw a party to unveil my newest plan." If you are a Lex Luther fan, this movie will make you cry in embarrassment.
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Nothing in common with Superman: the animated series..
jeanvaljean-222 June 2006
Superman: The Animated Series had wonderful animation and was careful with the unique and interesting continuity that it had set up,this has all gone the way of the dodo in this cartoon movie that although has characters in the same model as the animated series it had nothing at all to do with that great show Paul Dini and Bruce Timm produced A goofy Lex Luthor with dumb one liners, A Brainiac without his cold calculating logic and a focus on Clark upset that Lois like Superman but not him are what you can find in this movie. Plot holes that make no sense and a Kryptonite nannite ray that makes people look like they haven't slept in days are also found. If you want to see how a bad Superman Animated Series would have looked then this movie is for you, otherwise avoid it like the plague.
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It's a bird. . .too bad it's an albatross
lantern281419 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had some great potential. Luthor and Brainiac together against the Man of Steel--a great team up. The voice talent was solidly done; Tim Daly and Dana Delaney turned in performances worthy of the original series. However, the movie never lived up to the premise's potential. First of all, Lex Luthor's lines could have been written by a high school freshman. Instead of being the intellectual equal of the Last Son of Krypton, Lex Luthor became a buffoon more suited for matching wits with Bizarro. The cheap one-liners and bad jokes coming from him (Get the tiki torches lets have a luau because Superman is gone???)took the great idea and killed the story. I am only glad that Clancy Brown did not return to voice the part--it would have killed any serious fan to hear him deliver such stale dialogue. Also, the depiction of the Phantom Zone was poorly done. All in all, the film left me wondering what happened to the Timm-Dini standards of excellence.
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not bad
berg-2720 December 2006
I've been away from the board for a while so bear with me.

I was never really a superman fan but I saw the movie two nights ago and I new who superman was and stuff and I thought it was a fairly well done movie.

I really liked to part where clerk and Lois are at the resteraunt and when she "findes out" that Clark is superman The quotes are to establish the question, you'll have 2 see the movie to find out what I meant.

I grew up watching Batman mostly but superman is starting to grow on me.
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