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Attention - Origin Mixture!!!
Nytwolf11 June 2008
For those that know only of the original comic book Hulk, the TV series Hulk, or the regrettable Ang Lee Hulk, you should know that this new version is a mixture of origins.

Without spoiling it, one of the larger ingredients in this new Hulk comes from a Marvel series that is an alternate universe. There are many differences in the Ultimates Universe. In this version, Banner did not get his gamma radiation from exposure during an experimental bomb explosion. I won't spoil it, but you can go to and look under "Ultimates" if you wish to get the gist of it.

I can truly say that this version captures a little of everything, so that no matter what your knowledge is of the Hulk character, there's tie-ins to everything.

Personally, I felt this reboot was well thought out. It allows for any future connectivity by not limiting it to one version of the Hulk. This will allow future Marvel movie-makers the ability to pick and choose aspects from the multitude of alternate universes, re-tellings, and time spans to combine whatever they please.

This was well cast. When the overall product can make me forget the fact that I don't like a specific actor, and truly appreciate the total entertainment experience, it's something to smile about. I won't mention which one I don't care for, since all that will do is spark useless debate.

Story - intricate and intelligent, fast-paced, yet deeply explanatory, complex, yet easily taken in by non-geeks. Enough references to the true comic, alternate comic, and TV show, that everyone in the sneak peek seemed to be pleased. I surely was.

CGI was great. Don't know why some have to nit-pick, but you can't please everyone, I guess. Action was wonderful with plenty of it! If you've ever read one of my reviews, you'll know that I'm a true fan of overall entertainment. While I have favorites, I don't base reviews on just one actor, writer, director, production company, genre, or whatever. So, if you don't like my opinion, so be it.
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A fun summer blockbuster
MovieAddict201615 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In 2003, Ang Lee's Hulk was released to commercial success – breaking box office records for a June opening and smashing its way to the top of the box office, it outperformed many analysts' expectations and was well on its way to becoming one of the biggest comic book films ever produced.

Then, of course, the negative word of mouth caught up with it – and by the following weekend it had dropped a colossal 60%. It was quickly left floundering in theaters and only turned a profit thanks to worldwide intake.

Marvel wasn't quite sure what to do – the film's huge opening indicated an inherent interest in the material, but fans obviously didn't enjoy what they were seeing.

Ang Lee's film was, to be fair, admirable in its scope and ambitions – it wasn't your typical comic book action film. But, at the end of the day, most audiences don't want two-and-a-half hour psychological explorations when they go to see a Hulk movie – they want big battle scenes and lots of bruising action, both of which the 2003 Hulk – for the most part – failed to deliver.

I count myself among the masses that disliked the 2003 film – not because I was a fan of the comics and not because I was disappointed in its treatment of the material; not even because I thought it was boring, necessarily. I simply thought in spite of its aim to be an intelligent movie, it was quite silly and pretentious – the end fight sequence was appalling, for example. It was a film containing moments of genius cornered by lots of unnecessary scenes and scenery chewing by Nick Nolte.

So, with this in mind, the ultimate question is: does the 2008 Hulk deliver on its promise to be bigger, bolder and better? Well, in short, yes – it's still not a great film by any means, and it has its fair share of flaws (most notably the last twenty minutes which, despite a cool battle sequence, go overboard in their destruction), but at the end of the day, it's an entertaining summer blockbuster with a cast that's probably a little better than it deserves.

Edward Norton would have been my last choice as Bruce Banner – not because I think he's bad for the role, but rather because he is such an unexpected choice. Renowned for his anti-mainstream approach to film-making and his artistic credibility, his placement in a comic book franchise sequel/reboot is puzzling to say the least – it would be like Christian Bale taking on a role in a Batman or Terminator movie (oh, wait).

The thing is: Norton delivers a solid performance. I'm not sure if it's better than what Eric Bana tried to achieve (I'd say Bana's performance is a bit more complex overall), but I think that's partly due to the film's length and also because it's so action-packed. For what it's worth, Norton tries his best to inject some humanity into the character; the whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aspect is more prevalent here than in the 2003 film. In that movie, Bana's Banner admitted to enjoying the transformation into the Hulk; in 2008, Norton is struggling to conceal and control it.

William Hurt replaces Sam Elliot as General Ross, the man responsible for Bruce's predicament. The movie is essentially a cat-and-mouse game, with Banner hiding away in Brazil for over a year, until Ross finally discovers his location – prompting Bruce to flee back to North America in a last-ditch effort to find a cure for his "disease." He reunites with Ross' daughter, Betty (Liv Tyler), and finds himself at odds with an overzealous combatant named Blonsky (played by Tim Roth), who eventually transforms into Abomination.

My problems with the film are most present in the latter half. The first 45 minutes is a lot of fun and is rather cleverly made – the fight scenes are engaging and Roth establishes his anti-hero villain. But suddenly halfway through the movie, Blonsky turns into an unmotivated cliché of a bad guy, and by the end of the film you lose all care and understanding for the character. Once he transforms into the Abomination and goes on a citywide rampage in search of an equal foe (in this case, the Hulk), his reasons are puzzling.

This is where the film truly falls apart, because suddenly General Ross is responsible for millions of dollars' worth of damage and civilian casualties (without spoiling any surprises, he is responsible for Blonsky's transformation), and he's flying around in an Army helicopter following the city's destruction, but nobody really seems to care. He never loses his job, even after he tears up a college campus in search of the Hulk earlier in the film. It may be pointless to criticize a comic book film for lapses in logic, but since the film strives for a sense of realism in its early scenes, the switch to excess halfway through is a bit disheartening. The 2003 Hulk had the same problems, incidentally – I'm wondering if it's a flaw of the comic book or just the character itself; perhaps it's too hard to retain realism when you've got a 12-foot giant green dude destroying everything in sight.

If I'm being too critical, it's only because I enjoyed the film and regretted these aspects. At the end of the day, it's a fun, entertaining summer blockbuster -- and that's really all it needed to be.
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A whole lot better than you think
Rxblinkboy8 June 2008
Honestly, as soon as I heard they were making another Hulk movie I was surprised. When I heard they had cast Ed Norton, I was shocked. So going into this movie I had no idea what to expect. Coming out, I feel like an idiot because it was really masterfully done. Lettier does an amazing job, Norton was fantastic, and as far as a comic book movie goes, this one is just about on top with little nods and mentions. If you don't walk out of this film screaming HELLL YEAAAA, then you are not normal. Far better than Ang Lee's attempt at the green man and as far as this year, it's definitely Marvel's year. No better way to make up for Spiderman 3 than releasing Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk just a month apart. Thank you Marvel for cleaning the mess Spiderman 3 left and clearing your name. This film just makes me thing of one word...AVENGERS
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Grading on a Bell Curve
A_Different_Drummer20 February 2016
About 1100 reviews on the old IMDb and I am going to do something I have never done before -- review on a bell curve.

Seriously, before you start listing all the things you DIDN'T like, ask yourself how many live action Hulk movies have there been outside of the Avenger ensemble acts? Answer: Two. Only two. Just two.

And the entry from Ang Lee was so wretched, so horrific, that this one gets a push up the curve.

It is actually a solid film. Roth makes a great villain. Tyler was a great love interest. (The scene where Hulk becomes a giant fire extinguisher is one for the record books and memorable). And Norton is arguably the highest-level A-lister to ever play the role.

(Or, also arguably, to ever play it again -- notice he was gone from the Avenger movies. Also notice that the two solo-Hulk movies did so poorly at the box office that this one actually ends with a promo for the coming Avengers, suggesting that the suits at Marvel are no longer interested in gambling on Hulk in a film by himself and all your future Hulk movies may be of the animated variety).

All done, this is a much better film than the reviews would suggest.
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ramasscreen.com7 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Take a deep breath when you enter the cinema to see this one because it's just downright breathtaking. THE INCREDIBLE HULK is an amazing summer blockbuster movie. This reboot has made Ang Lee's Hulk back in 2003 seem like it never existed. Edward Norton's version portrays what Hulk is supposed to be… on the big screen. Do not bootleg this one, do not wait til it hit DVD, Go watch it in the theaters because I guarantee you it is worth every penny. This movie is spectacular and superb in every way. It's a rock 'em smash 'em, jaw dropping thrill ride.

Let's just start with the acting, what a perfect cast ensemble. Edward Norton is a better Bruce Banner than Eric Bana because Edward looks more convincing as a skinny nerd scientist. He embodies the pain and the struggle that his character has to go through. Always running, always hiding, always trying to come up with ways to get rid of the monster in him. William Hurt and Tim Roth have no problem being the bad guys, having played so many other bad guys in many other movies in the past. Tim Blake Nelson giving us hints that he'll become the next arch nemesis The Leader is pretty cool. Liv Tyler is so damn cute. That girl can melt your heart.

Now to the best part. The category that makes this movie a winner is its awesome CGI visual effects. Bravo to the brains behind this brilliant technological accomplishment. When Hulk breaks a cop car into half and uses each part as boxing globes, that's just plain badass! The images are so much better and more believable,.. the timing could not have been more right to revamp this character. The storyline helps us understand the characters and their development as they progress but it wastes no time at all on any boring moment.

Magnificent stuntwork as well, especially the chase scene in the small town in Brazil. The whole jumping from one roof to another at high speed with bodies bumping into walls or falling down from a considerable height. I have much respect for the stunt people who broke their bones daily for this movie.

The story has three main long action packed sequences and the last fight scene is just phenomenal. They weren't kidding when they said that it would last for 26 minutes. Hulk punches Abomination, Abomination, kicks Hulk, Hulk strangles Abomination, Abomination slams Hulk onto a couple of buildings.. Your inner kid will be happy.

All the elements of this movie have but one purpose only… to entertain your senses to the fullest extent. Your sight and hearing will be treated with the utmost incredible experience of your lifetime. You will find yourself cheering at how great this movie is.

The cameo by Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno, who plays Hulk in the old TV series are memorable. The plot also has some punch lines here and there that are silly funny but effective. I'm glad Lou Ferrigno got to voice the Hulk because I can't think of anyone else more perfect for the job. The movie even includes the main theme song from the old TV series starring the late Bill Bixby. What a heartfelt nostalgic tribute.

The teaser at the end when Tony Stark meets Gen. Thunderbolt Ross, that part is a show stopper. Director Louise Leterrier and his crew deserves a standing ovation for successfully making an excellent superhero movie which some people thought was going to be as bad as the first Hulk movie. Well, Louise has proved them wrong. Summer 2008 may quite possibly be the best summer movie season ever.
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Finally a bit of meat and potato's to go with my green eggs and ham...
hoove19709 June 2008
I went into this completely blind. I wanted a pure 'experience' I saw ONE trailer prior to this screening and closed my eyes while humming. I had no idea if this was a second in the series or a re-make.

I was pleasantly surprised at the (obvious)complete makeover of our big green friend, and this was a (P.R.)change for him no doubt... this delightful romp will bring him right into the "good guy fold" so to speak, within the umbrella of the, "Avengers" Franchise that is now an inevitability.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, Lots of time on character development, and the intricacies that make you really care for a plot and its characters. I thought the acting was very well done although I found Liv Tyler to be the 'Weak Link'. Not sure she 'sold' her part that well or maybe it was just typecasting for that "Armageddon" girl.

The CGI was top shelf. There were no seriously 'over done' moments of ,"awww Come on" uttered in the theater. In this packed theater there were many ovations for the cameo's and the ,"Bad guy gets it" scenes, and even for the thrilling last minute of the movie. So where was Samuel L. Jackson?

Please enjoy this more Comic like and more faithful version of THE HULK!

*** PARENTS*** Go see it! Please do not bring kids under 5 yrs old! it is very realistic and violent. Be a good parent.
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A Nutshell Review: The Incredible Hulk
DICK STEEL12 June 2008
The crowded streets and cluttered housing on the streets of Rio De Janeiro provided some reminiscence of Jackie Chan's Police Story, where you could be sure of a chase scene zig- zagging the streets to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities presented for an exhilarating chase. And Leterrier doesn't try not to provide action junkies plenty of action- smashing moments as we root for Bruce Banner to hulk up, unfortunately of course, to satisfy our lust for some unadulterated action where everything in the way of the Hulk, gets smashed. However those expecting action from the get go will be disappointed, as there were only a small handful of action sequences, though of course they include the classic moments that comic fans had been baying for since 4 years ago. So I guess most will be left happy as we see some nifty moves by the Hulkster, which will leave a smile on your face, despite being used in limited doses. But I note though that the story cum action, looked a little bit like Superman II with the seeking of a cure and the deliberate loss of power to be with the lady love, and the duking out between super-beings on equal footing (here being gamma-powered), with a tinge of Cloverfield like moments too.

While there will be those who will gripe about the transformation mainly done in the dark and in shadows, it does prove to be effective in building some anticipation and heigntened tension as to when he will finally appear in full glory. The mainly military attacks on the big guy again brought out some back to basics adversary with Thunderbolt Ross trying to capture the Hulk, and in fact I'd appreciate that this movie didn't divert too much away from this primary objective, although it might be more of the same from the first movie. But while the Hulk has an aura of invulnerability, somehow The Incredible Hulk provided me at least, an emotional pang when he gets hurt bad, as we remember that this is a guy who just plainly wants to be left alone. And the angrier the Hulk gets, the bigger and more powerful he becomes too.

And it's not all serious here too, with well meaning humour peppered in the right places, making numerous references to the television series and characters from the Marvel universe. You'd often wonder how his pants stay on before-during-and-after transformation, well, it gets addressed here with humour. Memorable ines such as "don't- make-me-angry-you-wouldn't-like-me-when-I'm-angry" gets punned away, even the late Bill Bixby got a cameo, together with Lou Ferrigno who reprises his security guard role, and Stan Lee who's possibly in the most unmemorable cameo appearance ever. The much touted Tony Stark appearance will bring whoops of joy from newly converted fans of Robert Downey Jr, while I suspect in line with the rumoured Avengers movie, the universe now seemed more streamlined again with the references to SHIELD, and stupid me thinking that Mr Fantastic would somewhat be featured in this too. A WWII super soldier project and serum was referenced and formed the basis for Tim Roth's Emil Blonsky turned Abomination, but Captain America? I'll leave that to you to find out.

But what I really liked about The Incredible Hulk is not the action sequences, nor the references mentioned made. It was the central love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. In Lee Ang's version, we don't see much of the romance between Bana and Connelly because the story didn't really call for it, save for a rescue scene, and at an in-juncture where the Hulk was stopped in his tracks by his lady love. And that was precisely the winner for me. The Hulk, for all his power and unstoppable rage, could be brought under control by his lady love, and that was used to great effect here. Beneath the green invulnerability lies the heart of a mild-mannered man who yearns to be with the love of his life, but unfortunately cannot due to the curse that Fate had brought upon him. Both Norton and Tyler managed to bring out this chemistry of lovers torned apart, one who can only admire the other from afar, and the other finally never wanting to let go of someone who had disappeared from her life for her own protection. And this version of Betty does sport a bit of a temper and feisty too, and is not really your classic damsel in distress.

Granted that most supporting characters were rather one-dimensional, The Incredible Hulk somehow managed to straddle between its intense whack-all-destroy-all moments, and tender ones when the lovers are left alone to their own devices. As with the Marvel movies to date, the doors are left wide opened for follow ups and team-ups, and here there are no less than three avenues where the next story could develop further from, and sowed the seed for other movie franchises to be developed too. It drained a little bit from the cerebral department in order to amplify the romance, and let the action go into overdrive. HUlk Smash indeed, this time likely to make a huge dent at the box office, for fans and non-fans alike to be won over, just like how Iron Man did.
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Monstrously Entertaining
springsunnywinter9 June 2008
By the looks of the ending of Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) it seemed that there is going to be a sequel. After 5 years we now have The Incredible Hulk which is a reboot like Batman Begins. The reboot was a better idea than a sequel because Hulk (2003) wasn't a bad movie but wasn't even great either and was better off as a one film itself. But if the first attempt at a Hulk movie left you feeling a little green, good news! This version has a whole new cast, a whole new mood, and even a whole new retelling of The Hulk's origin

When I saw the trailer of The Incredible Hulk I was like "Wow this movie looks cool" and it lived up to my expectation also the trailer did not give too much away about the plot. The film was outrageously entertaining, fun and a perfect popcorn movie. It is the same director of The Transporter 2 so it is bound to have good action. You can see every penny spent from the $130 million budget. It is roughly (not exactly) the same amount as Hulk (2003) and The Incredible Hulk looks much, much more expensive.

The story is about Bruce Banner who is trying to cure is condition that turns him into a monster but is going to use it as his weapon against the Abomination. The plot may seem simple but it is better that way because you can just concentrate on the action and the monsters.

This time the Hulk is more darker and sinister looking and is more muscular than Ang Lee's Hulk. The Abomination was the icing & cherry on the cake and I'm glad that they had a proper villain this time. His name really does match his personality and he is not wearing any underpants, so girls you might want to look away otherwise you might get a fright. Overall this movie is Incredible not an Abomination.
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Spit out the 2003 version of Hulk like a bad taste in your mouth! This is an exciting movie
femaleanimefan8 June 2008
I wasn't really sure if I'd like the movie. Ang Lee's version didn't please me at all. It didn't have enough action and it had far too much dialogue. I had never really been a fan of the Hulk comics, but I did like all the movie adaptations of the Marvel Comics. While I didn't enjoy The Incredible Hulk as much as Iron Man, it's still great fun, and it will definitely make a big profit at the box office, and hopefully more money than the first did.

I also must say the cast is a lot better this time around. Edward Norton is far more convincing as Bruce Banner than Eric Bana was. Liv Tyler does a good job as Betty, Bruce's girlfriend, though I do like Jennifer Connelly a bit more. The supporting cast is also great, and they all deserve to at least be nominated for some awards. My favorite performance is tied between Norton and Tim Roth.

Now, to the special effects. Predictably, they are magnificent. With recent superhero movies, the effects are always brilliant, and they certainly adapted the Hulk character more closely to the original comics from what I've heard. The action scenes are cool and fun to watch, and fans of the comic books will be on the edge of their seat in excitement.

All in all, it's a great movie that comic fans should enjoy, and even if you don't really read them, you'll still like the movie, as I did. While it's not my favorite superhero movie, it is a whole lot better than Ang Lee's version, and a fun time at the theater.
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Don't make me hungry...
YoSafBridge16 June 2008
Three cheers for Marvel for finally realizing that no one knows their material better then themselves. May they never sell another beloved superhero to a lesser being again.

For the second time this summer Marvel has given us a superhero movie that just plain rocks. With the exact right amount of humour, character development and great action sequences, the Incredible Hulk is up there with Iron Man as one of my favourite films to be released so far in the summer movie season. While I didn't like it quite as much as Iron Man (Robert Downey WAS Tony Stark. Whereas something still doesn't sit right about Edward Norton as Bruce...) it was nevertheless a great, faithful adaptation of the comic books. Plus the cameo appearances by both Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr where terrific! Possibly my favourite Stan Lee cameo yet.

There isn't really much else to say besides, go see it for yourselves. If you're a fan of the comics, or just of fun popcorn films you'll definitely enjoy this one.

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Almost Incredible
schristian-610 June 2008
I attended a sneak preview of The Incredible Hulk last night. Incredible? No, but Very Good. And it washes the bad taste left in my mouth from Indiana Jones and the Big Letdown. The story is good, the acting is awesome. Ed Norton is the perfect person to play the tormented Bruce Banner. He is more believable in the roll than Eric Bana. Liv Tyler is very good as Betty Ross (formally played by the tasty Jennifer Connelly) William Hurt as General Ross is impressive and makes for a worthy adversary to Bruce Banner. If I had to come up with a negative, it would be Tim Roth. While I really like him, and he always plays great villains, I feel he's just miss cast here. He seems tiny next to General Ross. Instead of coming off like the English bad ass special op he's supposed to be, he comes off more like a jerk with Napoleon Syndrome. Someone more physically imposing like Vinnie Jones (Bullet tooth from Snatch), or Daniel Craig (the new Bond) would have been more convincing for the part. But I'm just picking here. The movie is a joy. Great action. No long boring, dragging development stuff that the first Hulk had in spades. There are some very nice cameos as well. Some were a surprise, some were not. I didn't see Nick Fury anywhere except in a brief headline in a montage. However I did not remain through the credits, so there might have been a scene at the end like Iron Man that I don't know about. I give it ***1/2 out of ****. I also predict it to make 80+million this weekend when it opens to the public and should "Hulk Smash" the competition. The movie received an ovation from the audience at the end which sums it up. A worthy movie made for the fans and everyone else.
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Folly Green Giant
guringo17 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
For all the CG brute force on display, this is one lame flop-along of a flic. The same constructs we've seen in dozens if not hundreds of other movies are rehashed, and why? Because what can you really do with a raging bullfrog on steroids? A second, even bigger, bullfrog? A Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde meets Beauty & the Beast in stretchy pants? The thinking man's King Kong on a self-help quest? They just can't help but fall back on the same clichés and feeble structure with good ol' time-warps to fast-track to the climatic fight scene -and prep it up for the sequel before rolling the credits. Depravity is when you have a super-bezerking giant on a havoc-spree toned down to pg-13. One-liners as motives for us to swallow; "You don't deserve the power!" and so much homage-fromage as filler, it's downright cannibalistic.

Cheesy hilights...

Two-dimensional bad-ass co-workers, what would heroes do without them? The babe they harass comes across as a cowering doe, nothing wrong with that I guess...

Overnight the Hulk runs from Rio to Guatemala, that's more or less from New York to Alaska. But he panhandles/walks the rest of the way home...

General-Colonel-whatever, answers to no one, heads his own shop for years on end, runs a military op in Brazil, on university grounds, NYC, no inquiries, no hell to pay, nada...

'Stanley' (clever, eh) the pizza-place... every home-coming-hero-on-the-run has one, older guy with a spare room upstairs, money to lend, keeps a tab on everyone- Banner; Is she seeing someone..? Stanley; "He's a head-shrink. They say he's one of the best(sic).. but a really nice guy..." (thank-you, Stanley..)

Bribing a security guard with a free pizza to not catch hell for a non-delivery on a pizza? Bribing another guy in the computer lab with second pizza..? How gullible and gluttonous and famished and broke must regular folks be made out to be...?

Betty's tag-along setup - "Well, at least let me walk you to the station."

Swallowing the disk-on-key before turning into the Hulk, how would Banner know the Hulk's stomach juices wouldn't dissolve or at least ruin it?

Of course the Hulk can't outright kill any foot-soldier, his rage is against machinery, movie-taboo exception would be anyone within contraption such as the helicopter crew...

Pawning a necklace to buy a second-hand pickup and pay for gas, they abandon the wheels because of roadblocks into NYC and then pay off some other guy to ferry them across... and then pay some maniac cab-driver for another, mindless, hi-speed sequence...

Abomination swatting all them blind pedestrians- blind because they're impervious to his standing there, his motive; looking for a real fight... soldiers trying latest shoulder-missiles, they don't work so they drive in reverse till they bump into pile-up, cab driver (must be that same maniac) drives right into 12' monster, fear-stricken soldiers stay in place while Abomination goes 'give me a real fight' before slamming cab into them...

The helicopter crash-lands into the church ruins, but try as they might to get out, an unconscious/dead soldier is propped in the only opening so that Betty exasperates in her struggle to escape as the fuselage catches fire (only for Hulk to hand-clap it out)...

For all the violence they inflict one on the other, and for all their super-strengths, it's an indestructible chain that allows the Hulk to subdue Abomination. And it's Betty that stops the Hulk from killing him, he's vanquished, right, so just let him be...they'll super-handcuff his ass to a super-cell till the sequel...

Every such finale must entail a crowd, no matter how preposterous for people to show up.

Hulk departs a la Spidey minus cobwebs...

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The Incredible Boredom
ThatDoesntMatter23 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Action without story is boring.

A film with a bad script is boring, it can even be painful and anger-inducing...;-) A film with mostly good actors in it (good in other films..!!) that of course cannot save the film, as the script is so baaaaaaaaad!!! I like Ed Norton and I liked him in this, little as there was...

I rejoiced at seeing Bill Bixby, Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno, nice touch for fans, of course not important for the film.

Chase scene through favela - watch City of God. Though at that point I was still interested, nice cinematography, okay plot.

Then they shoot the dog - bad move in my book, I'm annoyed.

Then they chase Bruce in the factory....and chase....and chase...oops, I thought - you're losing me!! THEN they don't really show the Hulk - what, like we don't know that Bruce turns into him? Like, trying to make it more exciting, he's like Alien on the spaceship? At that point I started to be bored.

Sadly, nothing much interesting happened after that. In fact, totally dim-witted things happened after that. Tim Roth: Military man with long hair. William Hurt (whom I adore!): Almost more stupid than that military guy in Avatar. Liv Tyler: Unconvincing, looking over-concerned and distressed or soppy.

The most intelligent pieces of dialogue were the computer chats...;-))) Why don't they talk about the last five years AT ALL? Oh, he's there, oh, I'm shocked and happy, oh, you come with me. But we only chitchat.

Too much military for me. Mostly quickly coming out of bushes exactly when needed, sadly totally useless...oh my...

No, this was not for me. I had thought this really might be about how Bruce learns to harness his powers, but that is only hinted at. The scene in the lab is just stupid.

3 points because I really like Ed. I even like the Hulk, but not this one.
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Hulk Bore! Again!
Critomaton13 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Somebody owes Ang Lee an apology. Actually, a lot of people do. And I'll start. I was never interested in the Ang Lee film Hulk, because of the near unanimous bad reviews. Even the premium cable channels seemed to rarely show it. I finally decided to watch it yesterday on USA network and, wow....


Was it boring! I almost didn't make it through Ang Lee's Hulk. Eric Bana was expressionless, Nick Nolte was horrible, Sam Elliott was unlikeable (and that's no fun, he's usually a cool character). In fact, I honestly think they chose Eric Bana because his non-descript face was the easiest to mimic with computer graphics - and it was clear that the Ang Lee Hulk was meant to facially resemble Bruce Banner in his non-angry state. When Hulk fought a mutant poodle I was ready to concede Hulk as the worst superhero movie ever.

But then something happened. About 3/4 of the way through this tedious movie, there was a genuinely exciting and - dare I say it - reasonably convincing - extended action scene that starts with Hulk breaking out of a containment chamber in a military base, fighting M1 tanks and Comanche helicopters in the desert, then riding an F22 Raptor into the stratosphere, only to be captured on the streets of San Francisco. This was one of the best action sequences ever made for a superhero movie. And I have to say, the CGI was quite good. That's not to say that the Hulk was totally convincing. But it didn't require much more suspension of disbelief than is required in a lot of non-superhero action movies. And that's quite a feat.

Of course, the ending got really stupid with Bruce Banner's father turning into some sort of shape-shifting villain but the earlier long action sequence put any of Iron Man's brief heroics to shame. And overall, apart from the animated mutant dogs, it really did seem like the CGI in Hulk tried hard to convince you that he was real and really interacting with his environment. It was certainly better than I expected.

OK, but what about The Incredible Hulk? Guess what... It's boring too! It has just a few appearances by the Hulk and here's the thing - the CGI in this movie is horrible. Maybe the Hulk in Ang Lee's version looked fake at times and cartoonish at others - but it had its convincing moments also. The Incredible Hulk looked positively ridiculous. It had skin tone and muscle tone that didn't even look like a living creature, just some sort of computer-generated texture. It was really preposterous. The lighting, environment and facial effects didn't look 5 years newer than Ang Lee's, they looked 10 years older. And there really is no excuse for that. We truly are living in an era where computer programmers can ruin a movie just as thoroughly as any director, actor or cinematographer ever could.

Worse, the writer and director of this movie seemed to learn almost nothing from Ang Lee's "failure". All the same mistakes are made. Bruce Banner is practically emotionless. The general is so relentlessly, implausibly one-dimensional that he seems faker than the Hulk. The love interest is unconvincing (I have to give Liv Tyler credit for being more emotional than Jennifer Connelly, though both are quite easy on the eyes). Tim Blake Nelson overacts almost as much as Nick Nolte, even though he's only in the movie for a few minutes. The Hulk really doesn't do much in this movie, certainly not any more than in Ang Lee's version. The Incredible Hulk was slightly more fast-paced, but since nothing really happened anyway that's not worth much. Oh yeah, the villain is every bit as phony looking as the Hulk. He's actually much more interesting as a human than as a monster.

This is how I can definitively say Ang Lee's version was better: if I ever have the chance to see Ang Lee's version again, I might be able to sit through it to see the good action sequences, or else to try to appreciate the dialogue a little more (more likely I'd just fast forward to the good parts). But there is absolutely not a single scene in The Incredible Hulk that is worth seeing once, let alone twice. It is truly at the bottom of the heap of superhero movies. The cartoonish CGI is an insult to the audience - at least in Ang Lee's version it seems like they were trying to make it realistic (except for the giant poodle, of course).

It is absolutely mind-boggling how the filmmakers intended to erase the bad feelings associated with Ang Lee's Hulk by making almost exactly the same movie.

It is to Edward Norton's credit that he seems to be distancing himself from this film.
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An Incredible Reboot
brando64716 November 2008
I was not one of those who hated Ang Lee's 2003 portrayal of the Hulk. I did enjoy it to an extent; it was a bit slow-moving and there were some parts that needed some improvement, but it was overall a decent film. I do agree that Louis Letterier's 2008 film was a vast improvement, though. It improved on all of the issues I had with Lee's film. The film is a reboot of the dying franchise: Bruce Banner has been hiding in Brazil, attempting to keep a low profile while he searches for a cure for his condition, but General Ross becomes aware of his location and enlists the aid of Emil Blonsky, a soldier with a mean streak. A bit of non-sanctioned experimentation later and Blonsky becomes a creature rivaling even the Hulk in power.

One issue I had with Lee's 2003 film was the slow-pacing; the film felt as if it dragged forever between action scenes. It wasn't necessarily the fault of the cast, but seemed more to do with a story that didn't really grab me. Letterier's film amps up the excitement and interest levels a bit with a stronger story and better action sequences. The Hulk's fight against three gamma-irradiated dogs in the previous film doesn't even compare to the Hulk's battle against the Army on the college campus in this film. I didn't see the Hulk from 2003 as being overly-cartoonish in appearance but I can see how some others did. The new film gives the Hulk a grittier, stronger, more realistic style (as realistic as a 9-foot tall green giant can be) and the Abomination looks just as good.

In general, I also dug the new cast better than the previous. Ed Norton was great as Bruce Banner, giving him a great blend of meekness and inner strength. From what I understand, Norton is a huge fan of the source material so you know he must've given this role everything he had. I enjoyed Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, though there were times when I missed Jennifer Connelly, and Tim Roth has long been one of my favorite actors so it was great to see him go with the villainous side this time around as Blonsky. William Hurt was a fine General Ross though, just as Liv Tyler, there were times when I thought Sam Elliot would've put in a stronger performance (plus, there were a handful of instances where Hurt came off as over-acting a bit, in my opinion...).

It's great to have the character of the Hulk back in the hands of Marvel and they've done a great job of rejuvenating the franchise. I loved this film and, while it wasn't on par with 2008's Iron Man film, it was a great superhero flick. The action was brutal, the story was entertaining, and the cast was near perfect. My only real issue with the film was the ending; without going into detail, I thought the resolution of the final battle between the Hulk and Abomination was anti-climactic. I remember first watching the scene and the only thought that popped into my head was "That's IT?!". Otherwise, it's a great movie and a good way to spend two hours.
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King Hulk
BiiivAL8 June 2018
History. In the sixties, the company made tremendous progress, as it was during these times that such characters as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men and many other heroes were created who are still considered to be the main stars of the vast Universe Marvel.

Finished work on the first series of comics about the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee began to look for something completely new and different. Then Lee remembered that one day he really liked the movie "Frankenstein" (1931), then in the makeweight remembered another masterpiece - "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (also in 1931 the year of release).

Crossing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Frankenstein Stan Lee got the monster he needed: a terrible outside, good inside (which, moreover, could turn from a man into a monster and vice versa). Originally, Lee made the Hulk gray (he explains that the Hulk is a monster, he must frighten, and gray is a suitable color). But when the first edition was printed, it turned out that the shade changes from drawing to drawing. Therefore, it was decided to find a different color. Thinking about what color a superhero did not yet exist at that time, the thought came that no one had thought of making a character green, and Stan decided to "Be to him Green!". So the Hulk became as We know it today.

So, May 1962 was marked by the release of a new character from Lee Incredible Hulk and his "second self" - Doctor Bruce Banner ... Actors and Heroes. Edward Norton (Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk) - I think that Norton has already come across such a split (meaning "Fight Club", whose main character suffers from a split personality and tries to get rid of his "companion" in the course of the film).

At first glance it may seem that the Hulk is a very primitive character, just an evil monster and nothing more. But everything turns out to be not so simple because there are remnants of human memories in his head (that's why he did not touch Batty and defended her). Part of the Hulk hates Bruce Banner, because for him he is only a miserable nonentity, while the Hulk is an invincible force and power. He constantly feels a split.

Probably this is the case when superpower is not a gift, but a curse. The tragic side is manifested when the Hulk again becomes Bruce, and sees the destruction that he did (in the film - this is the destruction of the laboratory at the time of the first transformation of Banner). Then his conscience and guilt tell him that this monster can not be released, and the Doctor consciously goes into exile. Edward Norton is a wonderful dramatic actor, his game conveys the feelings of a lost person: alienation, anguish and grief - the real Dr. Bruce Banner.

Liv Tyler (Betty Ross) - like Norton, Liv had a similar role - Arwen (The Elf from the movie "The Lord of the Rings"): the same deep feelings and the same "forbidden love", in general, everything is very sad. In Hulk, she plays a strong, and at the same time sincerely loving woman who is ready to fight for her happiness; she is the embodiment of true love. And the way Tyler transmits emotions is really beautiful. In the film, Liv Tyler treats the Hulk as Naomi Watts with King Kong; and the Hulk itself is very similar to Kong: calms down at the sight of his caring beloved, protects her from all the dangerous (and not thinking about his own self-preservation). What more can be said? God grant more such loving women. Tim Roth (Emil Blonsky aka Abomination) - he plays Russian, who grew up in England and became a soldier (who, moreover, does not drink vodka and does not wear a hat with a fur hat!). He leads a group of professionals gathered to catch Bruce Banner. However, after the friend saw what the Hulk is, he immediately became fired with the desire "I want the same!".

During the film, Blonsky is injected with the serum of the super-soldier, after which he becomes very fast, strong and enduring. It seemed that he got what he wanted, but after the Green Giant had made a cutlet from him with one blow of his foot - Emil realized that he did not have enough, and he wants more (and eventually achieves it). And what is most surprising is not to take over the world and rule it (like most super villains); but in order to fight properly. If we talk about the actor - then Roth like his hero is very charismatic. The game is good, not fake. Tim in a beautiful form: in his 47 so quickly run and participate in battle scenes - is respected. In general, Tim Roth disproved the opinion of the Coen brothers and Cormac McCarthy; "Old people" here is the place!

Special Effects. Special effects in the movie a lot. I will not talk about the visualization quality of the Hulk: now, with the modern development of computer graphics, there is simply no need to talk about it, especially with a company like Universal Pictures (which, in my opinion, always wins in quality, both computer graphics and special effects in whole).

If you care, you know: everything is fine, muscles are throbbing, hair is developing in the wind, drool from the mouth flying at crying, clothes are bursting; The Hulk runs, jumps and fights, as befits - really. The explosions themselves, the launch of cars and tractors into each other is done at 5+. All the laws of physics were observed: there will not be a Hulk like in the movie Enga Lee fly like a dandelion: he weighs decently for a mountain of muscles and generally a three-meter bald, so that he will fall swiftly and powerfully.

The battle of the two giants can not be called otherwise simply as a fierce fight, all the tools at hand are used: stones, bricks, cars (the Abomination still used people) - in general, everything is beautiful, beautiful, incredible! The result. "Incredible Hulk" - the second film Marvel Studios. A wonderful cast, good special effects, great sound, not only could one enliven one of the best comics, but also create an incredible film! Adventures, love, hate, good, evil - everything comes into this movie! Sitting in the cinema, I noticed that the Hulk was looking into my eyes, then with a shout of "Hulk Beat" he ran up to me and hit ... on the spot
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Ang Lee's Hulk - For Dummies
lonmonster7 May 2010
This is Pander-fest 9000.

If words confuse and irritate you, if logical action sequences strain your mind and you yearn for something easier to understand and desire visuals to motivate your thinking, than look no further!

Leterrier's Incredible Hulk has all of the watered-down clichés you've seen a million times before, so it's all comforting to know that there's nothing new to shock you with, and challenge your brain.

Motivation for the villain not your cup to tea? No problem! There is none in this movie. he just looks mean and smashes things.

Tired of Hulk transforming when he's angry for various reasons, and tired to figuring out what those reasons are (oedipal complexes!?! boring!) - Look no further! This movie has the simplest Hulk motivations!

In fact, Betty is in peril so often, you can make a drinking game out of it!

And who hates the military? Tentpole movie audiences, that's who! With their evil plans and reckless decisions! It's so simple!

So sit back, relax, and forget that moody talking movie with their complex characters, well-formed narrative structure, and other conceptual ideas you don't want to have to think about, and enjoy Leterrier's Incredible Hulk.

It's just like Ang Lee's (without all that brain stuff)!
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Complete and Utter Fail
ShowMeTheCredits20 September 2008
This one definitely belongs on Failblog.

I seem to have the diametrically opposite opinion as some other commenters in here, in that where Ang Lee succeeded in actually creating characters for us to like, no such attempt is made in this movie, and thus we couldn't care less about the white, black, green and yellow characters on screen.

Apparently, the team here decided to totally ignore the previous installment of Hulk, both by changing the title from Hulk 2 to The Incredible Hulk, and by ignoring the story that precedes this installment. So, basically, we're starting from scratch. Let's see.

"We must explain how the characters know each other, why they're supposedly in love, why they hate, etc., let's get that over with during the opening credits." Fail.

"If we cut the fundings for CGI effects, we'll have more money for marketing!" Fail.

"'Wroooarrara roowowoaraaa Wrrraaaahh' makes for good dialogue." Fail.

"The Hulk smashes things, so the point of the story must be to smash things." Fail.

And this last point is exactly why Ang Lee got it right. I can understand if some people who left their trailers and Oprah on the television would find it hard to have to endure in excess of an hour being fed plot and character construction before the Hulk finally gets around to throwing around tanks and soldiers, but that's exactly what's needed to makes an over-sized angry Apache-smashing green guy become recognizable and worthy of empathy, and not just become a joke worthy of laughs. Which is what happens in this second Hulk movie.

Ang Lee's Hulk worked because of this, Spider-Man works because of this, Iron Man to some degree also, but this? This? This is just awful. You hate the characters on screen, each and every one of them, because they didn't earn your caring. I find myself commenting on Tyler's "Nooo!"s with, "Why don't you just shut up?!", and The Hulk's "Hulk smash!" with, "We knooow, why not try something else instead?" I'm sorry, but bad CGI and smashing stuff, including the army firing miniguns from choppers at residential buildings in downtown Manhattan (what's that about?) just doesn't make a good movie. It makes for audience disrespect.
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Truly Incredible... extraordinary in every way!
StarkTech8 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What a summer Marvel is having! Iron Man hitting big was great but Incredible Hulk may even top it. I caught a pre-screening and I can assure everyone that the Hulk delivers more action and maybe more fun. If you are concerned that this film is another Ang Lee type misfire, don't be. It's about 100 times better then the version of five years ago. Unlike the Ang Lee effort, it's presented in a way that can be savored. The pacing is perfect and the action is relentlessly awesome. What's amazing is that they managed to play both sides perfectly. It's far deeper then I would've thought given the subject matter. Each frame is packed with action, emotion, drama or intensity. I was expecting to see a crazy green giant destroying the landscape and fighting another crazy green monster for two hours. I was shocked at the complexity of this movie. Given Edward Norton's involvement, I don't know why I'm so surprised. The action is certainly there but the tone is perfect, a mix of the TV flavor with all the action from the comic books. Hulk does indeed "smash" but it's more then just dumb action with no plot. It truly is an all around exceptional film. Also, I'm amazed at how far the CGI came since the first teaser trailer. This remarkable CGI works very well and it offers the chance to savor a complete movie going experience without being pulled out of the film. This trimmed downed Hulk looks perfect and his opponent is truly frightening. The final battle between the two will go down in movie history as one of the greatest fights of all-time. Overall, a summer movie that's superior to everything else that I've seen this year, with the possible exception of Iron Man. Again, who would've thought that Marvel would be a perfect two for two this summer?

Speaking of Iron Man… (*Beware SPOILER*)

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) does indeed show up at the end of the film(they cut from Banner and that green eyed smile we've all seen in the TV ads right to the Stark scene and the hairs on your neck will stand up)
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Questionable Re-Reboot is a Hulk-Sized Leap Backwards
Sean Lamberger11 September 2011
There ought to be a law for relaunches of a franchise less than five years after the last attempt: every negative must be destroyed if it winds up being even worse. From start to finish, this was a total mess of a film that seemed more interested in finding room for not-so-subtle cameos and wink-nudge-grins than telling a functional story. Knocking out the Hulk's fabled origin story during the opening credits may have freed up the rest of the picture to explore new territory, but it also killed the basis of the cast's relationships and removed any reason for the audience to care about them. Ed Norton and Liv Tyler turn in genuinely rotten performances, with a black hole of chemistry as an on-screen duo, that are neither true to the original characters nor interesting in the slightest. Bruce Banner never comes off as remotely intelligent, let alone the super genius he'd have to be to come up with the formula that turned him into the Hulk, and actually spends more time running from grossly generic government operatives than using his brains. That effectively kills the intriguing contrast between he and the Hulk that should be fueling the story. Both characters are mindlessly running, just in opposite directions. Corny dialog, predictable twists and turns, weak CG, flat characterization and sleepwalking actors - this blew up in Marvel's face.
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I'm trying to be fair... but it's hard
ghostofmrpalmer14 June 2008
OK, let me start off with a confession, I do not like Edward Norton. I do not like him as an actor, and I do not like him as a person. I believe he is the product of all the worst aspects of the misused and misunderstood practice of method acting, and I think he's an egomaniac and a terrible "Film maker", see "American History X" for what I mean. So lets get to "The Hulk". This film was of course going to be compared to Ang Lee's commercial and critical failure "Hulk". I myself did not like "Hulk", but I have to admit that it had more to do with the writing and the story than with the actors and film makers. "Hulk" actually had some original ideas in how to present the mythology of a comic book on film. The cast i felt in that movie was actually good, they just had a crap story to work with. "Hulk" was really an overwrought soap opera between the title character and his father, which to be fair in 80's the comic did explore Banner's relationship with his father and it explained his anger issues.

Now we come to the new film "The Incredible Hulk", he we have a story less melodramatic, but somehow even more hollow and lacking in any intelligent subtlety. Edward Norton can not write. let me put it this way, as a writer Norton is a great actor, and as an actor, Norton is a great paralegal (please someone get that joke). Much was made about Norton writing a draft for the film to give the character more depth, but its not there. Also, Norton has made a huge deal out of not promoting the film as he feels its poorly made, the editing in particular. On that we can agree, but I have no doubt in my mind he could only make it worse. With "American History X" the director found it unbearable to work with Norton and left. Norton than re-edited the film, and gave himself more screen time and took the focus of the story from the white power movement and it's complexity and frightening aspects, to his acting abilities. "The Incredible Hulk" is edited perfectly naturally and well, so all Norton could do is add more footage of himself, and less of the actual Hulk. There are no opportunities to do and dialectic Eisenstien editing in Hulk, or and Bressonian elliptical editing, its just not that kind of movie.

I understand not every film needs to be "Au hasard balthazar" or "The 400 Blows", but even the summer blockbusters can be smart and entertaining, but "The Incredible Hulk" is neither. Unfortunately I believe most people don't care how crappy a movie is, just that is has lots of CGI and explosions, and they'll be happy. I on the other hand will be making better use of my time watching Willam Friedkin's "Sorcerer" on DVD, or "Mon Oncle Antoine" when it comes out on CC.
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Unbelievable waste of money and time
dv-rec17 November 2008
Some people say, that the first try of a new Hulk Version from 2003 was too much intellectual driven, which gave the film a too complex story and emotional background to believe in and not enough room for action.

In fact this new Version of the Hulk theme could not even keep up with the first one in any possible discipline. It lacks nearly anything, except a slightly better CGI. The cast was really promising, but the whole story is totally empty and lacks of any surprises at all. The whole intention of a movie with a believable plot supported by actors and good directing is simply not used in this one.

You can easily skip the middle 70 minutes of the film, because everything is so obvious to happen. Compared to the storyline of the first one this new version lacks of any depth and drama. It's like being told a story with a 10 point plan what is going to happen now and then and finally the good spirit wins.

So, what is good in this new version? Nothing at all. There is even no real humor noticeable, no emotional ups and lows, and we will never know why Tim Roth did all this silly stuff. I did not like the first one too much at the time i saw it, but in comparison to this new one it's a quite good movie after all.

I don't know where the good screenwriters are gone in Hollywood. For this new Hulk there was definitely none involved.
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I am crying because I cannot give it 0/.10
alperian15 October 2008
This film simply breaks all the rules of storytelling. The characters are empty, the plot-line is empty and the makers must have been on holiday and allowed a primary school to manage the project. Maybe the whole thing is a Louis Leterrier joke on the stupidity of humanity - for dignifying this by forcing us to comment on this piece of garbage.

The shots of the Favela in Brazil are the high point. If you have a Blu-Ray player that shows this shot in its glory, then you can have enjoyed that, take your copy with your tail between your legs to a store where they will give you 'pre-owned' money for it. This is the most favourable outcome for the victims of the 'Incredible Hulk'.

As someone who knows a bit about CGI, I can say that creating these characters without any reference to the immutable laws of physics that govern our universe is lamentable stupidity. I cannot go on. I am utterly disgusted. Please let this be the worst ever. Do not test us with new precedents film makers.
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Hulk is the stronger one there is. This movie is the worst one there is.
didli19 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hulk is a very interesting character. One with a Prometheus fate that could destroy a whole city in a few minutes in a brutal and fierce rage. The one you will see in this movie ? Well... he loves to run in dark places (you know, places where we can't see him very well), yell a lot, stay quietly in love with an ex-girlfriend, yell a lot, break some glasses and, Ô surprise, yell a lot and take the time to kick the ass of the bad guy, surprisingly more bigger and ugly than Hulk. The other surprise of this movie is that the bad guy won't even try to kick Hulk's ex-girlfriend ...huh ... wait ... wrong, he obviously tried it of course, with Hulk aaaaaaaaall the way yelling at him ! (remember, Hulk yells a lot). Thanks to Edward Norton, there is some things to save from this film, as well as most of the (few) FX present in this movie. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that you enjoy the movie. I think.
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Forget there even was a 2003 rendition of the Hulk.
WyteWolf10 June 2008
While the storyline is predictable, I suspect that this flick (along with Iron Man) ushers in a new era of sorts for Marvel-based movies. While not as slick & witty as Iron Man, let's face it, the Hulk is not nearly as complex a character.

I thought for a moment that perhaps this was the kind of flick I might dial up another friend to watch but I decided to take my wife which turned out to be a bonus for the both of us... I lucked out that I just so happened to take her to a movie that featured Portuguese (EN sub-titles on & off for about 10 minutes or so) but as it turns out she claimed to like it more than Iron Man (which I admit, I might have been a bit more partial to).

Basic plot, good acting (on Norton's part), great special effects, and while I may have been more partial to Iron Man, the battles featured here cannot be compared.

Keep 'em coming Marvel - great job!!
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