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Surprise Solid Comedy
unscripted119 March 2008
I often go see advance screenings in my area, especially now that I must officially be on "the list" as I am constantly finding tickets in my work inbox. This was the second Apatow production I've seen in advance and just like "Superbad", this did not disappoint. At the same time, while many of the cast members may be recognizable, there seems to be something different about this installment than I've seen in the likes of "40 Year Old Virgin", "Superbad", or "Knocked Up".

For starters, there was a definite presence of the "TV actors on the big screen" theme here, but I am pleased to report that Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis take to movies like naturals. Like many Apatow productions, Segel penned the script and takes over as lead Peter Bretter, proving yet again that with this crew the writer is best suited for the leading role. Segel delivers a character we all know too well from our own personal experiences and never breaks role from the shocking beginning to appropriate ending. I even give Segel extra credit for not completely victimizing his character and pointing out apparent flaws on both ends of the ending relationship.

Kristen Bell plays Sarah Marshall, the iconic ex of the film, but her role sits on the back burner along with the truly hilarious Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to make way for a leading role in Mila Kunis. From the beginning it is clear that her not-too-smart and shallow role of "That 70s Show" didn't follow her to "Forgetting"'s script. Kunis plays Racheal, a hospitality girl for the hotel that "Forgetting" takes place, and subsequently deals with Peter as he tries to get over Sarah Marshall. Her character is intelligent, charismatic, and appreciative of the good in people, a strong juxtaposition to the seemingly selfish starlet Sarah Marshall. Kunis owns the role with pride, even slipping in gestures and glances that didn't seem to initially be in the script. Hopefully this will open her up for more serious roles than "American Psycho 2" and the typecasting that often happens with TV actresses like her.

The star of the film, in my opinion, easily has to be Russell Brand, who plays the over-conscious over-sexed rock star Aldous Snow. Snow adds the necessary level of comedy that could have been missing from what is truly a tragic plot. About halfway in the film, I couldn't help but snicker to myself just with the presence that Brand creates (complete with perfect costume choices). The only downfall to a character who is truly the Mercutio of this tragedy is that Brand clearly overshadows Bell's performance as Sarah Marshall, who is ironically the most forgettable character of the film.

The writing flows with well-timed jokes, apathetic digs, and shocking vulgar humor. There is even a few moments where you feel Segel was digging on the cast with jokes involving crime dramas (Segel did time on "CSI") and TV actresses in horrible horror movies (Kunis did the atrocious "American Psycho 2"); not sure if it was intentional, but I caught what I thought was a reference. Just as with most Apatow productions, leave the kids at home. Unlike the rest, however, the crude humor doesn't overflow and turn off most audiences (like I noticed with "Superbad"). It also doesn't get very heavy in the least (which is what I felt hurt "Knocked Up"). I think Apatow has found a great balance with this production and Segel's script. I also want to give credit to Nicholas Stoller , who proved that he can be successful as a director after the hit he took from helping write "Fun with Dick and Jane".

All in all, this comedy is just another example of a good time for adults. It keeps a consistently flowing script, unlike many recent comedies that seem to lose pace as they close the story. While crude, the jokes are just light enough to appease most adult audiences and the short 100 minute run time will ensure you won't be glancing at your watch waiting for it to end, just laughing hysterically.
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Funny and sweet without seeming too formulaic
joestank1513 November 2008
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - A slacker composer Peter (Jason Segel from "Knocked Up") has a breakdown after his girlfriend Sarah (Kristen Bell of "Heroes"), the star of a hit TV show, dumps him for a British pop star. Peter goes to Hawaii to try and forget about Sarah, which proves to be a poor choice when he finds Sarah is not only in Hawaii, but they are staying at the same hotel. Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Mila Kunis co-star.

This was a funny movie! It's a more mature than your average comedy. It survives comedically without leeching off too many other bits of pop culture, unlike Knocked Up. There is the exception of some funny spoofs of CSI and Ghost Whisperer, two fatted calfs rip for killing. Everyone is allowed to be funny, even the women, and they are. I enjoyed the occasional "Scrubs" style cut-aways which were frequently funny. The best one has to be the week Peter spent in the same pair of sweat pants.

This was a lucky stroke from from first time director Nicholas Stoller and first time writer (in addition to lead actor) Jason Segel. I hate making comparisons to other actors, but I kept thinking of Judge Reinhold when I saw Segel. Not that that's a strike against him.

Segel is a fresh face in the comedy genre, and is adept at playing sympathetic slacker and funny man in one. Kirsten Bell acts much better in this than Heroes, and it's a nice change of pace to not recognize Paul Rudd in appearance and character immediately. Bill Hader is funny as always. What really comes across in this film is that everyone, even Sarah Marshall, seems like a 3-dimensional character. Hopefully the days in comedies when people are bitchy or vile just for the hell of it are gone. Even the shallow pop star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), who is the rival to Peter, is likable. There's no animosity between the two men. It's nice to have a comedy where we don't have to demonize anyone.

It's a cute film, sometimes hilarious, but the first half is definitely funnier than the second half. I might pick it up on DVD sometime.

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A miraculous movie!
rzajac16 January 2009
I normally do not go out for sappy, romantic roller coaster romantic fare; and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (FSM) pretty much falls under the romantic "date flick" rubric.

And I can't, for the life of me, quite figure out why I liked this so much. I guess the filmmakers succeed in making the welter of comic bits, scenes, and images come across like genuine romantic sweet chaos. How they succeeded is beyond my comprehension.

And maybe that's the point. Some films are good, some are bad, and some are sort of like miracles. Their power is inexplicable; and that's how FSM felt to me.

It was boffo, a bit over-the-top, a tad muddled, a mix of character study, revelation, and farce. And, as things unfolded, by dint of pacing and sheer comic/character acting power, I came to really care about the characters; and I loved it! I glowed through most of FSM.

Here's a way of looking at it: FSM was sort of like Shakespearean romantic farce. Maybe that explains why I liked it; because my mind already has a little engine for processing this kind of narrative stuff, built up from past experiences watching Shakespeare In The Park!

It also comes down to artistic sincerity. Most romance flicks are a little insulting because they're not sincere. There was something, in the end, believable and therefore redeeming about the characters and their silly little Hawaiian comedy of errors and feints.

And that's a miracle, in my book! This is not an ordinary date flick.
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Same Apatow clan, slightly different take.
Cognition7 February 2008
This film was shown at my university tonight and Stoller was there for a Q&A after the screening. The film was the typical Apatow romp that we have seen as of late (Superbad, Knocked up, etc.). There was the usual crude and creative humor as well inappropriate sexuality to make another great Apatow team production. People should not come in with the expectation that this is another romantic comedy reincarnation of "Knocked Up". This is more of a typical and organic romantic comedy. The heavy emotional weight and issues in "Knocked up" are not present in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". The casting and comedic pacing was done very well and though it may not be a cinematic heavy hitter, it was very good for a directing debut and it was what movies all strive to be, entertaining.
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Apatow's Crew Sets the Comedy Bar for Hollywood
roset367827 March 2008
I'm going to be honest, walking into the advanced screening tonight I was expecting an overly chick flicky somewhat dull comedy. What I got instead was a pretty hilarious movie with just the right amount of romance and a whole lot of vulgar comedy also. I can honestly say this is the funniest movie of 2008 so far. The entire Judd Apatow crew has overall had about 4 or five great comedies in the last 3 years, putting them up with all the other great comedy film makers since 2005. This movie makes me feel like I can now trust any movie they make most the time. When this movie hits theatres in April, GO SEE IT. I promise you won't find a funnier movie out any time soon.
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A romantic comedy that is actually funny? Wow, I didn't think those existed any more
Kristine21 April 2008
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, definitely the biggest movie that everyone was looking forward to seeing this year. Apatow has had nothing but big success with his comedies: 40-year-old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Walk Hard, and now Forgetting Sarah Marshall, their next big hit. Also Jason Segal's first major script brought to life, I have to say he's got talent, the reason I say that? These characters... they're likable! Not only are the likable, they are real and people you could relate too! For example, Sarah Marshall's new boyfriend that she broke up with Peter for, yeah, he's a little bit of a moron, but you know what? You could understand why people liked him, he was pretty cool, even the girlfriend, Sarah, yeah, she was a jerk, but so real and also you don't get too mad at her with her reason on why she fell out of love with Peter. Forgetting Sarah Marshall has great laughs and a fun story.

Sarah Marshall: hot actress, beautiful, and a fun person, just broke up with her musician boyfriend, Peter. He's just heartbroken and needs to get away for a while, so he goes to Hawaii, but guess what? Sarah is there with her new rock star boyfriend, Aldous Snow, and things are not seeming to go his way. But when he meets Rachel Jenson, the nice and really pretty hotel clerk, they go out and he ends up realizing that maybe this break up wasn't such a big deal after all.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a funny movie, I guarantee you are going to laugh. I do have one complaint, the male nudity, now it's not that I'm a prude at all, just this was more uncomfortable than funny with Jason exposing all his assets. I don't know, just that type of humor isn't funny with me, male or female, just depending on the joke, but this was more awkward. But I do think this is a fun movie, it has a great story and really makes you laugh and just have a good time with these characters, it's a good recommendation from me.

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I am very disappointed
pizza_sky4 February 2009
This movie wasted 2 hours of my time and just make me wanna scream: "LAME". Nicholas Stoller write the movie "Yes Man", but direct "this" maybe he should stick with writing.

I am so disappointed because I heard all the great review. I was expecting something like knocked up. They say this is from the maker of "Knocked up"? why can't I see the resemblance? but this just felt like a shallow, overdone-theme kind of movie for me. I am so disappointed. Actually it's not bad if you consider it as your-average-chick-movie, but that character of the "band guy" just get on my nerves

Maybe I was just not paying enough attention to the movie, but yeah they have some funny lines and scene, but i don't felt the originality. And the ending make the movie a little bit better. At least the ending is not some boring cliché one.
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You Won't Soon Forget It!
bwymle21 February 2008
I know, I went for the obvious.

I was lucky enough to see an early screening of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" a few days ago and I am more than happy to start spreading some buzz for this film. It was consistently funny and highly quotable with a strong cast and well developed characters. I have been continually impressed with the multi-talented young actors under Judd Apatow's wing and Jason Segel--who, I'll admit has been one of my favorites since "Freaks and Geeks"--does not disappoint.

There are many familiar faces here from other Apatow projects, but for good reason. Paul Rudd, whom I love equally in comedy and drama (true fans must view "The Shape of Things" but be prepared to be uncomfortable), Bill Hadar, and Jonah Hill hit just the right notes in their supporting roles. There's Russell Brand--whom I was unfamiliar with but apparently evokes strong feelings one way or the other across the pond--is hysterical and delivered some of my favorite lines. Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis are sympathetic straight women to the goofy men around them. It was particularly nice to Mila Kunis outside of the 70's Show/Family Guy worlds. And, last, but certainly not least, there's 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer playing an equally lovable and funny newlywed version of Kenneth.

Though I did feel that the film ran a little long, it never once dragged. There were also a few shots that I am sure will not be available until the unrated DVD hits stores because though they are truly hilarious, they are essentially the only thing keeping the film from a PG-13 rating.

Finally, I will say, that those who liked Knocked Up, Superbad, and 40 Year-Old Virgin, will certainly enjoy this movie. I, personally, would rank it above the other three and will enjoy debating my friends about that come April.
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You won't want to be Forgetting this comedy
rparham4 December 2008
Prior to the release of The 40 Year Old Virgin, it is likely that few people knew the name Judd Apatow. Now, just three years later, that name has become almost a stamp of comedy quality, with such films as Knocked Up and Superbad following on the heels of The 40 Year Old Virgin. Now, the Apatow steamroller moves forward with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and once again it has mined comedy gold, with lots of laughs, but also, as with many of the previous film's from Apatow's company, a nice streak of sweet romance to go along with the laughs.

Fogetting Sarah Marshall focuses on Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), a Hollywood composer who's girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), is the star of a CSI-style police procedural series. Jason is a bit of a layabout (who also isn't afraid to walk around his apartment naked), and Sarah has decided she has had enough of him, so she is breaks up with Peter, leaving him in a seemingly unending pool of despair.

To try to take his mind of Sarah, he takes an impromptu vacation to Hawaii, but quickly discovers, to his horror, that Sarah is also at the same hotel as him, with her new boyfriend, recently on the wagon British rocker Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). However, while doing his best to avoid Sarah, Peter finds himself falling for a hotel staff member, Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis).

As with such films as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a comedy that isn't afraid to mine the more vulgar for comedy, nor does it shy away from some rather frank nudity, including plenty of footage of star Segel (who is also the screenwriter). The upside is that, unlike many other sophomoric comedies these days, the raunchier material actually produces laughs. Much of the film's best humor comes from Brand's performance as off the wall Snow. The character has lots of great scenes and lines, capitalizing on the characters seeming insatiable libido.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall doesn't just provide lots of laughs, it also features an involving and touching romance between Peter and Rachel. Both Segel and Kunis have a nice chemistry between them that fuels an involving romance. As the film progresses, we can't help but root for the characters to find themselves together in the end.

In addition to the previously mentioned Brand, the cast of Forgetting Sarah Marshall gives us both great laughs and characters we can be involved with. Segel proves to be relatively low on insecurity as he puts himself almost completely on display (literally). His Peter is an character whose rather unassuming nature wins you over. Kristen Bell makes the films titular character at times apparently self-involved, but also someone who has a soft spot for her ex-boyfriend. Kunis' Rachel is a character that is both no-nonsense and full of sweetness.

In the end, Forgetting Sarah Marshall proves to be another winner from "Team Apatow", and belongs right next to the previous hits from his creative team. If you are looking for both laughs and a dash of romance, look no further than Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
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vapid penis flashing characterless garbage
cakemossss27 March 2009
This movie appeared as its predecessors, knocked up, 40 yr old virgin, to be crude and immature but with occasional funny parts worthy of a Saturday night at home. This was not so, the movie stars an undefined characterless loser with no personality who, i guess is supposed to develop and grow into something more during the movie. Well that doesn't happen. We get to see his sagging penis flashed throughout the movie though (i suppose the writers were so frustrated with their inability to actually develop a worthwhile plot that they thought throwing in full frontal male nudity would make make up for its overall dreary stupidity, it only made it worse). The films continual crude scenes of awkward sex and the general focus on actual intercourse further added to its vitriol and made it seem like it was written by a 13 year old boy. which seems likely. The plot descended into such nothingness, i honestly stopped watching halfway through. I thought Russell brand would make the movie marginally worthwhile, but his personality doesn't even make whimper. All in all, plot= vacuous, acting= bad bad horrible, especially the vapid potato head who blessed the lead role , and don't , for the love of god watch this with your family. its so stupidly crude that you wont want to look each other in the eye after watching it. good lord, what a waste of 1 1/2 hours..
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I hate my friends for making me watch this drivel...
Trevor Shaw24 January 2010
This film is an abomination of all that is worthy in film making. The lead actor surprises his audience by not actually acting at all. We have to watch almost two hours of his bland soulless face. The jokes are all lame I never laughed once it was Saturday night there were 5 of us having a beer all up for a laugh and then we put this on and you could feel all the warmth and colour being drained from the room. The film ended and the mood was ruined so we all went our separate ways, ruined the night ! OK so pros and cons. Pros beautiful setting in Hawaii, looks good on bluray. Cons worst acting ever; you can tell everyone concerned is just thinking about payday. Predictable poor plot. Zero character development. Forced jokes which fall flat. Many shots of the guys penis which to be fair acts better than him and has more charisma. May all makers of this film hang their heads in shame and hold their flaccid manhoods cheap.
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Boring and mila kunis is super annoying.
swtwendy115 September 2010
I thought this movie was really boring and monotoned. It was not funny at all. Mila Kunis was absolutely horrible at her acting. She was really annoying. Her voice was enough to drive someone nuts. I thought this movie had no plot what-so-ever. All there was that happened was lots of sobbing, lots of stalking, and idiocy. Garbage. It tried too hard to be funny. It was a complete waste of time. I thought that it made no sense at all. The ending was sloppy and random. it seem like they tried to rush the ending just to get it over with. I had no idea why and how he even got to send a letter to the girl! The beginning was super dull and showed no relationship value between peter or Sarah Marshall. The acting was super phony. I think that the only reason why it would have good reviews is because of all the excessive sexing and apparently Mila Kunis' tits.. which is not even a real picture of her.. its photo-shopped. so think before you even bother to watch this stupid movie.
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Literally The Emperors New Clothes
ttherman-223 March 2009
I don't get it. I'm SO tired of people telling me these "Apatow" movies are funny, then I rent them and they are TOTALLY lame. All of them. This is a prime example. This one is LITERALLY, "The Emperors New Clothes." Someone has no clothes= laugh riot. And I have nothing against raunchy humor, but this is just not funny. I appreciate that they tried to have characters, but where are the jokes? It plays like a meandering weak sitcom with occasional nude people and unfunny cursing substituting for laughs. And two hours long????? You've got to be kidding me. Brevity is often best with comedy, but not in the Apatow cannon. "Knocked-Up," another disappointing snooze (that some critic compared"Annie Hall"-- Huh ????) is two hours and fifteen minutes!!!!!! I long for the days when Woody Allen's average length for a comedy was 86 minutes. Stop telling me this junk is funny! You want a funny, raunchy comedy? Rent, "Animal House."
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Just not funny
tamemlin2 August 2010
I cannot understand why this film has received such a high rating. It's slow, moany and not in the least bit funny. Jason Segel is not leading man material. And neither is his penis.

The characters are all unlikable, one dimensional bores. There's no set-pieces whatsover, just a long string of static scenes that have no edge. You don't even get many shots of beautiful Hawaii. It's just really weak film-making.

The one plus-point is Mila Kunis, who is a cut above everybody else, and Paul Rudd does his best to improvise some life into his weak role. But there's still no laughs to be had here. Avoid this trash.
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Forgetting this movie!
Pavla_M9 January 2009
I gave this movie a chance only because it had very good reviews. After seeing the trailer I thought - what an unfunny movie full of clichés. But I decided to give it a shot because trailers often don't portray the movie very well. What a waste of time... The movie is worst than the trailer and after spending 2 hours watching it, I couldn't recall one single line that made me laugh. The funniest parts of the movie were the CSI parodies, but that also is pretty passé. I couldn't relate to any of the characters nor hope that they will be together, because I found them utterly stupid. The plot is extremely predictable and inconclusive. Unintelligent comedy for people who are either still in high school or feel that way mentally.
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american beauty2 January 2009
I'll just start by saying the only reason I'm spending ANY time reviewing this movie is to help avoid poor innocent souls of making the same mistake I did... watching this movie. Or half if it, anyway. It's the first movie I fast forwarded.

Honestly, this movie's plot barely moves. Nothing interesting happens, and nothing that's supposed to be funny actually is. The acting completely sucks. COMPLETELY. All they're missing in here is Miley Cyrus and they could call it a party. It probably doesn't help that I'm not fond of neither Kristen Bell NOR Mila Kunis.

I just think this is a movie with cheap humour and a shitty writing. I'm glad some people enjoyed it, I did not.
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absolute to sh!
John Davies8 January 2009
I endured this film just to satisfy my curiosity. It has to be one of the worst films I have ever sat through. I am amazed that this film currently has a 7.5 star rating. The acting is awful, script is non existent and the characters are so predictable and hollow. For a funny film I cannot remember even snickering once and fail to see how it could be defined as a comedy. Do yourself a favour and stay well away from this dross and check out some more worthy alternatives that would give you far greater pleasure. Check out films like the holiday or 27 dresses, these movies would offer a far more satisfying cinema experience. I sincerely hope more educated film goers vote negatively for this film, in the manner it genuinely deserves there bye giving it a more realistic rating that other film buffs could base their judgement upon. Come on folks let's be fair to everyone concerned and give those involved with this film a true reflection on what it is they have produced - an extremely mediocre picture that deserves to be forgotten very quickly.
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Fun Movie!
BlackDog198111 April 2008
I'm not a big fan of Judd Apatow and his recent crop of movies.

That said, I got to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" April 11 at a preview screening with some friends, and I was impressed. It's a joke movie, but it has a story that pulls you along, and the jokes are outrageously funny. I nearly died laughing. It doesn't try to push the envelope of "How immature and disgusting can we be?", which was what I have come to expect from these sorts of movies. It's just funny actors doing a great job of telling a good story that most adults will relate to in some way. It's honest fun, and I wish there were more comedies like this coming out.

All my friends enjoyed the film, too (aged 20-27). It's a good date movie, though certainly NOT one for the kids or younger teenagers.
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Maybe One or Two Laughs
FakeIDs31 August 2008
To be honest, I didn't think Forgetting Sarah Marshall was much better or worse than The Heartbreak Kid. I think I laughed during the pediatrician scene and one other part that I can't remember. The characters are just a collection of stereotypes...and they are not even up-to-date stereotypes! Surfers that have smoked themselves into a stupor are way eighties, dudes. I think Paul Rudd, whom I like, knew his character was just another variation of Spicoli and phones it in a little.

A weepy Emo rocker or even an angry white rapper would've been more contemporary than a sex-obsessed British rock star. You would have to go back decades to find a musical artist that even remotely resembles him. They even miss chances to poke fun at real-life personalities. Sarah Marshall could have been one of those boozy ingénues that flash their privates as they get out of limos.

Supporting characters are unnecessarily inserted into the story and eventually forgotten, but they don't even provide an excuse for a clever joke. There is a Christian couple on their honeymoon that are completely pointless and they lead to some of the worst gags in the movie. All you are left with is something that is going to potentially insult a large group of people and you didn't even get a single laugh out of it. Jonah Hill and his infatuation with the rock star goes nowhere and is not particularly funny. The other characters have become all-too-familiar in a romantic comedy. The too-good-to-be-true romantic interest. The henpecked husband and friend of the hero. Et cetera.

There was a stand-up comedian on the talk show circuit a few years back who would make a joke about how people will get tattoos of symbols in foreign languages that have no meaning, like the Japanese kanji for "water." They shoehorn the joke into the film by having it spoken by an airhead who is suddenly translating tattoos in other languages. Maybe Carlos Mencia contributed to the movie?

When Judd Apatow produced a good comedy show, "Freaks & Geeks," it was largely ignored by the public and was quickly canceled after one season. When he started appealing to the lowest common denominator, the same people were suddenly his biggest fans and praised him. You start to see why "That 70's Show" lasted 8 seasons and why "Two and a Half Men" is entering its sixth. Meanwhile, "Arrested Development" barely makes it to 3.

Almost every opportunity and set-up the movie has to do something clever, they take the easy and predictable route. I was actually surprised by how many of the jokes were just plain cheesy. The only thing you can say in defense of such a shallow movie is that it is comparatively better than Disaster Movie or Good Luck Chuck, but that should not impress anyone. You would almost have to be trying to make a worse comedy than those. It is like when people orgasm because gas prices fall a little, but they are still paying more than they should. People are becoming conditioned to bad comedy.

And, yes, there is a token ethnic guy.
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And you thought *you* were sensitive...
refresh daemon11 May 2008
An amusing and sometimes awkward breakup film, this pic was written by and stars a long-time Apatow cohort, Jason Segel. The pic centers on lost, hypersensitive slacker Peter, who after being broken up with by his TV star girlfriend copes with its end poorly, eventually escaping to Hawaii where he subsequently books himself into a hotel that she is coincidentally staying at.

Immediate warning to those sensitive to full frontal male nudity: it is present and more than once. That out of the way, the pic was pretty affable, containing more than a handful of good laughs as well as more than a lot of generally comically captured sex scenes. Many of the secondary characters also play enjoyably silly roles. And there is a funny musical component to the pic that also includes an amusing rendition of puppet-related works.

I suppose I do have to level a little criticism for the theme being a little slight, but there still is something to be said for healing of personal wounds and learning to "move on". Those that have seen other Apatow relationship pics will probably see a number of similarities (slacker dude learns to grow up, gross out comedy, etc), even though Apatow didn't write or direct this piece. The film is also a bit on the long side, like many comedies that come from the Apatow crew and you do notice it. Some judicious trimming and relegating of some scenes (including numerous flashbacks) to DVD extras would've been helpful.

Finally, I wish that more character could be drawn from both Sarah Marshall and Peter's newfound love interest, hotel employee Rachel as they played fairly two-dimensional, but I'm glad that Sarah didn't end up a one-note character as well. I didn't love the conclusion of the breakup story arc because I felt that it was a bit of a cop-out, but it didn't ruin the film. Lastly, Peter was written a little on the edge of believability in terms of being oversensitive, so you really have to buy his character, otherwise the film will break on you.

Essentially, this is a congenial, enjoyable, but rude/crude film with a share of laughs and more Jason Segel than you probably ever wanted to see. Recommended for those who like some story with their laughs and can handle the vulgar, sexual, and nude content. 8/10.
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You forget Sarah because this movie drags on and on and on
jamesmccormack20 February 2010
Maybe this movie would have worked with a better cast. Maybe this comedy would have worked if it has a sense of humor. As it stands, Foregetting Sarah Marshall is a totally forgettable film that will leave you wondering how it ever got made. It is kind of like several comic strips taped together to make a story.

Totally miscast is Jason Segel who makes a poor choice for a leading man. How did he get the part? Oh, he is the screenwriter. Why do we need to see him nude umpteenth times in film...and shots of his "johnson?" He is just not a comic. Jason is the weakest link of the movie just as he is on the TV show "How I Met Your Mother."
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Really waste of time
WatchIsWasteOfTime19 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For starters, sorry for my English but I am not a native – but suffering by watching this movie made me to write a review. I have never seen such a boring film/story in my entire live. Don't want to blame the producers/director of the film – they made their money I assume, but it was really awful, even the attempts to slapstick were horrible. All characters are empty jars, it is all quite predictable. Well, thats not unusual in a romantic comedy, but here it is just way too much. In the beginning there is shown the genitals of the main character 3 times - or maybe a dummy of them, and you are asking yourself: why the h... is that necessary? Is that supposed to be funny? The story dabbles on and on, he is left by her, he is a real lame duck, anyhow he manages to get a lot of quite beautiful women in his bed trying to forget his ex with sex - what never works out and what in the meantime is common knowledge to every hillbilly. Nothing will help, so he is going on vacation at a resort in Hawaii - and nice coincidence - accidentally his ex-girlfriend is in the same resort with her really dummy of a rock star-boyfriend and on and on ... horrible. Rather not necessary to say that he stays all the time a real sissy. Strongly recommended - not.
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What a Waste
Skaterever55 October 2014
What a waste of time. I feel cheated out of 111 minutes of my life and i want it back. Definitely not funny and not even a good movie in any other respect. Russell Brand was mildly interesting but it wasn't enough. I can't understand how it could get a 7.3 rating on IMDb except that their must be lot of high people watching and then reviewing it. Find something else to watch and don't trust the inflated ratings on IMDb. And this minimum review length is lame. How long do you need to read that i thought this movie sucks monkey butts? How many ways does it need to be said? This movie gives Jason Segal a really bad name since he is the guy that wrote it (for now he should just stick to acting).
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Absolutely hilarious
uclacampusevents9 April 2008
The movie is absolutely hilarious. I loved it. It met and exceeded by (very high) expectations. Jason Segall proved he can hold down a leading role and an extremely funny script. Part of the reason this movie is so funny are the "funny 'cause it's true" aspects of Peter's method of dealing with his breakup. Although the honeymooner's plot was a little unnecessary, everything else was great. All the characters were really funny and the dialogue and situations were hilarious. Definitely worth paying for to see in the theaters and watching it with everyone else around you busting out laughing as well is a worthy experience too.
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Totally AWFUL
Alison Hargreaves19 February 2011
The biggest load of C R A P that I've have seen for a long time.

No story line to speak of, terrible acting and the ghastly Russell Brand - all in all the lowest common denominator in film.... DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS ONE... EVER.....

If you want Rom Coms, there are far superior films out there - try Woody Allen films.

If you do decide to rent this abomination, prepare to be disappointed.. a lame waste of time with crude attempts at humour that fall flat on their faces.

There would be no spoilers for this film....
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