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  • Follows the history of two robots, the members of Daft Punk, on their quest to become human.

  • Daft Punk's Electroma is an odyssey of two robots who journey across a mythic American landscape of haunting, surreal beauty on a quest to become human. Their symbolic quest, which takes them from endless two lane highways to small idyllic towns to the arid desert, finds Daft Punk once again resisting conformity and developing new ways to highlight their inventive vision. A silent feature-length film that made its international debut at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Electroma will interest Daft Punk fans and film enthusiasts alike. With its breathtaking cinematography, innovative filming techniques, and above all its underlying search for humanity within a dystopian environment, Daft Punk have delivered a film that finds a common thread with their previous work while exploring new horizons as directors of their first feature film.


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  • Two robots, Hero #1 (Peter Hurteau) and Hero #2 (Michael Reich) drive through a small mid-American town populated by similar robots. Hero #1 and Hero #2 arrive at a laboratory and are given latex human-like faces with prosthetic features. Hero #1 and Hero #2 return to the town, but are chased out by the robotic locals, and their faces melt off in the intense heat. Hero #1 and Hero #2 escape on foot across the desert. After a long period of travelling Hero #1 reveals a panel on his back and asks Hero #2 to activate it. Hero #1 explodes, leaving Hero #2 alone in the desert. After more travelling, Hero #2 takes his helmet off to reveal a circuit board face. Hero #2 then smashes his helmet, and uses a shard of glass to focus the light from the sun onto his hand, which combusts, the fire eventually engulfing him.

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