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Ben Cross: Sarek


  • Vulcan Council President : You have surpassed the expectations of your instructors. Your final record is flawless, with one exception: I see that you have applied to Starfleet as well.

    Spock : It was logical to cultivate multiple options.

    Vulcan Council President : Logical, but unnecessary. You are hereby accepted to the Vulcan Science Academy. It is truly remarkable, Spock, that you have achieved so much despite your disadvantage. All rise.

    [the Vulcan Council stands in honor of Spock, who now looks slightly pissed] 

    Spock : If you would clarify, Minister: to what disadvantage are you referring?

    Vulcan Council President : Your human mother.

    Spock : Council... Ministers, I must decline.

    Vulcan Council President : No Vulcan has ever declined admission to this academy!

    Spock : Then, as I am half-human, your record remains untarnished.

    Sarek : Spock, you have made a commitment to honor the Vulcan way.

    Vulcan Council President : Why did you come before this council today? Was it to satisfy your emotional need to rebel?

    Spock : The only emotion I wish to convey is gratitude. Thank you, Ministers, for your consideration.

    [In a tone reserved for telling someone to 'Go to Hell'] 

    Spock : Live long and prosper.

  • James T. Kirk : Now, what is it with you, Spock? Hm? Your planet was just destroyed, your mother murdered, and you're not even upset!

    Spock : If you are presuming that these experiences in any way impede my ability to command this ship, you are mistaken.

    James T. Kirk : And yet you were the one who said fear was necessary for command. I mean, did you see his ship? Did you see what he did?


    Spock : Yes, of course I did.

    James T. Kirk : So are you afraid or aren't you?

    Spock : I will not allow you to lecture me about the merits of emotion.

    James T. Kirk : Then why don't you stop me?

    Spock : Step away from me, Mister Kirk.

    James T. Kirk : What is it like not to feel anger... or heartbreak... or the need to stop at nothing to avenge the death of the woman who gave birth to you?

    Spock : Back away from me.

    James T. Kirk : You feel NOTHING! It must not even COMPUTE for you! You NEVER loved her!

    [Spock snaps and attacks Kirk, nearly killing him] 

    Sarek : SPOCK!

    [Spock regains control] 

  • Spock : I am as conflicted as I once was as a child.

    Sarek : You will always be a child of two worlds. I am grateful for this, and for you.

    Spock : I feel anger for the one who took Mother's life - an anger I *cannot* control.

    Sarek : I believe... that she would say, "Do not try to." You asked me once why I married your mother. I married her because I loved her.

  • Sarek : Speak your mind, Spock.

    Spock : That would be unwise.

    Sarek : What is necessary is never unwise.

  • [deleted scene: Spock's birth] 

    Sarek : I was thinking that we could name him after one of Vulcan's early society builders. His name was Spock.

    [Amanda considers it] 

    Sarek : Your silence does not suggest enormous enthusiasm.

    Amanda Grayson : No...

    [trying it] 

    Amanda Grayson : Spock... Spock.

    Sarek : He has your eyes.

    Amanda Grayson : [laughs]  And your ears.

    [shakes her baby's hand] 

    Amanda Grayson : Hello, Spock.

  • Young Spock : You suggest I should become completely Vulcan, and yet you married a human.

    Sarek : As Ambassador to Earth it is my duty to observe and understand human behaviour. Marrying your mother was... logical.

  • Sarek : Spock, you are fully capable of deciding your own destiny. The question you face is: which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide.

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