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Dark comedy at it's best
meiran-119 October 2007
I actually rented this movie expecting to be disappointed.

We laughed almost the entire way through the film, and it was so strange and hilarious that I intend to purchase it at my first opportunity. You might need to possess that certain type of twisted sense of humor to enjoy it. But if you do, you'll enjoy it immensely.

Every single member of the cast turns in a fantastic performance. Even characters who are seen for mere seconds become memorable. David and Kate Hewlett are obviously siblings, but they actually capture that antagonistic sibling relationship very well.

These are the type of independent films I wish were being made. It is smart, funny, and well shot.
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Multum in parvo
brice-185 February 2007
Made on the tightest of budgets, this blackish comedy about weirdo Patrick's frantic efforts to get rid of his sister's fiancé is remarkably funny. David Hewlett, who wrote and directed, is hilarious as resentment builds to homicidal mania, showing an unsuspected flair for slapstick and pratfalls: its a (literally!) knock-out performance. Paul McGillon (also from 'Stargate Atlantis') is a genial Ryan, the undeserving target of Patrick's frenzy, while Kate Hewlett (David's actual sister) is delightfully less demure than at first she seems. There's a bonus when Ryan's aunt turns up - but I'd better say no more!There could be a problem with a 'psycho' antihero, but Hewlett preserves a desperate charm. The dialogue is droll, the plot cleverly conceived, and when the odd joke misfires it is mainly through lack of resources. 'Much in a little', indeed!
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Very funny directorial debut
sweeneybird5 July 2007
The twisty story and hilarious characterizations made this first film of Mr. Hewlett's a pleasure to watch, Other reviewers have commented on the clever plot and terrific performances, so I won't repeat that praise here - suffice it to say that I giggled my way through the movie.

Clever costuming really added to my enjoyment of the film - just quirky enough to establish character without distracting from the story. Marilyn's dresses in particular revealed as much about her as Ms. Hewlett's entertaining performance.

Director Hewlett used wide angle shots with a stationary camera to great effect for some of the outdoor scenes without overdoing it - the choices he made really added to the mood of the film. And actor Hewlett's expressive face and hilarious delivery made Patrick a very real person instead of the caricature that he easily could have become.

One small quibble - this is NOT a horror movie! Dark comedy in the hilarious mannered style of 'The Pink Panther' or 'A Fish Called Wanda', yes. Horror? Not so much. Which is fine by me!
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bringonthebooze16 February 2007
You have to see this film. I mean what more can I say, it's just so funny your sides will split! Well written, great actors, gorgeous mutt. The perfect combination.

I was lucky enough to attend the London screening of ADB at the beginning of February 2007, with Mr David Hewlett, his sister Kate, fiancé Jane and producer John Lenic from Stargate in attendance to answer questions after the show. It was a great idea - a sort of 'book tour' for a film. Really made it into an event to remember

If it only goes straight to DVD - BUY IT! Whichever venue it is released in, do your untmost to see it.

Well done David for your directorial debut - gonna be a hit.

Roll on the next film
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"Laughing-out-loud" (even HOURS after watching it) funny!
Seiyatheleaper8 February 2007
It's hard to review a movie like this without giving anything away, and I don't want to write any spoilers. So to start, I recommend everyone tries to see it.

One can already see how hilarious it is by the trailer and the few clips on the show, but let me tell you... it gets even BETTER!!

The acting is great, but if you're a fan of the Stargates, then you already know that. And Kate Hewlett, the female star, has theatrical experience, and I guess good acting is genetic in the Hewlett family. Along with the sense of humor. The sibling rivalry in the movie is great to see, and even funnier knowing that David and Kate actually are brother and sister. I can't even comment on Paul McGillion, 'cause I'd be giving away stuff, but let me pause for a second and giggle madly!! *ROFLMAO* OK, back. The other roles were fairly short, all the actors were great, and I personally hope that we'll get to see "Starcrossed" - the space opera in the movie that is to become a real TV-show soon, so we can see what Paul and Rachel can do in a comedic role (and even if that's not the direction it will take, and even if Paul and Rachel weren't in it, I'd still want to see it. It was so cheesy it was hilarious!!). A special mention goes to Mars, the poster-dog for the movie. Handsome, very natural, and apparently all he asked to do his job was a little doggie biscuit from his friends!

Again, it's hard to say more without giving bits away, and every little clip from the movie is worth watching without knowing what will happen... even though the second time you watch the movie (personal experience), you'll enjoy it even more. For one, you'll be able to hear all the lines you've missed from laughing to hard the first time around, and you'll be able to see things without the blur of tears (again from laughter). And you'll notice all the funny details that you couldn't focus the first time, when you were focused on the main story.

It is a low-budget movie, but you'd never know if they didn't tell you. The way it's shot, everything makes perfect sense, and I really don't see how a lot more money could have made any difference (expect, of course, in making people happier!).

And I wish I could say more, but again I'd go into spoiler-area.

So from giggling, to laughing out loud, from going "ewww", to seeing a lot more David Hewlett than you've ever wanted to see (or finally enough!, depending on your point of view!), you'll want to watch this movie again and again, ask for a REAL theatrical release by MGM, or at least that the DVDs come out soon!! OK, I just re-ran a little clip in my head, laughed, and the people around me looked at me as if I were nuts. Hope that if you've seen the movie you aren't reading about it in a public place!
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Brilliant film
redphoniex8620 February 2007
This Movie was brilliant. Very funny and had me laughing all the way though. It kept you guessing till right near the end. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a sense of humour. David Hewlett has done a fantastic job with this. You can see the British side of the humour clearly but anyone from anywhere will find this funny. See this film. You wouldn't regret it. David, i hope you do something else cos i'll be right at the front of the queue. I have not spoken to one person who hasn't loved this film. It's been awhile since i've been to see something and laughed so hard. This is a film for all the family of any age. Thank you. Sarah.
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Charming Dark Comedy
allesredukt21 November 2007
This film, written and directed by David Hewlett of "Stargate Atlantis" fame, is a charmingly funny first endeavor. It features several of his fellow cast members and friends from the Stargate franchise, as well as his witty and lovely sister, Kate Hewlett, who has also appeared on "Atlantis."

As revealed by the cast and producers in the DVD commentaries, the comedy's delightful humor springs from the relationships of the people who created it. After all, in what other movie of recent memory will you see a real-life brother and sister tease and taunt each other to near homicidal psychosis? Or the intimidatingly massive Christopher Judge reconceived as a smooth, if somewhat desperate, gentleman suitor come to court his online dating hookup?

Although without a grand budget, Mr. Hewlett proves that he can find the funny in any awkward situation or gloomy environment. Even the rain, mud, and muck of British Columbia provide key atmosphere and serve as comedic props.

While many big Hollywood comedies of late seem to try too hard and go too far, the time spent with this goofy family is sure to put a smile on your face and giggles in your belly.
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Great dark comedy
samus4531 March 2007
Just saw this movie in Vancouver last weekend. Twice. I had high hopes for it and was not disappointed. There's comedy of all kinds (dry, slapstick, morbid, light, etc.) and some really engaging characters. Sure, one or two of the "twists" were kind of obvious to me, but as I didn't go expecting it to be "The Usual Suspects", it didn't bother me that I figured it out before the reveals. Actually, I'm not too sure they didn't mean for the audience to figure it out before the reveal. The main thing seemed to be that the character(s) didn't know everything. So, yeah, I had a really good time, and a lot of good laughs, and will definitely be buying this one on DVD when it comes out.
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Never stopped laughing
kellyshoppingid8 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I attended the Los Angeles screening for A Dog's Breakfast not knowing what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised! David Hewlett does an outstanding job in the role of Patrick, the somewhat eccentric and slightly psychotic older brother of Marilyn, played by Hewlett's real-life sister, Kate Hewlett.

The title of the movie is quite appropriate, although it may take you until the end of the movie to understand it. Basically, the entire story is about what the dog, played by Mars, is having for breakfast. And, boy, will you be surprised and possibly a little grossed-out to find out just what he is having! This uproarious, black comedy is a must-see for anyone who likes to laugh and have a good time. It is also a must-see for folks who like a darker side to their humor.

This movie is appropriate for children of all ages. My guess is that it would be rated PG for some content. Younger children won't understand what's going on but my daughter who is 8 years old will absolutely love it when she gets a chance to see it!
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Patrick does not like or trust his sister's fiancé and devises ways of getting rid of him. The adorable dog is Mars, David Hewlett's own dog.
idigscifi17 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
After having the privilege to preview David Hewlett's newest endeavor, I must say my view of him has changed. He is funny, eccentric and talented. For all Stargate fans, for all David fans...this is definitely a MUST SEE. And you will see more of David "Dr Rodney McKay" Hewlett than you would expect.

Also in the movie are Kate Hewlett (David's sister), Rachel Luttrell (Teyla), Paul McGillion (Dr Beckett), Christopher Judge (Teal'c) and of course, Mars, David's real life adorable dog.

I was able to talk personally with David and his sister, Kate, who is the female star of the movie. Well she is the only "real" female in "A Dog's Breakfast. Both were charming and very personable and very will to take the time to talk and take pictures with fans.

So, I say to all you Stargate/Stargate Atlantis fans. Call your local theatre and request this film to be shown.
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Unexpectedly Hilarious
kaos-323 February 2007
I had the pleasure to see the special screening in LA back in November, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought this would be a so-so vanity project for an actor (David Hewlett), but this is one of the best comedies on film. I want to see it again because I missed bits as the laughter was so loud - and virtually continuous. It is absolutely brilliant. A Dog's Breakfast *deserves* a wide release. It's a sleeper that will make a ton of money by word of mouth. Unfortunately, I think Hollywood is allergic to intelligent films. Think "Napoleon Dynamite" but better, oh Hollywood machine!

Best of all, this film is very original - dark, but sophisticated, intelligent and good-natured. It's suitable for pretty much anyone without pandering to the lowest common denominator (i.e. no fart jokes).

David Hewlett is an underrated actor - rent the Canadian TV series "Traders" if you can - he is quite remarkable. You can also catch him in Stargate Atlantis (he can steal a scene with just his posture). I hope that "A Dog's Breakfast" gives him a wider audience. I also hope he expands his horizons as a filmmaker. Write more, please! Kate Hewlett is also very good, and this sibling pairing worked well. Kate plays the "straight man" wonderfully. She might not have a lot projects under her belt but she was equal to David on screen. She is a strong, charismatic, skilled actress. She has the chops to carry a film on her own.
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Wonderful movie
bookall7 February 2007
I loved this movie - there were so many laugh out loud bits, but there were some great sequences which made you cringe, but left you unable to do anything other than watch in fascinated disbelief? The bits you see on the clips from you tube are just the start.

David, Kate and Paul have perfect comic timing, how they kept a straight face i will never know. Lots of ohs and aahs at certain peoples screen appearances, with much applause and adulation at the end of the movie.

This film rocks - and i don't think it is necessary to be a Stargate fan to appreciate it. I took a friend who has seen very little of Stargate and he loved it! Without giving away too much of the plot, i would say that the film was very well done, considering that there were such a limited number of actors in it, and it was shot in a contained set. Not once did i feel that there was a lack in the budget or the strength of the acting.

The dog's breakfast is a must see movie, and i would highly recommend it to everyone.
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zerocool7914 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tiny hints at spoilers alert!

Being one of the lucky few to see this film at the time of writing, I am excited for everyone who hasn't seen this and hope you get to see this soon. I am going to make an attempt to talk about it without spoiling it much and will attempt to detach myself from Hewlett fangirly rantings.

I can safely say that this film surpassed even my expectations (unsurprisingly high) and did not disappoint. Given that it this is David Hewlett's directing debut (no doubt under the watchful gaze of long time Yoda and chum, Vincenzo Natali among others)Hewlett exhibits a creative flair that marks this film out as distinctively his own. Natali et al were not the crutch for this project that I had feared. Newbie Hewlett seems to have successfully navigated what was probably a mêlée of creative advice well.

David himself does not hide the fact that he has had to beg, borrow and steal resources to get this film made and producer (fiancée) Jane Loughman has done a remarkable job bringing this film to fruition on such a tiny budget. What this man could do given bigger budget doesn't bare thinking about . He does seem to have wet the appetite of (DVD only) distributor MGM who have commissioned a pilot of 'starcrossed' (the spoof sci-fi featured in the film). Lets hope that this relationship continues.

What it may lack in polish it more than makes up for in wit, style of expression and originality. An entertainment focused screenplay, it has no pretensions and does not take itself too seriously. It doesn't make too many demands on the audience but it doesn't require you to leave your brain at the door either, a perfect balance. The film is a real testament to the director's ingenuity and understanding of his medium. I would like to see him in the future try out some different genres. Perhaps horror.

I personally love extremity of character, and Hewlett's performance as the endearing Patrick demonstrated well paced comic timing and relished in the sort of classy but not too crude slapstick that Peter Sellers would have been proud of. Similarly Paul McGillion as Ryan plays well off of Hewlett. Cynics (who have not seen the movie!) may say that their on screen chemistry is already well known and pre-established outside of the film's parameters and that this assumption is a requirement to fully enjoy the film. I would answer by saying that this film dispels the myth that you would to have seen Stargate Atlantis to appreciate 'in jokes'. There simply aren't any. Where would we be if that same argument were levied at anyone 'writing and influenced by what they know'?. Many who have never heard the word Stargate have absolutely loved it.

I also wondered whether one of the more memorable scenes involving THAT dressing gown and McGillion, had been at all influenced by Cary Grant in 'Bringing up Baby';-)?

I hope this is the first rung on the long ladder of Hewlett's directing career with preferably Jane supporting the ladder;-)

yup, the boy done good!
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A must see!
libsechumanist12 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The more I watch A Dog's Breakfast, the more I love it. I keep catching little things that I didn't see the time before, and it just keeps getting better. The really quirky wardrobe adds a bit of weirdness to these oddball characters and that's pretty fun, too.

Since I'm a huge David Hewlett fan, I really thought I'd like his first attempt at directing and I was right. I appreciate that a dedicated group of people came together to help a first time film maker and used their talents to help him produce a quality film. The subtle things around the house are just a riot - the stuff linked to the online auctions Patrick is doing and selling off his parent's stuff little by little - and the walls have the marks where things are missing to prove it. And, it took me a few viewings before I noticed he sold the dishwasher, too! As for the DVD, I particularly have fun with the commentary - where they clarify that the couldn't afford to furnish the house completely and the missing household items are part of that - really clever - and David Hewlett's mum is very cute - and the deleted scenes fill in a couple of gaps, too. Also, the extras such as how the film was made and how it all came together was interesting and amusing.

Christopher Judge is really fun, and Mars the dog is a delight. How can you not love that face? When in doubt, go to Mars - and I agree with that. Lastly, the soundtrack is fantastic and the quirky sound effects that litter the film are a hoot.
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Great writing, superb timing and a Dog! What more could you want?
meljbuck18 February 2007
The film is hysterical, uncomplicated, with no special effects just good old fashioned writing. Oh and a Dog. The acting and timing is spot on perfect meaning that some scenes require no dialogue but are carried by the sheer strength of the actors' performances.

What makes this movie even more remarkable is that it is an independent production that has made use of the internet and fans to market itself. It has had no big media company pushing it, or producing high cost flashy trailers. It has relied on good old fashioned hard work, word of mouth and the never say die attitude of it's creators. On top of that David Hewlett has gotten to know his fan base and asked them to get involved creating the "Squrirrels" who are helping to spread the word. With their help let's hope that Kibble Productions continue to Wag their Way across the Net.
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Absolutely brilliant!
lilferret4 February 2007
I truly believe this is the funniest movie I have ever seen. My friend Fey and I attended the Los Angeles premiere in November and definitely didn't know what to expect. I adore independent films, however, and even if this movie had not been picked up by MGM it would have carried its own weight as such.

There is nothing better than the comedic timing of skilled actors, and all those involved in this production had a chemistry that is second to none. David and Kate have brought to film their childhood sibling rivalry and honed their skills as actors to pull it off. They did so beautifully.

I love David Hewlett as part of the Stargate franchise, as well as Paul McGillion, Christopher Judge, and Rachel Luttrell, but am now a huge fan of Kate Hewlett's as well.

Well played, my friends. Well played.
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Insanely funny
emerald013 July 2007
I've just downloaded the film from iTunes, and I am absolutely pre-ordering the DVD from Amazon. Paul McGillion's straight-on performance is perfect counter to Hewlett's raving lunatic. Hewlett is, unsurprisingly, brilliant. Fantastic job as a director, and Kate is charming as the sister. The shameless jokes and sound effects added only make this film even funnier. I can't wait to get out the projector and have my own special screening of this film.

Naturally, the star of the movie is Mars, the dog. He's almost as much of a scene-stealer as Hewlett. The interspersed scenes of the in-film science fiction series are an added bonus for anyone who is a fan of Hewlett's and McGillion's work on Stargate: Atlantis. But even if you've never seen them before, this film is well worth the watching.
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Black Comedy at its Finest!
RoboTripper7 February 2008
First off, let me say that I went into this movie not knowing anything about it other than the title, which only caught my interest because I thought it was a very obscure Kurt Vonnegut reference.

About ten minutes into the film, (once I realized it had nothing to do with Vonnegut whatsoever), I almost turned it off. I'm very glad I didn't.

A cast and crew of unknowns on a shoestring budget managed to crank out a darkly comedic flick that would, in a more fair world, be hugely successful at the box office. David Hewlett's portrayal of the neurotic and disturbed Patrick is flawless, and the on screen chemistry with his real life sister Kate adds an amazingly real touch of sibling rivalry. Paul McGillion plays the part of the cheesy actor to a T.

The jokes keep rolling throughout the movie. Patrick's deadpan leaves one in stitches while Marilyn and Ryan's zingers keep the viewer from fully recovering between punchlines.

The only downfall to this film is its predictability. I'm not one to try to figure out the end of a movie, but the plot is thin to the point of the ethereal in a few spots, which allows one to easily deduce the film's resolution.

In any case, A fine debut from David Hewlett, and I will watch what will likely be his meteoric rise with great anticipation.
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Very funny movie
sea_otter818 November 2007
I thought this movie was fantastic. I loved the silly, physical humour mixed with the dry macabre humour. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie.

I especially enjoyed watching the acting talents of Mars the very talented dog. He was always right on the mark and showed a wide diversity of incredible talents throughout the movie.

I think everyone should watch this movie. It's one of the best I've seen!!

Good job to all the cast (including the adorable doggies) and crew for making such a fantastic and enjoyable movie!
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A Laugh out Loud movie even after you watch it.
meditatingmonkey111 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the trailer for this movie, and thought it looked funny, but when i watched it i never knew it was going to be probably one of the funniest movies i had ever seen. David Hewlett's acting is superb, and so spot on, i thought all his facial expressions, and antics, well just everything was what made the movie so funny. Paul McGillion and Kate Hewlett just added the comedy that David's screaming couldn't fill up. There were the big eccentric moments the David had, like when he tried to electrocute Ryan, and plugged in the CD player instead, and was screaming and running around. But there was also the little moments where he did something subtle, but i laughed my head off. All in all a great movie i give a nine out of ten, it would probably be 10 out of 10 but i didn't really get the ending, well i got the ending but it could've been funnier, or maybe not, i don't know, all i know is, if you haven't seen it you must, because it is hilarious, and a really enjoyable movie.
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Hilarious and well worth watching again. and again, and again...
tweetypie2113 November 2007
I was fortunate enough to see a screening of this movie and everyone in the theater was laughing pretty much through the whole movie. When I got the DVD of the movie it was great to go back and see what I had missed. Even after watching it a few times I will keep finding little things that I missed because I was laughing so hard before. David and Kate were awesome together and definitely played up the sibling thing. Mars the dog was great and had his part down pat. Anyone who watches Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis will probably enjoy seeing them spread their wings in a different setting. Paul McGillion in particular was hilarious but there isn't too much I can say about his performance that won't give things away. This is a great movie that I hope everyone enjoys as much as I did!
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Several laugh out loud moments
petuniamay25 October 2007
Since I had been hearing about how funny this film was for months, I figured there would be no way to not be disappointed with it. So as I sat down to watch it I tried to lower my expectations but soon found myself repeatedly laughing out loud. There were so many great sight gags, one liners & withering looks. And having several siblings myself, the love/hate relationship between Patrick & Marilyn seemed quite real. As did the dialog in general. I love films that don't "feel" like a film. These people could be your neighbors, or worse, your own family. The latter half does slow down a bit, but it still had some great scenes (the internet date scene, Marilyn's discovery, Patrick's mounting angst over his dilemma). And while the resolution was no surprise (I wish it had been), I enjoyed the fun the film had in getting there. I really enjoyed the performances as well, especially by Kate Hewlett & Paul McGillion, who, outside of Stargate Atlantis, I had not seen before. And David Hewlett is just one of those people I would be happy to watch read the phone book. He would find someway to make it interesting. So, though there are a few bumps along the way (I personally could do without many of the sound effects), I think it is well worth the ride & for a first time filmmaker I have to give it an A. I hope he does more.
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Unique, Extremely Funny!
lisa-randerson19 October 2007
What a fab movie! Well acted and definitely well written this little gem is an absolute must see! The plot is a little obvious but even so you are hooked as its a laugh a minute and you just have to see how its going to turn out. Kate Hewlett is most definitely a talent that we will hopefully get to see a lot more of in years to come. She commanded the screen and as a female -I completely related to her and was with her all the way. David Hewlett as always completely nuts and pure genius from a comedy perspective. All in all a 5 Star rating from me. If you want a genuinely fun and relaxing evening this movie is the one to get. For those with no sense of humour? - it may just educate you!
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A must See!
bluerealimage16 October 2007
I was unsure about watching a movie because i was a fan of the show the actor came from. After renting from Netflix, it was quickly turned into a must OWN! David Hewlett and his sister Kate Hewlett should do many more films together! It was beyond funny! Having the Stargate/Atlantis in the cast was a plus for me, but i can't tell you how many people i've asked to watch who were not fan's of Atlantis and they've also loved this film. If you are at all breathing, you can't go wrong in owning/renting this movie! I only wish that it was up on the big screen (or at least larger than my own television screen) at some point to get the full theatre effect. :o)
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Excellent movie
lark18861313 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. It was a none stop laugh riot :) I'm a big fan of British comedies and that is what it reminded me of. There is a lot of great physical comedy and great interaction between the characters, especially Patrick and his sister and Patrick and the fiancée. A typical protective brother with a not so typical response in his attempt to protect his sister.

The scene with the internet date was one of my favorites as well as a scene involving planting a cactus at midnight (you'd have to see it to appreciate them). And the ending was just a brilliant twist I did not see coming. All and all definitely worth the watch. I would definitely recommend it to people of all ages.
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