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12 Nov. 1997
Manu: Peru's Hidden Rain Forest
Along the eastern edge of the Peruvian Andes runs a river called the Manu, the heart of one of the world's largest and most pristine rain forest parks in the world: Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve. Filmed over several years, "Living Edens Manu" chronicles some of Manu's extraordinary inhabitants-a giant Harpy Eagle family that preys upon monkeys and sloths so that their chick can successfully fledge, jaguars, Giant Otters, 20-foot caimans (relatives of the alligator), tree sloths, anteaters, brilliantly-plumaged macaws, Howler, Squirrel, and Spider Monkeys, ...
4 Nov. 1998
Madagascar: A World Apart
In the dawn light, mist caresses the forested mountains of an alien world. A strange shape appears in the trees -- a furry creature looking like something from the pages of a Dr. Suess book. It throws back its head and lets out a deafening wail. Welcome to planet Madagascar - a world unto itself, where evolution has taken the familiar and created the bizarre. Split off from the African mainland since the age of dinosaurs, Madagascar's isolation provided a safe haven for creatures from a forgotten time. Here, they flourished into countless forms that exist nowhere else...
20 Nov. 2001
Glacier Bay: Alaska's Wild Coast
Southeast Alaska is a land still in the clutches of the last ice age. There are over a hundred glaciers here - massive rivers of ice that flow from the mountains down to the sea. They have shaped this wild land and help give rise to the vibrant pulse of life here; dramatic cycles of feast and famine, death and renewal. In no single spot do the forces of ice and ocean come together as they do in Glacier Bay - a stunning formation of fjords that is the center stage for this great drama. The film follows the region's charismatic wildlife, including brown bears, bald ...

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