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  • 20 in total. 9 in late 2010, one Christmas special, and the back 10 starting in July 2011.

    One additional Christmas special aired in December 2011, but it is unclear if this is technically considered part of season four or season five. The general consensus is that it was produced as the 13th episode of season five, but was aired out of order. The episode will not be included on the Season 4.5 DVD release, backing up the theory. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Eureka is a fictional town that starts in Washington then shifts to Oregon. At the end of the pilot episode, Marshal Carter is handed a letter that says he is being transferred to Eureka, Washington to become the acting sheriff. For most of the rest of the first three seasons there is no reference to what state in the U.S. Pacific Northwest Eureka is located (the real Pacific Northwest city of Eureka, California, is ruled out). Clues to the city's location are shown in flags and other references, but the shift to Oregon is not confirmed until the episode "What goes around comes around" (season 3, episode 18) when Jack receives an airline ticket from Eureka, Oregon to Australia.

    Most of the series is shot in British Columbia, but some city hall scenes were shot in Ashland, Oregon. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. They put it in the "previously on" part because the original scene was to long for the aired episode, so they had to cut it down. A "director's cut" featuring the full scene is included on the DVD release. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. Kevin's father is dead; this was established in the episode "Many Happy Returns," Season 1 Episode 2. Allison states, "...Kevin's father died just before he [Kevin] was born." Nathan is Jenna's father. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • According to co-creator Jamie Paglia, "It is interesting to see how things change as you are editing. The idea of that was there was a bookend to the scene that was actually in the original cut of the pilot where, as they were leaving town at the end, they passed each other again (but from the opposite side). So we had that closed-ended moment of them passing each other. That didn't end up making it into the final cut because we were concerned that maybe it begged more questions than it answered. It ended up being just a space-time anomaly happening because of the tachyon accelerator that Walter Perkins had created. That was them seeing themselves leaving town. We won't be following through on that particular thing any more than we have."

    However, this scene, slightly modified, is used to close the series finale. Edit (Coming Soon)


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