Cassandra's Dream (2007) Poster

Ewan McGregor: Ian Blaine



  • Ian : He was right about one thing. Once you cross the line, there's no going back.

  • Ian : You think we've committed some kind of unnatural act, but we haven't. The whole of human life is about violence. It's a cruel world, Terry.

  • Ian : Would you sleep with a director to get a part?

    Angela : Well, that depends on the part, and who the director is, and how much I'd had to drink.

    Ian : It's not a very comforting answer.

    Angela : I didn't like the question.

  • Ian : It's funny how life has a life of its own.

  • Terry : What are you thinking?

    Ian : That then was then. And now is now. And we've done it and it's over.

    Ian : And it's always now.

  • [first lines] 

    Ian : Ah, she's a beauty! I mean, look her - she's not new, but she looks new. He said the engine needed work.

    Terry : I could do the engine.

    Ian : I can't believe he's asking so little. It's practically a steal.

    Terry : John Anderson said we could keep it at his marina - free of charge - at least for a year till his son comes back.

    Ian : Ah, here he comes. Don't show you're too eager or he won't budge on the price, all right?

    Terry : Right.

  • Ian : She's innocent and also depraved. She's working class,but classy.

  • Ian : I know what's in his mind.

    Angela : Ian, I don't affect everyone the way that I affect you. If I did, my career would have taken off a long time ago.

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